‘Prometheus’ Sequel – What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

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prometheus sequel ridley scott Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

Reactions to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus have been all over the map. Many people are embracing the movie for its ambition, while others have expressed frustration over how (infuriatingly) close the spinoff came to being a proper Alien prequel. A noteworthy number of people are having far more extreme reactions, judging by the number of claims online about Prometheus screening walk-outs.

As was discussed during the SR Underground ‘Prometheus’ Podcast: the important thing is that virtually everyone who has seen Prometheus has been very passionate in their response (be it enthusiastic or enraged). If you subscribe to the school of thought that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, then it’s near impossible to argue that the moviegoing masses won’t (at the least) consider a sequel to Prometheus as something they want to see. Going by the early global box office returns, 20th Century Fox is likely to heed those wishes.

So where do you go with a sequel to a film that’s literally about… well, everything? As anyone can tell you (including, Scott and co-screenwriter Damon Lindelof), Prometheus raises more questions than it answers – be it about the mythology of the greater Alien universe or the cyclical nature of creation, destruction, and evolution, as explored in the movie. Obviously, in order to touch on what details the filmmakers have announced so far, we have to venture into spoiler territory.


In a recent THR interview, Scott had the following to say about Prometheus:

“From the very beginning, I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I really don’t want to meet God in the first one. I want to leave it open to [Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace)] saying, ‘I don’t want to go back to where I came from. I want to go where they came from… Because [the Engineers] are such aggressive f**kers, I always had it in there that the God-like creature that you will see actually is not so nice, and is certainly not God. I’d love to explore where [Dr. Shaw] goes next and what does she do when she gets there, because if it is paradise, paradise can not be what you think it is. Paradise has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous.”

Check out one of said Engineers (via Rope of Silicon) below:

prometheus sacrificial engineer 570x290 Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

The 'Sacrificial Engineer' in 'Prometheus'

Ultimately, the connection between Alien and Prometheus was as tenuous as the cast and crew of the latter had insisted throughout the build-up to its theatrical release. Hence, it’s no surprise to hear that Scott intends to carry on the central narrative thread left dangling by the ending of Prometheus with a sequel – rather than concern himself primarily with filling in lingering holes in the tapestry that links Prometheus to Alien. Is it possible the followup could accomplish both tasks, in spite of that?

In order to break down that question, let’s first examine two big plot elements that should be covered in a Prometheus sequel:


The History and Culture of the Engineers

By the conclusion of Prometheus, very little information has been provided about Engineer culture. As Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) voices aloud before setting off to the Engineer planet with David (Michael Fassbender) – or, rather, David’s severed head – there is much to be explained in terms of where the creatures came from, and what inspired them to create humanity in the first place (before attempting to eradicate it).

Furthermore, there is a whole lot of ambiguity surrounding such issues pertaining to how many planets the Engineers have populated with life via rituals similar to that portrayed during the opening minutes of Prometheus; whether Xenomorphs are regarded as higher-evolved beings and (essentially) worshipped as deities by the Engineers, as one could interpret from the presence of a Xeno-like carving in the Ampule Room on LV-223; and if the Engineer’s decision to manufacture black goo material that transforms other sorts of organic life, is the true allegory for the mythological tragedy of the demigod Prometheus overstepping his boundaries.

prometheus xenomorph carving Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

The Xenomorph carving in 'Prometheus'


The Relationship Between Elizabeth Shaw and David

When we say “relationship” between those two characters – who were also the most fully-realized and engaging players in Prometheus – we’re speaking both literally and on the figurative level. By the conclusion of that film, David’s “creator” Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) has perished, and is thus no longer around to command the android. Does that mean Shaw will now become David’s “god,” or are the two on more equal footing – a pair of explorers out to uncover certain truths about the universe, rather than a master and their servant?

During an interview with Time Entertainment, Lindelof addressed that very topic:

“I think they’re going where [Shaw] wants to go. [David’s] fundamental programming has been scrapped. Weyland [the man who built and programmed him] is dead and so now his programming is coming from God knows where. Is he being programmed by Elizabeth, or is it his own internal curiosity now that Weyland isn’t telling him what to do any more? He’s always been interested in Elizabeth, remember that: He’s watching her dreams when she’s sleeping in much the same way that he watches ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. He’s a strange robot that has a curious crush on a human being, and when Weyland is eliminated, I think he is genuinely interested in what she’s interested in. He reaches out partly for survival, but partly out of curiosity, and I think he’s sincere that he’ll take her wherever she wants to go.”

Prometheus disposed of the less interesting characters – along with those whose primary purpose was to explain how Elizabeth and David came to be on their personal space odyssey, and an explanation for their mindsets at the outset of that journey. It will also be interesting to see how the dynamic between that duo (an actual human being and anthropomorphized machine) unfolds in the sequel, and how the relationship ultimately reflects upon and parallels that of Elizabeth and her “creators.”

prometheus david elizabeth 570x351 Prometheus Sequel   What Will It Be About & Where Will It Go?

