Host Your Own ‘Psych’ Season 6 Premiere Party – Winner!

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psych season 6 premiere contest Host Your Own Psych Season 6 Premiere Party   Winner!

Thanks to all the Psych fans who entered! It was an extremely difficult decision, but the winner of the Psych contest is:

Sara Unrein – Durham, NC (you can read her wonderful entry on “page 1″ of the comments)

Congratulations to the winner – and keep an eye out… we always have another contest right around the corner!

What better way to celebrate the Psych season 6 premiere on Wednesday, October 12, in which Shawn faces off against Lassie and a lie detector test, than to throw your own premiere party for you and your friends! Answer? There’s nothing better.

No, not even puppies.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any friends (sad, right?)… but we bet you do! Nevertheless, our loss is your gain. USA is providing Screen Rant with an AMAZING prize package to give to you – it’s like a reverse donation, but without all the tax benefits.

How awesome, you ask? Well, it’s as awesome as taking Rainbow Brite, throwing away her stupid horse, replacing it with Falcore from The Neverending Story, making Falcore play an arcade game until he becomes The Last Starfighter (Centauri!), mixing in Ren & Stimpy (it’s because I like that Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy song), and throwing a pineapple on top.

You know what? We lied! This prize pack is better than all of that. Why? Because it’s REAL (spoilers – sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin anything for you).

Don’t believe me? Check out what we’re giving away below:

Psych Prize Pack

psych season 6 premiere party Host Your Own Psych Season 6 Premiere Party   Winner!

  • 6  Psych Snuggies (with a shame pocket – you know you’re going to put a drink in there)
  • 6 Psych Wristbands
  • 6 Psych Pineapple Pillows
  • 1 set of Psych Pineapple Lights
  • A few Wall Clings (we say a few because who knows how many the delivery guy is going to steal – these things are like gold!)
  • 1 set of Psych Seasons 1-5 on DVD (you can keep these for yourself or barter with your friends to make them do stupid things – and then post it on Twitter and Facebook)

Psych season 6 premieres Wednesday @10pm on USA

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  1. Fit my Ultimate Psych Premiere Party, I would serve anything and everything out of hollowed out pineapple shells. Everyone that walked through the door would be given a nametag with one of Gus’ many wild nicknames, like DJ Buttersnaps. I would give everyone their very own Blueberry. Also, we’d have a Psych off to see who could be most like Shawn. The winner would receive their own golden pineapple.

  2. For my ultimate Psych party. i would I would have double chocolate mango pineapple snow-cones,i would invite my bff and my other friends to it make sure they shut up when it’s on. have a pet unicorn come here and poop a rainbow and have it in my room everyone dressed up as characters from psych i would be shawn have Elvis come and sing for us during the brakes and intro dus aliens to psych cuz they would be the color of psych and have james roday there and ask him to be my dad (im 12 so i would love that well at any age i would love that). make santa if he was real bring me dule hill in a box lol…..

  3. If I was going to make a psych premiere party I would first off get 3 pineapples. I would watch all the seasons that have been made until I have seen it all. I would hang up pineapple lights and make name tags that said Lassiter and Shawn and Gus etc. There would be one name tag for every person. I would also make t-shirts with pics of Shawn and Gus on them and have phrases from the show on them. I would also make shirts with some of Gus’s “nicknames” on them. I would also buy a blueberry (Gus’s car) just for this occasion and I would drive around with signs about psych on them and I would shout “Psych! Psych! Psych! I would also put on some of Gus’s blackopela songs. Then when people came the party would start. Then we would play psych-libs and then play Lassiters Squirrel Assasins game. Then I would invite all my friends from 6th and 7th grade (I am eleven and almost twelve and I am in 6th grade). Then after we played the games and watched the episodes we would watch the videos of Shawn and Gus and the rest of the cast when they sang Private Eyes, Shout Shout Let it all Out, Don’t You Forget About Me and the rest of the good videos. I would also make my own Rock Band game but it would be the Psych version(Rock Psych) and would only have songs sung by the characters of Psych. I would also serve the pineapple and some pineapple upside-down cake and some other recipes I would find on the psych website. I would give everyone a “Gus” nickname by using the nickname generator on club psych. I would make a game were we would act out a scene from an episode of Psych and then we would play it. I would also see if anyone can tap as good as Gus can (very unlikely). I would also make a lot of pineapple juice, of course. When everything was over I would have an after-party for those who could go to it. My party would be the best psych party, correction, best party ever!!!

