‘Prometheus’ Sequel Confirmed; Lindelof May Not Return

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 Prometheus Sequel Confirmed; Lindelof May Not Return

It would be a major understatement to say that Prometheus left a big door wide open. The film (which was (at least originally) supposed to serve as something of prequel to to Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/horror classic, Alien) instead inspired more questions than answers; questions that people around the world have attempted to explain ever since the film’s release.

In that sense it was unsurprising when the possibility of a Prometheus sequel was first brought up, as a sizable gap between the quasi-prequel and the first Alien film still exists. The very existence of that aforementioned gap (which could have easily been closed with a few revisions to the Prometheus story) almost necessecitates another chapter of the tale; which is exactly what we will be getting in a few years.

THR did a rundown of how the summer 2012 tentpoles for the major movie studios did at the box office, and what the future of those franchises is (if any exists). For 20th Century Fox, the summer 2012 slate was relatively empty, and a lot of hopes rested on Prometheus being a big performer.  As it stands, Ridley Scott’s return to the sci-fi genre earned $300 million worldwide on a $130 million budget – which is (not great, but) good enough for Fox to move ahead with a sequel.

Fox President of Production Emma Watts – who has relaunched several key franchises with the successes of X-Men: First Class and Rise of the Planet of the Apes - had the following to say about the future of the Prometheus brand:

“Ridley is incredibly excited about the movie, but we have to get it right. We can’t rush it,”

Earlier this summer, during an interview, Ridley Scott himself assured our own Roth Cornet that he indeed has a firm grasp on the story, and where it would go next. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING RESPONSE CONTAINS PROMETHEUS SPOILERS!

prometheus ridley scott noomi rapace Prometheus Sequel Confirmed; Lindelof May Not Return

From that interview:

Screen Rant: My question is how far ahead have you thought? Or have you talked to Damon (Lindelof) about where the possibility of a sequel will go? Have you already opened those doors in terms of you already know where these answers are and it’s just a matter of making it? Or are you sort of like ‘We will think about that a little bit assuming the movie is a hit. Let’s talk later.’

Ridley Scott: “It’s a bit of each. You do a bit of each and I’ve opened the doors. I know where it’s going. I know that to keep him alive is essential and to keep her alive is essential and to go where they came from, not where I came from, is essential. That’s a pretty open door and then rather than going to that, I don’t see landing in a place that looks like paradise, that’s not how it’s going to be. There is a plan, yeah.”

SR: How important is it for you to be directly involved as a director in that?

RS: “Totally. I develop everything. I do. I learned that a long time ago. It’s never going to land on your desk, you have to come up with what you want to do with the story and I think sometimes it can take two or three years…

 Prometheus Sequel Confirmed; Lindelof May Not Return

Maybe we'll finally find out what THIS was all about...

Admittedly, hearing both Watts and Scott drop the caveat that a sequel ‘can’t be rushed’ is a bit frustrating. Many viewers signed on to see Prometheus in the expectation that they would see the story of how the dreaded Alien Xenomorphs came to be, and how those fearsome creatures landed on that faithful planet where Ellen Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo first encountered them; instead, we got a much larger mythology that only tangentially referenced the actual kernel of knowledge so many were hungry for. Hearing that there “needs” to be an extended delay to actually get the full meal will likely be frustrating to many fans beyond myself…

…Of course, what may raise some of those same fans’ hopes is an addition to the THR report, which states that while surviving Prometheus members David (Michael Fassbender) and Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) are both locked in for a sequel, Damon Lindelof (who co-wrote the script with newcomer Jon Spaihts) is not as certain to return. Apparently, Fox wants the sequel out in either the 2014 or 2015 summer season – a deadline Lindelof may not be able to make, thanks to his other commitments (Star Trek 2 being a big one).

Damon Lindelof

After the controversy that sprang up from the endings to both Lost and Prometheus  - projects Lindelof had a big hand in crafting – there is a very jaded, but very vocal, demographic of cinephiles who believe the popular young writer to be something of a ‘two-act pony’ (as in, a writer who is unable to craft a satisfying third act conclusion to his often-mysterious screen stories). Given the amount of contradictions and holes that pepper the plot of Prometheus, maybe some new blood wouldn’t be a bad idea?

Look for the Prometheus Sequel sometime in either 2014 or 2015; check back to Screen Rant regularly for any updates that come to light.

