‘Prometheus’ Sequel – What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

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prometheus sequel ridley scott Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

Reactions to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus have been all over the map. Many people are embracing the movie for its ambition, while others have expressed frustration over how (infuriatingly) close the spinoff came to being a proper Alien prequel. A noteworthy number of people are having far more extreme reactions, judging by the number of claims online about Prometheus screening walk-outs.

As was discussed during the SR Underground ‘Prometheus’ Podcast: the important thing is that virtually everyone who has seen Prometheus has been very passionate in their response (be it enthusiastic or enraged). If you subscribe to the school of thought that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, then it’s near impossible to argue that the moviegoing masses won’t (at the least) consider a sequel to Prometheus as something they want to see. Going by the early global box office returns, 20th Century Fox is likely to heed those wishes.

So where do you go with a sequel to a film that’s literally about… well, everything? As anyone can tell you (including, Scott and co-screenwriter Damon Lindelof), Prometheus raises more questions than it answers – be it about the mythology of the greater Alien universe or the cyclical nature of creation, destruction, and evolution, as explored in the movie. Obviously, in order to touch on what details the filmmakers have announced so far, we have to venture into spoiler territory.







In a recent THR interview, Scott had the following to say about Prometheus:

“From the very beginning, I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I really don’t want to meet God in the first one. I want to leave it open to [Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace)] saying, ‘I don’t want to go back to where I came from. I want to go where they came from… Because [the Engineers] are such aggressive f**kers, I always had it in there that the God-like creature that you will see actually is not so nice, and is certainly not God. I’d love to explore where [Dr. Shaw] goes next and what does she do when she gets there, because if it is paradise, paradise can not be what you think it is. Paradise has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous.”

Check out one of said Engineers (via Rope of Silicon) below:

prometheus sacrificial engineer 570x290 Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

The 'Sacrificial Engineer' in 'Prometheus'

Ultimately, the connection between Alien and Prometheus was as tenuous as the cast and crew of the latter had insisted throughout the build-up to its theatrical release. Hence, it’s no surprise to hear that Scott intends to carry on the central narrative thread left dangling by the ending of Prometheus with a sequel – rather than concern himself primarily with filling in lingering holes in the tapestry that links Prometheus to Alien. Is it possible the followup could accomplish both tasks, in spite of that?

In order to break down that question, let’s first examine two big plot elements that should be covered in a Prometheus sequel:


The History and Culture of the Engineers

By the conclusion of Prometheus, very little information has been provided about Engineer culture. As Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) voices aloud before setting off to the Engineer planet with David (Michael Fassbender) – or, rather, David’s severed head – there is much to be explained in terms of where the creatures came from, and what inspired them to create humanity in the first place (before attempting to eradicate it).

Furthermore, there is a whole lot of ambiguity surrounding such issues pertaining to how many planets the Engineers have populated with life via rituals similar to that portrayed during the opening minutes of Prometheus; whether Xenomorphs are regarded as higher-evolved beings and (essentially) worshipped as deities by the Engineers, as one could interpret from the presence of a Xeno-like carving in the Ampule Room on LV-223; and if the Engineer’s decision to manufacture black goo material that transforms other sorts of organic life, is the true allegory for the mythological tragedy of the demigod Prometheus overstepping his boundaries.

prometheus xenomorph carving Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

The Xenomorph carving in 'Prometheus'


The Relationship Between Elizabeth Shaw and David

When we say “relationship” between those two characters – who were also the most fully-realized and engaging players in Prometheus - we’re speaking both literally and on the figurative level. By the conclusion of that film, David’s “creator” Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) has perished, and is thus no longer around to command the android. Does that mean Shaw will now become David’s “god,” or are the two on more equal footing – a pair of explorers out to uncover certain truths about the universe, rather than a master and their servant?

During an interview with Time Entertainment, Lindelof addressed that very topic:

“I think they’re going where [Shaw] wants to go. [David's] fundamental programming has been scrapped. Weyland [the man who built and programmed him] is dead and so now his programming is coming from God knows where. Is he being programmed by Elizabeth, or is it his own internal curiosity now that Weyland isn’t telling him what to do any more? He’s always been interested in Elizabeth, remember that: He’s watching her dreams when she’s sleeping in much the same way that he watches ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. He’s a strange robot that has a curious crush on a human being, and when Weyland is eliminated, I think he is genuinely interested in what she’s interested in. He reaches out partly for survival, but partly out of curiosity, and I think he’s sincere that he’ll take her wherever she wants to go.”

