Ridley Scott Talks ‘Alien’ Connection to ‘Prometheus’ & Reveals Guy Pearce’s Character

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Ridley Scott Talks Alien Connection to Prometheus Ridley Scott Talks Alien Connection to Prometheus & Reveals Guy Pearces Character

Prometheus is being touted as an Alien prequel by pretty much everyone but its director, Ridley Scott. While the film almost certainly qualifies as a prequel in the technical sense, the question remains – will the famed alien xenomorphs be making an appearance or not?

Recently, Scott talked how his new sci-fi opus connects to 1979’s Alien, the part Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential, Lockout) will be playing in it, and whether or not said xenomorphs will be taking center stage.





On Prometheus‘ connection to Alien, courtesy of AVP Galaxy and Bleeding Cool:

“When the first ‘Alien’ movie and ‘Blade Runner’ were made, I thought that in the near future the world will be owned by large companies. This is why we have the Tyrell Corporation in ‘Blade Runner,’ and Weyland-Yutani in ‘Alien.’ They sent the Nostromo spaceship.”

Guy Pearce is Peter Weyland in Prometheus Ridley Scott Talks Alien Connection to Prometheus & Reveals Guy Pearces Character

Guy Pearce in 'Lockout'

On Guy Pearce’s role and the monsters in the film, Scott said:

“The Prometheus is owned by an entrepreneur called Peter Weyland [who] is played by Guy Pearce. That’s the connection between the two films, and nothing more. ‘Prometheus’ is a new film, a new world, and is full of new ideas. And of course, new monsters as well.”

Oh, of course!

So does this mean that the xenomorphs are 100% officially out of the film, as Ridley Scott would have us believe? Or is Scott playing a game of semantics with us, wherein these “new monsters” are not technically the xenomorphs we know and love, but are closely related to them, regardless? If Scott isn’t outright telling tales out of school on this, one presumes the latter scenario is the more likely of the two, especially considering the slew of rumors to the contrary.

Will the Xenomorphs Appear in Prometheus Ridley Scott Talks Alien Connection to Prometheus & Reveals Guy Pearces Character

Prometheus looks to be by far the weirdest and most interesting science-fiction blockbuster of 2012, if the trailer is any indication. It might not make the money of, say, an Avengers or a Dark Knight Rises, but it’ll almost certainly be the creepiest, classiest big-budget sci-fi film in years.

Prometheus hits theaters – with xenomorphs or without – June 8th, 2012.

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Source: AVP Galaxy [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. Scott more then likely went back to Giger’s Necronomicon for the new creature. Theirs a hole slew of creatures in that book for inspiration.

  2. My guess aas to what is going on in Prometheus: It’s the same type of artifact and “space jockey”, but it’s not LV426, it’s a different planet.

    • Oh, and there should be a “the same universe/continuity” in there somewhere…this site needs an “edit” button in a big way…;)

  3. This dosent make sense there is more then one connection to Prometheus and alien then what ridley Scott said space jockeys would make a connection so why would he not say space jockeys make a connection and in the trailer the weather on the planet resembles lv-426 and the same space ship crashes on the planet it’s a prequel and he is trying to trick us

    • Maybe that (blatantly shown on the trailer) crash landing on LV426 occurs near the end of the movie and the rest of the film takes place elsewhere. Maybe FURY-161-LOL

  4. I actually just saw both alien and aliens for the first time this weekend and really liked them both. now im even more excited for prometheus. i just have one question. I know the 3 and 4 alien films are considerably weaker then the first 2 but is it still worth checking them out?

    • All 4 Alien movies are worth watching. Alien 3 doesnt really add much to the overall story but Resurrection does.

    • Alien 3 is 110% worth checking out IF you get the Directer’s Cut. The theatrical release is an abortion and not Fincher’s true vision.

    • I think Alien 3 is better than 4, because Part 4 has to much ridiculous comedy-elements in it, the vibe of the movie is realy deviating IMO.
      The end of Alien 4 made me want a 5th part, though.

      • Well in terms of story, Resurrection was better than 3….3 was more of a setup for Resurrection.
        But yes, as far as atmosphere and cinematics, it did deviate from the source.

