‘Prometheus’ Trailer Teases ‘Alien’ Style Sci-Fi Horror

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ridley scott prometheus space jockeys Prometheus Trailer Teases  Alien Style Sci Fi Horror

20th Century Fox has really been milking fan interest in seeing the teaser trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus this week, by releasing multiple trailer previews that offer brief glances at some actual footage from the film, but are by and large composed of short interviews with the esteemed filmmaker (Scott) talking about his third venture into the sci-fi genre – following in the footsteps of classic titles like Alien and Blade Runner.

Prometheus looks to combine sci-fi and horror tropes in a fashion similar to that of Alien; matter-of-fact, the new Prometheus teaser trailer plays out as a stylistic homage to the promo for Scott’s original 1979 film.

Here is an official description of Prometheus:

Ridley Scott, director of “Alien” and “Blade Runner,” returns to the genre he helped define. With PROMETHEUS, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.

Now check out the official Prometheus teaser trailer and compare it to the original Alien trailer (which we’ve also linked to below):

[NOTE: Apple rolls trailers out by region – so if the trailer isn’t available yet at the link below, it will be shortly in your area.]

Head over to Apple.com for the HD version

Between the eerie audial background, quick cuts of disturbingly violent imagery, visuals depicting mysterious events, and astronauts exploring an evocatively dark and uninviting extraterrestrial world, the trailer for Prometheus evokes the intriguingly unnerving atmosphere of the iconic Alien theatrical preview. Likewise, the former title also aims to be a similarly moody and psychologically taut tale that chronicles a collection of humans’ (and one android’s) descent into madness, upon encountering less-than-friendly other-worldly lifeforms.

Scott has emphasized many a time that Prometheus confronts some pretty troubling philosophical ideas and concepts, concerning not only the nature of humanity’s evolution, but also its eventual destination, as a species. Between those thematic elements and the gorgeously shadowy and practical production design (which should actually look better on the big screen in 3D) there’s really good reason for fans of cerebral sci-fi to get excited about seeing this flick.

Prometheus will be released in theaters (2D and 3D) around the U.S. on June 8th, 2012.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers

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  1. Badass! The only problem is now Alien looks dated due to the technology of the time.

    • Do you really find it looks dated?
      I’m curious, because I remember remaking to my significant other while watching the 1st film last month that it was “timeless”.

      There is really only one scene I find that SORT of places the film in that period: when Dallas is in the airshaft and the xenomorph suddenly appears as he turns around, there’s that “pause” on the alien “looking menacing”. I think in a more modern film, you would barely have had time to see the alien, it would have attacked immediately. But I also imagine that this was, in effect, a “reveal” of the alien, so it actually needed that “snapshot” moment.

      Otherwise, I really find the film timeless. There’s something pure and “real” about it.

  2. Will Cameron do a sequel called Prometheus’s?

    • LOL!! That would be awesome!!

    • I believe the plural if Promethesi

      • don’t know if you’re joking, but.. here goes:
        since “Prometheus” is a proper name, the plural would, in effect be “Prometheuses”.

        • Actually, the plural for Prometheus is Prometheoi or Promethei.

  3. MUST! BUY! THIS! NOW!!!!

  4. Now that’s how a teaser trailer should look.

  5. Looks pretty sick

  6. Just clicked on this out of curiousity never really been a sci-fi fan like that, especially if you see a bad one you won’t wanna see another for years i only saw alien 3 out of that whole franshise & the only thing i remember was wynona ryder but,this has me intrigued especially with the phenomenal cast so i just might give this film a chance.

    • Wynona Ryder was in Alien Resurrection not Alien 3

    • First, never start watching a film series from any movie BUT the first one. Second, Winona Ryder was in the fourth movie, not the third. Just saying.

  7. It seems to me that Scott is doing something similar to the recent “The Thing” movie. In that film, a prequel, the storyline was essentially the same as Carpenter’s movie to the extent it was almost a remake.
    with Prometheus I see many similarities to his Alien – The ship exploration, an artifact/egg brought on board the human ship, Fassbender as an android, something escapes and starts growing, crew members start dying, Theron channels Ripley, Elba channels Yaphet Kotta’s disgruntled engineer, Rapace channels either John Hurt or Veronica Cartwright. At the end we see sole survivor Theron confronting and defeating the Alien. The android will probably have some company override instruction.
    Nevertheless. I can’t wait to see this!!

      • scott even said what they found in the first alien is the the jockeys suit. if we do get a xeno im willing to be money its the one that comes from the jockeys chest.

        • bet*

      • Your English isn’t that great – Though I get your point about the xeno.
        I also expect, I should add, that the crash is caused by said xeno’s killing the crew. Movie ends with “jockey” ship crasing on LV!

        • dude im from texas im just really lazy when im typing. i dont feel the need to type like im writing a report its an online discussion plus i was probably drunk when i wrote that.

    • I agree totally with you. It was basically a modern remake of Alien with a few slight differences. I enjoyed it but still give ALIEN a 10+ while I could only give Prometheus an 8.

      I think because it was TOO much like Alien even down to the breeding area where the cylinders (eggs) were located. all a bit alike really.

  8. Nice, rather creepy trailer. Loved how similar it was to the original Alien with the way the title came about.

    I’ve been curious about what exactly this would be about in regards to the first, but it really does seem to be a look at how the Space Jockey and ship ended up on that planet. I’m guessing we will likely see a xenomorph, though one born from the Space Jockey.

    Learning more about these aliens and their involvement in the creation of the xenomorphs will be interesting to see. Also wondering if that warning signal that the ship is putting out is in any way meant for humans, though I get the feeling they wouldn’t mind if we all got killed given the hints that we did something to tick them off.