Source: THR

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  1. The constant railing on Lindelof makes me sad. His style led to one of the best TV shows in history, and it fit perfectly well with what Prometheus was intending to do. People want the mystery of their favorite mythologies completely demystified? Then go watch the Star Wars prequels or the Matrix sequels.

    • Amen, Reavus.

    • I don’t want them completely demystified, quite the contrary. But in case of Lost, it was like they just made up mysteries and questions when they wanted to, with no intention of answering them. It was like every 2 minutes they thought lets put up a new question just for the fun of it. It was a good thing the emotional aspect of Lost was well wrapped up which is what I was more interested in thanks to those great characters.
      Completely demystifying will be detrimental, that’s for sure. And Lindelof does come up with some awesome stuff..

      • I’ve actually been rewatching Lost with my girlfriend lately, and I just have to say since I hear this a lot: they answered pretty much any big mythology question they ever brought up. It’s actually very obvious on a rewatch that they had it pretty perfectly planned out except for maybe some season 2 stalling. In a 6 year show, they’re going to have to throw some aside (like Walt for obvious reasons, AKA puberty), but even little things like the polar bears, children-napping, whatever nitpicky things people didn’t get a concrete answer for, they pretty much subtley give you all the clues you need without spelling it out for you. The thing was they didn’t waste time stopping to explain all these little things, and instead tactfully dropped the necessary clues to keep the actual story going to avoid episodes like that glowy-light-smoke monster crap episode, which again, was nothing but demystifying when they finally did lay something out like that. But yeah…Prometheus…Lindelof knows what he’s doing. I think.

        • Yeah, I agree they did have stuff planned out (like the fact that they were building a road for landing a supposed airplane etc), but I don’t know, I found there were too many things that were there unnecessarily (that Smoke Monster episode really killed the mystery so I do agree that some things are better left to the imagination of the viewer). But again, the emotional aspect of Lost meant so much more to me and was mostly the reason Lost captivated me when I started watching it. I don’t watch TV shows much (have only seen Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones, apart from a few comedy series) so I guess I have to give it to Lindelof for making such an awesome show, mix of both mysteries and drama.
          Maybe a re-watch is on the cards for me too and will make me change my mind.

        • Reavus… I’ve seen Lost start to finish 3 times and then many of the other episodes more than that. I agree… EVERYTHING was covered. I was amazed at the level of actual detail they got into during my rewatch(s). Ultimately I was satisfied after the first watch. I paid very close attention and was on of the fans that spent time conversing with others and divulging into theories and studying the episodes. So I wasn’t confused at the end and found that most of the answers I peiced together from the clues we were given proved true during rewatching and of course the redundant prologue they released that basically explained thing viewers should have figured out on their own. I have yet to encounter a question that wasn’t answered. I’ve been posting on SCREENRANT’s Lost explained page for 3 years. There is a massive post thread there… you should check it out.

          • Okay, you Sir just made me decide to really start watching Lost again. I was satisfied enough the first time, let’s see what happens on re-watch, haha..

          • speaking as one of lost’s biggest supporters, and also recently rewatched the entire thing, there IS still some unexplained things. just off the top of my head…who was shooting at sawyer and co. in the canoes before the time jump. there are others but i agree most all the important stuff was answered. but they never really delved into the history of the island which disappointed me. i have my own theory that the egyptians etc started finding the island after it started bouncing through time, and different cultures started building their own monuments to jacob who they perceived to be a god. but the well in the flashback MIB/jacob ep IS NOT the same one ben and locke turn the wheel..but it is still the greatest show of all time!

            • I never got the ‘who was shooting at them on the outrigger’ thing. I always thought it was just a random encounter at a random point in time that they’d happened upon, not really even a mystery, kind of like the flaming arrow attack. They were just experiencing random points in time not connected in any way. But it would have been cool to see some more of the history, but I also like being able to imagine it based on the remnants of it they’d show like the statues…kind of like imagining ‘the Clone Wars’ before you saw that it was actually just a bunch of toys in a laser orgy. But that risk of demystifying things is what Lindelof very clearly understands, and that’s why Prometheus worked as well as it did, because he didn’t actually give us a walkthrough of where the xenomorphs came from or what the Engineers were doing. Just more hints, and we get to keep wondering, at least until we get the inevitably disappointing answers that don’t match our imaginations (ex/”Heart of the Island?!”).

