‘Prometheus’ Sequel – What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

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prometheus sequel ridley scott Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

Reactions to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus have been all over the map. Many people are embracing the movie for its ambition, while others have expressed frustration over how (infuriatingly) close the spinoff came to being a proper Alien prequel. A noteworthy number of people are having far more extreme reactions, judging by the number of claims online about Prometheus screening walk-outs.

As was discussed during the SR Underground ‘Prometheus’ Podcast: the important thing is that virtually everyone who has seen Prometheus has been very passionate in their response (be it enthusiastic or enraged). If you subscribe to the school of thought that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, then it’s near impossible to argue that the moviegoing masses won’t (at the least) consider a sequel to Prometheus as something they want to see. Going by the early global box office returns, 20th Century Fox is likely to heed those wishes.

So where do you go with a sequel to a film that’s literally about… well, everything? As anyone can tell you (including, Scott and co-screenwriter Damon Lindelof), Prometheus raises more questions than it answers – be it about the mythology of the greater Alien universe or the cyclical nature of creation, destruction, and evolution, as explored in the movie. Obviously, in order to touch on what details the filmmakers have announced so far, we have to venture into spoiler territory.







In a recent THR interview, Scott had the following to say about Prometheus:

“From the very beginning, I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I really don’t want to meet God in the first one. I want to leave it open to [Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace)] saying, ‘I don’t want to go back to where I came from. I want to go where they came from… Because [the Engineers] are such aggressive f**kers, I always had it in there that the God-like creature that you will see actually is not so nice, and is certainly not God. I’d love to explore where [Dr. Shaw] goes next and what does she do when she gets there, because if it is paradise, paradise can not be what you think it is. Paradise has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous.”

Check out one of said Engineers (via Rope of Silicon) below:

prometheus sacrificial engineer 570x290 Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

The 'Sacrificial Engineer' in 'Prometheus'

Ultimately, the connection between Alien and Prometheus was as tenuous as the cast and crew of the latter had insisted throughout the build-up to its theatrical release. Hence, it’s no surprise to hear that Scott intends to carry on the central narrative thread left dangling by the ending of Prometheus with a sequel – rather than concern himself primarily with filling in lingering holes in the tapestry that links Prometheus to Alien. Is it possible the followup could accomplish both tasks, in spite of that?

In order to break down that question, let’s first examine two big plot elements that should be covered in a Prometheus sequel:


The History and Culture of the Engineers

By the conclusion of Prometheus, very little information has been provided about Engineer culture. As Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) voices aloud before setting off to the Engineer planet with David (Michael Fassbender) – or, rather, David’s severed head – there is much to be explained in terms of where the creatures came from, and what inspired them to create humanity in the first place (before attempting to eradicate it).

Furthermore, there is a whole lot of ambiguity surrounding such issues pertaining to how many planets the Engineers have populated with life via rituals similar to that portrayed during the opening minutes of Prometheus; whether Xenomorphs are regarded as higher-evolved beings and (essentially) worshipped as deities by the Engineers, as one could interpret from the presence of a Xeno-like carving in the Ampule Room on LV-223; and if the Engineer’s decision to manufacture black goo material that transforms other sorts of organic life, is the true allegory for the mythological tragedy of the demigod Prometheus overstepping his boundaries.

prometheus xenomorph carving Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

The Xenomorph carving in 'Prometheus'


The Relationship Between Elizabeth Shaw and David

When we say “relationship” between those two characters – who were also the most fully-realized and engaging players in Prometheus - we’re speaking both literally and on the figurative level. By the conclusion of that film, David’s “creator” Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) has perished, and is thus no longer around to command the android. Does that mean Shaw will now become David’s “god,” or are the two on more equal footing – a pair of explorers out to uncover certain truths about the universe, rather than a master and their servant?

During an interview with Time Entertainment, Lindelof addressed that very topic:

“I think they’re going where [Shaw] wants to go. [David's] fundamental programming has been scrapped. Weyland [the man who built and programmed him] is dead and so now his programming is coming from God knows where. Is he being programmed by Elizabeth, or is it his own internal curiosity now that Weyland isn’t telling him what to do any more? He’s always been interested in Elizabeth, remember that: He’s watching her dreams when she’s sleeping in much the same way that he watches ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. He’s a strange robot that has a curious crush on a human being, and when Weyland is eliminated, I think he is genuinely interested in what she’s interested in. He reaches out partly for survival, but partly out of curiosity, and I think he’s sincere that he’ll take her wherever she wants to go.”

