‘Prometheus’ Extended Trailer is the Most Revealing Yet

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Revealing International Prometheus Trailer Prometheus Extended Trailer is the Most Revealing Yet

Besides being an Alien prequel of sorts, Prometheus has fast become one of the most highly-anticipated films of summer, particularly here at Screen Rant. Besides the fact that it’s Ridley Scott’s long-awaited return to sci-fi, it also looks massively creepy and weird, thanks to the sparse, mysterious footage we’ve seen so far.

A new international trailer just hit the Internet that features more revealing footage than any of the previous trailers. Be advised – if you’d prefer to watch this film in June untarnished by any SPOILERS, this may not be your kind of trailer.



In the trailer, we get the same spiel that we did in other trailers from Noomi Rapace about the prehistoric imagery from various civilizations acting as an invitation to the stars. We also see more of Charlize Theron’s character – “The Company’s” liaison than we have before. Does she want to find aliens? Or is she reluctant?

Suddenly, as it did in every single one of the previous trailers, the (fill in the blank) really hits the fan and we see glimpse after glimpse of many confusing and yet utterly fascinating things. New aliens, infected humans, firefights, DEATH, acid to the face (?), and presumably the Space Jockey alien without his Space Jockey suit. It’s also implied, via Rapace’s dialogue, that the Space Jockey corpse we saw in Alien was, in Prometheus, en route toward Earth to destroy it before his ship crashed.

Two images, out of the many that flashed onscreen, stand out in terms of how revealing they are. First, there’s a shot of what appears to be a very xenomorph-esque corpse (FYI, the aliens in the Alien series are often referred to as xenomorphs). Second, there’s a fairly clear shot of one of the new creatures that will be appearing in Prometheus – a potential precursor to the facehuggers that we know and love?

Check the images out below:

Prometheus Xenomorph Skeleton Prometheus Extended Trailer is the Most Revealing Yet

New Alien in Prometheus 570x299 Prometheus Extended Trailer is the Most Revealing Yet

Your guess, of course, is as good as ours as to what these things actually are.

Despite the fact that this is the most “revealing” Prometheus trailer yet, there’s no denying that it’s nonetheless mysterious to the extreme. For one, how does any of this lead to the events of Alien? What do these new aliens — and the way in which they seem to infect human beings, if that is what they’re doing — have to do with the more familar xenomorphs of yore? More importantly, what do the Space Jockeys (or whatever they’re actually called) want with us? With Earth? And what is their role in the birth of the xenomorphs?

Then again, where would the fun be in knowing any of that?

I think it’s telling that Ridley Scott had the opportunity to return to the Alien franchise and just phone it in for the sake of a massive paycheck; but instead, he decided to go big. He decided to take that decades-old tale and root it in a much more substantial and complicated mythology. It’s very possible that, at the end of Prometheus, the threat of the xenomorphs will be but a drop in the bucket compared to the importance of the Space Jockeys, et al, and that’s potentially very interesting.

What do you think of the confusing things we’ve seen so far, Screen Ranters? Let us know in the comments.

Prometheus hits theaters June 8th, 2012.

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  1. Promethetheus is a Firefly class vessel.

    • Too big.

  2. there needs to be a new writer for prometheus on this site. this trailer isnt that revealing and the last article about an EXTREMELY disturbing picture wasnt even that disturbing. the movie looks good thou

    • Haha. You’re funny. So you’re saying it’s not the most revealing trailer yet, per the words that we actually used?

      • ignore him mr. morre. haha, you clearly have just as good of a guess as all of us. also, this trailer is 100x more revealing than its predecessors. im am getting more and more excited for this film as more is being revealed, and yet, not revealed whatsoever! =)

    • I agree. Moore’s writing is loose insufferable fanboy piffle..

  3. When I watch this trailer it reminds me of Metroid. Badass trailer.

    *sigh*… I want a Metroid movie.

  4. “For one how does any of this lead to the events of Alien?” The ship that they crash into is the one in the beginning of Alien in which The Nostromo picks up the distress call to investigate. Watch Alien again.

    • Lets just say that the events in prometheus happens 50 years before Alien

  5. My question is if the space jockey was trying to bring the aliens to earth, who set off the distress signal that wasnt a distress signal but a warning to stay away

    • Indeed, I watched it again last night, the 2003 director’s cut of it. It was outstanding. According to Ripley, the mother’s computer decoded about half the “transmisssion” from the space jockey ship. It was a warning. I wonder if the pilot of the ship didn’t send it. He was infected with an alien that burst out of it’s chest (he died in his pilot seat).

