‘Prometheus’ Sequel – What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

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prometheus sequel ridley scott Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

Reactions to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus have been all over the map. Many people are embracing the movie for its ambition, while others have expressed frustration over how (infuriatingly) close the spinoff came to being a proper Alien prequel. A noteworthy number of people are having far more extreme reactions, judging by the number of claims online about Prometheus screening walk-outs.

As was discussed during the SR Underground ‘Prometheus’ Podcast: the important thing is that virtually everyone who has seen Prometheus has been very passionate in their response (be it enthusiastic or enraged). If you subscribe to the school of thought that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, then it’s near impossible to argue that the moviegoing masses won’t (at the least) consider a sequel to Prometheus as something they want to see. Going by the early global box office returns, 20th Century Fox is likely to heed those wishes.

So where do you go with a sequel to a film that’s literally about… well, everything? As anyone can tell you (including, Scott and co-screenwriter Damon Lindelof), Prometheus raises more questions than it answers – be it about the mythology of the greater Alien universe or the cyclical nature of creation, destruction, and evolution, as explored in the movie. Obviously, in order to touch on what details the filmmakers have announced so far, we have to venture into spoiler territory.


In a recent THR interview, Scott had the following to say about Prometheus:

“From the very beginning, I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I really don’t want to meet God in the first one. I want to leave it open to [Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace)] saying, ‘I don’t want to go back to where I came from. I want to go where they came from… Because [the Engineers] are such aggressive f**kers, I always had it in there that the God-like creature that you will see actually is not so nice, and is certainly not God. I’d love to explore where [Dr. Shaw] goes next and what does she do when she gets there, because if it is paradise, paradise can not be what you think it is. Paradise has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous.”

Check out one of said Engineers (via Rope of Silicon) below:

prometheus sacrificial engineer 570x290 Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

The 'Sacrificial Engineer' in 'Prometheus'

Ultimately, the connection between Alien and Prometheus was as tenuous as the cast and crew of the latter had insisted throughout the build-up to its theatrical release. Hence, it’s no surprise to hear that Scott intends to carry on the central narrative thread left dangling by the ending of Prometheus with a sequel – rather than concern himself primarily with filling in lingering holes in the tapestry that links Prometheus to Alien. Is it possible the followup could accomplish both tasks, in spite of that?

In order to break down that question, let’s first examine two big plot elements that should be covered in a Prometheus sequel:


The History and Culture of the Engineers

By the conclusion of Prometheus, very little information has been provided about Engineer culture. As Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) voices aloud before setting off to the Engineer planet with David (Michael Fassbender) – or, rather, David’s severed head – there is much to be explained in terms of where the creatures came from, and what inspired them to create humanity in the first place (before attempting to eradicate it).

Furthermore, there is a whole lot of ambiguity surrounding such issues pertaining to how many planets the Engineers have populated with life via rituals similar to that portrayed during the opening minutes of Prometheus; whether Xenomorphs are regarded as higher-evolved beings and (essentially) worshipped as deities by the Engineers, as one could interpret from the presence of a Xeno-like carving in the Ampule Room on LV-223; and if the Engineer’s decision to manufacture black goo material that transforms other sorts of organic life, is the true allegory for the mythological tragedy of the demigod Prometheus overstepping his boundaries.

prometheus xenomorph carving Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

The Xenomorph carving in 'Prometheus'


The Relationship Between Elizabeth Shaw and David

When we say “relationship” between those two characters – who were also the most fully-realized and engaging players in Prometheus – we’re speaking both literally and on the figurative level. By the conclusion of that film, David’s “creator” Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) has perished, and is thus no longer around to command the android. Does that mean Shaw will now become David’s “god,” or are the two on more equal footing – a pair of explorers out to uncover certain truths about the universe, rather than a master and their servant?

During an interview with Time Entertainment, Lindelof addressed that very topic:

“I think they’re going where [Shaw] wants to go. [David’s] fundamental programming has been scrapped. Weyland [the man who built and programmed him] is dead and so now his programming is coming from God knows where. Is he being programmed by Elizabeth, or is it his own internal curiosity now that Weyland isn’t telling him what to do any more? He’s always been interested in Elizabeth, remember that: He’s watching her dreams when she’s sleeping in much the same way that he watches ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. He’s a strange robot that has a curious crush on a human being, and when Weyland is eliminated, I think he is genuinely interested in what she’s interested in. He reaches out partly for survival, but partly out of curiosity, and I think he’s sincere that he’ll take her wherever she wants to go.”

Prometheus disposed of the less interesting characters – along with those whose primary purpose was to explain how Elizabeth and David came to be on their personal space odyssey, and an explanation for their mindsets at the outset of that journey. It will also be interesting to see how the dynamic between that duo (an actual human being and anthropomorphized machine) unfolds in the sequel, and how the relationship ultimately reflects upon and parallels that of Elizabeth and her “creators.”

prometheus david elizabeth 570x351 Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

David eyes a slumbering Elizabeth in 'Prometheus'

In summation: a Prometheus sequel could certainly branch out beyond the realm of being an Alien spinoff, so as to move closer to establishing a science-fiction mythos that stands on its own. However, over the course of doing so, the film has the potential to also provide more backstory on the Xenomorph, along with the history behind how one Engineer crashed on LV-426 – and, inadvertently, unleashed a dangerous new species similar to the monster(s) birthed on LV-223. Ironically, that means a sequel has the capability to provide Alien fans with something closer to the answers they were seeking from Prometheus, while also fully succeeding where its predecessor fell short: being a satisfying, standalone work.

