‘Prometheus’ Hi-Res Viral Image Reveals Epic Space Map

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Prometheus Viral Image Header Prometheus Hi Res Viral Image Reveals Epic Space Map

Fox is continuing its viral marketing success with Chronicle by rolling out a fun viral campaign for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, which began with a viral video presentation featuring Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland, owner of the corporation that will eventually send Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and her crew to the planet where they encounter the dreaded Xenomorph aliens in both Alien and Aliens.

Today the Prometheus viral campaign continues with a spectacular hi-res image that could potentially offer insight into the spin-off’s (prequel?) story.

The Prometheus Twitter account was the launch pad for a new game, which had fans pledge their support of Weyland Indsutries, and in doing so, one fan unlocked the following hi-res image:


Prometheus Viral Image Header Prometheus Hi Res Viral Image Reveals Epic Space Map

This is evidently the same control room section of an alien ship that we saw in the Prometheus trailer, and (presumably) is the same ship where Ripley’s shipmates first discovered the iconic “Space Jockey” suit that could be a central part of the Prometheus story. See below for a reminder:

the space jockey from alien Prometheus Hi Res Viral Image Reveals Epic Space Map

Our best guess is that the light show in the new photo is some kind of star chart or fancy universal alien GPS…  a “UPS”, as it were. The real question is: is there some clue hidden in those diagrams for clever fans to decipher? We don’t have the astronomy skills to work it out – but we have a feeling the Internet will soon provide an answer. Keep your eyes peeled: this Prometheus viral campaign could reveal a new piece to the puzzle at any time.

Prometheus will be in 3D theaters on June 8, 2012

Source: Weyland Industries


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  1. just found my new wallpaper

    • I had Just thought of that before i scrolled down to see your comment c:

    • I did the exact same thing!

      • I did it too. Haha nice

    • since i also thought the same thing, i say it will be thousands of peoples wallpaper. lol

      • I did too! but after i read all your comments. What can i say, I’m a follower.

    • Same!

    • me too!

  2. i am surprised little SR didn’t do a write up on the TED talk with Pearce as Weyland, i thought that was super cool.

    • “i am little surprised” haha woops

      did not mean to call SR litter :)

      • little*


    • uhhh… they did

      • *shame* haha ill shut up now.

  3. Awesome beyond words

  4. Is this movie going to be in 3D? Because I think that scene would look pretty cool in 3D.

  5. Damn, they could hang that in a museum……

  6. After closer examination, I’ve determined it’s directions to some guy’s house.

    His name is “Scott.”

    • I hope he’ll enjoy the 1000 pizza’s I just ordered for him ;)

  7. after checking out some things online, i’d have to say, the central cluster looks alott like our own known universe. i could be wrong(i have been before) god bless the internet

  8. Actually that resembles the Trapezium, the cluster of stars at the center of the Orion nebula, with 4 prominent stars of a possible hundreds. Could the planet of Prometheus be located in Orion? That is definitely a triple, even quad-ruple star system.

    • I was thinking it’s just a portion of on spiral arm.

      Why trapezium?

      Looks pretty good though!

  9. I like me some great picture – wallpapered! ;)
    I agree with Pitt Man, that is clearly the Trapezium. What that means for the place this foreign planet is – who knows. But it would make sense if it isn’t too far away, since humanity would have to have a way to get there.

    • There are thousands of triple + systems in our galaxy alone, but yeah… it would have to be within 50 or so light years of Sol (earth/sun) system. The future of Prometheus/Alien’s space exploration has no warp speed, travelling through space is a cold, dangerous and long trip requiring cryogenics. So the planet would have to be in our “neighborhood”, at least somewhere along the orion spur (our galactic arm). It also could be the Alpha/proxima Centauri system (only a little over 4 light years away) but that’s a triple and it looks like more than 3 stars.

      It reminds me of the days before wireless/telegraphy, there could be whole battles fought AFTER the peace was signed, simply because of the time it takes to get new info.

      • I agree. And is that a binary star system to the top right?

        • Yeah, and those are big hot blue/white stars, like the kind in the stellar nursery (orion nebula). Live large and fast and die Young stars.

          For anyone who cares, there are 2 types of multiple star systems, actual and apparent. Actual systems have multiple stars orbiting each other in a dance, sometimes within a few light years or less between them. Life is unlikely becuase of the intense radiation. Apparent systems just look that way from our point of view here on earth. They just line up in the sky.

          And it can’t be centauri system, these stars are blue/white. I think proxima centauri is a brown/red dwarf and alpha is a dim yellow.

          • I think I remember reading somewhere that Alpha Centauri was the most likely candidate nearest us to have life because it’s very close (in properties) to our sun. I was working on a book where I had humans colonizing a planet in that system, but I’m not a Ben, Kofi, Sandy, or any of the SR writers; I may revisit it one day, maybe make it a series of short stories.

  10. What if… a multi-generational or cryogenic sleep mission was sent into deep space, but by the time they arrive at their destination, the people back home have invented warp drive and actually get there before the first ship. That’s the pickle, who wants to be on that first ship? Not I.

    • Hehe nice, I do think there are a few sci-fi novels that explore that very possibility. Off the top of my head, Though not exactly like ur idea, Halderman’s the forever war is a great one that tackles the effect of time/progress and humans strugling to comprehend the future … Actually, now thats a movie id like to see.

    • It’s generally agreed with a “generation ship” their descendants will be able to go to Hungry Jacks (Burger King) or Star Bucks, because in the centuries that it would take to get there someone will have thought of a better way!

  11. Am I the only one who sees the image of the person in a space suit standing right next to the bright spot located in the middle of the big planet?

    • no i noticed that right away to. good eye, was wondering if anyone else was gonna point that out

      • He/she is controlling it would be my guess. The AR map/display flows around the spacesuit person.

  12. So the space jockeys ARE big.

    • Did you never see Alien? That movie gave a good indication of the scale of the space jockey.

      • i heard they actually used kids for that scene just to make the set look that much bigger

        • They put their kids in spacesuits to make the set look bigger yes. Pretty smart fix.

  13. The space Jockeys are Zentradi! The planet is Macross! lol

  14. I dont believe Ridley scott would confuse Alien Fans…in the first Alien Movie the crew said they had never seen the star system before. I really hope R Scott has an explanation as to why The two movies seem to be contradicting themselves.