‘Prometheus’ Sequel – What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

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prometheus sequel ridley scott Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

Reactions to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus have been all over the map. Many people are embracing the movie for its ambition, while others have expressed frustration over how (infuriatingly) close the spinoff came to being a proper Alien prequel. A noteworthy number of people are having far more extreme reactions, judging by the number of claims online about Prometheus screening walk-outs.

As was discussed during the SR Underground ‘Prometheus’ Podcast: the important thing is that virtually everyone who has seen Prometheus has been very passionate in their response (be it enthusiastic or enraged). If you subscribe to the school of thought that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, then it’s near impossible to argue that the moviegoing masses won’t (at the least) consider a sequel to Prometheus as something they want to see. Going by the early global box office returns, 20th Century Fox is likely to heed those wishes.

So where do you go with a sequel to a film that’s literally about… well, everything? As anyone can tell you (including, Scott and co-screenwriter Damon Lindelof), Prometheus raises more questions than it answers – be it about the mythology of the greater Alien universe or the cyclical nature of creation, destruction, and evolution, as explored in the movie. Obviously, in order to touch on what details the filmmakers have announced so far, we have to venture into spoiler territory.







In a recent THR interview, Scott had the following to say about Prometheus:

“From the very beginning, I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I really don’t want to meet God in the first one. I want to leave it open to [Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace)] saying, ‘I don’t want to go back to where I came from. I want to go where they came from… Because [the Engineers] are such aggressive f**kers, I always had it in there that the God-like creature that you will see actually is not so nice, and is certainly not God. I’d love to explore where [Dr. Shaw] goes next and what does she do when she gets there, because if it is paradise, paradise can not be what you think it is. Paradise has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous.”

Check out one of said Engineers (via Rope of Silicon) below:

prometheus sacrificial engineer 570x290 Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

The 'Sacrificial Engineer' in 'Prometheus'

Ultimately, the connection between Alien and Prometheus was as tenuous as the cast and crew of the latter had insisted throughout the build-up to its theatrical release. Hence, it’s no surprise to hear that Scott intends to carry on the central narrative thread left dangling by the ending of Prometheus with a sequel – rather than concern himself primarily with filling in lingering holes in the tapestry that links Prometheus to Alien. Is it possible the followup could accomplish both tasks, in spite of that?

In order to break down that question, let’s first examine two big plot elements that should be covered in a Prometheus sequel:


The History and Culture of the Engineers

By the conclusion of Prometheus, very little information has been provided about Engineer culture. As Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) voices aloud before setting off to the Engineer planet with David (Michael Fassbender) – or, rather, David’s severed head – there is much to be explained in terms of where the creatures came from, and what inspired them to create humanity in the first place (before attempting to eradicate it).

Furthermore, there is a whole lot of ambiguity surrounding such issues pertaining to how many planets the Engineers have populated with life via rituals similar to that portrayed during the opening minutes of Prometheus; whether Xenomorphs are regarded as higher-evolved beings and (essentially) worshipped as deities by the Engineers, as one could interpret from the presence of a Xeno-like carving in the Ampule Room on LV-223; and if the Engineer’s decision to manufacture black goo material that transforms other sorts of organic life, is the true allegory for the mythological tragedy of the demigod Prometheus overstepping his boundaries.

prometheus xenomorph carving Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

The Xenomorph carving in 'Prometheus'


The Relationship Between Elizabeth Shaw and David

When we say “relationship” between those two characters – who were also the most fully-realized and engaging players in Prometheus - we’re speaking both literally and on the figurative level. By the conclusion of that film, David’s “creator” Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) has perished, and is thus no longer around to command the android. Does that mean Shaw will now become David’s “god,” or are the two on more equal footing – a pair of explorers out to uncover certain truths about the universe, rather than a master and their servant?

During an interview with Time Entertainment, Lindelof addressed that very topic:

“I think they’re going where [Shaw] wants to go. [David's] fundamental programming has been scrapped. Weyland [the man who built and programmed him] is dead and so now his programming is coming from God knows where. Is he being programmed by Elizabeth, or is it his own internal curiosity now that Weyland isn’t telling him what to do any more? He’s always been interested in Elizabeth, remember that: He’s watching her dreams when she’s sleeping in much the same way that he watches ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. He’s a strange robot that has a curious crush on a human being, and when Weyland is eliminated, I think he is genuinely interested in what she’s interested in. He reaches out partly for survival, but partly out of curiosity, and I think he’s sincere that he’ll take her wherever she wants to go.”

Prometheus disposed of the less interesting characters – along with those whose primary purpose was to explain how Elizabeth and David came to be on their personal space odyssey, and an explanation for their mindsets at the outset of that journey. It will also be interesting to see how the dynamic between that duo (an actual human being and anthropomorphized machine) unfolds in the sequel, and how the relationship ultimately reflects upon and parallels that of Elizabeth and her “creators.”

prometheus david elizabeth 570x351 Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

David eyes a slumbering Elizabeth in 'Prometheus'

In summation: a Prometheus sequel could certainly branch out beyond the realm of being an Alien spinoff, so as to move closer to establishing a science-fiction mythos that stands on its own. However, over the course of doing so, the film has the potential to also provide more backstory on the Xenomorph, along with the history behind how one Engineer crashed on LV-426 – and, inadvertently, unleashed a dangerous new species similar to the monster(s) birthed on LV-223. Ironically, that means a sequel has the capability to provide Alien fans with something closer to the answers they were seeking from Prometheus, while also fully succeeding where its predecessor fell short: being a satisfying, standalone work.

Bear in mind, Scott is about to commence with shooting on The Counselor, so don’t expect to hear news about a Prometheus sequel being put on the fast-track for production in the immediate future. However, so long as the final box office total is satisfactory for Fox (re: results in a profit), everything else is in place for the project to happen.

What are you hoping to get out of a Prometheus sequel? Do you even have an interest in seeing one? Sound off in the comments section.

Meanwhile, Prometheus is currently playing in theaters around the world.


Source: THR [via Worst Previews], Time Entertainment, Rope of Silicon

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  1. I’m still trying to fathom how when she was impregnated from havingsex with a her boyfriend who only had a drop of this stuff in his system, if that. How and why did that face hugger grow so large, was it suppose to grow that large inside of her (Of course not), but at what point and size was it suppose to exit her body?
    Someone asked this question in either this blog or another blog.
    1. But how did they know what the xenomorph was suppose to look like if a) no one was infected and had sex to make a facehugger?
    b)all the black goo did was make you deformed, super strong, and deranged or mutates you into an aggressive psychotic.
    c) why didnt we see what all the engineers were running from, why did the facehugger wrestling with the engineer, who by the way looked as if he was about to win that battle, have teeth?
    If there were more ships, there would be more engineers in hypersleep, why didnt they wake up, when are they going to wake up and how long were they sleep.
    why or what kept the engineers from returning to earth after the death of Jesus if that is where they are going to go with this story
    and last if they are going to tell us that jesus is an alien sent by the engineers, then why wait so long to come to earth to destroy all of humanity? what if they came to earth and found out that all mankind are not the savages that killed their immesary, do they go through with their original plan? The engineer’s body appeared to be armor or bulletproof, which explains the exoskeleton of the traditional xenomorph, so why was this one blue and if it had the energy to backwards head but its way out of the engineer, what took it so long to stand up and show off its second mouth which I though was a lame depiction of the xeno. AND LAST, with the facehugger being so freakin huge, one would think that it could impregnate quite a few engineers before dying off. The average facehugger can only impregnate one host, as large as that facehugger was, you would think that it could impregnate a100 hosts.
    Sorry so long, just had to ask these questions. hopefully, those who say that this movie was so good can answer or justify why they think there should be a sequel

    • Beserker,

      I agree about the questions of the one little drop of the black goo into Holloway’s drink and that created some giant monster that developed better that the movie’s plot…But the foretelling of David 8′s catchy slogan, big things come from small beginnings, had to produce something…though Ridley Scott gives some light into his ideas and where he’s going with that during the directors commentary on Prometheus, he mentions that hollow didn’t change into the monster that Fifield became… Holloway was changing into something different…maybe he would have turned into something else, though we’ll never really know. But I really like your take on things… and I thought I had it all figured out.

