‘Psych’ Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes – to End the Series?

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psych season 8 back end Psych Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes   to End the Series?

Despite its age, Psych continues to march on, delivering stronger than expected ratings with its season 7 premiere as well as a pleasing and acclaimed Clue-themed 100th episode that also garnered huge numbers. Now, USA is rewarding the veteran series with an order for five additional scripts on top of the original – and shorter than usual – order of eight. Will season 8 be the end of Psych?

Many seem to think that the writing is on the wall thanks to that initial short order (a quick renewal prior to season 7 which show creator Steve Franks asked for in an effort to retain his cast and crew), and co-star Maggie Lawson’s potential new show (she shot a pilot but can return to Psych for 5 episodes next season if the pilot is picked up) but Franks doesn’t seem like he’s quite ready to close up shop.

In an interview with Variety back in March, Franks said that he would “keep doing it until they push me out the door.”

Now, things change, and if a show creator’s desire to keep a show going stood as the sole determination for when a series went off the air, we’d probably be getting ready for the 200th episode of Firefly - but that said, Psych‘s ratings are still going (relatively) strong for a basic cable scripted drama (2.8 million viewers last week) and beyond that, the show is an established force on social media.

An early adopter of courting viewers through Twitter with accounts for their writing staff and fan outreach from the show’s stars before and during episodes, Psych has bolstered their presence with events like the “Hashtag Killer” and deciding the ending of the 100th episode via a fan vote that generated more than 150,000 votes across all platforms.

psych season 8 back end maggie lawson Psych Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes   to End the Series?

What does that mean to USA as it prepares to foot the bill for another season of Psych? Well, it means that the show clearly has viewers who not only love the chemistry between James Roday and Dule Hill’s Shawn and Gus, but who are socially engaged, meaning that they are invested, not casual, and more likely to help market the show with techno word of mouth.

Up to now, assigning a value to that kind of audience had been a challenge, but with the announcement of the The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating metric that will help gauge a show’s popularity (and perhaps marketability) on Twitter, a series with that kind of audience may have an easier time justifying its continued existence.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that a 9th season is a certainty (any more than the initial short order or Lawson’s possible partial departure means that the show is marked for death), but it will likely be a part of the conversation, when and if USA, Franks and company decide to have one.

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Psych airs Wednesdays @10pm on USA

Source: DeadlineVariety, Nielsen

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  1. I love this show, and I’m ready for another year (but 8 to 13 episodes? No! Needs to be the full 16!) but I do think season 8 should be the last.

    I’m ready to see the characters and their stories getting wrapped up, I don’t know how much more they can do (other than do episodes with the Chief’s husband or McNab’s wife, why haven’t we seen those characters yet?

    Anyways, season 7 has been really funny, but I do think the writing has gotten weaker. My point is, despite how much I love this show, I want it to end on a high note. I could be wrong, but I don’t want to take the chance in seeing them milking out more episodes and the show going to crap. Again, I could be wrong, but I just don’t know how much longer the show can stay strong.

  2. Raging Psych fan here. Personally do not see Lawson’s sitcom being a hit, it seems like a tried and tired formula. So it should not be an issue. That being said I want it to succeed so Lawson has some work after what I hope is the last season of Psych, being season 8.

    Like many older shows Psych has moved away from its old formula of case of the week with scatterings of personal character drama moments and/or entire relationship focused episodes to having the cases shoehorned in. This is understandable because fans, actors and writers want to see character growth. But you can’t have the lead characters, on a show about two life long buddies that bring out the immature in each other, grow without ceasing to be the show about two life long buddies that bring out the immature in each other. It creates forced humour. Case in point:

    Gus always shoving junk food in his mouth? First off, he has always been a freak about physique. Second , it has not been Dule Hill that has put on weight. Thirdly, c’Mon son.

  3. Want at least 10. It’s a nice number (course when they announce 10 will be the last I will raise to a dozen. And Juliet is the most beautiful woman on television.

  4. I want my name and address taken off of this site..I do not watch these kinds of movies AT ALL and got on this by accident. please remove my name and address ASAP

    • O.o

    • haha

    • Crybaby

  5. Im your biggest fan ever!!!! You can’t stop at 8…no way!!! I really wanna see an episode mainly based around mcnab! Maybe his wife could be a victim or…even the killer! I think it’d be great!! Please dont make this your last season!

  6. Psych is an original series, it’s sharp, quick, witty, and it has potential for some incredibly gripping story-lines (i.e. Yin & Yang; the one where Shawn got shot, etc.)

    I don’t want the show to end on a low note either, but its far from taking a nose-dive like the office did! I say keep it going!!! Please!!!