  9. I didnt see any Xenos or space jockeys! this movie will suck

    • It’s just a teaser…

    • AND there is a space jockey… when the gun/telescope thing is coming out of the floor pause it. On the right stands the space jockey.

    • Didn’t even see a horse!!!

      • Yeah I think I know what you mean but Scott has reinterpreted what we see in “Alien.” The mis-shapen head is part of a suit of some kind. It’s strange really but knowing Giger’s penchant for transforming the mechanical into the organic it’s still consistent. looking upon any body of his work you’ll recognize as one writer wrote; “Giger paints a world where technology finally meets flesh.” Meghan MacRae’s- Cult Nation. He set the standard for modern biomechanoid art…

  10. I’m pretty sure that was not the original trailer. The original had only the egg and no scenes from the actual movie. I remeber thinking..”what the heck was that…that alein egg looks crap”?!

    Than you saw the film and it blew you away (keep in mind this was before people were jaded by top quality fx in nearly every scifi movie they saw)

    In contrast with tody, where you have seen most of a film before it’s released. This was a time when you went in to a film having very little info.

    Staying spoiler free these days is virtually impossible unless you go into a coma until release day :)

    • It’s on comingsoon.net, imdb.com and youtube.

  11. I was hoping to see the xeno but it still looks good

  12. Why show a teaser to the trailer and don’t show any Xenos or space jockeys and the human face on the statue messes the movie up already.

    • I think its to get people talking so as to create a buzz through the movie community that builds momentum that rolls on towards the opening date in 2012.
      Just a thought.

    • whats wrong with you.the whole point of a trailer is to get you wanting more. nobody would go see this if aliens and face huggers were thrown at the screen.you got to be a little curious.huh?

  13. I’m throwing Money at the screen, but nothing is happening :/

  14. This may be a prequel to the Alien movies, at 0:44 that crap look so close to the inside of the Ripley walks into in the First Alien movie!

  15. This could be a Prequel to the Alien movies, at 0:44 that place looks almost Identical to the inside of the ship that Ripley walker into in the First Alien Movie! with at other Alien race or remains of one in that chair. I have to see this movie!

  16. at last, a proper trailer! thank you fox/scott for not giving us the whole film in a single minute. it does exactly what its meant to. i want to go into this movie not knowing the full facts(impossible). so please if there is going to be another trailer don’t give away the whole story and dont show us anything too significant. awseome!!

  17. This is an INCREDIBLY well crafted trailer, tops ‘Immigrant Song’ Girl with the Dragon Tatto trailer in my humble opinion. Go Sir Ridley.

  18. Yeah those scenes are at or near the end of the movie and you see the Jockey’s ship crashing on LV-426. Heh just a guess but the bust; It’s the Space Jockey. Another major guess,


    the stuff Fassbender is handling is some kind of proto-life forming substance. It’s used to create life on lifeless planets. Impossibly complicated for humans to duplicate. Configured by the Jockey, that’s part of his job. Humans fiddle with some, create the Aliens. One of the gals we see endures the transformative power of the substance. The Jockey is unaware of this tampering. The eggs are originally designed to inject the material into the planet environment but their programming has been tampered with by the Prometheus crew concluding it’s a bio-weapon. They actually turn it into a weapon, infecting the Jockey and causing the ship to crash. The Prometheus crew try to stop it but are too late. The Jockey or what’s left of the Prometheus crew destroy the hatchling. The rest is seen or alluded to in “Alien” and “Aliens.”

    Did Scott give it away in a single minute? No, but in four parts over four days totaling perhaps, 2 minutes 30 seconds. Of course, I could be wrong…

  19. There’s gotta be xenomorphs in this because Ash had orders from MU-TH-ER in ‘Alien’ to bring one back to earth. (“All crew members expendable”). Someone had to know about them before the events of ‘Alien’…

  20. the space jockey facial features are too human, this movie will suck

  21. He is to small to fit in this navigator-chair, isn’t he?
    I don’t want it to be the space jockey, it is not the thing we have seen in Alien.
    If it really was a suit than it sucks, because the weird look of it in Alien was awesome. This looks like a big, pale human. So maybe another cool, mysterious origin is destroyed by a prequel:(.

    • “another cool, mysterious origin is destroyed”

      Yeah I pretty much said that a year ago before there was even a clue to the nature of the jockey. My sincere hope is that Scott and Giger have cooked up something even more strange to confound us with. Perhaps the real Jockey is like an advanced trained pet that the mysterious giant sends out to do his bidding. Hey I so wanted to see the elephant headed space monster bite somebodies head off.. Now that would’ve been cool…

      • Yeah, that humanoid looking thing was way too small to fit in the space jockey. the space jockey was at least supposed to appear 8 or 9 feet tall and had somewhat of the elephant trunk face thing going on, the more of the preview I see the more disappointed I am becoming in this project

  22. Well maybe the pilot is like grown/configured with the terraforming system. He becomes the care taker until life gets started on the dead world. He has a limited life of course, compared to the progenitors.

  23. Looking at a clip on youtube from the Alien movie (1979) the size of the space jockey is huge compared to the one of the humans. its arm length alone is longer than the human, so to see the small clip of the space jockey in this new film who looks about average human size is not only discouraging but disappointing.

  24. It’s a little tough to judge based on a couple of frames in the trailer with no humans in frame. I think it will become more apparent when he moves up close to the chair. The camera angle doesn’t help you judge his size that well either. In an earlier frame we see the Prometheus crew scan either the head or helmet of the jockey. Using a scanner makes me think it’s a head otherwise why not just turn it up and look into it to examine it? Leaving nothing to chance? I speculate it’s some kind of machine life that’s used to pilot the ships. The giant alien assembles him for take-off…