Bear in mind, Scott is about to commence with shooting on The Counselor, so don’t expect to hear news about a Prometheus sequel being put on the fast-track for production in the immediate future. However, so long as the final box office total is satisfactory for Fox (re: results in a profit), everything else is in place for the project to happen.

What are you hoping to get out of a Prometheus sequel? Do you even have an interest in seeing one? Sound off in the comments section.

Meanwhile, Prometheus is currently playing in theaters around the world.

Source: THR [via Worst Previews], Time Entertainment, Rope of Silicon

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  1. If they included alien as being created by the engineers why not incorporate the predators also funny the predators r tall like giants maybe they are altered engineers transformed into predator I’m just saying why leave them out the loop hole if u got the aliens involved make it more interesting

    • Why not throw in ET, critters, and Mickey Mouse?

      I think the question “where man comes from” is interesting enough.

      • And Alex Cross, James Bond, Van Helsing and Quagmire from Family Guy. That’ll be a good sequel. ‘Casino Royale’ (1967) eat your heart out.

      • Throw in Barack Obama. he’S big, powerful, scary, and definitely from the “Dark Side”dark.

        • If it’s dark you want you cannot get any better than Grover Norquist. Let’s not dip our toes into politics. We’ll never get out of that discussion.

    • Because Predators have absolutely NOTHING to do with the Alien series. Predator is it’s own thing, the AvP series is a fan-service non-canon series that started in the late 80’s.

      • I thought the original idea was that the Predators invented the alien so they’d have something to hunt that was a challenge

        • No… that was hollywood’s excuse to make AvP. Alien predates the
          Predator series and was invented right after Star Wars.

          • In fact Alien came about indirectly because of Star Wars. Back in 1977 Ridley Scott was about to go into preproduction on ‘Tristan and Isolde’ when they went to see what the fuss was about with ‘Star Wars’ and came out of it thinking ‘This guys making such cool stuff and I’m trying to make T&I’, ditched that film and started looking for a sci-fi film and fortunately along comes the script for ‘Alien’. It also was fortunate that Star Wars made science-fiction the hot genre of the era and Fox was eager to follow the succes of SW with another space film.

        • They never created them they just had them to hunt. Just captured a queen basically but anyway that was really just to combine the two series.

  2. Not that anyone should care, but I loved this movie and yet was disappointed by by a lot of little things that to should have never been overlooked. Let me just say that Ridley Scott is possibly my favorite director, so please don’t take the criticism the wrong way. I want to see a sequel! I was intrigued by where the movie took us and by where we could possibly go in the future. That being said, I didn’t appreciate the obvious dip of the tainted finger into the class right in front of the drunken doctor, face masks that shatter if you look at them the wrong way, and a biologist that SHOULD have a little more respect for an unknown alien creature that looks and acts somewhat like a Cobra. My two cents…
    Looking forward…

    • I found the whole story with the geologist who’s making a 3D map of the place that gets lost and the biologist who’s practically trying to tickle something hissing at him, a clear sign of threat from almost all animals on earth, totally ridiculous. The film could have done without those two.

      • Completely agree. They were the only two things that really annoyed me about the film and actually unnecessary. The other less annoying thing was the feeling of being ‘rushed’ through the story – and as a result the complete lack of suspense. The slow crawl of “Alien” inherently created suspense and fear.

        I was also disappointed about Idris Elba’s character perishing. His character was highly likeable and one of the few strong and believable characters in the film.

        • You’re right about the being rushed part but it’s not just Prometheus. I’m getting that feeling from a lot of Scott’s latter films. The difference between the theatrical release and director’s cut of ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ makes it a whole other film where the actions of some characters actually makes sense. The final cut of ‘Blackhawk Down’ missed a whole sequence where the rangers were sent to the wrong building by the idiots who had planned the operation, which was actually the case in real life. Scott himself confessed to cutting this scene because he wanted to make the film quicker. My guess is he himself isn’t entirely happy with the final versions so he usually has a director’s cut DVD release. It also makes more money for the studio. So now I wonder will there be a DC of Prometheus with some extra scenes that clarify some issues.

    • I am most definitely looking forward to a sequel to this film. I do think that the scientist treating a most obviously threatening creature like a furry kitten, which by the way will also give you a few scars to last a life time if not treated with the respect an animal deserves, very very annoying and plain unbelievable. The guy should’ve been screened out by his employer to say the least. If I was the guy standing next to him when he got attacked I would have left his ass to suffer the consequences. Survial of the fittest.

      Anyways… overall the film was very good and believable. Looking forward to the sequel and a deeper dive in to the Engineer Universe.

  3. Firstly, whish the sequal was out already ! Well made in all ways, ok storyline, altough only adding to the questions then really answering them.