Prometheus disposed of the less interesting characters – along with those whose primary purpose was to explain how Elizabeth and David came to be on their personal space odyssey, and an explanation for their mindsets at the outset of that journey. It will also be interesting to see how the dynamic between that duo (an actual human being and anthropomorphized machine) unfolds in the sequel, and how the relationship ultimately reflects upon and parallels that of Elizabeth and her “creators.”

prometheus david elizabeth 570x351 Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

David eyes a slumbering Elizabeth in 'Prometheus'

In summation: a Prometheus sequel could certainly branch out beyond the realm of being an Alien spinoff, so as to move closer to establishing a science-fiction mythos that stands on its own. However, over the course of doing so, the film has the potential to also provide more backstory on the Xenomorph, along with the history behind how one Engineer crashed on LV-426 – and, inadvertently, unleashed a dangerous new species similar to the monster(s) birthed on LV-223. Ironically, that means a sequel has the capability to provide Alien fans with something closer to the answers they were seeking from Prometheus, while also fully succeeding where its predecessor fell short: being a satisfying, standalone work.

Bear in mind, Scott is about to commence with shooting on The Counselor, so don’t expect to hear news about a Prometheus sequel being put on the fast-track for production in the immediate future. However, so long as the final box office total is satisfactory for Fox (re: results in a profit), everything else is in place for the project to happen.

What are you hoping to get out of a Prometheus sequel? Do you even have an interest in seeing one? Sound off in the comments section.

Meanwhile, Prometheus is currently playing in theaters around the world.


Source: THR [via Worst Previews], Time Entertainment, Rope of Silicon

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  1. I look at Prometheus to Alien like The Phantom Menace to A New Hope. Nothing in common really except for a few images. But a sequel (or two) could bridge the gap.

    • Ah…won’t a sequel to Prometheus be Alien redux?

      • No it would not. If you watched the end of the movie (or read this article) you would know David and Shaw went off in search of the engineers while Alien begins on a totally different planet. It may lead to Alien at some point but not without something more in between.

  2. How did the alien species has alrdy preexist in our lifetime during AVP & AVP2 if the future were only to explain their origins?

    • Though the alien franchise is very convoluted i doubt that ridley made this with the avp films in mind (seriously. He didn’t ). The avp movies are to the alien and predator franchise as freddy vs jason is to the nightmare on elm street and friday the 13th franchise. You Can choose to count them as canon but then you just open up a whole mess of plot holes and contradictions that ruin the movies really

    • Scott already mentioned that Prometheus has nothing to do with AvP & AvP2(which were really s***** movies)

      • “AvP & AvP2(which were really s***** movies)”…. Agree !

        • they werent as bad as aliens 3 and 4 .. or does he not consider any of them canon but his first alien?

          • No, they were worse.

    • Ridley Scott doesn’t consider avp as canon

      • Nor do I…

        • I think he only considers ALIEN and ALIENS as being worthwhile, the other sequels were simply a continuation on a theme, that is using the original ALIEN concept as the driving force.

          Which is why he was always surprised no one asked the question about the space jockey, and it appears that question just generates more questions than it answers.

  3. I really really hope that we get a sequel…
    I saw Prometheus Sunday and I’m still mapping everything out. But like I’ve said before I hope Ridley has time for it. Even if they started the script today we are looking at about a 3 year wait. And Ridley is busy guy.
    Prometheus was my ideal Sci-Fi movie. It posed the bigger questions of why and how we became to be and while it wasn’t perfect the fact that we are talking about it and debating it is a good sign IMO. Seriously, think about how many movies you see and forget about immediately. It happens more than not. I realize some people didn’t like it because they wanted more answers and a direct tie in to Alien or maybe they thought there were plot holes and so on. That’s fine I guess. But there is also plenty of us who liked/loved the film and the questions raised so I say again that I really really hope for a sequel.

    • I completely agree. This movie was amazing, and a sequal, if done correctly, could actually make Prometheus a better movie, by concluding what it started. They brought up so many interesting, ambitious questions and ideas, I’m dying to see where it goes. As long as Scott doesnt do what the wachowski brothers did with the MAtrix (which im extrermely confident that he wouldnt), this could in to a landmark stand alone Sci Fi trilogy, as well as a great pre-trilogy to Alien.

      • I was underwhelmed by Prometheus but I would still like to see a sequel. I agree a sequel could improve the first film.

    • The people that didn’t like Prometheus because they wanted more answers and the movie tied directly into Alien are way too picky. They are people not capable of thinking for themselves and require every dot connected for them to enjoy any type of art / show.

      99% of them are likely the typical sheep that roam life aimlessly never having a thought of their own. They are better suited staying away from movies that force you to think and should stick to non-stimulating reality TV type entertainment. You just can’t take many sheep away from the flock so it’s best to let them stay and graze their days away.