  7. Let’s get this straight, the Network asked for 5 more scripts, that does not mean that those episodes will necessarily be filmed. I asked SVP of research at USA Network Ted Lindhart (via his twitter @TedOnTV) just a few days ago about this and he told me that the Network is still sticking with 8 episodes for season 8 unless announced otherwise by the network. I personally believe that Maggie’s presence on the show is way too important for the show to continue on with her in a reduced role. Yes the premise of the show is centered on Shawn and Gus but over the year Psych’s “B Team” aka O’Hara and Lassiter have gained just as much of a following and popularity as the shows “bromance”. Also the Shawn and Juliet romance has a huge fan base following and if Steve Franks (who just the other day stated that the “Shules” relationship is safe) thinks that the show can continue on successfully with Maggie only appearing in a handful of episodes he is sorely mistaken unless the rumor of her only doing 5 episodes isn’t true, but i doubt it. Steve Franks is a wonderfully positive, happy and enthusiastic guy but he is either in denial or is not fully aware of just how popular Juliet is. For a huge amount of fans she is part of the heart and soul of this show and it is a huge mistake to want to continue if Maggie’s show get’s picked up. I guess things will become clearer in the next few days with ABC announcing tomorrow their pickups for next season and next weeks upfronts for both ABC and USA Network. I for one would not continue to watch Psych without Maggie Lawson, but i would feel the same if we lost any one of the regular cast, because they are a unique cast with an amazing chemistry that holds the show together and you take one of those wonderful elements away and Psych just isn’t Psych anymore. So with that in mind i am hoping that they stick with the 8 episode order and wrap up the show in a way that the show and the fans deserve. I adore Psych and have been an avid fan since the pilot and have watched every episode hundreds of times, but i think it’s time for Shawn spencer and the gang to call it a day (unless Maggie’s pilot doesn’t get the green light, which is looking less and less unlikely).

    • Exactly. If any of the main characters, especially Shawn, Gus, Juliet, Lassiter, and Henry, were to leave, that would be the beginning of the end, going down hill from there. Best to leave it right and proper, with a beautiful memory worth rehashing, rather than screwing with it and leaving a bitter taste in the finale. Ultimately, it’s not about how you start and proceed, but how you end… If you don’t end well, history will not be kind.

      • This is exactly my thoughts too! I love Psych with all my heart, but I’d rather see the show end than it drag out painfully without a main character. They need to realise just how vital Juliet is to this show- not only as a character by herself, but also as Lassiter’s partner and her relationship with Shawn. If she’s written out of the show, no matter how they do it, Shawn will be affected (if they let him go on with life as per normal they’re going to be making a HUGE mistake) and this will in turn affect the Shawn/Gus bromance, as well as Shawn’s relationship with his dad. Not to mention how Lassiter is going to react to losing Juliet and getting a new partner.

        Basically continuing for too long without Juliet (I guess having 8 episodes, leaving her out of 6 and 7 and bringing her back for 8- the finale- would be fine) would just mess up the entire dynamic of the show and when it does end, it won’t be pretty. Or much appreciated by the fans.

        • shawn and Juliet are dating in real life since 2006 if they wright of Juliet shawn leaves so that would be a big mistake

          • That’s not necessarily the case. Yes, the actors are together, but that doesn’t mean where one goes the other will follow. They can maintain a relationship and separate careers, which will most likely be the case after Psych, anyway.

    • disagree. Juliet gets whisped away for one reason or another. An ooportunity she can’t refuse? What ever. Maybe Cheif of police of a town that really needs her. Shawn is sad. America is even sadder. Then.. McNab becomes Lassy’s new partner, and main character. Shaw and Gus’s days become that more awesome. and America is okay. I could live with this. Hopefully i just gave them an idea….

  8. Well, on the one hand, I really, really LOVE Psych, Shawn and Gus, and the rest of the gang… On the other hand, while there’s no disputing that Shawn and Gus are the main awesomeness of it all, would it really be the same without Juliet??? And how would that be handled?? Would it mean a breakup for them??? Needless to say, Juliet’s character is essential and Maggie would be sorely missed. If she leaves, the writers would need to at least keep Shawn & Juliet’s relationship going, if only in our minds. While it’s always sad and never good when a series ends before it’s time, the opposite is also true: I’ve seen too many shows stay beyond their expiration date, often screwing horribly with it all at the very last, leaving a seriously bad taste and memory when all was said and done.