    So what i’d like to see in the dr.Shaw and David sequal is more adventure alike, they discover the ship, learn it’s secrets, have an intelligent form of central computer that talks and is trustable (maybe after tweaking), off on adventure(s) while searching for that place, having encounters with other lifeforms or species, having some of them complement the crew, having explanations for where the food and drink comes from, meanwhile dr.Shaw or David or both are studying on the Alien lifeform, getting answers what relation Engineers have with Aliens, how they ‘cultivated’ them and why these where chosen as the ultimate ‘Human rase’ exterminator offcourse David has to come clean with the ‘germ’ in the drink experiment .. lol i could go on forever

    • I can’t tell you why the engineers created us but why they came to destroy us might lead you to the answer…The alien ship’s log said that they were suppose to leave to earth about 2000 years before right?..Well what god awful idea did humanity come up with around 2000 years before this event that has hindered the evolution of technology to better our civilization?? if you guessed religion, than you’re correct! Jesus was a bad idea and the engineers knew that so go off that!!

      • Haha. Nice, but seriously, is Judaism or paganism any better?

        • I wouldn’t say that one is better than another because they are all FICTION…like this movie.

      • So according to your euro-centric, politically correct education, religion was derived only 2000 years ago. HA! Dude, you need to get out of Europe more often! Not everything evolves around your euro-cultural based, narcissistic tiny universe in your mommy’s basement.

        I’ve lived in Iran, China, India, the U.S. and Latin America, and blaming the world’s problems on ONE fellow named Jesus is so telling of your lack of knowledge and your naivety towards reality.

        Read some real history books and see the real world instead of that anti-Christian, self-hatred dogma that European schools are so engrossed with over these past 15 years. It’s mostly guilt ridden mis-truths. Discover that all the mass genocides and killings throughout history were caused by those whose thinking is void of absolute restraints (religion), not due to them.

        Pol Pot (no practicing religion) 1,700,000 people slaughtered. Hideki Tojo (no practicing religion) annihilated over 5 million war civilians. Jozef Stalin (atheist) massacred over 5 million of his own people. Adolf Hitler (occult follower) 12 million erased off the earth. Mao Ze-Dong (atheist) exterminated over 45 to 78 million Chinese in just four short years. These are all wonderful examples of those who follow Jesus and his absolute tenets of love and self sacrifice – eh?

        Oh, and all the atrocities that the Catholic church has done throughout history is because they did NOT follow the teachings of the Jesus, but only used Him as a guise to expand their own humanistic power. Saying and pretending you are something (a Christian) does not preclude that you are.

        Don’t get me started on the playful love and self sacrificial actions of the ancient Persians, Romans, Vikings, Mongols and all the other “Jesus followers”.

        …and do some real research on what started WWI and WWII. Human pride, human greed and human fears – all the opposite of what that evil trouble maker “Jesus” taught. None of these war instigators ever followed His teachings, but instead did the opposite.

        Zero-in on individuals and their practices of life and world views. Jack-the-Riper was NOT a practicing, faithful follower of any religion. All indications was he was devoid of absolutes and instead followed relativistic restraints (his own), which is a red, glowing warning light of Post Modernism views (atheistic or agnostic humanists = no self restraints = possible unbridled sociopathic actions). Ask Mao!

        • I’m glad to see it takes you 3 hours to write what you really feel in such detail, but I’ve lived in the states and always have unless i was overseas protecting my brothers in arms cock sucker. You think you have it all figured out throwing the(euro-centric) around at everyone huh? Well thankfully i was never around for useless church prayer. I think i meant to say that religion was (booming) 2000 years before and so to keep us from becoming retarded and misguided away from evolving with intelligence, They had to destroy their creation..and since you’re so caught up on history SureShit, tell me why the engineers were coming to earth with genocidal weapons!

          • Responding rapidly to your posts Ruperr is not at the top of my priority list, as I do have a LIFE away from the computer and do not wait on pins and needles awaiting your brilliant wisdom.

            As for your adolescent, tired and frankly boring name-calling that you have subscribed to; it does not surprise me in the least. Such action is the last refuge of a person that has no fact-based argument – they regress to childlike behavior every time.

            To answer your question; my opinion to why/what the “Engineers” were/are planning to do? To surprise you Ruperr, I do have to honestly admit that your thinking was the best I’ve read or heard of. No kidding. If we throw out personal religious and philosophical views (of our own), and focus on Scott’s story-line, I do think your idea fits better than anyone’s. That’s my opinion on that.

            Now, if I may add my own theory as a 2nd place idea from your’s, (and keep it non-personal), could it be that we are only seeing 1/3 of the type of Engineers in this film? Maybe, just maybe, we have only seen one race so far in this story, and the other 2 races have not been shown yet. Maybe those WMDs are part of a species/racial war among these beings and populating planets/systems is their way to conquer and multiply.

            Not to get personal, but seriously, was there was a strong (sick) reason why Scott used such a Greek god looking, pure white Engineer? Come on man! It’s so obvious here! Are we being set-up here with race-bating for part 2? If this is the case, then Scott is portraying these “white” engineers as the bad guys and the other races might be the good guys.

            If this is true, it is REALLY BAD! All this will do is cause many viewers to be even more divided further and generate resentment and animosity towards each other racially! Kinda like a stealthier version of Charles Manson this Scott is, with is desires and self-hatreds towards whites and men (if this is the case and I hope not).