      • I have to agree. It must be the AVP crowd who didn’t like this movie. Not saying AVP was bad…. well maybe the 2nd one was bad…

  4. The XenoMorphs clearly already existed. The ship found on LV-426 was centuries old pre-dating Prometheus and the mural on the wall clearly shows a normal xenomorph.

    • the one on the wall was a proto-form xeno, just like the one at the end. and was clearly different and less evolved than the xeno from ‘alien’

  5. Look realy simple Take us to the Engineer’s home planet, explain the black goo and about the xenomorphs.

  6. Oh, yah and explain why all the Engineers look the same. Maybe the Engineers where created by something else to serve a purpose? Like clones or similar to David just not a robot?

    • I’m sure the Engineers think all humans look alike as well… ;)
      Most animals all look the same to us humans, but the animals still know how to draw a distinction between themselves by using their sense of smell.
      Hell, some people even think all Asian or Black people look alike, but is that true? Of course not – it’s just some people’s (messed up) perceptions of them.

      Since the Engineers are more advanced than humans, maybe they have their own way of identifying each other…

  7. This movie falls into ridley Scotts failures, he have been away from Alien far too long and has forgotten his roots

  8. Sounds disappointing to hear that the (AVPs) are treated as seperate entities but I still hope that they can somehow link to each other. I mean weren’t they looking for their ancestors (origins of humankinds) which also happen to create the alien by accident perhaps…so they decided to wipe out the human race all together…but then in what way they were planning to eliminate?

  9. I liked AvP part 1. It wasn’t bad

  10. Wasn’t this planned as a two part prequel when it was first in development? I know a lot of people feel like their questions were unanswered, but I personally enjoyed the film. Sometimes mystery is good, no one knew where Xenos came feom since the original came out. So I don’t see why it’s such a big deal.

    • yeah so some people have been waiting 30 years for answers… so i can see how some could be frustrated .. goes to show you how serious we take our movies .. lol i think its great .. to be honest if it has this many people talking then i think he did his job and i cant wait to see this thing hopefully this friday ..

  11. It’s a good thing I come to this website because honestly, I saw Prometheus on June 1st and while I noticed some things, I didn’t spot the xenomorph carving somehow, even though the camera got a good closeup of it during the movie (maybe it didn’t register at the time).

    Anyway, I loved the movie, felt it connected to Alien quite well and can’t wait to hear of a sequel in future to explore more of the universe in both senses of the word.

  12. I saw Prometheus last night and I am a bit disappointed! I expected more from Ridley Scott…

  13. I really enjoyed the movie. I wasn’t bummed that it wasn’t a “direct” Alien prequel. I love the alien movies (first two) but it’s been done to death. As was stated in the podcast, we get a gist of what happened – I don’t need to see every little detail that lead up to the xenomporphs we know or the space jockey in the chair. I want to see them fully explore this new plot about human origins. I’m really curious abou the engineers..their culture, how old the race is, their motivations for creating/destroying humans etc. I’m glad scott didn’t opt for the direct prequel as that would be too in line with today’s practice of sequel/prequel/reboot/remake (although he is doing another blade runner). I’m longing for some original content.

  14. Wanted to love this movie.

  15. The fans of the frnachise was wrong to sEe this movie.. “WE WERE WRONG…WE WERE SO WRONG!”

    • LMFAO!!!!

      You are SO RIGHT!!

      This film sucked big time! … the alien at the end looks like the pet alien dog from Planet 51!!!

  16. so i had 2 question that i hope someone can touch on .. first .. in the first movie alien .. why didnt they investigate the space jockey body more .. it almost seemed like if they allready knew of it ? and second all those eggs shouldnt they have allready hatched ? thus shouldnt there have been alot of face huggers running around ? and when that one jumped out wouldnt the other of jumped out too ? so if anyone can touch on these question that would be great .

    • First question, because they weren’t scientists, they only get paid to tow huge refinery’s around full of ore, oil, or whatever it is. They’re interested in money. They only landed on LV426 (an unsurveyed planet at that time) due to a contractual obligation to investigate what might have turned out to be intelligent life. Beyond the initial investigation of the source of the transmission they didn’t have the time or resources to continue further investigation, and judging by the demeanour of some of the crew (namely Parker and Brett) it’s doubtful they would have been able to stay longer anyway.

      Secondly, the eggs don’t just hatch, they only respond to the proximity of a potential host, which is why only one egg opened when Kane went into the chamber. They hibernate, and apparently they can do that for near on decade’s simply waiting for a host.

      Which makes sense, what would be the point of a large number of face huggers hatching and simply running around a derelict ship on an uninhabitable planet?

