‘Prometheus’ Trailer Teases ‘Alien’ Style Sci-Fi Horror

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ridley scott prometheus space jockeys Prometheus Trailer Teases  Alien Style Sci Fi Horror

20th Century Fox has really been milking fan interest in seeing the teaser trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus this week, by releasing multiple trailer previews that offer brief glances at some actual footage from the film, but are by and large composed of short interviews with the esteemed filmmaker (Scott) talking about his third venture into the sci-fi genre – following in the footsteps of classic titles like Alien and Blade Runner.

Prometheus looks to combine sci-fi and horror tropes in a fashion similar to that of Alien; matter-of-fact, the new Prometheus teaser trailer plays out as a stylistic homage to the promo for Scott’s original 1979 film.

Here is an official description of Prometheus:

Ridley Scott, director of “Alien” and “Blade Runner,” returns to the genre he helped define. With PROMETHEUS, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.

Now check out the official Prometheus teaser trailer and compare it to the original Alien trailer (which we’ve also linked to below):

[NOTE: Apple rolls trailers out by region – so if the trailer isn’t available yet at the link below, it will be shortly in your area.]

Head over to Apple.com for the HD version


Between the eerie audial background, quick cuts of disturbingly violent imagery, visuals depicting mysterious events, and astronauts exploring an evocatively dark and uninviting extraterrestrial world, the trailer for Prometheus evokes the intriguingly unnerving atmosphere of the iconic Alien theatrical preview. Likewise, the former title also aims to be a similarly moody and psychologically taut tale that chronicles a collection of humans’ (and one android’s) descent into madness, upon encountering less-than-friendly other-worldly lifeforms.

Scott has emphasized many a time that Prometheus confronts some pretty troubling philosophical ideas and concepts, concerning not only the nature of humanity’s evolution, but also its eventual destination, as a species. Between those thematic elements and the gorgeously shadowy and practical production design (which should actually look better on the big screen in 3D) there’s really good reason for fans of cerebral sci-fi to get excited about seeing this flick.

Prometheus will be released in theaters (2D and 3D) around the U.S. on June 8th, 2012.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. Help..Help

  2. there’s no trailer

    • Give it a moment – Apple’s being slow on the rollout again…

      • Can i propose new slang, screenrant exclusive? whenever there’s a malfunction with any kind of technology just call it apple trailering..or some variation of that. you get the gist of it…yeah..i wanna see the trailer. 3 times in one week, go apple!

        • shacasha,

          I like it!



  3. Just checking, but is this a prequel to Alien, or something entirely different?

    • Started out as a prequel now it’s a new story set in the same universe before the events of alien? i think? think more along the lines of if Ridley Scott directed 2001 space odyssey..thats how i think of it at least

    • It’s an alien prequel.

      • no it isnt. it actually has nothing to do with the xenomorph as they make no appearance whatsoever. im going to sit this one out and wait for a REAL Alien movie. way to screw it up ridley.

        • It’s not gonna have THE xenomorph in it b/c it’s a PREQUEL, which means we’ll get the origin of the alien. You can even see a dead space jockey in the trailer if you frame it.

          • Here it is if you don’t believe me: http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/27652

          • The xenomorph we know will most likely not be in Prometheus, but something like an original form of the xenomorph and/or the facehugger, which is a biological weapon created by the space jockeys to wipe out beings on foreign planets.
            The question here is again: What was first, the egg or the chicken, I think the egg.

            The facehugger comes out of an egg and inserts a foetus or an egg in a host. The xenomorph evolves in the host (a being on a foreign planet) and absorbs some genes from the host and inegrates them in his own, so the shape and some skills of the xenomorph depends on the kind of host he was in.
            That makes much sense, because the established creatures on a planet are very well fitted into his environment and so is the foreign xenomorph when he is hatched.
            The xenomorph skips milions of years of evolution in some days, so he can live on a foreign planet at least as good as the locals.

            This is at least what I get out of the 4 (6) movies and bonus-DVDs, Ridleys interviews, etc.

        • It’s a prequel, maybe not a direct prequel but several cast members have stated alien DNA being in the film. Furthermore, I fail to see how Ridley could screw up a series that he defined.

          • Same way Lucas screwed up. lol

            • What do you mean? You didn’t like the prequels?

              (Looking at a poster of Jar Jar Binks)

              Uh, never mind. :-)

        • Did you not see the ship from Alien??? It was standing straight up, but then fell over to it’s position where the Nostromo crew find it in Alien.