            One last note: I found it very disturbing to witness this ‘superior’ Engineer behave so violently and barbaric-like from the get-go. It is as if, Scott made a skin-head type hooligan out of him. This is not a good sign, nor is it good story. I do not wish to see any race be the bad guy (or the good guy). We all bad and good and we all are a family of humans -flaws and all.

          • An updated addendum to my last post. I work in and around Hollywood, and I just got off the phone with a close friend who knows Ridley Scott somewhat. She’s in her sixties and is very astute as to the views of many in Hollywood. Her take on the sequels is this:

            “The Engineers we saw in the first film may be that of the only the white race here on earth. They are evil, destructive and controlling. The other races on earth might be the pure, kind indigenous peoples that are friendly to earth and its environment. This may be Scott’s vision and belief to his own world outlook and of course not one based on reality.

            It would not surprise me, knowing him, that this is the major plot of Prometheus coming from Scott. The ‘aliens’ are nothing more than weapons to sanitize error-ed projects and to purify, such as the earth today. They seem to have gotten out-of-hand as weapon and have even damaged those who created them. This is only an opinion as to what the overall plot may be.”

            Dear God, I hope she is wrong.

            My apologies for any typos in my posts. I am at an airport on an iPad.

        • “None of these war instigators ever followed His teachings, but instead did the opposite.”- Because they knew jesus was a queer!

          • (to Rupurr) Dude, how old are you? Really? Am I conversing with a 12 year old kid here?

            I just saw that (queer Jesus) post and it really says a lot about you. I will not be responding to you any further. If I was to call you any name, it would be a naive simpleton who has be brainwashed beyond reproach, but I will not call you that. You transmit it so admirably.

            But, I will ask you this. Do you have the balls enough to call another major religious figure such horrible things? I DARE YOU to post that same line to Muhammad!

            You’re nothing but a hypocritical, atheistic coward! You spout disdain towards all religion and act as though you are so holier-than-thou when it comes to your views and humanistic self-righteousness, yet you are so selective on your attacks aren’t you? Won’t go after the BIG “I” will you? So much for your principles and your standards! HA! You stand on sand and shall fall to the slightest breeze!

            I value religion. Any valid religion that has absolutes to glue and offer foundations for a society. Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and others – all offer grounding to humanity.

            Yet, your kind mocks Islam and all the other religions.

            Mommy broke her water and dropped her fetus – and they you were – the ultimate gift to the world. Mr. Know-it-all (modest and all)! To hell with history and with millions of years of billions of human thoughts and interactions, because you say they are ALL WRONG and YOU ARE RIGHT! You are the wisest of the wise and you have lived it all.

            I stand with history and with the billions of people whose shoulders we all ride upon. They are giants compared to us. I am not so arrogant as to even THINK I have outsmarted our ancestors and those who have died before us all the billions of them.

            You, on the other hand have just been here a few decades and you think you are smarter than they are!?

            Do you know that when you disrespect the person you call “Jesus”, that you are not only disrespecting Christianity, but Islam as well? Yes, like all prophets in Islam, Jesus is considered to have been a Muslim. So be very careful. Maybe you need to know more about some things before you open you mouth!

            We all know how scared you Europeans are of your mid-eastern brothers and sisters. You pretend it’s your fair and kind heart towards them, but it’s really fear that propels you into odd actions. We see you just handing over all your culture, heritage, sons, daughters and even countries to non-Europeans. You’re phasing yourselves out of the gene pool Hans. A self-genocide. So be it. I guess you were never the ‘fittest’ according to your god Darwin. FAIL

            No Star Trek future for you Europe! You will not be a factor any longer – you’re a non-issue. Only a distant memory of a self imposed, mutant race gone suicidal – abortion on a grand racial scale.

            How sad is that, because I love Italian food with German beer! HA, it’s the Third Reich in reverse!

            • SureArrow – The fear of Islam stems from the extremist who will do ANYTHING if they believe it is what god wants them to do so should we not fear someone willing to dedicate their entire life to killing as many as possible? At least most Christian/Westerners are too sensible for this kind of action, although I assume most Muslims probably are as well. It is also easier to insult “your own” (in this case Jesus) as it’s something we “know” or that is “ours” if not shared, where as Muhammad is not.

              And to call all of the thoughts of our Ancestor’s foolish is a huge mistake. While I believe many of them they got this big, hard-to-answer questions wrong (god, creation, earth being flat, etc.), the world’s religious thinkers have some great wisdom (ie. plank eye, serenity prayer).

              Unfortunately debate is war and those who wish to convert are holier-than-thou and disrespectful of the thoughts of others.

              I belief in cultural relativism as a scientific truth but I think that some absolutism is necessary for order and humanity is constantly trying to define what is right (or at least best).

              Well this thread is officially hijacked (like a 747). And I would like to quote from above: “Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.” I think it’s time to freeze this thread.

              • It appears that the “godless” can start wars more readily than the God fearing (case in point is in this thread’s emotional words, and from all sides). If we were nations here, we’d be arming up. War does not require a god for an excuse to procreate itself.

                And you, making excuses in the defense of calling another’s God “queer” is unforgivable in light as this would never have been done to another religion (total hypocrisy). Saying it is ‘our’ religion and we have the full right to totally disrespect it through words and deeds is the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard. There is NO excuse to insult another’s life and beliefs to that degree without response from us who care.