  9. Maggie Lawson’s ABC pilot, now titled Back In The Game, has been picked up for this fall. Looks like season 8 will be it, guys… :’(

  10. I just want season 8 to be the end, do that we can get all the seasons on dvd.

  11. Psych is an AMAZING show!!!!!! I would cry for days if it ended or if Maggie Lawson left!

  12. I think they should have Maggie’s character kidnapped and do another series of episodes like the ones for Yin and Yang. That way they could explain Juliet’s absence and have her come back on the last episode of season 8.

    • Well Shawn would not stop until he finds Jules

  13. I myself think that whatever their choice is it will be perfect. They have given us a great show that i probably rewatch til the day that i day after they are finished with it. They have given us 7 amazing season that is much more then other shows. So whatever their choice is i know it will be great and i will love it.

  14. I love psych! And I think they should at least make 9 seasons. The 8th season has to have all 16, no exceptions! I would rather have psych never end. ;):)

    • Yes

  15. They can do so much more in my opinion. I disagree. I think the show would live just fine with out Juliet. With Mcnab as Lassy’s new partner, and Shawn as a bachelor again,(which he was so much more awesome at) they could do so much more. Or! What if the new guys stays as chef of police, and then Vick becomes new head detective, or partner or what ever. So much can be done. another couple of full season could easily be done. The Juliet fans may stop watching, but the McNab fan base would increase, and so America keeps moving.

  16. If psych ends at 8…..WE RIOT!!! who’s with me???….c’mon son!

  17. It has to continue!!!!!! My favorite show, the only one I watch!!!!! Psych is amazingly funny and has a great plot line

  18. No! I don’t think Psych would ever be the same without Juliet. She has too much of the show on her back to leave. And now that she has become so much more developed as a character, I think it would be a pain to all if she ever left. I don’t think Psych would be the same if Mcnab became Lassie’s partner. Or Shawn single! Please, please reconsider.

    And I don’t think I ever want to see Psych end. I want to see it going as long as possible. Its too great a show to lose, and it has so much potential!

    I don’t have much time, but I will be back!! Psych forever!!!

  19. If juliet leaves then I think that the show is ruined because her and shawn with the rest of the cast have great chemestry and if they stop or lose someone it will go down hill very very fast. I hope juliet dosent leave that would be horrible and not to mettion what are they going to do replace her? Ya right no one can replace anyone on psych expecially juliet. come on son.

  20. How could you guys end psych its one of the most family friendly shows and trust me theres
    not that many if you guys cancel psych youll never hear the end of it ecspely from me

    Signed, Miss Psych

  21. I hope psych continues; I’m a new viewer of the show, but it immediately grasped my attention. I’ve been catching up on Netflix and I certainly hope that season 8 is not the end. The show is smart and witty and gives me a break from the serious crime drama babble out there.

  22. It should continue I really like the show and makes my whole family laugh. So please don’t cancel the show.

    • Again it would be ruined without Juliet maybe if it was about mcnab or something but u can’t cancel psych it’s my favorite show so don’t cancel it because u will never hear the end of it so if u end it please do it the right way and make it 16 episodes

  23. I love this show just watched the season 7 finally, we need to see Shaun and Juliet get engaged/married. see the Chief come back and get that lowlife *temp* chief of police fired, and just see everything take order. WE need to see the lives of these characters go on :D maybe Detective Lasider has a baby :) we just need at least 10 season :D

  24. Psych is my favorite show on tv and I would hate to see it go less than 9 seasons

  25. Please stay

  26. I’ve literally watched every episodes of every seasons of Psych, & I do not think season 8 should be the last season! I love the show so much & it’s literally the best show I’ve ever seen! Personally, I think it should end after season 9. Give it two more seasons & let season 9 have the most episodes out of the rest w/ a good ending to it too! I also think the chief’s husband & Mcnab’s wife should be shown too. Maybe do the very last season finale with Lassiter finally having a kid with Marlowe, while Shawn & Juliet getting married. but please keep the show going! it means a lot to me especially since it’s the only show where I know every episodes to. please try to get all the main characters in the next season too!

  27. I voted yes, but the pole will be slanted that way, as this is found by googling “is psych canceled”. People searching that will most likely be hoping the answer is no. Shrug. It’s one of my favorite successful show, up there with Bones. So if they keep shooting, I’ll keep watching. They have far from run out of pop culture to tap for episodes.

  28. This is the first series that I have purchased the series DVDs… I own six seasons and when season 7 comes out I will purchase it. I really enjoy how this show brings back known stars as host stars. This makes the series very well rounded and let’s these host spoof their previous glory s. Thank you !!!

  29. Ready for the next season. Until then, I’ll be watching on saturday from start to finish

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