        • Not to mention the telescope thing that they find the Space Jockey sitting in, in Alien…

          • You hit it right on the money bro i saw that too! awesome!

        • Debbie downer, the movie isn’t even out so how exactly did Ridley screw it up?

      • I agree.. that ship that crashes is clearly the Space Jockey ship. So my guess is that they are on LV-426. I was skeptical at first, but I don’t think there’s any question about it now.. this movie is going to ROCK!

  4. If you guys can’t see the video yet, empire has an embedded one on their site: http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=32750

    • No need for that – I added an embedded version here, since Apple’s being slow again. 8-)

      • Lol thanks for that :)

  5. Now this film looks so good! The Hobbit? Prometheus? Avengers? Dark Knight Rises? 2012 is my year!!!

  6. Anyone see Ben foster or Guy Pearce? hashtag crying. still looks really sweet a lot more action than i expected

    • Guy Pearce is still in the film, but I’ve heard that Ben Foster isn’t, sorry to say.

      • Really?? ahhh damn, still it’s one of the best casts for a sci-fi in a while..maybe since sunshine? IMO. i guess they figured he still had bad pandorum mojo with him..i say that despite how much i loved pandorum.

  7. Looks awesome!

  8. That made me wanna watch Alien tonight.

  9. literally gave me chills, can’t wait

  10. OH YEAH! Pumped for this one! Looks great!

  11. you know how they have a movie for predator and a movie for the aliens series…well now we have a space jockey movie and no, no aliens however there IS something still lurking around other than just jockeys…

  12. This looks fantastic!

    I am still waiting with baited breath and hoping they do not turn this into, “OMG, you mean WE made the aliens??”, kind of prequel.

    • Hope you don’t catch any mice!
      remember “he who waits with baited breath is certain to catch something”.

      (Just teasing.. it’s “bated breath” you were looking for)


      • OOhhhhhhh… thanks! I won’t make that mistake again.

        That to me changes the meaning. I’ll have to look up the etymology.

        • “bated: withheld… as in to hold one’s breath”
          think of the words abate, or abatement.

          • Sorry

    • Well considering the nature of the Prometheus myth, that could be a possibility. There also is the history of the Company being so interested in the creatures throughout the series, so you never know.

      Maybe this won’t be humans made the bugs, as much as they did something that made them as dangerous as they ended up being. It’s funny though, since the AVP movies linked them to the Predators going back to the time of ancient man. The comics used the same theory of the Predators using them as hunting stock, but it was set in the same time as the Colonial Marines, so there wasn’t that retcon effect to worry about.

  13. look at the preview on 29-30 and it shows them scanning a space jockey helmet/head on a med-lab table pretty cool

  14. OMG ..OMG …OMG.. I can’t wait for this, the teaser does exactly what its meant to I was on the edge of my seat the whole time :)

  15. that IS LV-426 we see in the trailer?

    otherwise, how come we see that

    that IS the alien U-shaped vessel from the first Alien film?

    otherwise, how would we get that shot of

    that IS the Space Jockey in his “crash couch” rising up out of the floor of his spaceship?

    I mean, if this is NOT an “Alien prequel”, then why is this trailer positively OOZING with visual references to the first Alien film?

    that IS an actor with his hands over his spacesuit’s face shield, as though an alien had just jumped in his face?

    • It may not be an Alien prequel because it may or may not involve the creatures from the original movies at all. At least not in the same way everyone is familiar with.

    • Alien universe..NOT directly leading into the first alien

      • a prequel does not have to “lead directly into” its followup.

        While “Rise of the Lycans” is a prequel to “Underworld”, it certainly doesn’t “lead directly” into the 1st film.

        • i understand that but..like..just believe me haha i have no way else to explain this, it’s not a prequel it’s just the same universe. I mean you dont consider AVP to be tie in and be legitimate mythology right? just because it has them in it. maybe bad example i guess but you get what i mean? it’s probably not a good idea to even bring that up since this will be a lot better than AVP no question

          • AVP is definetly alien cannon I mean Most Alien and Predator fans accept that Aliens and Predators exist in the same universe. I mean if thats the case then “Aliens” wouldent be acceptable if we only went by what Ridley scott did. I look it like a comic in the sense that, sure one writer and artist created said superhero but the hero is more popular because of his evolution and input from other artists and writers…therefore adding to the myth.

            I mean can you imagine how terribly deprived we would be with only Alien as our window into the Alien Universe.