David eyes a slumbering Elizabeth in 'Prometheus'

In summation: a Prometheus sequel could certainly branch out beyond the realm of being an Alien spinoff, so as to move closer to establishing a science-fiction mythos that stands on its own. However, over the course of doing so, the film has the potential to also provide more backstory on the Xenomorph, along with the history behind how one Engineer crashed on LV-426 – and, inadvertently, unleashed a dangerous new species similar to the monster(s) birthed on LV-223. Ironically, that means a sequel has the capability to provide Alien fans with something closer to the answers they were seeking from Prometheus, while also fully succeeding where its predecessor fell short: being a satisfying, standalone work.

Bear in mind, Scott is about to commence with shooting on The Counselor, so don’t expect to hear news about a Prometheus sequel being put on the fast-track for production in the immediate future. However, so long as the final box office total is satisfactory for Fox (re: results in a profit), everything else is in place for the project to happen.

What are you hoping to get out of a Prometheus sequel? Do you even have an interest in seeing one? Sound off in the comments section.

Meanwhile, Prometheus is currently playing in theaters around the world.

Source: THR [via Worst Previews], Time Entertainment, Rope of Silicon

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  1. I do hope that they go with making the yutani masters over the creators and that the yutani control xenpmorphs for sport it would sum everything unless they try to put the jockeys in….,,,so many ideas

  2. When will Prometheus 2 come out?

  3. Since the engineers may have worshipped the xenomorph as a deity I wander what they think of the predator? Im also wondering if the engineers created the predator as well.

    • No the engineers didn’t create the Predators. The predators are extremely technologically advanced. whoa! I had an idea. What if the Predators kind of took over the Universe during the vacuum of the Engineers civilization being destroyed by the xenomorphs? This would make the Predators the barbarians to the Engineers Rome.

  4. Sorry should have been wonder not wander

  5. awsm movie

  6. I think the engineers mad mama bear mad. Tried to kill her & earth? Two strikes:) Time to use a little black too to kill the rodents

  7. They edited out too much in Prometheus. I didn’t consider it a long movie since it was very entertaining. Also, why was it rated “R’? It was as mild as a PG movie. I really hope the sequel is longer and lives up to an “R” rating

  8. I would love to watch the Prometheus sequel to see where Ridley takes Dr Shaw to find its creators. Love the plot created for the Prometheus film.

  9. I dont think that its them wanting to destroy humans per say, its maybe that humans were only made to be the first step in creating the ultimate xenomorph. The xeno in the carving looks an awful lot like the half humanoid ones.

    Stop with the avp bull, movie has nothing to do with this and rightly so. Avp ruined the predator, it was a mysterious cold blooded creature before they turned him into a decent human being.

  10. It will be very interesting to see the reaction of the Engineer planet to the unsolicited arrival of an upstart humanoid and a robot from Earth. They weren’t supposed to have happened (human evolution and technology). The Engineer ship crashed probably crashed thousands or millions of years earlier whilst on its way to introduce the xenomorph fingerlings to Earth. The reaction of the solo engingeer on seeing a humanoid was extremely hostile and rejecting. Will the robot David betray his mistress Elizabeth, like with Ripley in Alien?

    • That sets this sequel up to be very silly. Like sequels are supposed to be.

  11. I really love the movie! Finally something that combines action, mystery and reveals aliens species!. One issue tho producers, please don’t make it a sequel our prequel to some existing alien our predator movie. That its really not for. and this is because aliens and predator fans will be expecting and demanding something grade or related to its own fan e movies. to make a movie at this extension that you guys did with prometheus it’s really great it’s often something new and and fresh for the viewers. something newly created that cannot be related to any other move is already made because that’s would be a little bit lame. something creating original ice Prometheus it’s really great. it can bring you an old fans. please please make us equal and please make a sequel it is again fully loaded with adventure mystery action sci fi horror or whatever you want but make it like really good. I’m really really looking forward to it as I really loved Prometheus as I said before. because making a sequel or prequel to alien movie will just disappoint everybody who is already familiar with aliens movie that’s what the public is not trying to see now the Alien movies have its own original fame and it would be hard to remake something that will entice and bring more viewers. original movies are the best and a lot of people like them never mind the alienFans as day as the only one trying to see something more that relates to the Alien movies that describe. please make a new Prometheus sequel the second movie and you will see a lot of people will change their mind since its still going on in the theaters. trust me there is a lot of people around the world who love Indian movies but does well they would love to meet you too as its something new and refreshing. please don’t try to please every fan as with all the movies you have a shade understand you have for those who like it and those will stay. I’m looking forward for the second movie. hopefully it will be in the 2015 still eyes 2016 it still far away

  12. Sequels to this amazing movie are needed. We know our writers, directors have the imagination and knowledge to create sequels that take us to other planets and define all of our unanswered questions? Longings?

    • Why are those questions?
      Is your name a heart of darkness reference? I think that would be a cool basis for the sequel.

  13. I thought Prometheus was terrific and can hardly wait for the sequel. But you must not dally too long I’m 75!!.

1 8 9 10