    • Dude… just whoa, chill.

      0.0 First, all life starts as a one celled organism on this planet so it’s not hard to imagine

      0.1 It was on the verge of exiting when she cut it out.. didn’t you see?

      1.a,b It’s presumable that the engineers know what the creatures they engineered looked like.

      1.c.0 A mystery saved for the sequel – good story telling

      1.c.1 Teeth are a biological weapon – ask the engineers.

      1.c.2 We presume they are sleepy or dead – maybe they will wake up.

      1.c.3,4a There was no mention of jesus.

      1.c.4b Lastly, a mystery

      1.c.5 The Prometheus engineers wore no armor – just a loin cloth.

      1.c.6 What?

      1.c.7 And lastly, (again) Caterpillars only turn into one butterfly/moth not multiple. And size need not have anything to do a with the next stage of life. Hopefully these get answered in the sequel.

      1.c.8 Obviously, there are a lot of people very interested in a sequel and it was planned as a 2 part series so… why not? There are too many questions (as you have brought up) not be a sequel.

  2. I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the movie. But I didn’t realize that Prometheus landed on a separate planet than the Nostromo. Did I miss something that others discovered? I have to say that the giant face hugger was a bit strange (I guess I had brought some ideas from Alien). I was a bit confused when I didn’t see a chestburster come out of the engineer at the controls. Once I learned that there were two different planets (after I had seen the movie), then everything fell into place.

    I do have to agree that the appearance of the xenomorph at the end of the movie was a bit disappointing. But, after some thought, perhaps,it could have been an early, “prehistoric” version of the one in the Alien movies.

    Otherwise, I thought it was a very good movie to include in my Alien collection. I would be very enthusiastic in seeing a sequel with Shaw and David characters returning. Perhaps, Shaw and David do meet their “creators” in a sequel. Perhaps both are taken onto an Engineer’s ship, commandeer it and forces the Engineer to crash on LV-426. Who knows? It would be interesting to find out!

    • Anyone who has nothing but a negative opinion on this movie, or can’t understand what was being accomplished, does not understand what a GOOD movie is. All of the elements were perfectly acceptable, and just because you have a hard time understanding the obvious doesn’t mean there was no plot, or that a great plot wasn’t developed.
      It was Ridley Scott’s universe that the Alien came from (special thanks to Giger). Let Scott determine the “why”.
      I’ve read a lot of these posts, misspelled, misguided, lacking a lot of knowledge that WAS provided by the movie that they bashed so effortlessly.
      Ex: “how come the alien didn’t burst out of his chest in the control station like in ‘Alien’ “- different planet.
      You must not like sub titles.
      On things that we weren’t supplied with answers for, all put in place, the way they were, to keep us craving.
      The black ooz could be a type of steroid enhanced cocktail designed to reorganize DNA. The first face hugger we see might just be what it is because it was literally a freak accident.
      I’d like answers too. But that doesn’t make me a hater.
      Bring on the sequels!!!

      • The problem is “No One” knows what they were trying to do. This movie was at first supposed to be about that huge figure in the chair is “Alien” That thing over the last 30 years was called a “Space Jockey” And somehow, the shape changed from a fossilized elephant trunk being, with very long arms to something resembling a 10 foot bluish human thing with no pigmentation, called an engineer. To say that these things visited Earth over a period of thousands of years and then all of a sudden stop. To bring in scientist who is religious (oxymoron) and christmas is to suggest a religious them to that expedition. This movie was a complete fail and that is my opionion. as far as the misspelling, i’m not concerned or trying to meet anyone’s expectations with my writing, you know what I’m trying to say (that’s direct to the englih and gramamr critics on these posts). This movie made no sense and answered absolutely no questions anyone had regarding the movie Alien. No one has a definite answer as to what the black goo is. Maybe, only David. You can read the posts and tell that more people hated this movie than enjoyed it. That is a fact. Now, I’m supposed to believe that behaviors of some of the characters will be answered in the deleted scenes. REALLY?!?!? And everything will be answered in the sequel. Paying to see this movie was a waste of my $5 dollars. (Matinee showings in VA Beach, AMC Theaters)

        • I agree about the grammar issue.

          You said you liked AVP better (another post) so that sums it up for me.

          • I don’t deny liking AVP over prometheus. But I never said I liked AVP-R, there is a huge difference.

          • @Logan – Like.

            • lol +1

      • I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions. i won’t resort to name calling or callign anyone a hater. I’m certain there are people who saw the same film but paid attention to different things in this film. I apologize if you felt that i was calling you a hater, wasnt my intent

  3. After first watching the movie I was terrified to think what if the God wasn’t kind at all…but then I thought again – why be so obsessed with our own importance in the bigger picture of things? What if humans are truly heading for major disaster not merely earth-limited one? Look at us meddling with genetics and thinking and mnaking plans of colonizing other planets (to sustain life). Yet we haven’t even “cleaned up” our own backyard/Earth… nor we have understood our own ego and how to tame our greed.
    I watched Prometheus again and I am amazed at the possibilities.. at questions it poses and I actually appreciate the fact (which many hate) that the movie doesn’t provide you with answers. I think it’s important that everyone finds their own.
    Needless to say that I am itching to see the Prometheus sequel!!

  4. I loved it. I really hope Scott does tie in all the rest of the alien storyline. In loads of the aliens films you see other versions of the alien creature depending on the host it chooses, the predalien for example. I think Ridley has purposely left it well open to tying up loose ends in movies to come. Could it be that the ‘Engineers’ are the early Preditors? They were humanoid afterall. That would be EPIC!

    • Dawn Sime,

      [palm face] Read earlier.

    • yup

  5. The problem with this movie: Is the so-called possibilities that the first movie was suppose to lead into. Nothing in this movie adds up, and all they can tell us is that it will be explained in the sequel, but we have to pay to watch it. Sounds like a presidential candidate who says that he has a plan to fix America, but he wont tell it to you until after you elect him.
    This movie was not suppose to leave us with more questions than “Who was in that chair, what were they doing with those eggs and who was their initial enemy”. They wentfrom Space Jockeys to Engineers and who visited Earth and then stop visiting and they created a species that they were going to use on an enemy to US becoming that enemy. Only to be killed by the species and humans and now they are Gods or the GOD?!?! Nope I would rather watch Critters 1-4 and AVP=r and starship trooper anthology than to listen to reasoning behind this disaster of a film. Better yet, can someone explain to me what “The Thing” really was?

    • Well I will say that if the sequel doesn’t sum things up – Then this WILL be a disaster. Maybe I have to much faith in that.