            • The Aliens vs. Predator comic from Dark Horse is more cannon then the movies Fox ended up doing. The comic actually took place in the same time period as the Alien movies and the Colonial Marines being featured helped bridge the two creature franchises in a way that made sense. Predator 2 bought the idea into fans minds with one cameo of an Alien skull at the end of the movie.

              The movies really went off in another direction that I doubt Ridley would acknowledge even if he wanted to. I can’t see him adding anything from the Predator stories in this movie just because he might not have any idea about how they are even supposed to fit in with what he is doing.

    • Watching the trailer again, at the end it looks like the ship is crashing, possibly eluding to the crashed ship in Alien. I wouldn’t be surprised if they travel to the Space Jockey’s home world and are chased to LV-426 where all the later events unfold.

    • Maybe the U-Ship is a standard xenomorph-egg-transporter/bomber. The Space Jokeys could have many of them to release the eggs on foreign planets.
      Maybe it is not the same ship as in the first alien movie but it is very likely.

  16. First science fiction trailer Ive seen in a very long time that actually pulled me in and made my pulse rate go up just be sheer atmosphere. The effects (the little we see here) are a bonus.

    • Agreed.

  17. Haters gonna hate… But this movie looks legit.

  18. I do like and am very excited- but I am not sure how I feel about the insinuation of the “facehugger” scene. It has been discussed here a’plenty though how trailers can be deceiving correct?
    Then I that dirty itching feeling of this doing well enough that the studio continues forward with this story arc, which believe me if it is great enough I don’t mind at all. Why in 3-D I ask all here? I would not of thought that to be Ridley Scott’s thing

  19. Wow….I mean…..wow. definitely paying for the 3D ticket on this one.

  20. Anyone know if Geiger is working on this film? or are they just ripping off his visuals again

    • I read an article a couple of months ago that confirmed H.R Giger is involved in this project. -Trailer looks amazing, way to capture the original tone of Alien. Out of the popcorn and back into horror for Sci-Fi.

    • Scott stated that he’s working with Giger on visuals for Prometheus.

  21. This looks great! I’m surprised it has way more content relating to the first ALIEN film than I thought it would have. Surprised, but pleasantly so.

  22. It’s raining outside. That much Christopher Nolan crying b/c he just saw this trailer, and realized he lost another shot at an oscar.

    • I have a feeling Nolan could care less about Oscars. He just enjoys making really really really good movies.

      • yeah, it was a joke a friend posted on twitter.

  23. Is that the space jockeys head they are scanning at 0.33 seconds into the trailer!?

    • It certainly looks like it!
      I’m thinking the ship crash happens near the beginning of the film….

      • Yep looks that way, then they go looking around the wrecked ship and….you know.

  24. The lasers at 34 secs look like they came from “Predator”…would be pretty epic if they got a reference in this movie.( thats all I ask for). He said this takes place in the alien universe and Predators belong to the Alien universe and visa versa: “Nerdgasm”…Ive been waiting sooo long for this movie.

  25. If there is a “Alien” easter egg in it I hope it is clear.

  26. It is definetaly the Space Jocky’s head they are scanning because further along you see him sitting in his “chair” with no head. Also in the first shot of the rovers in the bay, you can see the Weyland Utani”W” logo on the side of it.Great looking visuals!

  27. From a common sense standpoint, I cant see Prometheus without our dearly beloved xenomorph Alien. Thats what everyone wants…without that it would be like a movie about Gotham City with no Batman.

    I just think R. Scott is doing a Chris Nolan…he obviously doesnt want to spoil the movie or give away too many details.

    But any fan of the Alien franchise can clearly connect the dots and see Hes showing us how the Aliens got to Lv-426. So it is an Alien movie in every sense of the word.

    BTW the visuals look stunning when they show the planet and the ship crashing. I would gladly pay to see this in 3-D.

  28. I’m glad R. Scott included more action in this movie…I think he learned from James Camron. As much as I loved “Alien” to me “Aliens” was the best of all the movies…maybe its just the fact that they had more action. I dont think this movie will dissapoint…as much as Predators dident dissapoint me because as a true fan of both series you always take the good with the bad. Hell at least were important enough as a fan base where the studios care about our money.

  29. while they dont look like eggs exactly, the floor does seem to be covered in some kind of small containers, filled with some gooey substance fassbender is playing with. i think whatever these creatures end up being, it will be some earlier version (xenomorph ver 1.0012.56, whereas in alien we have ver 1.0057.99, you get what i mean?) and we dont know the time frame. is this 10 years, or 300 years prior to alien? whatever the story ends up to be, we just dont know right now, which is fine with me. looks good to me, and hey, you cant go wrong with theron (imho)