‘Psych’ Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes – to End the Series?

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psych season 8 back end Psych Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes   to End the Series?

Despite its age, Psych continues to march on, delivering stronger than expected ratings with its season 7 premiere as well as a pleasing and acclaimed Clue-themed 100th episode that also garnered huge numbers. Now, USA is rewarding the veteran series with an order for five additional scripts on top of the original – and shorter than usual – order of eight. Will season 8 be the end of Psych?

Many seem to think that the writing is on the wall thanks to that initial short order (a quick renewal prior to season 7 which show creator Steve Franks asked for in an effort to retain his cast and crew), and co-star Maggie Lawson’s potential new show (she shot a pilot but can return to Psych for 5 episodes next season if the pilot is picked up) but Franks doesn’t seem like he’s quite ready to close up shop.

In an interview with Variety back in March, Franks said that he would “keep doing it until they push me out the door.”

Now, things change, and if a show creator’s desire to keep a show going stood as the sole determination for when a series went off the air, we’d probably be getting ready for the 200th episode of Firefly - but that said, Psych‘s ratings are still going (relatively) strong for a basic cable scripted drama (2.8 million viewers last week) and beyond that, the show is an established force on social media.

An early adopter of courting viewers through Twitter with accounts for their writing staff and fan outreach from the show’s stars before and during episodes, Psych has bolstered their presence with events like the “Hashtag Killer” and deciding the ending of the 100th episode via a fan vote that generated more than 150,000 votes across all platforms.

psych season 8 back end maggie lawson Psych Season 8 Gets 5 More Episodes   to End the Series?

What does that mean to USA as it prepares to foot the bill for another season of Psych? Well, it means that the show clearly has viewers who not only love the chemistry between James Roday and Dule Hill’s Shawn and Gus, but who are socially engaged, meaning that they are invested, not casual, and more likely to help market the show with techno word of mouth.

Up to now, assigning a value to that kind of audience had been a challenge, but with the announcement of the The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating metric that will help gauge a show’s popularity (and perhaps marketability) on Twitter, a series with that kind of audience may have an easier time justifying its continued existence.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that a 9th season is a certainty (any more than the initial short order or Lawson’s possible partial departure means that the show is marked for death), but it will likely be a part of the conversation, when and if USA, Franks and company decide to have one.

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Psych airs Wednesdays @10pm on USA

Source: DeadlineVariety, Nielsen

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  1. They should really keep psych going. I love love this show. Ever since i found this show laying in a hospital bed, as soon as i got home i found it on netflix and cant stop watching it. So please continue the show. B.t.w i loveee shawn spencer !!!

  2. I love the show! It shouldn’t be canceled at least until we have closher with all the characters in the show!!!!! At least give us that much!!!!!

  3. I’m addicted to psych! It is one of the best shows I have EVER watched and I think you must continue it beyond season 8. Please please please. I watch it every day! I look forward to coming home and watching it. Everyone loves the show.

  4. I LOVE THIS SHOW- funny as heck…please. ..please we want more

  5. Oh my PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep it going I love it it is an amazing show I love it so much Juliet and Shawn are the cutest couple ever!
    Please give us more

  6. Oh my PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep it going I love it it is an amazing show I love it so much Juliet and Shawn are the cutest couple ever!
    Please give us more
    Your psych ideas are amazing!

  7. This is my favorite show. I don’t have cable so I own every season on DVD and also watch psych on netflix. There are very few tv shows I enjoy watching. So if USA drops psych my hope is maybe netflix or some other network picks up psych and continue producing more seasons. I know nothing last forever but ” come on son” this is psych. But if the show continues no matter what network it’s on I will watch. Love it