    • Mr. Beserker,

      I too share in your frustrations about the movie… I would blame it on Ridley Scott hiring Damon Lindelof the writer from Lost…the TV series…if you’ve ever watched the show, every episode your left with more questions than you had previously. Yes I too would rather watch Critters 1-4 as I have already, and I’m not ashamed to say, they were fun watch. OK, so the Thing, you ask…John Carpenter’s The Thing or the Thing from another World?… The original black and White film the creature was something of a plant like humanoid that could regrow itself and John Carpenter’s The Thing was a shape shifting Terror from another world…Basically an alien life-form that can mimic other organisms and take over from within… Carpenter’s idea, ” I think” was basically an unholy virus to wipe out mankind…. Not a lot of people know this but John Carpenter has a secret trilogy involving The Thing, another film he did called The Prince of Darkness…”starring Alice Cooper”, sort of… and his other film In the Mouth of Madness… Carpenter says that they are all sort of related in some way, but he doesn’t even really explain this fully…. You should watch the Prince of Darkness…. it’ll make you feel better. I’m still pretty shook up myself from Prometheus …

      ANd to think there is going to be a sequel to it….. You have the Head of Magneto, and Lisbeth Salander flying around in a Juggernaut…. Strange stuff.

    • “You have to pay to watch the sequel” isn’t really a valid point since we have to pay to watch many many films if we want to see them in the cinema that is. I thought you were serious when you said you’d prefer AVP and AVP2 to Prometheus. I realised you were joking when you called Starship Troopers, which is a good film with several straight to video shovelfulls of franchise grave dirt, an anthology. Very very funny. Especially since you must have paid to see those. LOL. :)

      • Lev- AVp was actually decent compared to prometheus. THe only thing AVP didnt do was show how they captured the Queen which would have made the movie alot better and maybe showed the Pred-Alien hybrid sooner and let the predator clan deal with it then. AVP-R was horrible, i will admit that, placing prometheus in that category of movies. As far as paying to see movies, I never paid to see any of the starship troopers or critter movies. You would be surprised to see what the showed on Cinemax.

        • To me Prometheus was flawed but good. You can totally cut out the part with the two idiots, one of whom is mapping the base, getting lost and impregnated by a xenoworm and the attack on Prometheus. They could have come up with a much more creative way to kill off most of the crew at one go. An engineer could have gone berserk in there perhaps. The final size of the protofacehugger isn’t a problem for me. The xenomorph busrsts out of a chest the size of a forearm but grows to 9 feet tall before eating anyone. Despite these things I like that they haven’t done just another ‘creature kills people one by one’ film, which would have been a cop out and I like that it’s big sci-fi. Haven’t seen one of those in a while. AVP on the other hand had characters and dialogue so off the rack and badly written that it could have been any creature-horror film from the 80ies or the 90ies. Alien and Predator both deserve better treatment than that but unfortunately the director was the Godfather of hack, Paul WS Anderson. AVP2 had totally stopped pretending that it was anything other than ‘Nightmare on Xenomorph Street – 6′.

        • The thing is Beserker, it all depends on your definition of what a “good movie” is. If you enjoy mindless fluff where everything is obvious and easy to understand and it all gets tied up in a neat knot at the end, then okay, AVP is more your thing, although to be honest I think something like the Fifth Element is a lot more fun in that end of the genre, to me AVP was absolute crap. I have to admit, I enjoy a lot of movies that fit that description, just not any of the Alien movies after #2.

          However, when it comes to science fiction, I much prefer movies that are loaded with questions and that make you really think. I like movies that you are still thinking about long after you see them and trying to figure out all the things that are hinted at but never explained. And I like movies that are surprising, where you can’t guess what’s going to happen 10 minutes before it happens. I think that is what a really “good” science fiction movie is. I think that is where movies like “Blade Runner”, and pretty much anything based on a Philip K. Dick book fall. I like the subtle hints and I like the fact that these lead people in forums like this one to discuss all of these wonderful different theories and ideas. I like it when the movie causes people to really think and to question. Think about the impact The Matrix had when it first came out.

          Now, the problem with movies in that second area is that they have to walk a very fine line. They need to get you asking questions, but at the same time make some kind of sense and be satisfying overall. Also, it is easy to get lost in too many layers of questions and for the movie to waffle its way into silliness. This is pretty much what happened to LOST after a few series.

          I think Prometheus was satisfying for a first movie of 2-3 movies but that the overall arc needs to answer at least some of those lingering questions and to clarify some of what we saw. I think leaving behind some lingering questions at the end of the series of movies is fine, but a fair few need to be wrapped up in a satisfying manner. So I think the real challenge lies in the next movie.

          Overall, I really enjoyed it. But I don’t think you can compare it to AVP as they are two totally different things. One is mindless fluff with lots of bangs, and one is a thoughtful piece designed to make us question everything. There are a few faults and flaws in it, but overall I thought it was a great movie. I can understand if you went in expecting more fluff and bangs that you might have been disappointed, but Ridley Scott always made it very clear that he was not going in that direction. He also made it clear that this was not a prequel to Alien, but existed in the same universe. Viewing it with that in mind I found it incredibly enjoyable.

    • The way i interpreted it the thing was actually and micro oranism that can attach itself to any host living or dead and copy their body structure. Even the alien we saw in the beginning was mearly just a host for “the thing”
      P.S. i joined this site just to tell you that, but also prometheus was a badass movie that you got way to caught up in tho appreciate.(I hope you’ve seen the alien saga because they really do tie togeather.)

    • Really?
      there are many great books with creation myths, as well as others that talk about history, and philosophy,- and then there are just good stories.
      The concepts touched upon in this film access many things humans have been contemplating for a really long time- and there are still no definitive answers- but we like those stories too.
      Maybe you should just stick to movies you like- that keep things simple and that are made for pure entertainment and simplicity.
      Nothing in the film ever said or indicated that Jesus was an alien. – the female character purely expressed her belief in her understanding of God/higher power as the ultimate creator of all life- and was open to the idea that we humans were not the only creations made by that higher power. – and that was only the belief system attributed to THAT character. this was Just one of the many PHILOSOPHICAL CONCEPTS used to tell a story.

      • Hey Ponytime,
        I think the Space Jesus idea comes from information surrounding the film, as well as little clues in the film, not from what we directly see/hear in the film itself. A bunch of theories have sprung up due to the fact that the Engineers all died around 2,000 years ago (remember they dated the head). The idea goes that we had a good relationship with the Engineers who would come in and check up on us every few thousand years, as evidenced by the cave paintings. Then, about 2,000 years ago (give or take), something happened to make them angry at us and plan to come and wipe us out. Then the black goo went crazy and wiped them out instead. I believe the idea is that it was a “Space Jesus”, so one of the Engineers or their masters, that came to once more guide and teach us, but that we rejected this guidance, brutally killed the Space Jesus and this is what triggered their changed attitude towards us. One reason this theory has gained so much traction is that apparently Ridley Scott referred to the idea of a “Space Jesus” in an interview as a POSSIBLE reason for some of the things that happen, I just googled it, here it is:

        “Movies.com: You throw religion and spirituality into the equation for Prometheus, though, and it almost acts as a hand grenade. We had heard it was scripted that the Engineers were targeting our planet for destruction because we had crucified one of their representatives, and that Jesus Christ might have been an alien. Was that ever considered?

        Ridley Scott: We definitely did, and then we thought it was a little too on the nose. But if you look at it as an “our children are misbehaving down there” scenario, there are moments where it looks like we’ve gone out of control, running around with armor and skirts, which of course would be the Roman Empire. And they were given a long run. A thousand years before their disintegration actually started to happen. And you can say, “Let’s send down one more of our emissaries to see if he can stop it.” Guess what? They crucified him.”