      • I agree that 3 is better than Resurrection, even the theatrical release of 3 (although the director’s cut is better).

        What really kills Resurrection for me is the dialogue. For example, the speech by the scientist when they reveal the white hybrid, I half-expected him to look at the camera and say “for those of you watching, let me explain what is going on in this scene.”

        Poor writing.

    • @ Draagyn, I have to disagree with everyone’s opinion on Alien 3 & Alien Resurrection. I do not think that they are worth the time. Alien 3 was a long drag and slaps what Alien and Aliens created in terms of story, tone, and character right in the face followed by a backhand to the other cheek. Honestly I like to pretend that this one never happened.

      Alien Resurrection was an attempt to reclaim what the first 2 films were, but I don’t think it lives up to it. The plot seems to follow the standard story is in an Alien novel, comic, or video game. Some action, the unknown android, and some WTF moments that may make you say “eww”.

      Someone used the word “abortion” to describe a cut of Alien 3, but I think that term applies to Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection.

      Check them out and share your opinion, interested to know what you think of the latter two films.

    • Alien 3 & 4 are only watchable once in awhile perhaps. But Alien & Aliens are the best without a doubt in the franchise.

      • Yup

    • to answer your question…If you liked the first and second ALIEN film then yes 3 and 4 are worth checking out…Just dont go into them thinking they are going to be as good as 1 and 2 because the stories are weaker and they DO NOT have the same gritty/scary feel as the first 2 movies…

    • Alien 3 and Resurrection are both great movies in their own right, Alien 3 removes all the heavy weaponary leaving the characters having to fight barehand and Resurrection is just another good gorefest wll worth a watch!

  5. This information is confusing.
    On the imdb page it lists Guy as playing a character named Stannison, not Peter Weyland. It also lists Patrick Wilson as playing Charles Weyland…..so what the heck is going on here!?

    • Until the movie is released, IMDB (like Wikipedia) needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

  6. Is it true that this movie is going to be pg-13 instead of a rated R horror film? If so, I’ll begin to worry if this movie will be as scary as the original Alien

    • Honestly, if Alien was released today, then it would most likely get a PG-13 rating. All they would have to do is edit out a few cus words, and there you go. Besides, Alien was only “scary” when it came out in the 70s. Not at all now.

      • Yeah, the “blunted affect” is everywhere.
        In an interview Ridley said, that many people had to vomit after the “chestburster scene” and that, at least one cinema-owner had cut the scene for his own benefit, because the audience puked so much, and the staff refused to clean it up.

        • yeah i read somewhere that a female usher fainted at the chestburster scene. and thanks everyone for the comments. i actually watched AVP before any of the alien films and i thought it was OK. worth $5 so if 3 and 4 are better than AVP then itll be worth my money. i havent seen AVP:R because i heard it was atrocious. speaking of AVP anyone else looking forward to another predators film? i think predators did a really good job and i would put it up there with the first predator film and would love to see them make a sequel

          • Compared to the 2 AVP movies (AVP 2 is the worst of em all) Alien 3 & 4 are true masterpieces IMO.

          • @ Draagyn

            Female usher fainted at that scene? Lol, not everyday that happens or every movie i should say. I liked the AVP films & thought they good but not great. To my surprisement AVP was rather good despite being PG-13. And was better than AVP-R which was R rated. Like James Cameron, i enjoyed it more than i did Alien 3&4 and rank it as my 3rd favorite Alien film watched. AVP-R on the other hand had a bad cast, bad plot, among other things. Only good thing was the action between the Predator & Predalien/Xenomorphs.


        Alien wouldn’t be scary today? Do they even make scary films anymore….or just dumber audiences. CGI has never and will never be scary. Horror films these days caters to teens and adults with a significantly lower IQ.
        ALIEN knows the importance of atmosphere, the unseen enemy lurking in the shadows, and the vulnerability of not having a clue of what you’re up against. That kind of terror is timeless.
        Real directors, the ones from Ridley’s era, know that less is more.

        Oh….and I can’t believe people on here are actually suggesting people see Alien: Resurrection; that’s just criminal. As much as i love Joss Whedon, that film was completely ignorant of what made the Alien franchise so good. Its only watchable if you pretend its not connected to the other two (maybe 3) films.