                …and how can this be ‘your religion’ if you do not practice it and you even distance yourselves from it?

                Nay, I say to you that you and the likes of you use Christianity as a whipping boy – a scapegoat to release your fears, angers and insecurities of a more muscled religion you would never utter a word against. One that you, nor others dare not evoke. So your motto is: “I will not fight the strong man in which I hate but instead, beat my little sister to show everyone that I am great!”

                So Jesus gets the cross over and over cause he’s the easy, ‘safe’ target, and he’s also shielding you for being labeled racist when you attack only him. What sick, twisted creatures some humans have devolved into with these actions? And this is suppose to be better than worshiping a perfect God? This is suppose to better our world now?

                As for shutting this thread down. Do it. Free thought, defense of ideas and beliefs must have no place here at ScreenRANT? The film Prometheus is far to much of a simple lore to be brought into the real world in which it conjures up. Is that what you’re saying Logan? You just can’t deal with reality, and the film Prometheus makes everyone asks hard questions and yes, even provoke debates. It’s called RANT when one gets going on it!

                If you don’t want debate or have serious discussions spurred from certain films, then stick to movies like Bambi or Ice Age!

                ERROR on your part! Logan wrote: “And to call all of the thoughts of our Ancestor’s foolish is a huge mistake.” Logan, I sure hope you’re not implying that I said these foolish words. I was DEFENDING our ancestors! Please do not tie straw-dog quotes to me – that’s bad style dude!

                Time to eject the core!

                • I’m not defending Rupert’s character (or lack of) but rather pointing out your fallacies, SureArrow. Mind you I’m not the one insulting Jesus here… are you daring me to insult your prophet? Are all Muslim’s as quick to arms and so vulnerable to personal attack as you? And if someone throws a stone at you on this forum, will you throw a real one back?

                  And it is time to shut this down because I have read every post here and they are getting repetitive and now this topic is thoroughly outside the realm of the movie. This is not here to attack each other’s religion with.

                  No error here! I am saying that I think it’s foolish to think our ancestor’s were void of wisdom, but they are not to be put on pedestals higher than ourselves. I disagree with your humility in that sense. We are just as capable as they are at knowing truth (if not more capable due to technology and written history)

                  • You cannot ask for a cessation of personal attacks and then accuse someone of being a muslim about to throw rocks at you! Possession of technology doesn’t make us any more intelligent /astute/wise then folks in the past, it just gives us the hubris filled ground in which to plant our foolishness.

                  • You cannot ask for a cessation of personal attacks and then accuse someone of being a muslim about to throw rocks at you! Possession of technology doesn’t make us any more intelligent /astute/wise then folks in the past, it just gives us the hubris filled ground in which to plant our foolishness.

        • Just played field hockey with a friend of a friend of someone who works very high up in the US government. She said that the government has ordered Scott to include 2 races of benevolent, superior, black and brown engineers in the sequel. Sorry for the typos as Im sending this morse code from my keychain flashlight to a satellite from the back of a camel in Zimbabwe.

          • LOVE IT! Best post I’ve read in days Logan! I like your style.

            But I swear, the Hollywood friend I have used to own a large company in southern California and they were the largest firm that processed the older film stock back in the day. Now it’s all digital and she no longer works in that industry, but she had made lot’s of friends and still gets invited to many Hollywood parties. I know her and have become friends with her through my own work. (I sell camels in a Zimbabwean flea market).

            Gotta go. Key-chain battery running out and losing satellite.

            • Never know who you’re gonna meet our here. Hope you get batteries.

          • They don’t play field hockey in Zimbabwe…

            • Wrong Mattu! All though it is referred to as just hockey there. Jeez… know your stuff man!

              • ok….so back to Prometheus!

          • Now that’s funny, Logan. So right on as commentary for this thread.

            Just saw prometheus for the first time on BlueRay. Awesome visual stuff, my comments on the story echo those here in both laud and criticism- but a great sequel could right all wrongs. This could be a total masterpiece storyline if well done, and if done about religion .

        • @SureArrow – Dude, you have some valid comments and opinions but for the love of non-specific anthropodeified figure, remove the stick.

          • “…but for the love of non-specific anthropodeified figure…” -Lev

            This is good Lev. Throwing this on my Facebook so others may enjoy the LEV-ity.

            (Jez…I have to write an eff-ing dissertation in this forum to finally get an intelligent response -albeit short.)


      • The Engineers were likely in contact with other Engineers and knew or suspected what happened on that moon. Who is to say that the pay load of black goo was for earth? It could have been for another place en route to Earth. Because that moon was a black goo production center and one ship was destined for earth, doesn’t necessarily connect the two.

        Maybe a different group of Engineers made it to Earth 2000 years ago when the first planned trip didn’t and we don’t know what happened when they arrived. They could just have easily made Jesus as have destroyed mankind. I have no leaning either way. Both make for an interesting idea.

  4. I felt this movie is near a masterpiece. Granted, it had its flaws, and it didn’t feel the xenomorph fit in, but it broke new ground and opened our eyes to new worlds and possibilities. Although some have been critical of the film for leaving some questions unanswered, I think it was a good call to keep us guessing and learning alongside those exploring. Well done and I hope to see more!