  6. I am not sure this is real but thought it was intrestining enough to post it here when I found this.

    Spoiler, Early Prometheus 2 – 3 Paradise/Paradise lost ruff plot outlines.

    Do not read this plot outline If you don’t want to Know. This is one of 3 ruff drafts Scott is considering. The other two have been as far rejected and he is working under this plot out line at the moment, this is not a joke I have this from people very close to Mr. Scott..

    David and Shaw unlock the reality of the engineers agenda, Paradise will be the 2nd part in a trilogy. Part two will consist of the discovery of a spilt in the engineers race and home world. The Race of engineers will be divided into two groups and Philosophies. The smaller faction of creationist and a more dominate militant faction that we meet in end of the first film. In homage of one of the Scotts favorite films,” The Day the earth stood Still”, he restates the question can life be allowed to exist if it poses a threat, the very creation of life on our planet was an act by the creations in revolt against the militant leadership the lone sacrifice as the ship departed. The main faction embraced the ideology that any evolved race that could pose a threat with interstellar travel must be eliminated, a refection of current fear driven culture taken to it most extreme, we are rapidly evolving into here on earth. While in the process to do that, rebels contaminated the weapons development area preventing the extinction of mankind and life on earth over 2 thousand years ago, with only the one world Scott and David fled linked to Earth and the Bio agent lost and the internal struggle at home the more pressing issues of separation took over and the plans for the extermination of life here were neglected. In the 2nd installment of the trilogy this is the segment David and Dr. Shaw discover the above. Tension is increased once David is fully reactivated and his contempt for humanity threatens the surviving Creation Rebels Cause and all humanity. Propose ending to chapter 2 with the full reactivation of David and his intended betrayal of Shaw and rebels. The third instalment will be Scott at last acts to destroys David and contaminates the Engineers home world with the dormant virus she now caries in her own DNA reactivated with the help of the creations factions last act. End shot a contaminated militant ship takes off with an alien hybrid face hugger attacking the navigator in the chair as he set the navigation to earth it changes to Lv247, the home world of the engineers is lost and dyeing. This story will be broken in to 2 movies with the final film being Paradise lost.

    • Interesting, certainly…but credible? Given the grammatical (and other) errors, I’m leery. Where’d ya find it?

    • This is completely fabricated. Scott has already confirmed that Prometheus will have only 1 sequel, the rest of this isn’t even worth elaborating on.

    • I’m doubting it and it’s not following the typical alien story but who knows for sure. Interesting and elaborate though.

  7. Beserker,

    Personally i do not understand why you have such a big problem with this film. Some of the points you brought up about the black goo, giant-ass facehugger, and Xeno at the end are answered in the film. Basically the point that was trying to be conveyed was that the Engineers created us, they decided to get rid of us, so they created this black goo in order to wipe us out. This black goo appears to be the what the Xeno’s came from. The line “big things have small beginnings” was a hint at this fact. As for your problem with the bigass facehugger, it was the first of its kind, of course its not going to be perfect, same with the Xeno baby at the end. what they were trying to show you was that those 2 were the first Xenomorphs, and that they are where the other ones evolved from. This whole movie is a Metaphor for evolution.

    • wait what?… A week ago you posted a long list of questions and problems with the film, why the sudden change in tone, or is someone else writing this one?….hmmm. I would say that the film doesn’t have anything to do with Evolution, but more to do on Creationism. Yes evolving is apart of the process, but there is an “unexplainable” element involved too. AS for the Deacon, the alien creature created at the end, Ridley Scott’s point was that it was something completely different, not in the xeno family.

      • @Mattu – I think this is a different guy responding to Beserker, the dude who raised the questions.

        @That one guy – I don’t think the engineers created the black goo at all. The concept art for the film suggests that they were forced to use the black goo to create humans by their masters and a faction of them decide to use the same goo to wipe humans out but it is beyond even their own technology so it starts killing them off instead.

        • Oh, …oops. thanks!

  8. C,mon people. I loved this movie but it sure does teach ignorance… There is no such thing as a creator or “creationist.” ” if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”- Carl Sagan. To breed cats is not to create cats. It’s good to be entertained, to imagine and dream, but make sure that there’s a clear line drawn on the floor. To do otherwise is to embrace madness. There are no supernatural “beings”, you don’t have to delude yourself with Iron Age fairy tales.

    • There are no supernatural entities in Prometheus Adam b. There are extra terrestrial entities. Many many astrophysicists would argue for the difference between the two. Whilst I have the utmost respect for Carl Sagan and agree that ‘if you wish to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe’ that argument in fact works FOR the ideas presented in the film, not against as it clearly shows mankind being “baked up” from pre-existing ingredients. The fundamental ignorance displayed in the film is that of Elisabeth Shaw who keeps clutching to her very recently and rather violently debunked beliefs.

    • Oh Snap…. Lev 1 Adam b 0… First of all it’s just an entertaining movie, I like the ideas and themes in the film. The story and characters are a little flawed, and so what, such is life. Isn’t there a saying that truth is stranger than fiction? But the film does use a lot of religious tones and implies that complex life on earth was someway seeded, I won’t use the word created, cause I’ve been told that , that word doesn’t exist anymore. However I find it funny a certain someone’s name is Adam and you don’t believe in the word “creator” or use creationist in your vocabulary… thats kind of funny. But you must remember that this is just a message board about science-fiction and fantasy related topics….and people aren’t really listening that much to, “there are no supernatural beings” on this message board… as for me, I may be old fashion but when the god of this world dies, we are all screwed! … and for Adam b and other haters out there, that was a joke! I know now there are no supernatural beings…. thanks for ruining it Adam.

    • Adam,

      I’m an atheist, and I think this movie is teaching ignorance. I simply think it is portraying individual with faith (not all of them). We don’t know what lies ahead… I have to admit, if this series ends as a big religious circle jerk, I might be a bit disappointing. But it could be a good story if handled well or left a bit open ended on that front.


      The film never states that the engineers created us – that is just the assumption that these humans are going by. There’s room a for a plot twist I think. They could be just as ‘human’ as we are.

      • I meant to say “I DON’T think it’s teaching ignorance” sorry.

  9. Lev- I agree. The flic does deal with evolution… Something new from something old. My argument is how many people call them creators. They are ” engineers” like us. That is all. There are no creators in reality. The one and only “supernatural being” is the universe itself so-to-say. It is natural, and super lol. It is the greatest thing we KNOW. Anyways, great movie but if people like this form of belief, it would be best to study the Annunaki rather than prometheus.

    We are star dust. We are a way for the universe to know itself.

  10. We are star dust. We are a way for the universe to know itself.

    • Whilst I share your frustration with the classical interpretation of the word ‘creation’ I have to disagree with you on one point. It is entirely possible that the universe is the only supernatural ‘thing’ but only because we don’t know enough about it. At a day an age when astrophysicists, nuclear physicists and theoretical physicists are contemplating the possibility of multiple universes and are beginning to grasp the mechanics of creating bubble universes we have to confess that we really really don’t know enough to say if humanity, the planet Earth, the Sol system, the Milkyway galaxy or our universe is artificial or not. My opinion on the other hand is that even if I, an overevolved monkey on the bottom of an extremely shallow puddle of Nitrogen and Oxygen on the surface of a planet, exist as a result of the intervention of a group of entities whose methods to me would appear indistinguishable from magic I don’t believe that these entities deserve any praise or worship. Let’s define the correct atheist answer to the question ‘do you believe in the existence of god or gods?’. The correct answer isn’t ‘No’. It’s ‘I don’t give a s***’.

