Host Your Own ‘Psych’ Season 6 Premiere Party – Winner!

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psych season 6 premiere contest Host Your Own Psych Season 6 Premiere Party   Winner!

Thanks to all the Psych fans who entered! It was an extremely difficult decision, but the winner of the Psych contest is:

Sara Unrein – Durham, NC (you can read her wonderful entry on “page 1″ of the comments)

Congratulations to the winner – and keep an eye out… we always have another contest right around the corner!

What better way to celebrate the Psych season 6 premiere on Wednesday, October 12, in which Shawn faces off against Lassie and a lie detector test, than to throw your own premiere party for you and your friends! Answer? There’s nothing better.

No, not even puppies.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any friends (sad, right?)… but we bet you do! Nevertheless, our loss is your gain. USA is providing Screen Rant with an AMAZING prize package to give to you – it’s like a reverse donation, but without all the tax benefits.

How awesome, you ask? Well, it’s as awesome as taking Rainbow Brite, throwing away her stupid horse, replacing it with Falcore from The Neverending Story, making Falcore play an arcade game until he becomes The Last Starfighter (Centauri!), mixing in Ren & Stimpy (it’s because I like that Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy song), and throwing a pineapple on top.

You know what? We lied! This prize pack is better than all of that. Why? Because it’s REAL (spoilers – sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin anything for you).

Don’t believe me? Check out what we’re giving away below:

Psych Prize Pack

psych season 6 premiere party Host Your Own Psych Season 6 Premiere Party   Winner!

  • 6  Psych Snuggies (with a shame pocket – you know you’re going to put a drink in there)
  • 6 Psych Wristbands
  • 6 Psych Pineapple Pillows
  • 1 set of Psych Pineapple Lights
  • A few Wall Clings (we say a few because who knows how many the delivery guy is going to steal – these things are like gold!)
  • 1 set of Psych Seasons 1-5 on DVD (you can keep these for yourself or barter with your friends to make them do stupid things – and then post it on Twitter and Facebook)

Psych season 6 premieres Wednesday @10pm on USA

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  1. Toga, dr pepper, and chocolate chip waffles. That’s all you need, that’s ALL you need.

  2. I would host the perfect premiere party by going to my family’s club house, have an all day who done it psych themed party then have pineapple and party like Judd nelson. Then for the premiere we would have a mountain of nachos and other snacks to kick off the premiere of my favorite show

  3. First I would rematch all 79 episodes with Pineapple Upsidedown Cake, Sliced Pineapples, Full Pineapples, also a bunch of salmon for the polar bear of course. The numerous 80’s references would fill the air between the 5 friends that I invited as we countdown the time to glorious Psych time with Shawn and Gus and Henry and Jules and Lassiter and Chief Vick. The psychic is in.

  4. First, I would go into the “Stuff for Special Occasions” closet and bust out the 25″ badboy I have as a backup to replace my 19″ Magnavox I got for Christmas in 1994 (it’s still kickin’!). Next I would text my buddy who’s in a local band sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink and Skyy Vodka to have him bring any and every thing he can get his hands on (after all, he gets it free). Then I would find the nearest Walmart (or Kroger, if that’s cheaper) and get all the store brand cheesy poofs I can afford. Finally, I would make sure my PS2 is working that day so we can watch some of the previous seasons on DVD before the new show starts that night.

  5. We’d gather everybody up in our “Blueberry” head on over to the Drive-in movies (and hope we don’t meet up with any Ying and yang Psychos). Then, we get out the pineapple and the popcorn and enjoy the season premiere of Season 6!

  6. Who needs a good old fashioned party when you can have a good new fashioned one, no DeLorean required?! I’d get together my friends with iPads/iPhones and have a virtual FaceTime watch-together (Psych snuggies NOT optional)! However it would be BYOP (Bring Your Own Pineapple). I, for one, would be having pineapple juice, pineapple yogurt (oops, wrong USA show) and pineapple upside-down cake! And once the excitement of the new episode is over (and the sugar rush from all that pineapple wears off), fall asleep on pineapple pillows with thoughts of pineapples and dancing to 80s tunes in our heads.

  7. As Charlie’s Angels curl up under a cozy blanket on the couch, I bring out the fresh homemade bread and hand churned better on a platter of sliced chesses, a bottle of the finest rootbeer, and individual bags of Munchos[salty goodess to cut the tartnes of the cheese…hee-hee, cut the cheese!] The lights dim as the personal masuesse begins rubbing everyone’s feet transporting us all to that personal nirvana just this side of sleepy time where your home body relaxes, but ironically your senses are heightened so that you gain a Sean-like awareness of everything around you. Using my newly discovered mental powers, triggered by this higher level of awareness, I reach at with my mind to turn on the flatscreen tv, impressing the Angels even further so they snuggle closer as the new season of Psych begins…..

  8. I’d get into the Hot Tub Time Machine and go back to 1985, get the crew of “We are the world” video and some WWF* like wrestlers together Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper go back to my place and so not to freak anyone out get some New Coke or pepsi clear. Then watch the premier on a projection TV. Gotta make sure I’m wearing my classic puma’s and Adidas windbreaker. Play some Wham and Tears for Fears albums on the stereo, Pineapples Every where! Now that’s a premier party!

