‘Prometheus’ Trailer Preview: Ridley Scott Returns to the ‘Alien’ Universe [Re-Updated]

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Prometheus Trailer Charlize Theron Idris Elba Prometheus Trailer Preview: Ridley Scott Returns to the Alien Universe [Re Updated]


In 1979 Ridley Scott’s Alien changed the world of cinema with its blend of sci-fi and horror. Over thirty years later, the multi-Oscar-nominated director returns to the genre(s) he helped redefine with Prometheus, a sci-fi/horror tale set within in the same cinematic universe as Alien - though Scott and Co. have promised that this is no mere prequel.

Now fans have the chance to see where the old and new elements of Scott’s sci-fi/horror universe converge and diverge, thanks to the debut of the official Prometheus trailer – which will be arriving in just a few days’ time. Until then, we have a preview of the trailer, featuring some new footage and a word from Sir Ridley Scott himself.

The film tells the dark tale of  “a team of explorers, who discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.” The film also boasts a pretty impressive cast, including the likes of Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Patrik Wilson, Guy Pearce, and Logan Marshall-Green.


The official Promethus trailer will debut on Thursday – for now, check out the preview below (via iTunes Movie Trailers):

Just knowing that Ridley Scott is back doing sci-fi horror is enough to give any Alien fan goosebumps. The scenes briefly teased in that preview certainly do echo the sort of sci-fi future Scott envisioned in Alien - and I can only hope the old-school horror movie music featured in the preview is a taste of the music in the actual film. It sets the perfect old-but-new tone for a film like this.

But more than anything, fans will surely wonder about Ridley Scott’s statement regarding this film, “It’s epic. And not just by definition of the scale of the sets – it’s about the very grand ideas and notions. The surprising things that will appear to be small, yet will be enormous.”

Previous interviews with the director have shed some light on what those grand ideas and notions might be – but I think we all sit in wonder as to what the those ‘small, surprising’ elements of the plot are. And of course there’s the question – what is the film’s connection to Alien?

We’ll know for sure when Prometheus hits theaters (2D and 3D) on June 8, 2012. Check back on Thursday for the full trailer.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers


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  1. how did i forget guy pearce was in this??? oh yeah, michael fassbender, ben foster, and too focused on lockout

  2. The music in the featurette was actually the music they used on all of the supplementary discs on the Alien Quadrilogy box set.

    • Thanks Sully311! Nice heads up on that info!

      • No prob! I’m a huge Alien fan, can’t wait to see this 8).

    • it’s a shame that the great Jerry Goldsmith has passed away. I would have loved to hear HIM score this film. no one handled that particular style of music like he did. (even if part of the music in “Alien” was actually from another film!!… excerpts from “Freud” were used).

  3. This will be better than Dark -skinny guy in rubber muscle suit- Knight

    • Whose skinny and what suit is shiny? You’re a decade behind, brother

      • No sorry but Bale looks more Machinist that Batman Begins in all the photos i have seen of the Rises

        • Aren’t you in the wrong thread for these comments? I don’t think that Batman will be making an appearance in Prometheus…

  4. I loved part I and II from the Alien franchise. The first one had an indie feel with a fairly unknown cast and the sequel a close second. So far this movie looks to be delivering a blockbuster experience which I am not totally against. I love what Ridley Scott did in the beginning. However, in my experience, a full star cast doesn’t always deliver the terror and fear that some of the best scary films ever made have. Really convincing scary Sci-Fi movies are hard to pull off as it is. So, I look forward to seeing how these A-listers get it done. Each of them have done remarkable work in their past movie history. How well will they do together in a sci-fi movie is the question.

  5. A preview for a trailer… now I’ve seen it all. lol

    I had my doubts about this movie, but that video made me excited.

    • Soon there will be no films. Only trailers.

      “And the oscar for best trailer goes to…….”

      • And they will still cost 100 million dollars to make…

        • And people will start complaining when they decide to remake a trailer with a new cast lol

          • A darker, gritter trailer that will also be a pre-boot…

  6. Just in case you didnt know a new teaser is being released everyday up to the trailer reveal.

    Here is a new one : http://media.filmz.ru/apple/prometheus-countdown-intwodays_h480p.mov

    • From that teeny glimpse of them running on that planet with their space suits on, I’m excited how great this might turn out. This is my personal most anticipated flick for next year.