              • Reavus,

                It was people from the black Rock that were shooting at the out rigger. It’s out lined in journal entries from the black rock that come with the complete series collectors set. Other very interesting tid bits are listed in it as well. Just like how details from the others and dharmas truce agreement came with season 5 orientation kit I believe. Fun additions like that are all over the place. It’s all part of the experience.

                • If it was people from the Black Rock, were thy time jumping as well to get a hold of one since they weren’t exactly laying around for hundreds of years?

    • But Prometheus was my first viewing of something in the Alien universe, and it sure has me excited for the next one, even if all questions might not get answered..

    • Also, please don’t mention the Star Wars prequels in talk about Lost and Prometheus and Damon Lindelof, that really insults them. :D Those prequels were pure garbage that often ruin the name of Star Wars in the minds of newer generation kids who didn’t watch the original trilogy but only the prequels, hence thinking Star Wars is nothing special -.-

      • revenge of the sith was actually pretty great

        • Revenge of the Sith I found good compared to the previous two, but still not great to be honest. The original trilogy was a class apart.

    • Well said brother.

      My friends and I enjoy talking about something we just watched together.
      That is part of the fun.
      Lindleof and Scott should be praised for giving us tantalising clues that enable theorising and discussion, for long after sometimes, rather than spoon-feeding every last story detail and treating the audience like brainless morons.
      Besides, this is not a revolutionary style of writing Lindelof employs. When you think of any of the greatest sci-fi films or TV series, they all have looming mystery elements which not only help with scope for further story demand from the fans, but keeps the audience interested and thinking about what they’ve seen.
      That’s not to say there isn’t a larger plan at work. Normally the journey is all the more satisfying for the audience when an epic story has an opportunity to be told outside of the confines of 1hour 30minutes.

      There are valid reasons why Ridley Scott chose Lindelof specifically for this project.
      I hope Lindelof is able to help finish what he and Scott decided to go forward with.
      See you in Paradise!

    • Screw you buddy! I want an ALIEN prequel not Lindelof’s nonsense writing, Spaihts forever! Lindelof NEVER!!!

    • Screw you! I want an ALIEN prequel not Lindelof’s nonsense writing, Spaihts forever! Lindelof NEVER!!!

    • I DISAGREE VEHEMENTLY! I want an ALIEN prequel not more of Lindelof’s nonsense writing, Spaihts forever! Lindelof NEVER!!!

  2. Not sure what to think of Lindelof not returning. On one hand I love the mysteries and stories he comes up with, but on the other I hate his technique of adding too many questions and mysteries then not answering them, like he did in Lost. Hopefully Prometheus 2 will answer many questions instead of again making us wonder why the Engineers did what they did, Lindelof or not..

    • Sigh. What stories? I am sorry but he threw people on a planet and killed them. He explained nothing of the awesome universe they are in. Why did anything that happen take place? Lindelof does not tell you, make up your own reason, that is not good story telling.

    • I AGREE, answers please . . .

  3. I’m thinking it’s obvious that Carlton Cuse may have been the key element to LOST and that Kurtzman, Orci, and Abrams the key ingredients to ST. It’s almost like Lindelof has great ideas but isn’t sure (or sure-handed enough) how to execute them.

    The most glaring example of this to me is the scene for Prometheus in which the captain of the ship acts as an expository text-dump explaining the motive of the antagonists in the middle of the film.

    • Despite some of the plot deficiencies in the script my take on much of the exposition from the characters was that they were just guessing. Judging by what happened to most of them in the film I don’t feel that they had anymore information then we as the audience did. It is a bit of a writing gimmick, but the characters did not have much more information than the audience did which is what probably frustrated a lot of people.

  4. YES! I dont know how many would agree with me but Prometheus is at the top of the list of my favorite movie of 2012 along side The Dark Knight rises.

    • Same here, though it was the visuals in Prometheus that really got me, from start to finish. Loved it otherwise as well, but the visuals… oh boy, I loved those. Plus the music, specially the theme that plays at the start of the movie. Listening to it almost every day, haha..
      As for Prometheus 2, bring it on!

