‘Prometheus’ Extended Trailer is the Most Revealing Yet

Published 3 years ago by , Updated April 30th, 2012 at 11:23 am,

Revealing International Prometheus Trailer Prometheus Extended Trailer is the Most Revealing Yet

Besides being an Alien prequel of sorts, Prometheus has fast become one of the most highly-anticipated films of summer, particularly here at Screen Rant. Besides the fact that it’s Ridley Scott’s long-awaited return to sci-fi, it also looks massively creepy and weird, thanks to the sparse, mysterious footage we’ve seen so far.

A new international trailer just hit the Internet that features more revealing footage than any of the previous trailers. Be advised – if you’d prefer to watch this film in June untarnished by any SPOILERS, this may not be your kind of trailer.


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  1. Wow. That is a great trailer for what I have no doubt will be a fantastic thrill ride. Scott is a very intelligent, very talented man and I’m sure that while this trailer may be revealing, we aint seen nothin’ yet. Can’t wait!

  2. You left out the fact that we actually see the Prometheus crash into the alien spacecraft at ~2:30

  3. dam trailer was sick cant wait

  4. I’m glad this was released but i really wish i hadn’t watched it. Also, since i watched the first trailer so many times and got used to Noomi Rapace’s out of breath, filtered “IF WE DONT STOP IT THERE WONT BE ANY HOME TO GO BACK TO” rant; now the new, clearer, cleaned up version just sounds kind of..silly. Still it’s number 2 on my list

    • I agree, i was whining for Xenos and face huggers and got more than i wanted. I couldnt help it.What if the purple thing? are we looking at 3 different aliens, space jockeys, Xeno’s and that thing swinmming in the water?

  5. i agree…..Take us back to originality please!!! It’s refreshing and new and targeting the fear in all of us. Thanks Ridley Scott!!

  6. i like seeing hulk smash as much as anyone but THIS is the movie i’m waiting for this summer!

  7. at least its a prequel,not sequel,something new anyway,
    i like to see a prequel to Blade Runner to see how Deckerd
    became a Blade Runner that would be awesome, get a younger
    actor to play Deckerd and you have a new franchise to offer,
    but then again maybe not,Blade Runner like The Princess
    Bride was one of the kind,a rarity in movies dont even try .

  8. Can’t stop watching this trailer…
    I love this bit: “it’s a star map”
    “No – it’s an invitation”
    “From who?”
    (Lettering) “From director Ridley Scott”

      I had the EXACT same thought while watching the trailer!!!

  9. This one was to revealing for me.

  10. While being a die hard fan of the Alien franchise in all its form and after watching all of the trailers…why do I get the (probably incorrect) feeling that Xenomorphs are and always were altered/mutated human beings?

    • Probably because you’re right : ;)

  11. Can anyone tell me what they see in the last few frames of the international trailer???? It looks like a alien figure walking like man towards Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) as she craws back in screams!!!

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the Space Jockey alien — the tall thin humanoid we’ve seen in previous trailers. It’s not clear, though.

    • I think it was her boyfriend after he changed into something else. What was the putple tentacle thing and what was the thing slithering in the water that looked like an alien cobra?

  12. The trailer was epic.

    Prothemus is one of my most anticaptied movies of this year, I hope it turns out to be scary, gritty and teffric.

  13. you know what would be lame? if humans actualy evolved into xenomorphs that would skrew up mithology i gues, but that wont happen. anyway awsome trailer

    • Its possible considering deleted footage of the first alien film, the Xeno was changing the first guy killed and the captain into eggs

  14. I just hope that nothing is cut out because the censors say so!

  15. This is the only movie I’m interested in this summer honestly ;)

  16. After this I have to set a embargo on myself when it comes to watching new footage.
    I also noticed it said June 1st as a release date.
    It seems like just as with The Avengers that those of you living outside of the U.S. will get to see this a week earlier that us.
    I’m Jealous ;)

    • then us.

      • Dude, …than us… :-)

        I agree with you: No more footage now, this film needs to stay mysterious.

        • HAHA!
          I need a nap. :)

  17. Nope, not watching. I’m already sold on it.

  18. This Looks DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!!! I get a rush of adrenaline watching these trailers, very intense!

  19. I’m gonna watch the F***k out of this in IMAX 3D.

  20. In one of the earlier trailers there is talk of a king, images of a huge white disc on a planet with a waterfall and river, and a man’s hand and arm are being infected or altered. We also know now that a human man’s head is in the room where the alien canisters are. Now we find out the star maps on earth were a ploy to get mankind to where the alien DNA is. Either they love us or hate us, that is the question. I can’t wait. One thing that isn’t clear at all is the time line where the images we see fall. We are either the next step in someone’s evolution, or someone really hates us and wants us all dead. It’s a big puzzle and I love it all.

    • Yes, but at what period in time when they visited Earth did they percieve humans to be a threat. Did they actually visit anytime before the 20 century and realize that we wold be a threat to them, they coldve wipe humanity out centuries ago

  21. This isn’t an Alien prequel, it simply exists in the same universe.

  22. I think space jockeys infect us like xenomorphs do and we produce space jockeys

  23. The scene where the woman is in that tube thing at the 2:28 mark is one from a previous scene. . . only this time the thing hanging about her is clearly blurred out. It wasn’t in the other ones. I personally believe it was the facehugger as we know it being held in front of her. Great trailer.

  24. To Sir Scott, i apologize for doubting this movie, but too much was revealed in this trailer, the prometheus crashed into the ship we know so we know how Idris elba character dies. I’m bittersweet about this trailer, in the fact that it is awesome and the fact that it showed me too much. Now excuse wm while I watch it again

    • the crash scene was in a prior trailer.

  25. Ridley Scott, my favorite director. I don’t know why, but this movie keeps making me think of SuperMetroid. A live action Metroid movie could be similar.

  26. I only read the comments. I cannot wait for this movie. Im not gonna spoil it w any revealing trailers!!!

  27. Maybe its worth considering we were targeted to be eliminated because we were a failed experiment in genetic manipulation and like good scientists they were cleaning up after themselves and eliminating the failed experiment but it never reached us so we continued on.

    • Very very good answer, good valid points

  28. But,
    another idea might be that they realized that their interference in our genetic make up would lead to us challenging them sometime in the future if they allowed us to continue our altered development! Remember the spiel about the Kings life span? Maybe its an indirect reference to the reign of mighty civilizations and how they all eventually fall but this alien race wasn’t about to give up anything particularly not to one of their own creations!
    Just a thought

    • I didnt hear the thing abou the King’s lifespan, I’ve been complaining about not seeing any Xenos or face huggers in the previews. what was that thinkg slithering theough the water and looked like an alien cobra. there appears to be 3 aliens in this film; space jockeys, xenos and that thing with the purple tentacle

  29. I want to know if Prometheus will affect my opinion on Alien, in the future.