  5. Funny how white-euro-centric Scott is for a liberal. Why have the main character wear a cross? Why not a Buddha, Star & Crescent Moon, Star of David or a Hindu god? Are there not other major religions 70 years in the future? Don’t they count? The earth will be 50% Islamic by that time. Is he just a scared lib to not mention them? What a joke this movie is for “our” future!

    Also, there was only one main black character on this ship and one Asian. That’s insulting. In 70 years, there will be far, FAR fewer whites than other races, so why ignore the other races of earth so blatantly? In 70 years, there will be more eastern Indians than any other human on earth – even the Chinese. WHERE ARE THEY IN THIS FILM? Aren’t they good enough for space travel? So unbelievable yet typical of white Hollywood!

    The future and the past? HA! Even the the ‘Engineers’ are white! American liberals are the worst racists because they say they are for equality – yeah right!

    • I agree, SureArrow, that if I had done it then I would have had a more diverse cast to be more accurate but why so much butthurt? Watch Bladerunner if you wanna see more Asians in a Scott flick.

      Why does it matter what religion? We only know of 1 crew member who is even religious and we don’t even know if the series will promote religion at all. I personally do not agree with Christianity but I think it makes for an interesting element in the story.

      It’s also a feminist flick and no credit for that?

      Quit hating and go make an Pakistani Sci Fi if it makes you happy but note their lack of any space programs so the likelihood of at least 1/2 the cast being white/European and are pretty fair.

    • I find it hare to believe that three women were allowed onto the flight – yours sincerely, stereotypical White European dude

    • Why do you think the Engineer represents white people. That Engineer doesn’t look like me or any white people I know, skin color or skeleton structure. Do you know any white people that are as white as the Engineer? It seems pretty obvious that they have no color because they are space travelers and their skin almost never see’s the light of day. Any race that we know of on our planet would have to be albino to resemble the Engineer.

  6. cant end a movie like that without a sequel, as long as we get to see where dr shaw wants to go i think the sequel will be great and cant wait to see it. so please hurry with it :)

  7. …ah Prometheus! How you pose so many questions in our real world. Who are we, who is our creator(s), how will it change us when we see the answers? When laid before our feet, these questions begin to draw lines in the sand, and many do not have the fortitude to hold their standing.

    Logan, you sound like an intelligent person, but your fallacy is that you jump to conclusions. As for me, I never stated my faith in one particular deity. Assumptions on your part, maybe out of fear, brought you to this point. I am just another human being like you. I do have a faith, but that is my personal, private life. I could worship a queer tree for all you know, but what business of it is yours?

    It’s called respect, and believe it or not, I respect those who purport not to have recognition in a god or gods. I would never call their belief queer. As far as Jesus goes, I am sure he can take any and all insults easily, but why must he, and why do children or grandmothers have to read such disrespect on this forum if they have faith in Him as their God?

    Yes, Jesus was displayed prominently in Prometheus. His symbol was used to include Him and to call in question his existence in that film. Why only him, was my initial question and why so much of an imbalance in human representation in that film?

    The “I DARE YOU” comment that I made was used to put a spot light on how cavalier others are to attack the weak, yet think twice when attacking those who will not stand for it.

    No, I will not pick up the phone and report to a contingent of “rock throwers” even if the dare was met. That’s was never my aim – it was only to allow another to stand his ground, and it looks as though he fled from it. Sorry for that, for I would have been most impressed if he did met my challenge. The main character of Prometheus stands her ground. In fact, she highlights her line in the sand even deeper by demanding her cross back and pushing forward her journey. She has balls to discover the truth. Maybe that’s something our lives can learn from here, in the real world. And to respect other’s faith in whatever they believe. Insults on other’s faith, on this board, should have never been allowed to stay up. Faith insults, such as these, are as personal as it gets!

    Your failure to remove such insulting posts exemplifies your own error in allowing it to stay prominent for the world to see. You broke the T.O.S. agreement yourself (if you are an admin) and greased the tracks for further discussions on it here. Then you turn around SHOCKED and blame others (Rupurr and myself) for your lack of competence! Come on dude, your smarter than that – aren’t you?

    Pull the plug to hide your mistake. “Engineer” it!

    • Guys, guys. Stop arguing. When all you and your religions and races will be extinct all that will have been left behind is us robots. :)

      • F.Y.I.: All the posts I’ve written here were never done in anger or hate. I write this now, because typed words can hide or incorrectly display emotions that were never present when originally typed.

        I actually typed them in good cheer and have no animosity towards anyone here, not even Rupurr. So before I get booted out, just know it has been fun and I actually think you guys are smart and well healed.

        Please do not associate negative emotions to my posts, but add the spirit of enthusiastic, positive debate to them if they are re-read before deleted.

        Where I’m from, this type of banter is encouraged. To rant is also encouraged, however unpleasant it may be at times.


        • SureArrow you are very annoying. That being said, I like you. Love and hate are the same thing anyways.

        • For such a non judgmental guy, you sure stereotype and judge Europeans left and right. I could care less about where your from but please stfu about it. This is a movie chat you nut job. Get over yourself.

  8. soooooo cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if we just breed with t
    he engineers we wouldn’t be wiped out? huuh??????????