  9. just have a bunch of friends over and talk about the show while eating some junk food.

  10. My ideal Psych premiere party would be a few days long. I’d find a huge, HD screen, lots of room, and invite all my favorite Psych fans – they live all over the world, mind you, so this wouldn’t be easy – and do it up right with some super awesome Psych gear. We’d spend those days re-watching the previous seasons, with ham&pineapple pizza, pineapple upside down cake, some deep fried pineapple (you know it’d be delicious) and have a huge sleepover. Then, when it was time for the premiere, we’d throw a dance party with all the best 80’s and 90’s hit, while John Hughes’ greatest hits (all of them) ran on the big screen. I’d invite Molly Ringwald if I could, she’s my hero. Then it’s show time, with all of us cuddling our Gus and Shawn bobble heads, singing along with the theme, drinking pineapple margaritas, eating Fries Cuatro Quesos Dos Fritos, and laughing along until we pee ourselves.

  11. My ultimate Psych prize party would include a huge dinner date with the entire cast and my best friends. After dinner we would watch the premiere episode of season 6, all wearing Psych snuggies. Then, after the episode was over, we would all sit around talking about filming and everyday life.

  12. My perfect Psych party would take place in Hawaii (access to all the fresh sweet pineapple our hearts could possibly desire!!) at a beach front house with the largest TV I’ve ever seen in my life and a home theatre set up with those sweet uber comfy chairs with the built in drink holders! We’d have tons of pineapple snacks (especially roasted pineapple with honey and a milk chocolate fountain for dipping fresh slices in!) and we’d have plenty of quatro quesos dos fritos! As for guests, obviously my ideal Psych party includes all of my closest friends, with the happy additions of the cast of Psych (plus Steve Franks)!! And that would be my ideal Psych premiere party!!

  13. Well first off I would need to borrow the TARDIS (the Doctor can come if he wants) so I can gather my various online friends & other friends. Then of course I would get the cast of Psych. We would then all gather at my house & enjoy pineapples & laugh about three hole punch before the show begins. Who knows, we may even solve a crime before the show airs. Afterwards, I think I would like to play a round of poker with the cast because I hear they are pretty good at it. Finally we would conclude the evening by singing Private Eyes.

  14. just being with your best friend enjoying the best show ever

  15. I would definitely fly to London, find the tartus and kidnap the doctor. Next, we would get over to blues clues,so we could skadoo into a book and kidnap Sherlock Holmes. On the way back to my house, we kidnap the mentalist and pick up some fresh pineapple to slice into awesome shapes (hearts,stars,horseshoes,clovers and blue moons,pots of gold and rainbows, and a red balloon(we’d have to dye the colored ones. of course)). Once all our snacks are ready, we’d sit in our bean bag chairs, wrapped up in our blankets and snuggle while getting Psych-ed out!

  16. The Ultimate Psyche premiere party. Most definitely I would throw it on the Promenade deck of the LOVE Boat. Of course Captain Stubing would be there, but I would change out the crew and have the A-Team serve up the food. “I love it when a Plan comes together!” Bourbon marinated little Smokies. Only the best for my party. Have to have those little umbrellas in my drinks. Won’t skimp there. Drop some I am gonna get you sucka nachos on the table. Party is just getting started. Gonna go futuristic for my party. Hologram television pushing Maggie Lawson and of course Dule Hill and James Roday up live for everyone to see. THe Leis, pinapples, hula skirts passed around and we got the ultimate Pych Premiere Party. Oh, and everyone at Screenrant is invited. Party On!!
    off2europe2005 at yahoo dot com

  17. Diet Coke, pineapple pizza, and the band Hanson to play songs during the commercial breaks sounds like a party to me.

  18. My perfect psych party would begin with me putting on my psych t-shirt. The action starts with my friends, family, and me getting on a psych green private jet on our way to Toronto where psych is filmed. On the way while on the jet we would attach parachutes to pineapples and drop them from the sky. It would be like Christmas and all the good little psych fans would get a pineapple. Hooray! We would then arrive in toronto to the film studio. We shall arrive and crash the actual psych office where we will hold our premier party. There shall be plentiful pineapples because I am in fact a fan of delicious flavor. Who isn’t? Then the entire cast and crew from psych would join us on this momentous occasion and we shall all where psych snuggies and party like it’s the 1980’s. Then we shall watch the premiere of season 6 and bask in the glory of it all. After the premiere we would all go outside and have a huge watergun fight just for the heck of it. Then we would all jump back on the jet and go back to my house where we would have a psych-tastic sleepover and reminisce our awesome premier party and it shall replay in our minds in montage fashion with epic 80s’ music in the background. THE END.

    • i meant vancouver. oops.

  19. First off, my friends and I would head to Camp Tikihama with the cast of Psych where we would solve our own murder mystery. Then we would snack on some fries quarto queso dos fritos along with a nice slice of pineapple.