      • where’s the like button?

      • I totally agree with that statement… we don’t know enough about the universe. Well said Lev!

  11. I think the journey to find out where the engineers come from and what they’re plans were for humans are intriguing enough for a sequel. The question we would all want answered or will always wonder about will make a great sequel in my opinion…….how can we be the only advanced civilization?….are we alone? Or if we are then why did God create us and only us?

  12. Bad choice of words on my part… This movie tries to teach rational thinking, however, it’s backfiring to some degree. I mean , in the midst of this discussion, Raymond goes right back to “GOD.” Yes I understand the possibility of multiple universes but all these “theories” are based on quantum mechanics which is theory. So many possibilities. Just remember that Nikolai tesla, easily one of the most advanced human minds ever, refuted quantum theory. Tesla opened our eyes to the aether, which is another theory lol. Research the aether. It’s an amazing concept.

    • Nikola Tesla was a brilliant man. No question about that. But so is Stephen Hawking and as brilliant as he is he lost the Black Hole War to Leonard Susskind. Even brilliant men make mistakes. Yes, Tesla disagreed with the supporters of quantum mechanics. But he also disagreed with the (since his time proven) theory of relativity. As far as theoretical physics goes the one mistake to avoid is putting all your eggs in one basket.

  13. I think this movie is the first of many others which is going to embark on an epic journey. It is symbolic of the journey homo sapiens have been taking for thousands of years. It has handed us the basic questions of our existence, and it commencing to give answers to the puzzle every step of the way. The sequel will reveal the black goop to be a substance which interacts with living cells to cause them replication and take form through environmental interaction. You see this idea in the worm like aliens (who attacked the two crew members), they are worm like because they interacted with the smaller worms we get a glimpse of when they are walking. Also the alien at the end has a form similar (and colour) to one of the “engineers”, but he has something additional because it has a similar structure to the engineer’s suits they wear. Those suits look organic (as well as other of their technology; I think their technology is based on their manipulation of the black goop) . The engineers have an additional piece of the life puzzle. The form it takes is part of our dna incarnate. Their goal is ONLY to keep replicating. Just like the aliens in the movie alien. As a side issue I think them looking similar to the aliens from that movie was not some sort of prequel but just the writer giving credit to where this idea came from.

    So the next movie will outline this idea but also introduce further ideas. I think the following movies will follow the same type of theme where something in our dna becomes incarnate building step by step a more complete picture (like our chromosomes tell a story of our existence). Hell if they don’t plan on doing it this way, maybe I will write something.

    I think David’s character will be further developed and it is through him we will see the writer explore the ideas of consciousness (he already displays some characteristics of having consciousness). We also see early that the writer believes answers lay outside of science (that is why we need to leave the planet to find answers) science only works with theory and data, it can never in itself present a complete picture from where we currently stand.

    • To KaySen: I very much like your ideas here. I do think that concept of consciousness and human soul (as something transcending and immortal/eternal) has a great potential to be developed in the sequel, and I would also say it must be part of it! :-)
      I for sure would be very disappointed if it wasn’t!

      • Thanks for the reply Eva. I think I would prefer the movie to assume materialism when it comes to consciousness. Exploring the idea of a soul would actually ruin it for me. I know that theme is in there with the religious connotations, but I am hoping they get rid of that idea, or at least not pursue it very much.

        • hm, I’m interested. What would be your thoughts on the connection of the materialism and(human)consciousness?
          would you like to see that they focus on the physical/material side of the story rather than the “spiritual”?

          For me, I think humans have progressed hugely in the physical world (hardware), our technological evolution for the past few thousand years has been astonishing. Now the software…looking at how human mind operates and how the spirituality has developed – are we that much different than the ancient civilizations? I don’t think so at all. I would wonder what the potential is for us in developing our “software” or perhaps our software is already fully developed, we just need to learn to use it for different benefits (other than just technological progress).
          In this context, one could ponder whether a soul is part of human software? or is it something of an intrinsic value… your own or a gift?

          Forgive me wandering into the world of mind :-)

          • Interesting questions. My opinion is that there is no such thing as a soul and that conscioness is simply a byproduct of the highly evolved hardware. Of course that is only an opinion. There were some very interesting suggestions about the human hardware and software in Neal Stephenson’s ‘Snow Crash’. If you haven’t read it yet I think you might find it interesting.

          • Eva,

            Materialism is a philosophical position. It means that everything is made of physical things. It stands in opposition to dualism which assumes there exists two different types of stuff in the world, one being physical the other being non-physical. Something like a soul would fall into the substance dualism category because the soul is a substance which is suppose to transcend the physical body. There is no support for such claims. It is no different from the support for a deity. There are things we know such as what you do to the brain will affect mind (mind being cognition, personality etc in this context). There are a couple of dominant theories in cognitive science which are functionalism (computational theories which also includes connectionism) and embedded embodied cognition, these both and all theories in neuroscience and cognitive science assumes materialism.

            Not sure what your connection between technology and consciousness is though. I don’t have a great deal to say about technology, just it is rather cool to have things that extend our abilities. The AI in Prometheus is not really about technology in the context of consciousness, it is about realising consciousness in something other than biological systems and in something physical. It is about creating consciousness. That is about as far as I thought like them to take the consciousness theme.

            As far as finding some creator, that does not interest me (which really is no explanation at all, just magic). I would prefer them to construct some complex physical idea of how we came about.

            I am finding it difficult to give you any answers to your question here since they are loaded. You have assumed some non-physical soul and asked questions from that frame work.

            • Kay ens Eva

              I am amazed reading your brief chat.I feel en-lighted reading your ideas from a different point of view. Kay your take on the sequel is what i had in mind.just thinking about where we stand ? Our knowledge and theories cant give us answers; so why not add more questions ! After all we are only human…

              As for the movie;i though i was much more that i prepare for.After watching Alien and some other movies related to it(AVP) i felt much better about my 15$ spend. I am firm to the idea that answers give us a conclusion and questions move us forward ! with that being great movie

              • Thanks Clyde for your nice comments about Eva’s and my ideas :)

              • Thank you Clyde :-)

            • Kay,

              appreciate your views, it’s useful to get a different perspective.

              And you’re right – I think what seems to matter is a tangible proof, one that can be replicated. And no one has been able to prove soul in such way. But I would say, just because we haven’t yet figured out how to prove “soul” it doesn’t mean it’s not there :-)
              Try looking up “Tulku” – a Tibetan Buddhist practice.

              The connection between hardware and software is most fundamental…in my view, one can not exist without the other. How would the body be able to act if there wasn’t the intent of the mind? and how would the intent be proved if there was no physical manifestation of it?

              But that sort of thing would be a completely different movie!
              For the Prometheus sequel, I would much love to see somebody else’s view and perspective on the evolution and its potential – not just humans but universe and other species.
              Most of the ideas discussed here are pretty exciting!

              Using my “software” I’m hoping and praying we get to see that soon! :-)

              • Eva,

                David displaying some consciousness means the writer is saying we do not have a soul. And he certainly does have some behaviours which would indicate consciousness. He displayed curiosity, showed surprised when Elizabeth got the alien out of her body and even respect. Perhaps this was just a mistake made by the producer, I do get the feeling it is not as tightly weaved as it ought to be. It is as though he really did not have much of an idea where he planned to go with it.

