‘Psych’ Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes – to End the Series?

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psych season 8 back end Psych Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes   to End the Series?

Despite its age, Psych continues to march on, delivering stronger than expected ratings with its season 7 premiere as well as a pleasing and acclaimed Clue-themed 100th episode that also garnered huge numbers. Now, USA is rewarding the veteran series with an order for five additional scripts on top of the original – and shorter than usual – order of eight. Will season 8 be the end of Psych?

Many seem to think that the writing is on the wall thanks to that initial short order (a quick renewal prior to season 7 which show creator Steve Franks asked for in an effort to retain his cast and crew), and co-star Maggie Lawson’s potential new show (she shot a pilot but can return to Psych for 5 episodes next season if the pilot is picked up) but Franks doesn’t seem like he’s quite ready to close up shop.

In an interview with Variety back in March, Franks said that he would “keep doing it until they push me out the door.”

Now, things change, and if a show creator’s desire to keep a show going stood as the sole determination for when a series went off the air, we’d probably be getting ready for the 200th episode of Firefly - but that said, Psych‘s ratings are still going (relatively) strong for a basic cable scripted drama (2.8 million viewers last week) and beyond that, the show is an established force on social media.

An early adopter of courting viewers through Twitter with accounts for their writing staff and fan outreach from the show’s stars before and during episodes, Psych has bolstered their presence with events like the “Hashtag Killer” and deciding the ending of the 100th episode via a fan vote that generated more than 150,000 votes across all platforms.

psych season 8 back end maggie lawson Psych Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes   to End the Series?

What does that mean to USA as it prepares to foot the bill for another season of Psych? Well, it means that the show clearly has viewers who not only love the chemistry between James Roday and Dule Hill’s Shawn and Gus, but who are socially engaged, meaning that they are invested, not casual, and more likely to help market the show with techno word of mouth.

Up to now, assigning a value to that kind of audience had been a challenge, but with the announcement of the The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating metric that will help gauge a show’s popularity (and perhaps marketability) on Twitter, a series with that kind of audience may have an easier time justifying its continued existence.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that a 9th season is a certainty (any more than the initial short order or Lawson’s possible partial departure means that the show is marked for death), but it will likely be a part of the conversation, when and if USA, Franks and company decide to have one.

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Psych airs Wednesdays @10pm on USA

Source: DeadlineVariety, Nielsen

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  1. I do like the show, but Season 6 and 7 episodes were hit or misses in terms of suspending my disbelief and buying the chemistry between Shawn and Gus. Also, it has become harder and harder to buy into the overall silliness of the show or the minimal growth (maturity level wise, boyfriend wise) of the character of Shawn. The character of Gus deserves a break, good things need to start happening for him, money, a devoted girlfriend with no issues, etc. My fav guest character has been Despereaux and I enjoyed the Clue episode. The worst episode by far is the Season 7 episode where Gus confronted his horrifying boss and quit his job only to discover the boss’ dead body in the office later that day. The way the characters handled the crime scene was absolutely absurd. It would have played better had the particular story line occurred in Season 1 or 2.

    • I have to disagree. The show is at it’s best right now. All the character can deliver by themselves. The episode with Gus and his boss was great… I watched it 5 times, I mean they mess up the crime scene just to ask dad for help! Priceless… And especially Sean promises not to lie to Julie anymore… So when she questions him about doing the dishes, he says he just ran the machine! Simply awesome, I’m 32 and would do the same thing! Lol keep the show going for 16 more episodes, and lets have fun saying goodbye!!!!!

    • I couldn’t agree more…psych is getting worse, it lacks the flavor that i really love starting from the first season. Values and lessons we learn from the show from the later seasons (seasons 6 and 7) were lost. Shawn’s character as well as gus’s did not grow better. Their character was just full of dumbness and ridiculousness instead of being smart as they usually are before.

    • Season 7 has been awesome. The best episode was the boss episode. It was hilarious because Gus is usually the calm cool collect one but in this episode he surely was not. I don’t think that I stopped laughing once. That is the point of pysch. If you want to watch a serious crime show truly you should know that this is not the place to look. This show is serious in its own write to sticking to a unique form of production, but seriously ‘serious’ has never been it

  2. Please please please I’m begging you to keep psych going! I’ve watche ever single episode in seasons 1-6 over and over and over again because I love them sooooooo much!!! It’s the only TV show that has made me laugh as much as I do at it. I can’t imagine not having more and more new episodes :(((( my name is Maggie and Maggie Lawson inspires me, I’ve always wanted to be a detective heh so do whatever it takes to keep her on the show. Well I hope this changes your minds and makes you lean towards a 9 and 10 and so on season!!!!!!!