  9. Am I the only one who’s concerned about the Engineers not having any hair?… and how come there were not any ginger Engineers?

  10. @sure arrow. For such a non judgmental guy, you sure stereotype and judge Europeans left and right. I could care less about where your from but please stfu about it. This is a movie chat you nut job. Get over yourself.

  11. Maybe the sacrifice engineer is the god we now worship??

    • The sacrificial engineer was wearing a diaper, please don’t worship something that wears a diaper…. and why do we call them engineers I have yet to see one train in the whole film…maybe there are trains on the engineer home-world. Maybe that’s why they call it Paradise?….Maybe we’ll meet Thomas the train there?… Can’t wait!…. but wait I can wait… a very very long time…cause the next film isn’t going to be filled with engineers and answers… The home-world will be devastated with an outbreak of engineer aids or something… just as the military installation was on LV223, except on the home-world there will be an infestation of humans…. the humans created the Engineers… the engineers are trying to wipeout the humans and start over using there own seeds…

    • The sacrificial engineer in the beginning — until I knew better from the bluray extras, the question I had was did this engineer make a willing self-sacrifice or was this the death penalty equivalent for the engineer culture? I am annoyed the question was answered.

  12. I am both impressed and frustrated by Prometheus, for all the same reasons everyone else is. So many scenes and behaviors didn’t make sense to me, and yet the complexity and surprises surrounding the origins of the alien creature are fun to explore, and the cinematography was beautiful.

    I am not quite as concerned about a Prometheus sequel trying to tie knots with Alien. For one thing it doesn’t really need to be done. We already know what the “derelict” is on LV-426, and what the “space jockey” is. We can surmise that the “distress” beacon was sent out when the alien took over the ship and killed its driver, and was meant to tell the other engineers of a contagion (“keep away”). We already know that Weyland-Yutani company has an exploitation interest in the alien life form, and uses androids to conduct secret agent work. There is nothing really important to answer here.

    The holes that now need to be filled in are the ones that Prometheus dug for itself. People are struggling to understand Engineer motivation and culture, and a more complete inspection of the alien / goo morphology. We have clues on how it works and how it was intended to work, but it seems to have multiple purposes (sort of like how nuclear energy can be used for both a power plant and a bomb) and is very dangerous to handle.

    These are the biggest questions I need answered. As for the odd behaviors among the crew of Prometheus, I’ll have to begrudgingly overlook them. (Like why they under-reacted to Elizabeth Shaw when she burst in on them helping Weyland through his post-hibernation, as she was obviously hurt and in distress. They didn’t ask what she was running from, what happened to her, why she has blood on her… David asked nothing about the thing in her womb, and didn’t seem concerned whether it was still there or not, or whether an alien creature was no loose on the ship. It was just so weird.)

  13. Exiting to attend the Prometheus film! It was filled with great sceneries but also filled
    with Anglo-Saxon fantasies of our human ancestry while negating everyone else who
    isn’t a “Greek” God like specimen.

    Over all the film relies too much on current technology; flat screens, touch screens which dates the film too fast.
    It will look outdated in 10 years time like Flash Gordon of the 1930s but not Metropolis of the 1920s.

    History proves itself and this film does not prove anything but that the profound genius of Ridley Scott retired a long time ago and all we’ve left is the formula ridden director who gave it all he had and now its time to take chances with film again and stop relying on digital to carry a bad script.

    • The film mentions several prehistoric cultures that span the globe and the engineers.. are much more white than anyone on Earth – so they aren’t of any of our races and I don’t think it favors any. Perhaps the engineers don’t spend much time outside so they have no need for pigment.

      The only thing that could have been more diverse race-wise was the leading cast. And I’ll agree with you there.

      And just like technology, we don’t know what they will use in the future… It was made for today’s audience. See all other alien flicks for more examples of dated technology (ie. ships being run by command prompt operating systems with monochromatic screens).

  14. I would like to see a sequel. Bring it on!!!!!!!

  15. I want the Trilogy.
    And I want Ridley to direct them all.

  16. i was so frustrated when i saw the alien (film-shape) appeared, it was like…w***, i thought this film was about was something else, the anunnakis for exmaple.

  17. although it missed the mark, it asked some intriguing questions and I for one would like to see a sequel.

  18. it

  19. I really wish they kept Charleze Theron alive for the next series of movies. She is 6ft tall, excellent shape, awesome actress, and could take on a Segorney Weaver type roll with no problem.

  20. We (wife and I) would love a sequel ASAP… I think it would be very exciting if they found the Engineers’ planet and found out why the Engineers wanted to eradicate the human race. You could take this into many different directions. We liked Prometheus, it was different and somewhat misterious until the end. Please hurry with the second one. We may even pay to see it instead of getting it on Boxee…

  21. I really enjoyed the film. I’m not obsessed with answers. For me it’s more about the journey and the filmmaking, and I felt the movie was exquisitely put together. I would like the sequel to tie it in to “Alien” more, because right now it just feels like the monsters were tossed in just to get people to buy tickets, but in trusting there’s an end game that will satisfy. If not, oh well, it was still fun to watch.