  4. You wanna know what my ultimate Psych party would be? Well I’ll tell you what it would be – a little bit of this and a whooole lotta that! Big boy pajamas or Hazmat suits are the required attire and if you decide not to come properly dressed, there is a plank out back that drops you into a pile of werewolf droppings to help you remember for next time, if there is a next time … We would start right at the door Spock from Star Trek as door greeter, only allowing admittance to those who could recite the Hebrew alphabet backwards. No retest will be given, extra credit will however be given to those who present a pineapple to the teacher. Spock will also be offering free psychic readings later. Upon entering, you will be adorned with a necklace of salty buttered popcorn and whoppers, possibly pickles to cover the sour side. Open corn nut bags will be placed throughout the house to keep the aroma in the house pleasant from so many bodies congregating in such a small place. Before the fun starts, we will reminisce a scene from the past, where our father in all his wisdom gave us a less then fair lesson on the ways of the world and how to counteract them. Entertainment will vary, but it might start out with the water scene from Flashdance, followed by a contest for the best Burton Guster scream. Refreshments will consist of Doritos placed precariously on a treadmill in the shape of the Eiffel Tower with a balding Godzilla hanging from one side looking for his dentures. Possibly a butter sculpture fountain of a bulldog, with running butter coming from the dogs flapping tongue. Tiny skewers and fresh popped popcorn will be available for people to dip into this fountain of wonder. Scratch that, someone might be allergic to dogs. We all know how Guster gets when he misses his snack, so we will have nachos strung leading from room to room, pre-dipped in cheese so no one will ever be without a snack on hand. Every guest will be equipped with a radio remote control, able to order and receive their food via pulley system leading from the kichen where MacGuyver will be assembling hot dogs with whatever he can find. Never ask what hot dogs are made of. Later we will play charades while sipping smoothies, where everyone draws a name from Gus’ tupe and will act out the charade as either Jules, Lassie, Guster, or Spencer. On second thought, Lassie would never play a game that required skill, so anyone that draws his name will be skipped. A putting green will be set up in the main walkway, where people will be conversing over which came first, the bubble or the gum. Kudos will go to anyone who is able to get a hole in two. I’m not sure if the kudos wil be m & m or peanut butter yet. A pin the hair on the Lassie’s head poster will be hanging on the bathroom door. We’ll end the party with everyone having a smashing good time with a pineapple pinanta constructed by our very own Shawn Spencer. Yes, thank you, please hold the applause. Inside the pinata will be a goodie for every guest, their very own glow in the dark Psych fanny pack, pre-filled with tater tots and ketchup packets, in case they need a midnight snack and don’t want to turn on the light to find it. Any stragglers will suffer death by monkeys. 7837 red plastic monkeys await you in the tub, though I have no idea what I am going to do with all those barrels though. Ooh, I’m getting something … my psychic senses are telling me to construct a miniature replica of the Donkey Kong game off the roof, video tape it, and sent it to America’s Most Wanted. I need to call Guster, your invitation will come via carrier pigeon and will self destruct one minute after the bird lands. So please, move with Guster speed.

  5. My Ultimate Psych Premiere party will consist of the basics, first a hidden pineapple hunt in the house (don’t forget the one under the couch, Ouch!!). Then play some “CLUE” Shawn and Gus style with lively banter and 80’s comments them just solving the mystery in the first 5 minutes (because everyone knows it was Colonel Mustard with the candle stick in the Conservatory). Then Juliet and Lassie walk in. Juliet says:”Guess What Today is?” Lassie says:”It’s not one of those touchy-feely holidays invented by card companies to goad me into buying a present for someone I couldn’t care less about, is it?” and I say “Nope Its time For Psych Binky!” and right before the Premiere starts we will all Finish the night with a little bit of this (right hand points to head) and a whole lot of *that.* (left hand points).
    THE END!