                I do think the writer is saying Elizabeth has child like ideas about a creator, a bit like a child parent relationship. You also see that idea with Vickers and her father and David with his creator. Elizabeth is a bit of an idiot actually, there is plenty of room for growth in her character. I would not in reality accept she is a scientist because of the large assumptions she makes. One major one is that the engineers were somehow disappointed and wanted to destroy life on earth. The holograms are like a recording, how could we see a recording of them heading for earth and still be around? That hologram is a past event not a future one. So just because they appeared to be carrying something dangerous she assumed they had sinister plans for Earth.

                Which I don’t think it was their plan at all. Did you notice they did not seem to speak? They almost seem like dumb animals that have been trained. I think the engineers are nothing more than slaves that were on that planet for mining and had been visiting Earth to extract something. Their muscle mass would indicate they are used for hard labour.

                • The cyborgs are supposed to exhibit human like qualities so perhaps it is part of their programming.

                  The hologram is a display (like a monitor) and it was showing a flight plan in the cockpit and a recorded history in the hallway. Your monitor can do both as well. These are assumptions of course.

                  Maybe the engineers are zealot warriors and they drink protein shakes to stay big in case they need to fight the xenomorphs and the pale skin helps them absorb Vitamin D. They seem to like cold climate? Or it could be just to make them look interesting or scary. It’s a nice effect I think.

                  • Not sure about your computer Logan, but mine doesn’t show me performing a future event. Even as a simulation it doesn’t make sense. Simulations are for determining possible outcomes and showing a flight path with an engineer flying a ship is not working out an outcome, it is simply showing a flight path. But I doubt the sequel will bother to much with inconsistencies by giving an explanation, which would be disappointing.

                    • It can show anything software tells it to… The hologram in the cockpit could be showing instructions or co-ordinates for a delivery. We don’t really know what it was showing except it was Earth. The meaning/intent is inferred by the viewer of the hologram.

                    • I suppose it could have been some kind of learning hologram, but even if it was why did they jump to the conclusion it was a future event not a past recording? The best inference from seeing that hologram was that it was a recording, like the other one, since there was nothing at all to suggest that it was showing future events. If the writers intention was to show a future event then he did a very poor job of explaining how they came to the conclusion it was a future event as opposed to a recording. For consistency I hope the sequel demonstrates it was just David’s and Elizabeth’s poor reasoning which made the assumption based on their fear of the black goo.

                    • Wow KaySen, you are highly critical of these characters’ abilities in regards to using logic and thinking rationally about things. I think there is something you are missing here though. You are able to sit back on your couch and calmly watch what is happening, viewing all sorts of things that each of these individual characters only sees a small part of themselves and then rationally deduce things. Then you have walked away and sat and thought about it, and come up with theories and solutions. The characters in the movie however, have just had hideous, life changing, adrenalin pumping, traumatic things happen to them in quick succession. I don’t think they’ve got their completely calm and logical caps on!

                      You’re criticising Shaw for not thinking like a scientist and yet there are many scientists out there who are also religious and who, in regards to their beliefs, rearrange things somewhat in their heads. I know this as I went to a religious school and we watched documentaries and videos in class about scientists who are still religious.

                      Also, she is reacting with complete shock to what she is seeing. If she makes some erroneous conclusions, what of it? We don’t even know if they are erroneous, they could be spot on. Don’t forget that the captain told Shaw that he thought this was a military base so I think the conclusion she jumped to was a fairly logical one considering the information she had. Also, she has just had some fairly traumatic, heavy surgery with very little pain relief. I don’t think anyone would be calm and rational and thinking clearly after that.

                      When viewing the part where the hologram shows Earth, I viewed this as the last visuals in that room, as the hallway was the last visuals of the hallway before they all died. I viewed that as them looking over their flightpath and getting everything ready to go, and then they leave the room and suddenly all hell breaks loose and they all die – as seen in the hallway. I think David can interact with it as the hologram of the Engineers is showing the past, but then when they switch on the flight path, that actually brings up the real thing which is interactive. It makes more sense than just showing a hologram of it. This may be wrong but that was the conclusion I jumped to so I don’t think it’s bad if that’s the conclusion the characters jump to as well.

                      Finally in regards to David, I think the idea is that he is supposed to be a certain way, and that is the way he was designed, but he is developing in new, interesting ways, evolving away from what was designed. That his creator had intentions but that he exists outside of the bounds of those intentions in ways his creator didn’t foresee. It says something about ourselves too – perhaps we started existing outside of the bounds of what our creators envisioned and that scared and/or angered them.

                      As for the soul. I hope they don’t touch on that. The idea of a soul is based on belief, much like religion. I’d be happy if they steered clear of that particular area!

                    • Susi,

                      That is my point about the character, there is room for improvement. Not to many scientists are religious since their work assumes materialism, but that was not one of my criticisms of Elizabeth. My main one was her poor reasoning skills as a result of her cognitive bias. I don’t believe the writer developed her character as a scientist very well. It may very well be they were going to destroy Earth but she really had no good reasons to believe that is the case. Further she concluded that they created us and had changed their minds. She had no evidence they created us either (she didn’t see the opening scene like we did ). She even said she simply chooses to believe they created us and then she goes and makes further conclusions based on her belief. So all up, she jumped to many unfounded conclusions from her perspective which makes her unbelievable as a scientist.

                      This is a science fiction movie and I would expect the writer to have some fundamental knowledge of science and reasoning. Unless the writer really is saying “she is an idiot”

                    • This reply limit thing really sucks!

                      I agree that Shaw may not have her wits about her in the way that you typically think of for a scientist – she chases her beliefs in a childish fashion and with blind faith. her imagination and desire to see it through overpowers her concern for her well being. Perhaps her faith is enabling her to go blindly where it hinders others, can’t this be a virtue? Do we not all require faith in something? Absolutely.

                    • Logan,

                      I don’t wish to rain on your parade or anything but humans have not made any progress in knowledge by holding childish beliefs in deities. Only a handful of homo sapiens have contributed to our knowledge and the rest of us are dragged up by the bootstraps with intelligent scaffolding. You seem to have very romantic ideas about homo sapiens given not many of them have really accommplished much at all. What we are good at though is taking credit for the few. It is like well they are human and I am human too so therefore I am great. Take away our language and culture and you have something very similar to any other member of the great ape family (feral children have demonstrated this nicely)

                    • http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/faith <– see 1. and 2.

                      Step off your own scaffolding there, KaySen, I'm not a creature of religious faith. My point was that if you agree with Nietzsche, then the only thing we know for sure is that we exist. All knowledge after that is faith based. Science is just a better tool than religion for seeking knowledge.

                      I believe in science, and I see no evidence of God but science does very little to better the human psychological condition. Shaw's raw instinct and determinism are her greatest assets – arguably more powerful then any technology in this story.

                    • I would not go so far as to say all knowledge is based on faith. It may be true we cannot have absolute certainty, but some conclusions are far better than others and especially in sciene those conclusions have predictive powers. It was Descartes btw that said cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am) from his method of radical doubt he came to the conclusion that the only thing we could not doubt was that we exist.
                      I am uncertain what you are trying to say about science and contributing to our psychology, science as well as religion and philosophy contribute towards our behaviours. Psychology attempts to explain human behaviour and in doing so also feedsback into our behaviours and understanding (a dynamic system). Perhaps you mean something like contribute towards giving us meaning in our existence? (Now we are talking Neitzsche and existentialism) Shaw quite simply cannot return to Earth because now it has no meaning for her. Nothing she does on Earth will matter because according to her the engineers do not even like what they created, she has lost meaning in her life. I don’t see her quest to find meaning for her life as anything admirable. I think the purpose of the quest is more important than the quest itself when it comes to judging a character.