Prometheus disposed of the less interesting characters – along with those whose primary purpose was to explain how Elizabeth and David came to be on their personal space odyssey, and an explanation for their mindsets at the outset of that journey. It will also be interesting to see how the dynamic between that duo (an actual human being and anthropomorphized machine) unfolds in the sequel, and how the relationship ultimately reflects upon and parallels that of Elizabeth and her “creators.”

prometheus david elizabeth 570x351 Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

David eyes a slumbering Elizabeth in 'Prometheus'

In summation: a Prometheus sequel could certainly branch out beyond the realm of being an Alien spinoff, so as to move closer to establishing a science-fiction mythos that stands on its own. However, over the course of doing so, the film has the potential to also provide more backstory on the Xenomorph, along with the history behind how one Engineer crashed on LV-426 – and, inadvertently, unleashed a dangerous new species similar to the monster(s) birthed on LV-223. Ironically, that means a sequel has the capability to provide Alien fans with something closer to the answers they were seeking from Prometheus, while also fully succeeding where its predecessor fell short: being a satisfying, standalone work.

Bear in mind, Scott is about to commence with shooting on The Counselor, so don’t expect to hear news about a Prometheus sequel being put on the fast-track for production in the immediate future. However, so long as the final box office total is satisfactory for Fox (re: results in a profit), everything else is in place for the project to happen.

What are you hoping to get out of a Prometheus sequel? Do you even have an interest in seeing one? Sound off in the comments section.

Meanwhile, Prometheus is currently playing in theaters around the world.


Source: THR [via Worst Previews], Time Entertainment, Rope of Silicon

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  1. Yes a sequel please.

  2. I enjoyed the movie because it made me think. David is very much interested Elizabeth. I think Weyland choose Elizabeth to carry out his plans with David. David is carrying Weyland sperms and has been programmed to do the deed which will carrying on the Weyland legacy. 2014 or 2015,,,,,we shall see.

    • David’s body was on the engineer ship that crashed so I doubt he will have that in the next film and the sperms for that matter

      • No, David’s body was helped carried off the ship by Elizabeth. You can watch her lowering the body down in the scene where David asks Elizabeth what she hopes on doing, safely assuming she plans to take the body along with the head.

  3. It was painful watching those retarded *scientists* prove their stupidity at every turn. The decision at the end to go it alone towards the engineer world was beyond retarded.

    The most reasonable expectation would be that humans are effectively an ancient science experiment by the engineers, that none of them remember or care about after all this time. “Hey, was someone experimenting on a bunny they called John Steven in 1801″? — Sorry, no one knows the answer to that or cares to know.

    Even with time travel, the answer most likely wouldn’t be meaningful.

  4. Please please do a sequel! I’m hoping the creators creator is predator. This leaves room for more questions thus more answers to be given, so more money for makers. And much room for awesome graphics and what I’m hoping hoping hoping for an awesome well explained (because alien vs predator fans would then understand the history) A NEW ALIEN VS PREDATOR! so again, please! Sequel!

    • no….. no….. that’s no good. The predator will not be the creator, and those movies had nothing to do with the original alien, and will have nothing to do with Prometheus. But I hear there will be another Predator movie coming out, actually 2 more. Predator Vs. The Muppets in Space, and Predator vs. Critters starring Patrick Duffy.

      • What if the engineers created humans on earth for a feeding ground for the aliens they created. The original plan is that the engineers created the “aliens” to fight something bigger and badder that we haven’t seen yet.

    • Oh for crying out loud. Enough with the Alien vs Predator hopefuls. For probably not the last time, the AVP experiment was a catastrophic failure which Ridley Scott is disregarding, as he should.

  5. Hey everybody, Lev has awaken from his cryo-stasis chamber, spoiler alert this guy will complain and disagree with everything you say! I honestly think that people would pay a lot of money to see……. Predator vs. the cast of Jersey Shore.