  6. Snacks are a must!! Pineapple upside down cake among other, extremely junky foods such as chips, soda and pizza(Hawaiian anybody?). Melt down a block of cheese for cheese dip, with tortilla chips. Fly in some friends from across the world, have us all dress up in crazy shirts like Henry Spencer. Pre-episode games could be fun. We would bring in a tray of random small items and have everyone study it for a moment. We take the tray away and see just how “psychic” people are, by removing one item and having people guess what is missing. We would have Airsoft BB guns and practice shooting out back, (perhaps on ceramic figurines? xD) and finish off by whacking away on a Rick Astley pinata! By then, we all gather around our television to watch the Psych Season 6 premiere we have all been waiting for.

  7. Wow…so little time to plan.
    I am the key master. Leave your keys in the bowl and grab a Snuggie and a wristband because we’re gonna part like it’s 1989! The place will be decked out with Psych Wall clings and lights. Appetizers will include little mini cocktail wieners with a compete set of condiments, baby corn which you must eat Josh Baskin-style and of course pineapple, lots and lots of pineapple.

    No real names here, everyone must don a Shawn-like crazy nickname for the duration of the festivities. We’d of course watch each an every Shawn and Gus-filled episode as we worked our way through our shiny new Season 1 through 5 DVDs in prep for the all-new season. If any of the party guests get tired, they can take little power naps using their pineapple pillows.

    A funtastic multi-day event!

  8. Psych Season 6 Premiere Party this week?!? Finally…. the Psych has come back… to USA Network! Luckily, my calendar is mostly clear until next Wrestlemania, so I’m just going to have to call in sick on Wednesday to get the preparations in gear for a 10 PM (9 central!) start time! Pineapple upside-down cake… check! Doritos… churros… oh the snack table is looking heavenly. Attire is simple: Sweater vest or Henry Hawaiian shirt. My six kids get to curl up in the six green snuggies courtesy of NBCUniversal and Screen Rant! They’ve got the bracelets on and the pillows behind their heads and we’re all ready.


    We just have to wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit….

    Welcome back, Psych. You’ve been missed at our house!

  9. Let’s see… For my Psych Season 6 premiere party, it will all start with our family and friends going on a plane ride to Canada! While in Canada, we’ll rent a hotel room and go out skiing and snowboarding. When we’re finished we’ll get some hot cocoa and go around enjoying the beautiful sites that Canada has to offer.
    Then, we’ll go back to the hotel to have our Psych party!
    The hotel room, instead of having rose petals lying about, will have pineapples hidden all over. And the party will most definitely have snacks! (Can’t live without them!) We’ll have a bowl of Doritos, some churros, nacho cheese corn nuts, Funyuns, and cupcakes! -And for dessert, we’ll have pineapple upside down cake!!
    We’ll rewatch some of our favorite Psych episodes while enjoying the snacks, until the new episode of Psych begins! Then we’ll gather around the T.V. with our Psych pineapple pillows, and watch. 😀

  10. The Ultimate Psych party bends all the rules…

    Time and space and even Mother Nature would be in on this creating the perfect recreation of some of my favorite episodes. Of course, this could also be done by having a marathon Psych party and watching all the episodes from start to finish (something I’m not so unfamiliar with).

    Since everyone will know that we won all that cool Psych stuff (and we don’t wanna share with just anyone); Shawn and Gus and all the privileged guests will all have to meet up at Henry’s house, because that’s where all the people go when someone needs a safe house (and it’s always more fun invading Henry’s abode when he’s least expecting it).

    To help us muster the energy for all this Psych watching, we must have sustenance!!! I’m sure Henry won’t mind cooking up a few of his perfect steaks, so long as we don’t let Nigel St. Nigel tag along. But man can not live on steak alone, so we’d also have to have:

    Churros and Dutch Cocoa… because we have to taste what he tastes… and of course, we’d have to taste it in the totally awesome Psych mugs!

    Doritos, Nacho Cheese Corn Nuts, Jerked Chicken and some Fries Quattro Queso to chow on… and we’ll have Buzz give us a police escort to the nearest Jamba Juice when we get a little parched.

    But first we’d have to work up an appetite by shooting a few porcelain figurines in honor of Lassiter. In fact, let’s have Lassiter over to show us how it’s done!