    • I totally agree with u maggie this show has inspired me to become a detective i hope the training academy accepts me! Psych is so funny and yes they act like 2 year olds but thats whats funny about it people its even more funnier people who say they arnt as smart as they were at first go watch someother detective show!!! If you dont like it dont watch itt!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP GOING!

  3. hello my name is Jessie Ashton and me and my best friend Kendra love your show. we would die a little on the inside if the show was canceled, our lives would also be very boring. when i’m done with a book series that i loved very much, i sit there and have a mourning period where i cant think of anything else accept the book because all the character in those books will have no more adventure. that’s the way i feel about psych, but it will be a billion times worse. so please keep the adventure going:)

  4. my be friend turned me n to psych and now I just cant stop watching. I love every minute of the show and I cant stand the thought of it ending. I beg you please don’t cancel the show. I don’t normally fall in love with shows but Psych is my all time favorite. I always find my self making references to the show and singing the theme song. I would be heart broken if it ended not to mention I would have nothing to watch in college. Please don’t cancel Psych!

  5. you better not cancel the show because if the show ncis get canceled and this i will have nothing to watch

  6. Psych is no question the best tv show ever. More than devestation would occur if the show didn’t go beyond season 8. The combonation of the relationship between James Roday and Dule Hill’s characters Shawn and Gus, and Shawn and Maggie Lawson’s character Juliet, fits the roles and the entire show more than perfectly. This is exactly what veiwers are looking for and not to mention the amazing character of Carlton Lassiter played by Timothy Omumdson! THANK YOU ALL
    for this show it is amazing and should continue on for viewers pleasure!!!! <3

  7. Tim Omumdson plays an amazing role and he couldnt have played it any better. Carlton Lassitor is a mysteriously odd character that gives everyone a slight attraction to him and i believe he plays a major role…just putting that out there…also please refer to my earlier comment…Kristin C.

  8. I LOVE PSYCH!!!! It is my favorite show!!! I have ALL the DVDs and w/each season I think it gets better and better!!! If Kristen has to take a break – let her! Andy Michael Hall or whomever fills in I’m sure will be funny and do great! The only complaint I have is w/Shawn and Juliet’s relationship – so “untouchy-feely” – a little more hand holding would be more realistic. But besides that – GREAT JOB!!!!!!


  10. Psch should keep making more episodes it would be good if Yang came back and took Gus

    • Since gus might be leaving make him go t the UK with rachael make it why rachael wants to talk to him that would be good. and maggie maybe she could go back to miami or something since shes leaving to

  11. Psych should do 10 seasons cause the more episodes there r thd more intense it gets nd da more intense ig gets the more likes the more likes the more episodes

  12. This show is the only one that ever!!! Got me laughing out loud Love Love Love it
    Keep it going forever !!!!

  13. I am downgrade in the inside…. I freaking love watching Psych so much. For some reason me watching this has actually made me smarter. I’ve stated to take notice on clues around me more often. I realy realy need Psych to continue also because I wanna know what happens to Shawn’s dad. I am a huge fan!!! Please please please continue. If this show is cancelled I will have nothing to look forward into. I feel like I have this small connection with the way that Shawn and Gus are best buffs because I too have a best bud and that’s what connects me to Shawn, as well as his character. I am humor as my self. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! PLEASE MAKE MY WISH COME TRUE :) PLEASE and God Bless :)

    • me too my buds name is davey. me and her act just like shawn and gus we do the aruging wisper thing and we do the i dont care and the what and the fist bump too lol its so fun

  14. Please keep it going. I was losing interest (and by losing, more like a little disappointed that the show was being repetitive) during season 6, but season 7 completely made up for it. I still spread the word about Psych to everyone I meet and everyone usually ends up loving it! I love where the show is headed. I realize it can’t go on forever, but its too soon to end it now. We need at least another 2-3 seasons!!! :)

  15. PYSCH should continue all my friends love the show and we all get together and watch it.

  16. Each week as I invite Psych into my home, I look forward to what will be an very entertaining evening with thoughts of the humorous and mysterious story line. Shawn,Maple Toast and Gus, Cool Whip bring a connection and interplay with the remaining cast that make you look forward to that magical night on the big black box that you plan your life events around . While it is true there will other shows that come and go, the thought of Psych ending makes one feel a mourning period is on the horizon. A huge thank you to the writers and the actors who have brought much enjoyment to the stories and to the executives of USA for the recognition and carrying a show that brings a well balanced show of mystery, humor, intrigue, romance (happy for Lassiter) and silliness. The entire cast from Woody to Despereaux and Gus’ family make TV entertaining and stress free. Should the series continue on for a few more season, this fan among thousands more would throw parties with pineapple and blueberries on the menu.