    Sorry Lev, had to say it…. Anyway, back to Prometheus. Hey did anyone get a chance to check out that new Video game, Aliens: Colonial Marines?…

    I know Lev, it’s a spin off video game of “Aliens” not “Alien” and has little to do with this Screen Rant Message Board…..

    it appears that prometheus had a little influence on a short video you can find in the game… ( Don’t bother playing the game as you can view it on the Interwebs, youTube it or google it.

    • Backstabber!!! :) :P

    • Although ‘Predator vs. Jersey Shore’ sounds good. Limb being torn from orange limb. Classic.

      • its all in good fun Lev, glad you got the joke! I actually really enjoy your rants!

  6. Wow….The writers are going to be looking all over the place for the glue to bind this future story together and make interesting. I wish them well in their endeavour, when and if they get to it. Prometheus is a classic sci fi with all of the bells and whistles. I thoroughly enjoyed the premise thrown out at the outset of the movie. I’m hopeful that the writers will make every attempt at tying the different story lines together. Creating an exceptable larger picture of the engineers existance, of which I ponder, will be a good start to a successful sequel.
    Please don’t leave me hanging for too long Mr. Scott.

    • john,

      I completely agree with you, the writers do have a lot of details and things to sift through on this “adventure”. I can only hope that the writers of the Prometheus script sequel would read this please….. I would like to see maybe some flashbacks to the engineers and what happened on LV 223, the outbreak that occurred there… I had this crazy thought that would if, the engineer ( in the end of Prometheus) that woke up from the the deep sleep was the saboteur of the outbreak on LV-223, what if he didn’t want to destroy mankind and spared us by releasing something deadly and then placed himself in a deep sleep,only to wake up and meet mankind face to face and realize that he make a big mistake on meeting Mr. Weyland and his greed for more life… the engineer quickly realized he screwed up and became very violent, and he needed to immediately visit earth and destroy it before mankind spreads throughout the universe…or something like that.

      • That’s interesting. They definitely need to explain more the event that caused the initial outbreak on the engineer base. Maybe the sleeper engineer on LV-223 was the member of a group which wanted humans destroyed and they basically couldn’t convince the other engineers. So they release the black goo in order to get rid of their opposition so there’s nobody to stop them as they set off towards Earth but they end up infected too and the only way the last remaining engineer could protect himself was to put himself into a sleeping pod.

        I read somewhere that the reason the engineers wanted to eliminate humanity approx. 2 millennia ago was that Jesus was a demi-engineer and his death pissed the engineers off. I’m not sure how much I like that idea.

        • I like that demi-engineer concept. So this jesus guy get’s his philosophical ideas from the engineers or perhaps they infected a virgin that gave birth to some sort of enhanced human who was able to persuade people to changing the way they think?… ( ok now I don’t like that, I think I took it too far ) but going back to Lev’s idea yes that could work very well in the back story…because of the tablets found by holloway and Shaw, the Engineers had some type of communication with mankind long ago… I’m curious now. Now we are getting into the novel, “Chariots of the gods”… kind of.

          • Oh my non-specific deity figure. What if Mary didn’t give birth to Jesus but he burst out of Mary’s chest instead?! Chestburst as a method for virgin birth!?!? Minds pretty much blown I think. :D

            • Lev you just raised the bar…

  7. yes. a sequel please…it made me to think..at last I m full of thoughts..!!

  8. Do note that weyland is running the show as well and they are the backbone to the alien movies so in turn these a very possible connection that alien fans are hoping for including myself and a sequel would be absolutely amazing

  9. A “consideration script” for up-coming prometheus 2…


    Declaration: This website is not mine!

  10. Sequel, please. I thought Prometheus was great. I like that there was a lot of post-film audience debate over the story and unanswered questions. Keep going – 2 more films, please.

  11. Prometheus is a very interesting movie. It touches the topic that everyone might be interested. In the end is just a movie and we know that nothing is true about it. Its only imagination. I am very curious where the authors imagination is going in a next movie.

  12. A sequel? Yes! But it does not have to link Prometheus with the Alien trilogy; just explore the relationship between Elizabeth and David, and the origin of the Engineers.