  8. This show should be continued, end of story. Granted, as it’s already canceled and the season final was less than satisfying the odds of that are abysmally low, it’s not entierly impossible. Afterall, they did it with Burn Notice. Technically, that’s not a continuation of the series, but it’s better than nothing. Movies nowadays typically run anywhere form 1-4 hours, although the latter is reserved for things like Avatar and The Hobbit. Movie making is a rather expensive business (avatar topped out at around 500mill) granted, but most of the major enterprises get their funding from non-studio sources, up to 80% in some cases. Therefor, if you want USA to make a Psych movie, spinoff series or what have you, outsourcing the funding to the fanbase would be a necessity. Theoretically, it would be possible to raise the money and commission them to make a movie/spinoff, but the likelihood of that happening on it’s own is very, very low as you’d have a problem with scammers, with multuple, privately owned funding pools, confusing networking done form some fangirls parent’s basement and an overall disordered scrambling to get anything done in any kind of calm and collected, not to mention logical fashion. Therefor, the most likily way any of this is going to happen is if USA were to put out a donation pool for fans to fund the next psych enterprise, so that if it flops, it flops, it was up to the fans, and they failed so it probably wasn’t worth continuing anyway. And if it takes off, it takes off, and how long it stays that way is up to the fans. The money stops coming in, they series stops coming out. Standard commission based business procedure.

    The only remaining issues would be advertising and script quality. If the writer’s sick of it, but the fans are not, the shows going to suck and soon, there’ll either be an insurgence of sleazy fanfiction or a the fans will follow the writer’s example and become disinterested as well. The only way to ensure this won’t happen is to periodically hire or bring in new writers or accept fan-made, thoroughly vetted scripts. Otherwise, the dude in charge is going to get bored and the ship goes down with the pilot.

    As unlikely and as adhoc as that may seem, if it’s actually pulled off, advertising wouldn’t be a problem as the fans are already running the thing so it basically becomes self sufficient in that regard. The sheer abnormality of such a thing existing, let alone functioning, would generate it’s own advertisement for that feature alone. So, in closing, that is my suggestion, take it, leave it, or never read it. I’m an existentialist, it doesn’t matter either way.

  9. i work night shift at a sand loading plant and I stare at a computer most all night found psych on Netflix loved it was disappointed that there are no more episodes they need to bring psych back best and only tv series ive ever watched btw Maggie is hot as hell

  10. I love psych it should definitely keep going it’s one of my favorite shows I’m addicted now that I finished It I’m sad and want to keep seeng more please don’t cancel the show keep it alive and going it’s very good and entertaining and the love story is super cute at least let everyone get married before ending the show!!!!

  11. Psych is my fav show and it always bring a smile to my face please don’t canceled psych it is so funny and has the best theme to it I would die if it ended!!

  12. Psych needs to continue until i DIE. I love it sooooo much. I watched the last episode on season 7 last night, and i almost cried because it was over. The cast and crew is awesome and i hope that you continue to make more and more psych episodes forever, and carry on the legacy.

    Chase. (A.K.A Your biggest fan)

  13. THIS SHOW IS THE BEST! I can’t stop watching it. EVERYONE LOVES IT TOO!! KEEP IT GOING! I want to are more episodes and I wanna laugh too. Please bring psych back

  14. THIS SHOW IS THE BEST! I can’t stop watching it. EVERYONE LOVES IT TOO!! KEEP IT GOING! I want to are more episodes and I wanna laugh too. Please bring psych back

  15. I love this show I watch it every night I’m addicted plz don’t take it of..at least make 4 more seasons

  16. keep the show going. I love the show soooo much!!!!!

  17. I just watched almost all of season 8 and I love it please put more seasons on the show !!!! :)

  18. i honestly think u guys should not stop making psych.

  19. they should most definately keep psych running. ever since I found it, I loved it and now I cant believe that they canceled it. its addictive and to me, the BEST tv show ever

  20. There is so much to find out. We need to see them get the ring back, plan a wedding an get married and start a family! We need Gus to find a woman and do the same! We need to know what Shawn’s dad does with the old psych building. There are just to many questions. And possibilties.

  21. My family loves psych and we are hoping for a season 9!!