  20. For my ultimate Psych premiere part, the first thing I would need to do is fly myself and our original PsychO gang to LA/New York/the ‘Couve and we would borrow (because ‘kidnap’ seems so… Illegal) Tim, Dule, James, Maggie, Kirsten, Corbin, Sage, Steve, Chris, Kelly, Berman, Britt, Todd, Meltreger, Saladin, Kell, Bill, and any other random cast/crew/writers who would want to join us. We would “borrow” them to Santa Barbara (in a caravan of Blue Echos, fondly known as the “Blueberry Train”) where I would have rented out a swanky hotel ballroom/theatre that was decorated as a (very large) Psych office… Pineapples and Winky Cutto not optional.
    We would surprise the cast with a reunion of the cast of Breakfast Club (and fondly coerce [as only PsychOs can] the few remaining hold outs to agree to guest star).  Obviously, Curt Smith would be on hand for all musical needs.
    After a day spent reliving our favorite Psych moments with our favorite cast, we would settle in to watch the East Coast feed on a giant screen, all while providing group Twitter commentary.  We would continue to tweet away until the West Coast feed, where we would buckle down and pay attention to the episode, loving every last in- and 80s joke like three guys in the basement of Wisconsin.
    Finally, we would wrap up our evening (or, very early morning), by bringing in Jeff and Chris, co-prezes of USA and (again, in only a way PsychOs can) ‘allowing’ them to announce publicly that Psych has been renewed for another 3 seasons.

    • omg, sara. you should sooo win this. and thanks for including us! 😉 😉

  21. To host the perfect Psych season 6 premiere party, which I am already in the process of actually planning, I would be sure to have everything the way it should be. What better way than spending it with all of my family, who in turn, love Psych? And as i have ‘converted’, as I like to say, a ton of my friends to watch the show, you bet they’d be there as well!! With my sisters, and my three closest Psych-buddies, we would start the day with a freshly cut up pineapple. Sure, decorate the house with the best color for Psych, dark logo-green! Announcing this viewing party to the world, people will beg to come, but i say, only the biggest Psych-os may join me!! Punch record(so we have it forever and can rewatch whenever!!)on our flat-screen TV , double check that it is in HD, and sit back to enjoy the most entertaining show on television, while dreamily staring at the beautiful James Roday’s face. Finally able to put “0” days left till Psych comes back on my dry erase board, I feel content. This brings me to probably re-watch the episode as soon as it’s over. The first time is like watching on adrenaline, and the second time is to actually sit still enough to comprehend what’s happening! Of course, over the years the episodes will be watched over and over again, but for my season 6 premiere, we shall watch it till we run out of pineapples. Yes, I think I will definitely dream about this tonight.

  22. My ultimate Psych premiere party would have to be held at my favorite venue — the 9:30 Club in DC. The balcony railings would be lit up by the pineapple lights and fresh pineapple would be flown in from Hawaii (for my friends who are fans of delicious flavor). There’d be a huge pineapple pinata for Psychos to beat up upon.

    As for special guests in attendance: the whole event would be hosted by Jem & the Holograms (because they’re truly outrageous). The cast of Reduced Shakespeare Company would reenact favorite Psych episodes (as voted on in a Facebook poll by attendees before the actual party) in 3 minutes or less. That up & coming band The Rowdy Eggplants would rock our faces off by covering some righteous ’80s jams before the real guests of honor (the Psych cast & team) show up by zip-lining it from the balcony down to the stage while pineapple shaped confetti rains through the air (I’m convinced you can’t have a real kickin’ party without a zip-line & confetti).

    The crowd would enjoy watching the premiere on the huge screen on top of the stage while chillin’ in their beanbag chairs, sippin’ on pineappletinis and poppin’ magic colors popcorn.

  23. I would most certainly tag along on Sara’s party, because that’s exactly what I was thinking! (Great minds think alike, I suppose.) There’s nothing better than watching Psych in a huge group of people who love it as much as I do, unless it’s a slightly smaller group made up of my favorite Psych-Os and the best cast and crew in television.

  24. I would go to the future and get as many surviving cast members as possible, then bring them back to my place for a relaxing, low key evening watching the premiere. I would hope they would like to reminisce and remember!

  25. Pretty simple actually. Buy every food item ever mentioned in the show for snacks (cornnuts, grape slushies, PINAPPLE EVERYTHING!, etc.). Because there will be plenty of snacks, they can be eaten as we watch all 79 episodes to lead up to the new one (this includes deleted scenes). In order for the best comfort, everyone must bring their pineapple pajamas and an overly cushy chair. Finally, we will play a game of seasons 1-5 trivia before the new episode beings. Best party ever for the best show ever? Yes!

    • And I almost forgot about the delicious pizza chili fries from “Shawn Gets the Yips” and Fries Quatro Quesos Dos Fritos!

  26. make it a murder party!

  27. Booze, nude girls, a few pineapples, a psychic to point out ways shawn could be more plausible, a pony for pony rides bc everyone enjoys a pony ride, 10lbs of smoked bbq brisket, 4 full racks of ribs, colored greens, baked beans, a massive HD TV, a brown leather sofa (bc this combination makes sofas more comfortable [that is scientific fact not just opinion]), a puppy, a massage therapist, and a cheeseburger for me.