  13. Somebody help me with these:
    1. What’s with the black goo? “I want to believe” but this was a little corny. What’s next – Scully & Muldar showing up from cryo-sleep?
    2. What’s with the snake worm that keeps snapping at the biology guy. Why did he keep wanting to pet it? His face is only 8 inches away from this buck-toothed snapping anaconda and he wants to baby talk with it?
    3. And, what the heck is with the squid that the prof gives birth to? How does it morph into an 10 foot octopus in a matter of hours (fast like the Alien did), and why did it shove it’s tentacle down the throat of the engineer (like the face-hugger from Alien did), and is that what all those engineer capsules are filled with?
    I need answers, I can’t sleep until I get answers…

  14. Well not exactly a sequel to Prometheus the alien version but rather an origins to predator. That would be nice….

    • Yes. Definitely I completely agree. They should make an origins film about the Predator race. And it should have nothing to do with the Alien universe.

  15. I like the idea of exploring how the engineers came to be abandoned or otherwise left for dead on both LV planets. Had they gone rogue, hellbent on destroying their own creation as some sort of fanatical splinter group? Could it be they come from a complicated race of people not very dissimilar from us, and when their mission wasn’t completed they were simply forgotten?

    I think there will be tremendous trust issues between David and Elizabeth, which will make for some great scenes. Will she keep her cross or will her whole belief system crumble?

    What of the sole alien left behind? Not much to munch or breed on.

  16. This movie made so much interests to me than questions, this is the kind of movie I like because I know the concept of the story. If you had watched this movie and leaving you more questions than answers, I suggests you to watch Ancient Alien documentary made by History Channel in which this Prometheus movie has something related into and could answer sensibly to your ever long human origin questions.
    Or you could watch Ancient Alien first then watch Prometheus to make everything sensible to your curiosity.

  17. All i really demand of a sequal is that human behavior make sense. Prometheus was riddled with human beings NOT acting as they truly do/would- for a simple example, academics do not act At All like they do in this film!! As an academic i am often offended or disappointed by representations in films, but this was particularly egregious, with only the slightly vapid/boring Rapace and (cruelly/freakishly) Fassbender acting as true academics. These two alone of all the “brainy bunch” on board displayed the inescapable single-mindedness of purpose, tenacity, instinctive curiosity, and intelligence. Dear Scott: i love your films, but Do Not populate them with academics who act like idiots. Thank you.

    • the crew were not “academics” with the exception of shaw & charlie….they were corporate employees….the geologist said he was “in it for the money”…….

  18. I thought that the language used by David to the formerly hibernating Engineer was Aramaic-like and that resulted in Dave’s beheading. That Engineer knew only to destroy the civilization using that language. Since the first severed Engineer head was carbon dated at 2000+/- yrs, the plan to exteminate earth’s population with the weapon of mass destruction (in canisters) would coinside with the demise of Jesus. Perhaps the Engineers believed earthlings (their creation) were headed in the wrong direction and so it was time to start over.

  19. I think the 2 elements that you suugested would be great for a Prometheus sequel. If we could see the tie-in to Alien 1, that would be cool. Obviously the engineers couldnt control the genetic monsters that they were creating to use for their purposes. And that led to the first Alien movie. The question is: Did they create the xenomorphs from scratch or did they capture them from somewhere else in the universe and genetically alter them? Personally, either way, I think its pretty damn cool that the A-hole engineers got their asses handed to them by their own creations or doing, especially after they were trying to send that black ooze crap back to Earth cause they wanted to get rid of us. My question is from the original Alien, was the alien that bursted out of the engineer they found a queen? and did it lay all those eggs down in the ship which eventually infected Cane in Alien 1. Or were they carrying those eggs all along, and 1 face hugger got loose and impregnated the engineer pilot. If so, what happened to that alien that bursted out of him.
    As far as Shaw & Michael, we obviously want them to track down where the engineers come from and what their story is, why they created us, and why they want to destroy us now?

  20. Prometheus was a surreal experience. And hell yeah I want a sequel and answers to all the questions. However, there are few observations that I would like to share.

    1) The Black Goo – could be a sort of defense mechanism that sprung into action as soon as the room temperature was disturbed by the scientists.

    2) I am assuming ‘Engineers’ are not God. They are a high-end species who are responsible for creating life through sacrificial means & destroying whenever it seems correct. However, they never expected ‘humans’ to come so close to them in search of answers. This threatened the very purpose of their existence. Knowing answers would have taken humans one step closer to the ultimate answer “Who has created us & why?”