  7. I’m confused. Is this an Alien franchise film or not? They can’t have it both ways. Try to get the Alien fans in by hinting it is, then say it is not. I would hate to be disappointed expecting something that it turned out not to be. So be honest, producer fellas.

    • Eh, I don’t think Ridley is so hung-up on the whole “franchise” thing, since he hasn’t had anything to do with the movies since the original. This movie universe under Fox has mutated over the years due to the cross-over with the Predator films (the results of which have never lived up to the quality of the Dark Horse comics), so this movie could be about aliens, but not the exact same creatures everyone is used to.

      One theory developed over the years in the comics was that the Xenomorph’s tended to take on characteristics of whatever it was they implanted their eggs into. There is a possibility that whatever is encountered in this movie is an earlier form of the classic creature. All of that does make me wonder though if Gieger was involved in any way with the design. He is as much responsible for the look of the first film (and the series as a whole), but I know there was some problem with him and Fox when they did the third movie.

      • Ridley is actual working with Giger on Prometheus, he and Giger are having a good relationship since the first Alien movie, as far as I know.

        In the interviews with Ridley (on the bonus-dvd’s in the quadrology), Ridley said, that he was pretty much the only one who had a good relationship with him. The others of the crew were afraid of Gigers sinister vibes and his dark visions/art.

        • Yeah well I could see Ridley and Giger being two peas in a pod, with Ridley being a guy with a background in the arts and visually obsessive.

  8. Its an Alien film, this is all misdirection

    • That’s what I’ve been saying

  9. Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace. In the same movie. In the same spaceship. Alone in space. Hee hee,,…Oh I wont say it. But Im thinkin it.

    And now you’re thinking it too. :-p

    • Damn you for making me think it.

    • me too,and its soapy

  10. I’m so proud of Noomi, she’s our first swedish woman in space!;) I’m also proud over her for making the excellent choice to the question- If you could take one thing with you to another planet, what would that be? – Charlize Theron. So would I, so would I….

  11. Not a fan of Theron who I find unattractive and a borting actor. Have to look up Noomi. Never heard of her.

  12. I seriously hope Prometheus turns out to be great and gives chills and scares just like the first Alien movie.

    The mystery is always scary and terffying so let’s hope Ridley Scott does a great job on this even if this movie isn’t or is a prequel to Alien.

    Besides I hope the question about Space Jockey will finally be answered, I always wonder what that thing was.

    Also the cast is brillant: Noomi, Fassbender, Idris Elba, Charlize and Guy Pearce.

    I wonder who will survive since this might be a prequel?

    Maybe one person or no one. who knows.

  13. Really hoping this has something to do with the Alien movies. Fassbender is a brilliant actor and was probably the only good thing in Xmen Poor Class.

    • lol xmen poor class. Agreed :) This is the only movie I’m looking forward to seeing.

  14. Whoooo the whole trailer is amazing!!! Ridley is correct in saying it is an EPIC movie. I am pumped.

  15. I like the way some people are so narrow minded they have to put everything they see and touch into boxes.
    Accept it as a film and stop whining.

  16. It looks like an interesting film, especially with the reference to the classical allegory of Prometheus. There is an alternative version of this prescient allegory of human enlightenment that is beginning to emerge. It is discussed in the new book, “Fixed Stars Rise.” You can read the first chapter free by clicking the Kindle bookcover image.

  17. I am so excited about this movie…looks like Sir Ridley is going to deliver- again!! He is going to break new ground again. In one way by disregarding multiple lack-luster sequels. And he wont be confined to a prequel. I applaud him for salvaging this franchise. The ALIEN universe should stay in his hands. The size, scope, and scale of this movie could only be handled by this director, this cast, and this studio. Bravo!! And that of course is my humble opinion….I cant wait!

  18. —YET MORE over-produced, over-designed, routine capstone EUGENICS
    predictive programming from the —-long ago promising Scott.

    NO MORE —and WAY LESS.