      • There is something weird about prometheus I gotta confess about prometheus. Yes I did in fact love it but… 3D is officially dead to me because of the movie. Yes it had some really good 3D effects but while watching the movie I started to think. “James Cameron is nuts. This does not add to the story or the characters. All it does is make particle effects fly out of the screen.”


        • It wasn’t the 3D, the visuals were great otherwise. Those landscapes that the camera goes through at the beginning, the special effects otherwise, they were all beautiful. 3D wasn’t important, it never is.

          • I Agree but it was this movie that put the final nail in the 3D coffin for me.

    • I concur 100%. Id prob even put this slightly above batman

  5. I plan on buying the DVD when it comes out, good, bad, or otherwise, since I have all the rest of the Alien-related and Predator-related flicks. I have not seen this yet, altho the trailers look pretty good. My son saw it in the theater, and said it was over-all good, altho he did have a couple questions about a few things in it.

  6. i liked the movie .. but my wife hated it .. i hope the sequel dives more into the mythos of the series .. as to be honest i feel and call me crazy if you must but something along these lines could of happened , we are made from something thats for sure ..

  7. whoever the heak makes this sequel i want it to be someone who can act like they don`t hate having this challenge of fighting things like that of the creatures in this film. you can`t hate everything that scares you.

    THe description that i read on this film, ” A team finding the origins of humanity”, with whoever the “origins” are, if it`s the aliens then that ruins these films for me

    • Which aliens? The Xenomorphs or the Engineers because it was definitely the Engineers and they’re alien.

      The only thing I hate about the movie is that conspiracy theorists try to claim Prometheus is “elites trying to hint to us that the Ancient Alien Theory is correct without acknowledging outright the existence of alien life”.

  8. As someone who hated Lost and never saw why it was so popular, I’ve been able to come into the movies Lindelof has helped write with fresher eyes and honestly, I liked Prometheus.

    Didn’t matter to me that we had more questions than answers because something of this subject matter (where did we come from) is still ambiguous in the real world so it was cool it wasn’t really explained in this movie.

    I’m also not a fan of things that explain everything in that one movie.

  9. I was really disappointed by Prometheus (so far my most disappointing movie of the year – not the worst, just the most disappointing IMO). Looking back, the only real highlights for me were the VFX and Fassbender’s performance…

    So with this sequel, I’m definitely not rushing out to the theater. I’ll wait for the reviews and if it’s reported that the movie actually explains more things that it leaves “open” then I’ll go see it.

    • What The Avenger said, word for word.

  10. Count me in…
    But, if they want to have the film bye 2014-2015 you have to wonder if Ridley Scott will be back to direct?
    From what I understand he has a few other things going on and if they want the film bye then he might not have the time.
    Maybe he’ll oversee the project as a EP instead.

  11. I don’t even care, I hate Damon Lindelof’s work. I hate his style and everything he does. Being obtuse is not the same as being ambiguous, and throwing in stuff just because it’s a neat idea with out any thought of where it’s going what it means how it fits into the rest of the story or how it will resolve is LAZY

    • I AGREE, we need answers please . . . Not more confusing and stupid question from mr. LOST :/

    • I AGREE, we need answers please . . . Not more confusing and dumb questions from mr. LOST :/

  12. This is great news as Prometheus has earned $302m SO FAR with Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan still to see it, so hopefully another $50m. For a R rated film on a budget half that of 12a TDKR, Avengers and Superman, which all had the same huge built in audience (for imo lesser films, yes I was even disappointed with TDKR as its overlong with too many characters, a bland script and not that exciting, the poorest of the trilogy.

    Prometheus has faults, its about 40 minutes too short with some dodgy editing choices. As it was an R why not show the uncut version. Were the Fox suits the problem? Anyway two sequels would be even better. Great news.

  13. is this some sort of god story? “prometheus” was a name of some sort of fantasy god and that picture looks like a humanoid alien. which could be why the humans came from aliens.
    please, so i don`t waste my time, to those who watched this film, were the “xenomorphs” or “engineers” the origins of humanity? And among this film were there any signs of, like avatar, a “god”? could the aliens speak? wait a minute, so why is this film called “Prometheus”? DO they have different powers than the original sigourney weavers` “aliens”?

