‘Psych’ Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes – to End the Series?

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psych season 8 back end Psych Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes   to End the Series?

Despite its age, Psych continues to march on, delivering stronger than expected ratings with its season 7 premiere as well as a pleasing and acclaimed Clue-themed 100th episode that also garnered huge numbers. Now, USA is rewarding the veteran series with an order for five additional scripts on top of the original – and shorter than usual – order of eight. Will season 8 be the end of Psych?

Many seem to think that the writing is on the wall thanks to that initial short order (a quick renewal prior to season 7 which show creator Steve Franks asked for in an effort to retain his cast and crew), and co-star Maggie Lawson’s potential new show (she shot a pilot but can return to Psych for 5 episodes next season if the pilot is picked up) but Franks doesn’t seem like he’s quite ready to close up shop.

In an interview with Variety back in March, Franks said that he would “keep doing it until they push me out the door.”

Now, things change, and if a show creator’s desire to keep a show going stood as the sole determination for when a series went off the air, we’d probably be getting ready for the 200th episode of Firefly - but that said, Psych‘s ratings are still going (relatively) strong for a basic cable scripted drama (2.8 million viewers last week) and beyond that, the show is an established force on social media.

An early adopter of courting viewers through Twitter with accounts for their writing staff and fan outreach from the show’s stars before and during episodes, Psych has bolstered their presence with events like the “Hashtag Killer” and deciding the ending of the 100th episode via a fan vote that generated more than 150,000 votes across all platforms.

psych season 8 back end maggie lawson Psych Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes   to End the Series?

What does that mean to USA as it prepares to foot the bill for another season of Psych? Well, it means that the show clearly has viewers who not only love the chemistry between James Roday and Dule Hill’s Shawn and Gus, but who are socially engaged, meaning that they are invested, not casual, and more likely to help market the show with techno word of mouth.

Up to now, assigning a value to that kind of audience had been a challenge, but with the announcement of the The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating metric that will help gauge a show’s popularity (and perhaps marketability) on Twitter, a series with that kind of audience may have an easier time justifying its continued existence.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that a 9th season is a certainty (any more than the initial short order or Lawson’s possible partial departure means that the show is marked for death), but it will likely be a part of the conversation, when and if USA, Franks and company decide to have one.

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Psych airs Wednesdays @10pm on USA

Source: DeadlineVariety, Nielsen

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  1. My friend Greta and I absolutely love this show, I at least think they should have an 8th season because the seventh was not wrapped up at all. I don’t know what they were thinking! I am so devastated that they are not continuing until December. I think that in the eighth season they bring back Chief Vick and the season ends happily. Of course a murder in each episode, but the last episode should be nostalgic and Jules and Shawn get married or have a child, I also agree that in the last episode something good should happen to Gus. He deserves it. I am excited for the musical in december, but I really hope that is not the way they plan to end it! This has been my favorite show ever! and I need to see it end well.

    – by the way, to those of you who haven’t seen the seventh season, you can watch it for free and fast streaming by just typing up ”watch psych on coke and popcorn”

    • To the one percent of people who said that the show should have been canceled already, well you can suck it!!!!!! Or to the other 1 % of people who say No way, well you can suck it also! The ones that say maybe (3%) well you may suck it but that’s your option. But the ones that say Heck Ya! Well you are awesome people!
      -No fence to all you 1% s and 3% s! :)

      • I whole heartedly agree with you but I think anyone who didn’t vote heck yeah can suck it. This has been one of the best if not the best comedy shows on tv the last 7 years. As far as im concerned they can do 20 seasons. This show never gets old or tiring. I say lock in the cast and blow our minds, oh and bring back the pineapple. This is probably my favorite show of all time followed by justified, house, and csi:ny

    • they have to have at least half a season

  2. Okay we’ll I don’t really know how to start this but let’s do it I know I’m only 15 but this show means more to me than a lot of things. I never get tired of watching this show heck even if there was only one episode I would watch it over and over this is one of the best shows I’ve seen and I believe that it should keep on going because this show means more to a lot of people then most people think. I believe that this show lets people young and old feel like there’s more to life than meets the eye and for this I will always support Psych and everyone involved and if anyone reads this that you and I hope that I made a difference.