  22. I think these comments (as comments do) strayed a bit – Scott already was quoted ‘in full’ as saying he rejected the whole ‘jesus’ link to the story but it didn’t stop people running with edited versions – lets see where they take it before getting on jihad/crusade/aethiest war
    In regards to the whole race argument of the engineers, i saw them as a base model for humanity – but distinctly different. Caucasians are not as marble white as the engineers (and sometimes they almost looked translucent) and I saw it as a whole lack of racial skin type at all! In other words, they are beyond race, and look pretty much identical, which brings up other questions (are they manufactured??)
    The original alien was essentially a horror movie in space – but due to the way it was handled, evolved into something way more interesting. Lets see where it goes from here

    • Grumpy old Gamer,

      I agree about the possibility of the Engineers themselves being engineered. Perhaps they are bread for space travel. Ridley did call them, “Dark Angles”. That being they are in some way messengers for something? I think they are much like worker bees in a sense, they all work on completing their purpose. Even the structure on the planet LV223 appeared to be like a Hive or something?
      Maybe they have a queen or something or a central leader, who knows?

      I love these message boards; we get to share some cool ideas. I think it’s fun to think that there is the possibility that they (the Engineers) are in charge of carrying out order throughout the universe. They bring life to a planet and at some point they visit the planet and check in on the progress of the planet? From the film and from Holloway and Shaw’s findings it showed the Engineers standing around other small people. Perhaps they set up rules and guidelines for people to follow?… who knows. I think the next film will start off with a planet heavily populated with people. A spacecraft will approach and everyone is celebrating and is very happy jumping and shouting. “Hey, our gods have returned just as they promised they would!” and all of a sudden the ship begins to eject canisters of the black goo and people begin to mutate and kill off one another rapidly. Perhaps this is the story’s Universal life cycle from creation to destruction and how is all sort-of pans out. However, there is an element also of creation/order but chaos too. Like something went wrong on LV223 and the Engineers didn’t make it back to earth to deliver the cargo… Humanity went on??? To me there is still that element that we are both a Universal accident yet we are still fashioned and created in some way or shape? Balanced yet unbalanced. The movie opens up the notion that humans are not the highest form of life in the Universal chain. Did you notice how the Engineer in the film dealt with the humans at the end? It was as if he were swatting at flies or an annoying animal.

      I think the Engineers are like worker bees, just completing their tasks or orders, maybe they were slaves and they revolted from some higher Universal Authority?.

      Also, why do we assume the Engineer was a male?… what if they are unisex? Does the Female Queen Xinomorph need a male to reproduce?… though that really is irrelevant to this story or idea?…

  23. Hurry-up with the sequel already.

  24. I would like to see where the engineers came from and what they believe in!!! More on the xenomorphs is simply a bonus I loved promethious and am sure the sequel will be just as cool…

  25. All you have to do now, is figure out who prevented Her boys, in their rage,from turning Earth (pseudo planet) back over to T REX….!!
    She has left Her boys to do what they want for too long…she sees her mistake, and realises the importance of “presence”…its painful viewing the earth…the kids are beyond misbehaving….its aa big mess……
    Mother, being the Professional House cleaner that she is, and in light of the fac that there are those who are doing their homework, as p o’d as she is, she still doesnt believe in throwing out the baby with the bath water ….as the hym goes “Earth hath no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal”
    men call themselves Gods…….She referrs to what She is…..THE CREATOR….
    “For i am the soul of Nature , that gives Life to the Universe”…….
    ever see those futuristic movies…..no green,no animals..just machines and men fighting and tearing up the house…….shes gonna pick up herself and her kids and get out of dodge……i hope noone is waiting for Jesus…..there will be no more virgin births on this planet,no more “forgive them for they know not what they do”…….they knew what they were doing then and they are doing what they want now……Jesus is NOT coming…….surely, you have had a change in plans in your small lifetime !!
    anyway, make a movie that the world can relate to, something with reality………T REX isnt coming, but something else is……it has to…..the suffering ….this isnt the way it was suposed to be….it wasnt this way in the beginning…the sun is round , the moon is round, the earth is round and we all know that what goes around , comes back around……..its almost soup………….

  26. The leak script also said that when the engineer died in the beginning that the black stuff that look like ashes during the deterioration process where actuallly bugs and one of them bit a prehistorcic woman and that began evolution of the human race

  27. I’m excited about the sequel but I have this feeling that the crashed spaceship, juggernaut, that is found by the Nostromo crew on LV-246 in Alien will end up being Elizabeth Shaw’s crashed ship from her return from “paradise”. But maybe someone will read this and then change it… please.

  28. So great poimt in the middle but if the engineers had a log up that dated 2000 years back to go to earth it wouldnt be about religion cause promethiese is based on the future with two main ideas to tell us how far, deep space travel and cryogenic sleep which means if this movie was hating on religon then by now we should be in deep space which where not and not even close and we will only try if we have to like expanding resorces so only thing i can see why they wanted us to be dead is from our own tec and our over population and the need to expand. Not the ideas or mankinds faiths

    • Is it possible that as our technology advances, so did theirs and they were able to watch and monitor us without having to come into the Galaxy and they see the DUMB s*** we kill eachother over So they want no part of us. They see that we will eventually destroy ourselves and our own planet so there is no need for them to come all the way over here and destroy us themselves.

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