    • I’ll just say Prometheus is the name of the ship the scientists travel in. And the Engineers are the origin. I guess Wikipedia will tell you the whole story :)

    • Kind of… as Abhijeet Mishra said, Prometheus is just the name of the ship, but they do touch on the theme of humanity’s origin… you know, “who made us”, “who made them”… that whole thing.

      If I may. just watch the movie man. It wasn’t that good IMO, but it certainly is worth watching – even if you do just rent it when it hits DVD.

      • i heard wikepedia could be fake so looks like i`ll wait until it`s in dVD.

  14. They should hire that one dude to write the sequel… That Titanic, Avatar, Terminator 2 guy.

  15. Since he is attached to Star Trek 2, I just hope it has a solid ending or atleast an ending where a 3rd movie can pick up. Sure i loved the half unanswered ending to Prometheus but for Star Trek i would rather a solid ending so I hope JJ is able to get that across

  16. “Look for the Prometheus Sequel sometime in either 2014 or 2014″

    Well, that narrows it down, eh?

    Prometheus 2? Heck yeah!

    No Lindelof? OH FRABJOUS DAY

    Replacements for Lindelof (too bad Dan O’Bannon’s not available):

    1. David Goyer
    2. Neil Blomkamp
    3. Duncan Jones/Nathan Parker (whichever was most responsible for MOON)

    • Agreed, anyone except Lindelof. The man needs to stay on TV. Away from the movies I loved growing up. Far far away.

    • Choice 2 and 3 could be interesting, but Goyer I don’t know about. He is very hit or miss, and when he misses it is by a country mile.

    • Yeah… Goyer is not a good writer on his own. When he works in conjunction with other writers he does well, but he’s more of an idea man; that’s why you usually see him with “story credit” as opposed to “writing credit”.

      • Okay, for Goyer substitute David and Janet Peoples…?

    • Spaihts the guy who wrote the original PROMETHEUS scripts before Lindelof’s abortional revsions mucked up a PERFECTLY GOOD ‘ALIEN’ prequel’s script, DAMN YOU LINDELOF!!!

  17. Only japanese anime and manga writers can demistify such stories better. Sadly, RS is not going to use them. I hated lindeolf for the scrappy dialogue writing and pace of prometheus plot. Hell, temple in prometheus is not even scary like temple in Alien vs Predator. I wonder why he didn’t thought about a big fanbase behind prometheus/Alien series. Prometheus never scared any one but was marketed exactly opposite. None of the answers were given in prometheus movie, only the answers that Aline fans seek were pushed ahead to another sequel. LOST maybe a good TV show for some people just like there are fans to twilight but that does not mean the same writer can do justice for the movies like prometheus.

    In any case, I hope they don’t use writer who used to write for some TV show or low budget TV movie.

  18. In this day and age, you can’t take any news seriously. Official isn’t even ‘official’ anymore. Sigh.


  19. Best news ever. Sorry Lindy has a proven track record of crap. Lost (and believe it or not i still consider myself a fan) While good relied to much on ‘what happens next’. Look at the ratings and you can see the slide after people realized there would be no payoff. Also it (if i remember correctly) was drug out but the network which didnt help.

    However what has Lindy REALLY done to warrant his greatness?

    Star Trek? Cowboys and Aliens? No really what has he written that is any good? Nothing. Everytime he puts pen to paper the end result is junk. The ride is ok sometimes however he is like a bad date and just doesnt know how to finish to warrant a second date.

    • Eh… he didn’t write Star Trek (Producer) and with Cowboys & Aliens he just did some script polishing with four other writers but doesn’t actually hold the writing credit. He rally can’t be held to either of them.

  20. I cannot wait for a sequel. I loved Prometheus. Ridley truly expanded the Alien universe and captivated the imagination. I hope Michael Fassbender plays duel roles, like he plays a Military scientist whom David was based off of and this human version of David is part of the 2nd crew finding out what happened to the Prometheus. It would be interesting if Shaw and the human David have a romantic connection and to see how David 8 reacts since he has interest in shaw himself. I hope the sequel brings back the iconic Alien and see the evolution of the Deacon and Alien Queen. My vote is to get Guy Pearce back as an android representing a young Weyland and bring a high caliber actor like Christian Bale as a colonial marine or Captain of the next crew. Bring some action into it by blending the horror of alien with the action/thriller of Aliens and bringing the imagination of Prometheus. I guess that is just the fanboy speaking from his heart, but I feel that will be an interesting concept to build upon .. also bring on christopher nolan to produce and give fresh insight. he is the master of third acts and endings. if anyone could aid Ridley in tieing Alien to Prometheus it would be him