  3. I love psych so much that I have to at least watch one episode a day! The show was not wrapped up in season 7 at all. I will die if this show does not air anymore. When I watch an episode I know what they are going to say a head of time.

  4. I love this show and I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that I know that they shouldn’t stop at a season 8. I stay up all night watching this show and I watch each episode over and over again but I never get sick of it. I think they should make it so Shawn and Juliet get married and have kids, and Gus marries Rachel.

  5. Dear people that psych should be canceled well francily you suck and if its canceled I’ll die and I will haunt your kitchen cabinets until you die so unless you want that to happen you better hit the HECK YAH button unless you like dying either way hit the button PSYCH IS MY LIFE

  6. I have no problems about Psych ending anything over 100 episodes is more than enough. So far Psych has done well than most other shows to maintain the quality of the episodes. Too many shows turn to crap after a few seasons or sometimes even one or two seasons.

    I only had problems with season 5 and about the first half of season 7 mostly to due with the Jules and Shawn relationship. I never care for it and it got in the way.

    • Don’t attack this show, honestly, “Shawn and Jewls got in the way”?!? No it didn’t, I think it’s great, and that’s not just me talking, that’s 95% of America. Go hit the “heck ya” button. His show CAN NOT be canceled.

    • There are so few shows that aren’t sex-filled dramas with annoying people that make your life worse than it already is. I have faith that the show could still go for a few more seasons and still be one of the best shows ever.

    • us psychos luv this show, and if u don’t want pure joy to continue “unkown” you can suuuuuuuuuuuuuck IIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiIITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I have watched this show from day one and love it.

  8. I love this show & it would be a travesty for it to end. I laugh out loud at every episode no matter how many times I have seen it.

  9. This show is AMAZING!!!! Why anyone would think that this show should end, I have no idea. But I am fully addicted to this show, and I would die if this show got canceled. And, everyone in my school agrees with me. It is the most popular show in the whole school. We all LOVE it!!! It’s so funny, and I can’t stand the mere thought of this show ending! PLEASE, THIS IS A DESPERATE CRY, DON CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!! I’ve seen every episode, and I don’t even miss a rerun usually. I’m not the only one, this show has got to stay!!

  10. HECK YEAH, HECK YEAH, HECK YEAH, HECK YEAH, HECK YEAH, HECK YEAH, HECK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is one of the funniest shows on television right now. It has all the right stuff and its clean tv that your kids can watch also. This is clearly one of my top favorite shows on tv right now. I hope it will continue on for another season. There’s just not enough shows like pych on tv any more.

    • I have to agree! Psych is up there with the traditional masters of movie making!! They have you content and loving the show no matter how many times you have seen each episode:) I know that my family and I can watch it over and over and I don’t have to worry about the content or even that the language is way off!!! It’s good clean fun:) This show has helped our family to get through some great arguments peacefully! ;) using the “Shawn and Gus Method” – so instead of arguing we will tell each other to: “suck it”, or say “don’t be this crevasse in my arm…” Etc. lol You can’t have much more fun with a show then that! I hope they never cancel the show and it always stays this awesome with all the same people:)

  12. I have never posted a comment on a website like this before, but Psych is so essential to my life that I decided to say my opinion this time. I personally have seen every episode of Psych at least 10 times and know every line by heart. Despite this, the show still makes me burst out laughing every time I watch it. Most shows start to suck and lose my interest after around the 3rd season, and yet here Psych is going on to it’s 8th season and I love every episode. The relationships of the characters continue to grow and develop as the show continues, and so do the relationships of the show and it’s viewers. If Psych gets cancelled Franks is going to have a lot of mad fan mail to deal with, and us Psychos will assure that.

  13. I love this show. The chemistry and humor yet soft side of Shawn and Jules is wonderful. I’ve rewatched all the episodes several times and need some new episodes to watch. I hope they keep going. I’d love to see another yin/yang type episode.

    • Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes! Seeing Allison Crowley’s face at the end of yang 3 in 2d made me want another yang ep so badly. Thankfully she’s going to be involved in the musical as the only person “z” confided in while in prison so they have to go talk to her again. They need another serial killer that is not “small potatoes compared to yin”. Thank you sir/madam for your insightful ness and your “fanciful rederic that helps diffuse a situation that is very tense for the group”. Haha.