                    • Right…. ‘Daycart’, not ‘Neatsay’, my bad. I’m just saying, science doesn’t give humankind everything it needs. Without human qualities like those in Shaw, this movie would be very dry.

                      And I do think religion benefits mankind, or at least it did before science came along. A necessary tool for the self aware I think.

                    • Logan,

                      I am not certain what mankind needs to be saying science doesn’t give it to them or anything else for that matter. Science does give us a lot. We have better control over our environment as a result of work in natural sciences. Having more control allows us better survival and reduces fear. I think religion is just an extension of our fear of death and those things we cannot understand and have no control over. Religion is illusionary control. Human beings have throughout history tried to bargain and appease these deities. They perform sacrifice, pray and other rituals in hope to persuade the gods to do what they want (grow crops, save a persons life etc). So what we need seems to be exactly what science is trying to give us; stronger predictive powers and more control.

                      Since many species have self awareness (pass the mirror test) and do not have religion, it cannot be that religion is a necessary tool for self awareness.

                    • Oh but I will say you are correct about that idea being in film. It seems a necessary ingredient in film is that it gives us as human beings the warm fuzzies. We like to believe we are special and film reflects this idea where the human beings endure and win through some “special” quality we are suppose to possess. This seems to particularly apply in sci-fi movies where we are compared to other species. Even star trek had this idea where the qualities of human beings seem to win each time. The writer obviously knew this but I actually think he did a poor job demonstrating it. Well actually he did not demonstrate it as far as I am concerned he just outright placed it in the dialogue between Shaw and David at the end where she says something about him not understanding because he is a robot and she is a human being.

                  • Susi,

                    “perhaps we started existing outside of the bounds of what our creators envisioned and that scared and/or angered them.” I loved the parallel between man and David in that way. Love the idea.

                    • Thanks Logan I think it stands to reason that if you create something that is capable of critical thinking, that with time this will then alter them irrevocably. David is supposed to simulate human behavior, but at what point does the simulation cross over into real behavior?

                      A computer isn’t capable of reacting like a person because they are there to crunch data and to spit out answers based on the information that we provide them with. They rely on us to give them certain keys and they answer only the questions we ask them. However, if the computer was capable of reaching out and discovering and learning for itself, of asking its own questions, of pondering possible answers and picking one itself, at what point does the computer depart from its original programming and enter new territory?

                      I see David being an entity that has been programmed a certain way, but within his programming are the capabilities to learn, to discover, to pose his own questions and come up with all sorts of answers based not just on what is put to him, but what he comes up with himself. Additionally he has been programmed to imitate humans so he is trying to think and react like us, which could, after time, come to affect the way he approaches problem solving and critical thinking. Basically his programming is in a way warping and expanding.

                      Sorry if that is a bit muddled, it is a bit of a hard thing to explain clearly!

                      I think it will be very interesting to see where David goes from here now that his role for Weyland has come to an end. That must have been a core part of his programming, what next? I would think that h has the potential to become more and more like a human, but I can’t imagine that he would be able to have say, leaps of intuition like a human might, as that would be impossible for his programming to allow.

                      Anyway, it is all very interesting!

                • @KaySen – “Did you notice they did not seem to speak? They almost seem like dumb animals that have been trained.”

                  I’ll rewatch it but I was under the impression that when David activates a recording on the bridge of the engineer ship the engineers who enter the room are clearly speaking. But on the art for the film the beginning of the film shows the engineers clearly being bossed around by a different race.


                  • I will have to re-watch that scene as well. But someone already pointed out in th extended version one of the engineers speak.

              • Oh and another reason I believe the engineers are dumb slaves is how they fly their ship. At first I thought how ridiculous it was to use a recorder to gain helm control but (and I admit this could have been dumb luck on the writers part and he really was just being ridiculous with the flute thing) experiments on human memory has indicated that we are far more able to copy a beat with our hands than remember a string of words. So if the engineers are creatures devoid of language skills and have limited intelligence then it makes sense to create ships for them that are flown through simple things like sounds and move with their hand movements.

                • I think the idea with the recorder is to show us that what we have become and the way our technology etc works is not the only logical outcome. That we could have evolved in many different ways. That even though we share DNA with these creatures, we have not turned out identical to them in terms of the way we think and design things (or the way we look!). All of their technology is very organic and almost an extension of them. It makes sense to me to have a password entered be something like that as opposed to typing numbers into a keypad. And even though they’re not dumb (as in the extended version the last engineer left does speak to David briefly – can’t wait for that conversation!)I think what you’re saying about remembering music and a beat is valid. That’s why we have advertising jingles.

                  • Susi,

                    Yes I do understand that the writer was trying to demonstrate other ways of using technology. But I still think it was a rather childish idea. For starters a password where everyone can hear it? Not very secure, it seemed to serve no purpose.

                    That aside I agree their technology is like an extension of their body; but so is our technology. We use all sorts of things to extend our cognitive abilities. Computers to store and sort information, calculators to perform functions beyond our capabilities, cameras to record memories. A steering wheel of a car extends our body to the vehicle.

                    Perhaps I have missed your point and you were pointing to a more symbiotic relationship between the engineers and their technology. That is quite an interesting idea. heh perhaps the intelligent ones were the ships and the ships liked to hear a pretty tune before allowing them access…

                    • Do you know what? I take what I said back. You are right, it was really stupid!! Perhaps there is an interesting story behind it but apparently it wasn’t in the script and Ridley added it in, changing it from words that David would speak in the ancient language. It is dopey and weird. Maybe he was just trying to bend our minds and break us out of the mold of thinking that technology can only be applied in the ways we have done it, but it was a bit sloppy and silly.

  14. I think it was great and a lot of ppl at work too. but the alien at the end was a awesome little thing to throw in because it will keep ppl thinking and with the engineers you have such a wide variety of ways you could go with. Now I’m more interested in the engineers more then aliens like other species they created and where they came from there home planet why where they running in the first hola gram. What made them head for safety? Is there more enigneers on that planet in cyro sleep is ther more ships now its all I’m saying is that you have a great opportunity to make a hell of a legacy pack in the future. You most definitely need to make 2-3 more movies about the enigneers. I wish you the best and I can traitor more of this movies to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Is it safe to say that everyone would react differently to the goo. The Rock guy changed into something else because after being sprayed with acid from the mutated worm, and then falling into the black goo, he probably wasnt really dead. They didnt say or show that the black goo revives the dead. Holloway consumed the black goo, and like the space jockey in the opening scene, his body was deteriorating, not necessarily changing to become something else although i dont get that worm in the eye thing. So shortly after consuming a mere drop of black goo with his wine, his semen becomes potent enough to impregnante elizabeth which I still find farfetched.
    My point being, unless the spacejockeys consumed drops of goo and had sex, then they would possibly impregnante the other space jockeys creating that big azz face hugger there fore it attacking apacejockeys impregnating them after wrestling with them because either that thing isnt as strong as it looks or the space jockeys are really super strong, thus creating the xeno as we know them. Why didnt we see what they were all running from or what happened when they were in that room or how that particular group died

    • I don’t really recall the geologist turning into anything from falling in the goo. Possible though he swallowed some while dying from acid burns. As far as consuming it, I think the amount you consume is the important factor. If it causes cell replication (which is seems to from the opening scene where that black goo was in the water and caused a single celled organism to become a multicellular organism) a large quantity would replicate so fast it would cause the host to explode (like the head did). . The quantity in our water supply would have been extremely diluted. So in saying that I am not so sure a mutation was occurring, more so that body parts were getting out of shape due to rapid cell replication. I think it is quite individualistic what happens though because environmental conditions have a lot of influence on what happens (extreme epigenetics)

      I think the worm in the eye was not a worm but we were just able to see the goo breaking blood vessels in the eyes. Keep in mind the goo causes the blood to go black (from the opening scene when the sacrificial engineer drank the goo, you see his veins turning black).