  17. I absolutely love this show! There are so many serious blood and guts shows out there. Psych is one of those shows, I grab a drink and just sit and it makes me laugh and I totally enjoy the show and how they solve the case along with the banter the cast has with each other. You can tell they have fun doing it!! It truly is a highlight. Good, clean comedy is not out there. This show truly brightens my day and is highlight when I have had a rough day. I so wish you would keep this show going!! It is always refreshing and fun!!!! Thank you to the writers, the cast and everyone else involved. It is a pure delight!!! :)

  18. I am 14 and I think this is the best show I have ever seen.
    I am horrified to even think that Psych isn’t going to have a season 9.
    I’ve seen every episode of Psych more than once and I think it is still going strong and it will keep going strong and anyone who doesn’t agree…… Well…..
    Suuucckkkkk ittttt

  19. Psych rules it should always keep going!!!!!!!!:)

  20. I absolutely love the show, Psych. I wish it could run like one of those endless soap opera’s, but I don’t think it will. The show keeps getting better and I love the increasingly closer relationships between the characters. If Maggie Lawson does go to do a new show on ABC, I simply think the show should keep running with a new actresses playing Juliet, but the same character, as if nothing ever happened. Steve Franks is a genius and I love Roday, Hill, and Lawson. That being said, if the show does end soon, I say give them a full season 8 ( 16 episodes ) and then give them a season 9 to end the show, because it deserves that. But all in all, thank you Roday, Hill, Omundson, Lawson, Nelson, Bernesen, and Franks. You guys made me gasp, smile, and die of laughter for 7 seasons and counting and good luck to all of you guys in the future in both your life and your career.

    • If they still have Juliet but have her played by a different person it wouldn’t be right. Shawn and Juliet don’t just go well together they look great together and if you change that then you might as well just not have her in the show any more!

  21. I’m 82 and I love this show. Psychic on the television is on and I love Shawny he reminds of my son, the handsome devil. Gus is black, but I still like him. Carlton is so mean. My dearest grandson got me into the show, and I’ve loved it since. This is one of my favorite shows on tv. I’ve been trying to find a good show since Golden Girls ended. That Hot in Cleveland show is just dumb. I hope I can meet Henry beacause he is so good looking. Good Luck, and God be with you all.

    • I’m hoping this is a joke, albeit a terrible one. Please remove this unbelievably racist sentiment from your website. Dule Hill is a marvelously talented man, and this disgusting comment (by “Norma”) is beyond insulting.

  22. I like the show in fact I LOVE PSYCH, I’m a fan, I had watch season 1-5 many many times. I love the humor, the smart script, the characters and actor’s portrayals were awesome…But honestly I am somehow disappointed in season 6 and 7 the wits and humor that I love was gone. The values and lessons that the show always imparts to its viewers was lost…season 7 episodes was full of crap! i didn’t see any sense the show always has from it’s previous seasons. All I can see is Shawn and Gus making senseless antics making fun of each others’ character. I hope PSYCH will come back from its glory days where we learn to solve crimes in a smart kind of way.- WHERE WE LEARN GOOD VALUES AND LAUGH AT THE SAME TIME.

  23. I am so obsessed with Psych! Its so amazing and funny! The writers do such an amazing job in showing diffrent perdonalitys in all of the actors.. i am a HUGE fan!I cant find a way to watch all of the season 7 episodes (for free) yet though since i was watching it on Netflix! (If anyone knows how i would be very greatful for you to share) i would be so upset if psych stops doing shows though because i love them! ~please reply if anyone knows a way to watch them for free..

  24. psych should keep going. I think it should be like the shows kids watch today and basically have no end. there should be an unlimited amount of shows because this is 1 of the only shows that still makes me laugh. plus, you cant end a show with shawn and lassie getting fired

  25. I LOVE Psych! My whole family does! You have to continue it is so funny every week i look foward to watching the new episode. I only watch 3 shows each week Psych Bones and Pretty little liars and out of those three psych is by far my favorite so please dont stop it now. and to all you haters who dont think it is so great right now you can SUCK IT because I think right now they are doing great!

  26. Psych is one of my all time favorite shoes! It’s absolutely fantastic in almost every way, from charcter development, to cast chemistry, to plot lines, guest stars, episode themes etc!
    Every character is likeable and relateable!

    I wish the show would go on forever, BUT, in my opinion, if some of the cast members (Gus, Juliet) they should end the show. It just wouldn’t be the same without the original cast. Shawn and Gus are probably the best duo in TV since seinfeld with Jerry and George!

  27. As with all classics, the characters’ chemistry is magic. My favorite guest is Gooch (Mercedes Ruehl) wish she’d come back some times. As far as our family is concerned, Psych could go on forever. I think you can have the characters mature while maintaining what some describe as silliness. I miss it.

    • I totally agree, and to Cody, that says shoes and I think you meant shows.