      Hope this answers your question.

    • Real late to the party here but anyone who paid attention while watching alien could see the eggs were in a pit with some kind of ‘mist’ surrounding them and the egg didn’t hatch until he fell in to the pit and broke the barrier between himself and the ‘mist’

  17. I’d love more of this storyline, but wonder where it’ll fit into Scott’s future film-making plans. We know he’s doing The Counseler next and has been talking about his Blade Runner sequel lately – did he/they PLAN to make a sequel next (depending on response to Prometheus), and has just been teasing us with B.R. news to throw us off? I realize we probably won’t know for a while but I’m hoping yes.

  18. Good article, more info here… http://collider.com/prometheus-2-sequel/172444/

  19. If Damon Lindelof is going to be involved in the writing/crafting of this new story, WE WILL NEVER GET ANY ANSWERS! Prepare for that…remember the ending of LOST? (Which answered NOTHING!)

    • That was such a cop out. So very disappointing. As long as the story is fleshed out and NOT handled in a Lost fashion (well, it’s whatever you want it to be), I’ll be happy.

  20. I loved the Engineers story! I thought the film was executed well and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I would LOVE to see where Shaw and David go – to learn more about the Engineers! Utterly fascinating. What were they running from? Why did they seem to abort their mission to go to Earth ~ 2000 years ago? It was fascinating. I saw the movie on 6/9 and I’ve been thinking/discussing it ever since! I’m praying for a sequel or two! The fact that it was not a direct Alien prequel didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I found this far more fascinating. Well done.

    • soo did the engineers kill the dinosaurs??

      • No, apparently it was a big rock that did it, so I’ve been led to believe anyway.

      • yea it says so in the murals.

  21. Wonder if the comic books and their variants on Aliens will crop up in movies if the franchise picks up again, or are they materials to ignore, not canon. No matter what, somebody needs to get Shaw some food, it may be a long journey on that foreign ship.

  22. I wonder what the Female Engineers look like….

  23. I’m sure i’ve commented that Prometheus has completely enlarged the Alien universe. It seems conceivable that Weyland Corp would send out another ship to LV 223 to investigate the circumstances regarding the crash of the Prometheus ship and the demise of its crew. This new expedition would quickly come into contact with the alien xeno seen at the end of the movie, not to mention the black goo and the other Engineers (and their ships).
    This expedition would be heavily armed as a precaution, leading to some spectacular fight scenes a la ‘Aliens’. Furthermore their Android deciphers the memory banks of one of the Engineer ships. They discover that LV 223 was the base for a faction of the Engineers that worshipped the xeno Queen as the embodiment of genetic perfection. They were stockpiling the black goo in preparation for attacks on the planets seeded by secular Engineers in the past. They hold the primordial ooze as a sacrament fit only to be used by Engineers in a religious ceremony for the transformation of Engineer into xeno – the highest life form. They plan to use the black ooze for its other properties to wipe out the blasphemous creations of the secularists.

    These religious Engineers have been in stasis since an accident unleashed the mutant powers of the black goo, leading to a devastating attack on the other Engineers.
    It is revealed that in ancient times during a performance of the xeno ritual, sacrificing one of their own to a facehugger in preparation for the emerging Alien xeno, one of these unfortunates escaped after impregnation only to crash land on LV 426.
    Meanwhile Shaw and David approach the Engineer’s home planet…..

    • Weyland made the Prometheus trip his own personal mission because he was dying. It was considered a waste of money and you remember his Daughter saying she didn’t want to have to explain things to the Board. So more than likely the company deemed it a wash and probably weren’t willing to speng another Trillion dollars to find Mr Weyland (who was dying or already said to be dead back on earth who knows) and Prometheus. In fact the Company was probably happy to have no more Weyland and his schemes and his Daughter is was gone to, more power and money for them.

    • Weyland Industries (and later Weyland/Yutani) don’t appear to be a company in much of a hurry to investigate anything.

      Firstly they re-route, what amounts to a space tug, to investigate the transmission, probably having already deciphered it, so they, or more likely a small group of executive’s, know already that it’s a warning.

      Said ship literally vanishes with complete loss of ship, crew and cargo. Ripley drifts through space for 57 years and in all that time no one appears to have bothered to send anyone to investigate further.

      A colony of engineer’s set’s up atmosphere processors to make the air breathable, a process that take’s decade’s, so we can assume they’ve been there a long time by this point. And an investigation is only carried out at the behest of Carter Burke, who only sends them out after Ripley’s testimony.