    3) Was Meredith Vickers a human or an Android like David? It is an interesting question. I believe she was an Android like David. There are few theories that supports this statement – First, Weyland being a trillionaire didn’t get a Surgery Pod capable to operate a female body is something that cannot be digested. Second, towards the end, Janek – the ship captain clearly ignores Vickers & decides to ram in LV – 223 with Engineer’s spaceship. Hence, the direct inference drawn out of this that he clearly valued human life more, thus giving rise to the assumption that Vickers was not a human. Also, in a scene he sings “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” before Vickers summons him to her room(although they didn’t show it). This suggested to me that he wasn’t going to be with a human, but was going to love the android he was with.

    • I’ll grant you that she played a great b****, but she was far from an android. The whole reason Weyland created David was because he had a daughter instead of a son like he wanted to pass the legacy of his company onto, and you could easily see by interactions between the two that she had it pretty tough growing up. Classic story of the daughter never being good enough in Daddy’s eyes.

      Android? Far from it. Angry is more like it, playing 2nd fiddle to Daddy’s android who is more like the son he wanted.

      If you’re alone on a starship and the only person of the opposite sex is someone you can’t bare to be in the same room with, you can imagine the irony of being forced to get your swerve on with them. I think the whole scene was very well played. Absolutely classic use of a Crosby Stills Nash and Young song – loved it.

  21. Just by the ending of the movie it seems that they will make a sequel. I personally would love to see a sequel and would show it to everyone i know. Loved the movie.

  22. This movie, as great as it was, had only the feeling of a beginning. They introduce us to the engineers, and the fact that they, for some reason, needed to destroy the humans they created. A fact that isn’t touched upon fully in the movie. Apparently the “weapon of mass destruction” as it was called, backfired on these engineers and destroyed the outpost they created on this moon. A lot of questions are raised, first why did the engineers decide to create life on earth? Why would they want to destroy this life? I feel that the engineers found themselves in the same predicament the humans found themselves in at this point in their existence. They found their creators, and discovered how to “engineer” life, and experimented on the few planets they found with the necessary components for enabling life to flourish, but like any one who is able to create, they found that they couldn’t make the life they created perfect, and decided to destroy it, like an artist scraping a piece he is unsatisfied with. What they didn’t realize is that the life they created became conscious and able, all while they were devising a way to eradicate it. Once this weapon was created they made it to powerful and were consumed by it’s ability to destroy. They must have realize that without a source of nourishment the weapon was unable to continue spreading, so they locked themselves away and hoped they would not be awakened. This would explain the anger showed by the engineer who is awakened by David. He knew that if these humans were to survive their encounter with the weapon they would spread it through out their species and bring about their own demise.

  23. I liked the movie, but I think I’ll need to watch it again. It may not have had the suspense or excitement of “Alien” but it did leave you wanting more at the end. I can’t wait for the sequel to find out what Scott has in mind to bring it all together.

  24. I just look forward to a good film with loads of effects and a story that will get my imagination going, i have seen all alien films and only the first alien and second aliens were the greats the third was not that good and all the others were pointless but as for Prometheus its a great film and ridley is my favorite director cant wait take care people

  25. Yes I want a second one!! I wanna know what happens next!

  26. I would love a sequal. This movie was awsome,they took it to an imaganitive place. A whole lot of questions. A sequal is a must otherwise this film was pointless ansyone who watched this movie, would have to want more. I really hope it comes out in the next few years. Awsome movie.

  27. Idk why all sorts of people are bitching about Prometheus not living up to the Alien name! Alien Resurrection didn’t live up to the Alien name, Prometheus is a wonderfully-twisted take on the origins of the Alien species! I find it fascinating that it’s a combination of a bio-weapon designed by our Fore bearers and us who gave birth to the Alien mutation that we know from the original films. I would like to see, at least, two more films in this series. And, take the time needed to write a masterpiece, I’ll happily wait!

  28. The xenomorphs are creatures created by Engineers, so why would they be worshiped? Probably in the next Prometheus we’ll see the creatures carved in the tomb. BTW. Alien Resurrection had fantastic enhancements of the Aliens and much better special effects than the previous one by far.

  29. The next film is a d-day recreation..xenomorphs storm the beaches while bad celebrities play the nazis(all analogy of course)