      • But in interviews both Ridley Scott and Damon Lindeloff have been quick to point out that this is not an Alien prequel and that we may think we know what we’re looking at but they insist we actually don’t. I could be very wrong of course, but there may very well be a lot of misdirection going on here. Also, Ridley Scott has expressed interest in making at least one sequel. If Prometheus sets up the events that lead directly into Alien, how would that be possible…?

        • You missed where Scott finally admitted this is a prequel to Alien, and that he left enough time between this and Alien to have additional stories.
          The newest trailer also makes it clear it’s Alien.

          • I can find no evidence of him saying that, where did you see that?

            The original script was written as a prequel to Alien, and Damon Lindeloff was brought in to rewrite it as an original story. It exists in the same universe and has overlapping elements, but they’ve been pretty emphatic that this is not a prequel to Alien despite what it looks like.

            • Also:

              “If we’re fortunate enough to do a sequel to Prometheus, it will tangentialize even further away from the original Alien.” – Damon Lindeloff

              Just sayin’. I think they’ve got a trick or two up their sleeves and despite the trailers we won’t know what it is until June.

  6. Remember Xenomorphs (aliens) take on the form of whatever they’ve birthed from. If they come from a dog they’ll appear dog like. As for the face huggers they’ve always appeared the way they were. However whose to say they didn’t develop those features after coming from a queen that was birthed from a human.

    The first picture I’m hesitant to assume its a body. Given H.R. Geigers work who knows it could be a piece of architecture.

    • not to mention that these eggs looked man made (Space jockey made) not queen made. so yes, they would look diffeent coming out of those canisters as opposed to folding out of an egg laid by the queen, Makes sense

  7. The biggest points are I think is that the ship leaving in this film and the ship on LV-426 are either the same ship or the very similar. The space jockey in alien was huge in size compared to the humans climbin over it. i can understand the Xenos appearing different in this film so they may not exactly be XENOS, but other than humans there are 3 distinct aliens in this film, space jockeys, the purple tentacle thing and whatevr theu guy was changing into as we see the texture of his head change and the veins change in his arm.

    • I thiiiink both the writer and the director have both said that the xenomorphs are not actually in the film.

      • maybe not the Xenos as we know them and I’m sure they will be called something else or look different, but the eggs and the transformations after the contamination or ingestation, something or someone will certainly morph into something else

  8. From the trailer it’s pretty clear at least one of the crew members (probably more) transforms into something else, but I’d personally like to believe that they’re saving some big secrets and suprises for us that they wouldn’t be foolish enough to make obvious in the trailer this late in the game. Guess we’ll all find out soon enough tho’…

    • CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  9. Possible Xeno (or something like it)sighting at 2:26

  10. This is my theory (stop reading now if you don’t want possible spoilerage):

    The “Space Jockeys” found earth at some point and initiated peaceful contact. Later, a cataclysmic event encompassed their world and they chose then to “terraform” earth. They created an “Ark” ship with all sorts of biologicals on board that would remap terrestrial lifeforms into those of their world. However, the ship never got launched – perhaps the aliens had a change of heart at the last minute.

    Millenia pass. Humans find signs of earlier “peaceful” contact and decide to go exploring for ancient friends. They find the Ark. Some (or all) of the crew get infected. In addition, the scientist cannot resist playing god and begins monkeying with the biologicals. At least one of the crew transforms fully into one of the “Space Jockeys.” The reborn Jockeys try to launch the ship. They are stopped. The ship crashes. The biologicals the scientist was playing with get mixed into a stew that each try to reform the other until what’s left is the Alien prototype we know and love.

    Anyway, that’s what rises to the surface in my head when I boil down the images from the trailer.

  11. Is Guy Pearce playing the Alien? Where is he in 3 full minutes of preview?

    And regardless of whether or not it’s an Alien prequel….Alien is one of the greatest movie of all time and this is what a LOT of us have been waiting for. I’m hoping it won’t disappoint :-)

    • Guy Pearce is doing the motion capture/voice-over work for the alien title character Prometheus. He invites the humans to his planet and gives them stolen technology from which we would use to create the IPhone feature ‘siri’ and he is killed by his masters.

  12. JK 😀 this movie oooks amazing about t see it tonight!