    • Dear god are you serious? Did we watch the same movies?? You do realize NOTHING was explained. The audience was made to believe one line the captain who never left the ship said as gospel. This movie did NOTHING to further ANYTHING in the alien universe. Period. What movie did you watch, I am dying to know. Black goo explained? Nope. Why the made us, nope. Why the engineer went berserk, NOPE. Why the wanted to kill us, NOPE. What killed the beheaded engineer…NOPE. DO you see a pattern here? Lousy writing. Sorry but this movie gets me so mad, I was soooo excited for it and have not been this let down in years.

      • In Kenji’s defense, he did say *expanded* the Alien universe, not further it., and I doubt any revelation of what killed the beheaded Engineer would have brought anything to the table. That being said, this does come off as half a movie, much like the trend of two part final chapters like Matrix, Potter, and Twilight, but at least each two part film in those franchises still stand on their own in story while this film does not. I still enjoyed the film, but had I known this was the route that was taken I would have waited until the second came and watched them together to get one coherent story.

      • Black Goo = Basically it tears down any material from it’s original form down to it’s genetic roots and mutates it. In this case it was used to tear down the alien peoples and make them into the building blocks of human life and eventually humans. Later on the black goo is used to create weapons, that freaky snake worm thing and the crazy mutated baby tha Noomi Rapace cuts out of her.

        Why they made us = because they could.

        Why the engineer went beserk = they were already travelling to Earth to kill all of humanity. He saw David and went postal on his ass because he thought he was human and he was just carrying out previous orders from before he was in cryo-sleep.

        Why they wanted to kill us = they creatred us and now they were going to “correct” us.

        What killed the beheaded engineer = he was infected by the black goo. It tore apart his mind but with nothing to latch onto to build back up upon it simply exploded.

        Any more questions? And that was all from watching the movie and listening quite closely.

      • Lindelof is a MORON, I agree ENTIRELY!!!

  21. This is great news.

    Lindelof should be involved- I think it’s evident from Prometheus that Ridley & Lindelof have a set of pre-agreed ‘answers’ to most of the questions that people come away from the movie with.

    Check my site if you want to know my take on what those answers are.

    • God I hope you are right. But what a gamble on a piss poor first movie. Maybe for some people in the tv audience a lousy story is ok. Not for multi-million dollar movies. Get anyone, anyone except Lindelof.

    • Someone should place a restraining order on Lindelof so he can’t go near Sir Ridley with his CRAPPY ideas LMFAO!!!

    • Someone should place a restraining order on Lindelof so he can’t go near Sir Ridley with his CRAPPY ideas LOL!

    • I think someone should place a restraining order on Lindelof so he can’t go near Sir Ridley with his TERRIBLE IDEAS LOL!

    • I think someone should place a restraining order on Lindelof so he can’t go near Sir Ridley with his TERRIBLE IDEAS LOL! LOST was SOOO BAD it’s not even funny :/

    • I think someone should place a restraining order on Lindelof so he can’t go near Sir Ridley with his TERRIBLE IDEAS! LOST was SOOO BAD it’s not even funny :/

    • I think someone should place a restraining order on Lindelof so he can’t go near Sir Ridley with his TERRIBLE IDEAS! LOST was SOOO BAD it’s not even funny!

    • I think someone should place a restraining order on Damon Lindelof so he can’t go near Sir Ridley with his TERRIBLE IDEAS! LOST was SOOO BAD it’s not even funny!

  22. The ending for Lost wasn’t anything like I expected but I thought that was a good thing. As for Prometheus it was an ambitious piece of work that may have been more staisfying if it had been worked on a little longer however the fact there will be a sequel means the story can be explored further which can only be a good thing in my opinion.

    I’d ideally like Ridley Scott to do an original piece of sci-fi not based on his previous work but even so prequel type work for Alien and sequel type work for Bladerunner is a nice substitute for now.

  23. Not sure I want a sequel to be honest, unless it actually connects the Prometheus to Alien in a more definite way, some actual story connections would be nice.

    Prometheus was a big let down in a summer of films that largely delivered.