      Why couldn’t she be impregnated so quickly if the quantity of black goo in the guys sperm was high? A zygote would occur rapidly and the embryo would develop extremely fast.

      I don’t think it was Xenomorph’s attacking the engineers (we will have to wait for the sequel to find out what it was, although I have quite the imagination about what it could have been).

  16. I would definitely see Prometheus 2 in theaters cannot wait and would buy the entire series on blue ray or higher when completed.

  17. Many paths, highly suggestive alternatives – The sequel could move both ahead and back, making connections between the surviving woman explorer to locate the founder planet and also deep past origins on ancient Earth and the lead woman explorer herself. The founders attempted original genetic experiments for a perfect human form gone awry compose the Prometheus planet experiment, and Alien prequel context. Finding the founders planet, could challenge creation vs. evolution theory with unique new concept of birth, While seeded human differences or union with alien founders form a potential universal disaster plot, they may move into or get past the inherent violent survival instinct or a design to create the ultimate body that cannot die – an almost instant creation or a unisexual one body entity that does not require reproduction – or cannot be realized. Soul God concepts are held to a minimum, but ultimately speak to the answers provided of humanity and universe creation. All suggests a trilogy.

  18. Kaysen,

    The engineers do speak as you’ll see in the extended version. They speak just fine haha

    • Well damn there goes that theory.

  19. Showing future events? You guys are on crack. They were around like crazy because of an outbreak on the ship. They were infected by the black goo.

    • Mike I was referring to the hologram on the bridge which outlined our solar system. It showed an engineer playing a flute to activate helm control and then you see a hologram of our solar system and David appears to be holding Earth. It was assumed from this that their destination was Earth. But it didn’t make sense because that would then be displaying a future event of them heading to Earth (obviously it couldn’t have been a recording of past events otherwise they would have went to Earth and destroyed it already. But I guess it could have been displaying them about to head off to Earth and were interupted.

  20. Showing future events? You guys are on drugs. They were running around like crazy because of an outbreak on the ship. They were infected by the black goo.

  21. Yes I would like to see a sequel- absolutely. I quite like the conspiracy theory type story that was told- why because i like a good story, and many good stories play on the imagination by using familiar concepts, ideas, details etc.
    I like challenges to western creation stories- so why not jump into this one.
    I also think that many of the details people are criticizing were just a means to an end. ie. who cares why the xeno/fetus grew so big- (if i remember correctly- in all the other films the impregnated alien fetus killed its human host)
    I also am interested to know what happens to the last two remaining characters on this journey- I think that the Lawrence of Arabia clip was a good metaphor for this journey and meeting a new race that is possibly dangerous. For those of you who are not familiar with this real historical figure- take a short cut and watch the film if you don’t like to read.
    Sheesh just the name of the film alone is a big clue to some of the ideas explored- and a decent set up for a sequel.
    Stop overanalyzing everything- it is just a story. sit back and enjoy it instead of arguing like it is reality.

    • Ponytime, for some people enjoyment of films comes from analysing them.

  22. Awesome blogs / reviews, etc to read:

    http://cavalorn.livejournal.com/584135.html or you can read it laid out in a slightly more readable fashion here: http://www.prometheus-movie.com/community/forums/topic/7686



    And the best one of all:


    From which comes this brilliant quote:

    “I enjoyed the s*** out of it even more so than The Avengers. Granted, it’s purposefully vague, breathtakingly nonsensical at times and filled with s*** characters save Michael Fassbender, but it’s f****** gorgeous to look at and in case I haven’t bitched enough, I spent the entire weekend not being able to stop thinking about it. It’s a cool little film in spite of its flaws”

  23. One outcome I hope for from Prometheus is that other producers will realise the public are so starved for sci-fi that we will get excited to have any movie, even a second rate one which doesn’t make a lot of sense. If I am to be honest I think the only reason I liked it was wishful thinking for the sequel to make the first coherent. There really wasn’t even an original idea in the movie. I have a feeling I will be very disappointed in the sequel anyway. I doubt Ridley has the ability to make it anymore coherent than he did the first.

  24. Liked it. Here’s my thoughts. The engineers seeded the earth with us…to serve as fodder for their biological weapon, the xenomorphs…

  25. Question;
    If there were more ships, did they have outbreaks on all of the ships. Did everyone die on all the ships, isnt there at least 1 space jockey in hypersleep waiting to pilot those ships back to earth. and if they were there to launch an attack on earth, why not destroy or disable those ships to keep that attack from happening.

    Did anyone notice that the pointed head alien at the end did not have a tail.

    If they wanted to kill us because we killed their space Jesus, did they change their mind, and if they did, WHY?!?!

  26. I have not read all the comments but has anyone ever considered why people make biological weapons at such a large scale. Perhaps the engineers are at war with another race and are experimenting with ways to fight back at a war that they can not win. Which would give a good reason for the Predators to be involved. Ever since predator 2 the two series have been linked together and it would be great to have a good writer and director link all of it together and make one bad ass alien and predator combo movie that shows the origins of both the xenomorphs predators and the engineers. but that is just my opinion of why the engineers would create man to house the xenomorphs to fight against the predators for them and would also explain why the predators have been visiting earth for so many years.

    • A good writer or a good director wouldn’t touch another Alien / Predator movie, because a good writer or director has never touched an Alien / Predator movie. For the last time let the AvP franchise rot in it’s grave please.

    • I’m with Lev, let the Alien franchise die.

      • AVP is hopefully dead forever and has absolutely nothing to do with the Prometheus story line, thank goodness.

  27. I really loved the movie. The Holographs were great. Aliens got me hooked, and is still my favorite movie of all time, but the AVPs just sucked out loud of cheap sets, poor lighting,and FX.
    Get James Cameron to Direct Prometheus 2.

    • Not a good idea. Good director, but always has to bring in the military. Even Titanic had bad-ass elements (Bill Paxton & company).

  28. i am very interested in seeing a sequel to prometheus. it was one of the best sci fi movies i have ever seen. to think that somerthing like that could really be out there it blows your mind. the main thing they need to alliterate in the sequel (if there is going to be one) is what is the xenomorph and where did it come from it looks nothing like the engineers so maybe they created it? who knows. all i know is that i would love to see a sequel in the future

  29. A few questions about the movie:

    1) If the black goo is contained within elongated glass vials, why does it leak from the urns?

    2) If the creature in Shaw’s stomach is itching to get out, why does it have to be extracted with tongs?

    3) If I understand the movie correctly, the urns are in the pyramids and on the horseshoe-shaped ships. Why would Shaw take off in a new ship with (presumably) more urns and engineers on board?

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