      Which seems to conclude that the original investigation by the Nostromo and crew was privy to very few at Weyland/Yutani, considering the ship subsequently vanishes from existence those few wouldn’t have been in any hurry to fess up to knowing anything about it, especially after insurance investigators and, most likely, federal authorities, would have been wanting to know just what the hell happened to an expensive ship and it’s cargo.

      The same could be said for the Prometheus mission, perhaps kept under wraps by Peter Weyland and privy to only a few with inside knowledge. Perhaps the only one’s who knew the actual destination and purpose were already on the ship, Weyland and of course Vickers, plus the crew.

      Everone again vanishes, or at least never returns to Earth to tell anyone where they’ve been. Anyone on Earth who has knowledge may have again conveniently ‘lost’ any paperwork regarding the mission.

      Companies don’t stay in business by telling everyone all their dirty secrets, they lie, cheat and cover things up.

      I doubt Weyland/Yutani are any different.

      • Yutani mount a takeover of Weyland creating Weyland Yutani.
        The new CEO has continued the aggressive pursual of rich mining pickings via terraforming planets started by Peter Weyland (and Charles Bishop Weyland before him). One of these mining colonies is in the vicinity of LV 223.
        His knowledge of the original Prometheus mission found via a decrypted hologram message on disc left in a safe in Peter Weyland’s chief accountants’office, coupled with the partial remains of a xeno and a ‘Rosetta Stone’ of Alien hieroglyphs found amongst the debris of a destroyed pyramid in Bouvetoya motivate him to send a party to LV 223.
        The Bouvetoya hieroglyphs contain reference to a battle between giant humanoids and Predators on LV 223. The humanoids (Engineers) protecting their xeno queen from capture by the Predators. Weyland Yutani want this queen to develop their military program.
        The subsequent slaughter of the party on LV 223 coupled with the detonation of a nucleaar device seems to have ended any hope of WY getting their hands on a xeno queen.
        Decades pass until towship Nostromo intercepts a mysterious transmission from planetoid LV 426…

        Almost 80 years pass and the Narcissus with Lt. Ellen Ripley on board is finally discovered by a deep space salvage mission. The Narcissus distress beacon failed not long after decoupling from the Nostromo, probably due to the aftershock effects of its destruction.

        Ripley’s version of events is dismissed but Carter Burke has a family of colonists investigate regardless. Burke, like Ash before him, is ordered to secure a xeno for the bioweapons division of Weyland Yutani.
        It all goes horribly wrong (of course).

  24. It would be funny if there isn’t a sequel, I can imagine the complaining already…

  25. They refuse to call it a prequel.But it is a step back in time.The consequences of their actions made the Alien universe we know,but they went down a different fork in the road. As far as the reason “The Makers” want to kill off mankind,I’m thinking the guy at the start of the movie was banished or punished for something and he was given the option of suicide.The genetic aftermath,which created mankind,wasn’t discovered until eons later,and they decided to clean up their mess.

    • If not discovered for eon’s who was it that kept visiting different cultures on Earth, sometimes 100′s of years apart if not the engineers?

      I don’t think it was accidental, but perhaps the original purpose for our creation, perhaps we were the answer to a specific threat to the engineers for instance, if that threat no longer existed then maybe they would not want us around anymore.

    • You are dead on, RMD3rd. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  26. Well the other thing about David and Shaw is that Shaw is the only person who treated David with a modicum of respect and humanity. I think more or less, he became attached to her for simple little gestures for thanking him, whereas, Vickers just ordered him around like a slave. When Shaw asks how he knows her BF wasnt infected by breathing the air, he with holds the knowledge of his role knowing it will only hurt her more. He doesn’t have the capacity to be intentionally cruel to her as evidenced by putting the lab coat on her and warning her of the approach of the Engineer.

  27. David became so attached to Shaw that he left her pregnant with that thing inside her. David didnt care about anyone and everyone was a guinee pig for David.

  28. There’s one thing I needed explanation… “David.” I mean, what’s his agenda? What did he tell the Engineer that made him infuriated and wanted to kill the humans. He also poisoned Charlie Holloway, why? And it’s also obvious he intended Shaw to conceive the alien octopus. Again, why David? WHY?

    • YES! This question needs to be answered! Anyone? They are looking for eternal life for Wayland, so why poison C.Holloway and Shaw? There is no reason for that at all… yet, anyway.

  29. I though Prometheus was brilliant. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s the best sci-fi movie i’ve seen in a long time Loved Shaw. She really was the emotional core of the movie. I thought David was a brilliant character as played by Fassbender. He’s fascinating to watch.

    I noticed a lot of AvP hate in the comments. Interesting fact; James Cameron said in an interview he thought AvP was actually better than alien 3 & 4.

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