    A quick little jaunt through the Police Academy Obstacle Course will help those concerned keep their weight in check, but the rest of us will simply avoid dysentery, and hang out inside enjoying “linner and dizziner”.

    And Mother Nature will really step in and add a little bit of cool weather at just the right moment so we can enjoy snuggling in our snuggies as we relive all the old Psych episodes in preparation for the new season!

  11. Tomorrow is the day I send out my invitations. Instead of guests arriving by car, I will send unicorns and kangaroos to pick them up. When they arrive, I see them all wearing their Psych t-shirts. I am not wearing one. I am wearing my Breakfast Club shirt, because it’s AWESOME. Then, we will grab our Burton Guster pens and write down our favorite episodes. Whichever one wins, we will watch. Even though I saw it 1024890 times, I still laugh. After watching that, we have one hour until the Psych season 6 premiere. In that time, we will cut a hole in the ceiling. Then, we will jump on the bed until we shoot into space. I would totally go talk to Pluto. I mean, Pluto IS a planet!! While I’m talking, my friends are most likely painting the other planets. We have to go back soon. On our way home, we steal the Empire State Building. We also pick up all the boxes of Orville Redenbacher popcorn in the store. When we come back, we turn on the TV immediately. My mom brings down the popcorn, some bananas and pudding. Watching Psych, my friends and I are laughing hysterically. We almost pee our pants- BUT we don’t, because that’s gross. When it’s done, we take a nap. Of course, we are wearing our Psych snuggies and using our Psych pillows. FANTASTIC! We shortly wake up to watch Psych again. When my friends walk out the door, they suddenly stop, because there are two guys hiding behind a bush. They aren’t hidden very well… So, are they stalkers? Murderers? AHHH! IT’S JAMES RODAY AND DULE HILL!!! Dule gives us all fist bumps 😀 and James starts singing “RESPECT”. It was pretty random, but we didn’t question it. That was the best. Night. Ever. <3

  12. Ummmm, ok so my dream psych party, the whole cast of psych is there, the viewing takes place on the set of psych, which is overrun with puppies and has a magical petting zoo with mystical creatures such as unicorns (and bunnies). There is a buffet with every pineapple dish in the world (and from any other planet with a pineapple dish). Michael Jackson and Billy Ocean are there, having a moon walking contest. There’s 80’s movie posters everywhere, and the greatest 80’s mixtape ever. James Roday and I go around LA pineappling, and Dule Hill and the rest of the stick fly cast serenade me with their tap dancing awesomeness. Timothy Osmondson pretends to kill me and they use special effects to make it look like he really did (so I can fake my own death as a prank). There is a german shepard and I name him lothar (like Shawns ‘dying’ wish in chivalry isnt dead but someone is). My psych fan friends are there and USA/ NBC pimps us out with Psych swag. Then I take epic pictures with each cast member and get them made up as cardboard standees for my house. Did I mention there were pineapples? Oh and we enjoy watching the premiere floating around because the studio is in anti gravity mode.

  13. For my ultimate Psych party, I would first screen the amazing “Twin Peaks” homage, complete with some fine cinnamon pie and hot java, give out passes to the planetarium, and copies of Houdini’s A MAGICIAN AMONG THE SPIRITS.

  14. For my Psych party, I would do something like this…I’d have my friends come over HOURS before the premire (And I’d give them one of Gus’s names to be called all night) and we’d watch all the seasons I have on dvd already with suround sound, we’d be drinking pineapple smoothies and eating nacho dorritos. The room would be green with yellow pineapple pillows and a giant tv (which is realistic since I have one). And when the premire starts we’d all sit on pineapple bean-bags and eat burritos, hot dogs, churros, cinnimon pie, and pizza with pineapple ontop. And we’d have hot cocoa (the epsiode when they go to canada), pineapple snow cones, more pineapple smoothies, and pineapple punch. During commercials I’ll hook my tv to my computer and we’d play Psych games off the USA website. And when it’s over we’d rewatch the seasons we had watched before, then we’d act out a whole episode, and go to sleep in our green sleeping bags with little pineapples all over them while listening to 80’s music~