  14. This show is awesome!!!!!!!!!! It combines two of my favorite things comedy and crime solving. This show is awesome and to everyone that doesn’t think so suck it!!!!

  15. Don’t be A RABID PORCUPINE. INSTEAD BE A GOOEY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. Do these quotes inspire you?! There are THOUSANDS just like them. And they INSPIRE me. Gus and Shawn show that you can screw up. Have fun. And make the most of life. It is an extremely clever, completely appropriate, and brings JOY to ALL AGES. Do not take the happiness out of my life, and out of the lives of many others. OR SO HELP ME I WILL TURN UP THE HOT LIGHTS, DO THE LINDSAY HOP, AND SEE WHO CRACKS FIRST.

    • I totally forgot about that last quote. Good job.

  16. Ok, so I absolutely LOVE Psych and would be devastated if it ended. I love the chemistry between Sean and Gus but as well as between Sean and Jules. Lassy always makes me laugh at the way he reacts towards Sean. All the cast members work very well together. I also love how Sean is always getting himself and Gus into troublesome moments but it always works out in the end. If the series must end then I think it should end on a good note, as well as Sean coming clean to everyone about not really being psychic. The show is a great show. I will definitely miss it very much. But I sure do hope it does come back.

  17. We love the show and characters. We bought all the seasons and watch them over and over. No matter how many times we watch the episodes we laugh so much. My husband laughs so hard he is crying. James and Dule you are so talented and play off each other so well. Please continue with the show!!!

  18. Psych is the type of “hilarious intellectual slapstick, Buddy cop show, murder drama ” that other series only wish they can achieve …. there are no cliché’s either, which is an added plus… love the show… keep it going please!!

  19. Psych makes me laugh out loud. The chemistry between Sean & Gus is amazing.
    Keep up the good work.
    Love it, love it, love it!

    • I am sorry but I must correct you. Although I know a few people that spell their name Sean. Shawn Spencer spells his name with an H a W and no E. thank you for backing psych for season 9 and more.

  20. I have pulled a two day/night spree of watching psych from season 1 to 4 nonstop since that’s all that’s available on hulu plus and would love to have it continue

  21. SEASON 8 is a MUST!!!! I say that sure 100 episodes may be enough but it still seems like there can be so much more that could happen. So yes a season 8 I a MUST. as for a season 9. It really depends on what happens in season 8.

  22. they should really have a new season of psych it is my favorite show and Anya and greta they are going to have at least a half season of psych

  23. I have been following this show since its pilot. i actually watched the pilot thinking it was a movie. i loved it then and i love it now. it should not be cancelled.

  24. I love that show!!!Look forward to it all the time. We even watch the reruns. Those guys are perfect in their parts. They are funny, witty, and they act like regular guys. They balance each other out. I wouldn’t want them to be discontinued. The show is just too good.

  25. This is and has consistently been among the very best shows of its time. The show never fails to entertain its audience, which reaches all age groups, with hilarious wit and humor. There are not enough shows on TV today that bring this many gut-busting laughs to such a wide range of viewers. It never fails to keep you wanting more. I hope that it hangs on for another season and if it ends we see something from the group soon. Sean & Gus are a team that stands out from the crowd. I think that Dule is an incredible actor, his West Wing character is a full 360 degrees from Gus. The whole cast seems to have a cohesion that is not seen in modern shows. I’m with the majority of folks here when I say. Bring on the Psych.

  26. When is psych coming back on on direct TV …for some reason their not airing old episode either …disappointing really want to watch the show please keep me up dated thanks SB..:)

  27. I LOVE PSYCH. It’s my favorite show on the silver screen!!! I love Shawn and Gus partnership. I think their a hute. :) I really love Shawn and Jules relationship, and hope they stay together!!! You have to have mystery, and good story lines, which they do, and romance. Gus has a gal also, which makes fun too. I hope they have more seasons together, because there is a large Psych-O fan group in the TV world who wish for the same thing!!!!! Please USA and the writers, do your best to do so!!!! I’m a Psych-O, and I wouldn’t know what I would do without the show!!!!!

  28. I hope they can at least wrap up the mystery the Yin and Yang serial killer.