    • letdown due to the horrible, empty plot, rushed story by Lindelof. This movie had so much damn potential.

    • ^Agreed.

  24. or maybe we’ll see it in 2014

  25. Please please please god, I beg you… no Lindelof. I am so tired of people defending his lazy writing as inventive. Stick with TV. He was the biggest problem on Prometheus. Making the viewer write the story for you is not smart or inventive, it is down right lazy writing.

    Please please please no Lindelof.

    • Lee…

      I’ll have to wholeheartedly disagree with you. I think it’s exactly the opposite… it’s lazy of you not to want to do any critical/creative thinking of your own. Was it lazy of Nolan to leave the top spinning at the end of inception?? Lindelof’s writing is exceptional… I’ve had this argument with dozens and dozens of people that complain about so called “unanswered questions” then when I should them what they missed and prove to them that the question was answered they realize they were just too stupid and or lazy to put the clues together. I’m not saying you’re stupid or lazy… that would be silly… I don’t know you. But time after time it ends in something a viewer just flat out missed or didn’t take the time to wrap their head around. How boring would it be if we weren’t left with something to think about?? Something to solve based on two clues we were given… it makes the viewing experience so much more entertaining. I should note that I’m only speaking about Lost… I’ve yet to see Prometheus… but it’s been my experience that when people say they didn’t “get it” or something wasn’t explained… it was.

      • We can agree to disagree. Let me be clear, I am not trying to come off as an a** here or anything. And I do LOVE having to think about things in movies. Of course I do!! Who doesnt! It is when a movie chooses to explain just about LITERALLY nothing, (and I am not joking here…) that I get upset. I have been a member of a great prometheus forum where fans and myself have done so much more critical thinking than was ever done on this movie. (or so it seems from watching it). I love movie that make you think, like for example 2001. This is not one of them. Please watch it and let me know what you think. I am not being lazy at all, but at least give me some clue that dont contradict one another. I feel this move had such potential, and due to the writing styles of Lindelof we are left to fill in all the blanks. Not some, ALL. That is why I am upset.

        • Lee,

          Seeing it is definitely on my list of things I must do… I’m very interested to see how Lindelof handled it. It’s good to hear that you attempted to dissect it as thoroughly as you’ve done. However it does sadden me a bit because, like many, I have/had big hopes for the film and assume that it’s potential (from trailers) is limitless. It’s a shame to hear that it fell (what appears to be) far short of it’s expectations. I will see it and get back to you. It may be the first thing I’ve seen of Lin’s that I don’t enjoy… we’ll see.

          • I dont want you to think it is a bad movie in general. It will be fun for your eyes, just not your brain.

  26. Thank god Damon Lindelof isn’t coming back. While I have masses of confidence in Ridley, I’ve now lost all confidence in Lindelof.

  27. Dear God do people need EVERYTHING answered in a movie…is there no imagination in the world anymore? I hate it when in movies the good guys figure out every little detail of a huge mystery. Did you want the Promethius crew to figure out billions of years of history in the 2 or 3 days they were on the planet? Or for Jacob to have a 4 hour fireside chat with Jack explaining the history of the island with a PowerPoint presentation? Sheez…

    Movies like Cloverfield, District 9, and even Super 8 are all great because they make you think and discuss what the hell you just saw…you know use your mind because you know just as much as the guy on the screen!

    • Most of the issue people are taking is not that they wanted everything answered but that nothing was. Nothing. The movie fails to stand on it’s own in that regard and standing on it’s own is what a film should do unless it is a mini-series rolled out over consecutive nights or weeks. That is how this film comes off: a two hour prelude to the next film.

      I don’t care about unanswered questions when done strategically. Particulars like that don’t affect immersion in a story for me. What I do care about is not feeling like someone tossed ideas in a hat and played lottery with them, that whatever they pulled out wound up in the film and the rest were omitted but still considered part of the narrative.

  28. It’s actually very obvious on a rewatch that they had it pretty perfectly planned out .

  29. Lindelof is a no-talent hack who can’t bring anything to resolution or develop anything; his only skill is in flogging the Internet to whip up interest in the loose ends he casts off like a dog sheds hair in summertime. He turned what might have been an excellent film into “Lost – in Space!”. It’s a travesty that Scott teamed up with this oaf. Here’s hoping his schedule remains full and any further scripts never see the light of day.