        • Alien is actually one of my favorite films I own, but the only time I was scared by it was when I saw it for the first time when I was a kid. Hollywood doesn’t make scary films anymore. They rely on cheap jump scares and gore to make “horror”. That’s why I don’t even bother with them. I did here the Paranormal Activity films are scary, so I may check them out, but my lack of interest in the genre is keeping me from doing so.

          • A good example would The Thing prequel. The film relied on jump scares rather than the tension and suspense that Carpenter brought to his film. And yes, the CGI was terrible in most scenes.

        • Agree 100%.

        • you can read joss whedon’s script AS HE INTENDED it to be online. if you print it out and follow along with the movie, you will see they deviated GREATLY from what he wrote. they should have used his script because it is vastly better that what got released, imo.

      • @ Ghost

        I agree. I first saw Alien several years ago but didn’t scare me. Of-course alot of films like that have music that takes away that scare that you know somthing is gonna happen.

    • Im guessing when you have a director like Scott or a Spielberg you can definitely create a horror or a thriller without going for the usual 18 rated adult language stuff – Take a look at JAWS – its a pure thriller/horror ride – I’m thinking the only thing that stopped it from getting an 18 certificate was because there was no sex or bad language in it. So the same format can be applied to an ALIEN movie or PROMETHEUS.

  7. Just watched Alien and Aliens this weekend. Fantastic films! Setting the bar for Sci-fi Horror. It made me realize how influential those films are to video games and other films of that genre today. I would love to see this film revolve the Space Jockeys and who they were and why they are there. The cast looks to be phenomenal and the trailer depicts a very derelict(hehe) and somber planet/moon. I haven’t been this pumped for a Sci-fi movie since Sunshine. Also watch IGN’s trailer analysis on Prometheus. Eye-opening stuff!

    • Glad you enjoyed them.

  8. What? How is the Space Jockey not a connection to Alien? If they cut that out, I’ll be pissed.

    • I don’t know what Ridley is talking about.
      Nearly everything in the trailer is connected to the first Alien:
      The Space-Jockey-helmet, the Space-Jockey-spaceship, the navigator’s chair from Alien 1, burning acid on a human spacesuit-helmet, the letters of the movie-title apearing like in Alien 1, when I missed something, please add it.

      • well also the trailer music was reminiscent of the alien trailer

      • I’m taking it as don’t get your hopes up to see a xenomorph.

      • It’s a trailer and it’s trying to sell you a movie. The fact it has some connection to a previous property is going to be what they use to sell it. Whatever you infer from it is solely up to you, nothing has really been said when you think about it. It’s a few seconds taken from a longer piece of work shown with no context.

      • u missed the part where it appears to be the same planet as in alien and aliens, lv something…

        • Nobody can be sure, that this is the same planet or ship of the first movie. It could be the case, it’s kind of obvious, but I can’t say it for sure.

          • thats true but it does look almost identical just without some storm winds. ps awesome name

            • Lv-426 wasn’t named that until Aliens I think, and the funny thing is that they were only on the planet for a short time in Alien. Most of the first movie took place on the ship, the planet was secondary.

              And judging by how the terra-forming works LV-426 didn’t look much different then Fury 161, so this movie could be set on another planet.

  9. Hes obviously trying to pull a Chris Nolan here…Misdirection will always help a films chances of being successful. I would say we’ll see everything with the exception of a full blown Alien…maybe not even a living xenomorph. We’ll definetly see the eggs….no doubt about that.

    My only problem as an Alien fan is we have so much cannon from the Alien Universe…and its gonna be dissapointing if Scott doesnt stick to the source material…but on the other hand he created Alien so if he wants to change the way we think about the Alien universe he has every right.

    • Ridley Scott did not create Alien. He directed it masterfully and gave life to it beautifully, but he did not create it.

      As for canon, there was really only Alien. Alien is the source meterial. So I think it’s safe whatever route he chooses to take.

      I believe Prometheus will give more insight to the space jockeys. I have been waiting to learn about them since I first watched Alien so long ago.

    • Ridley has nothing to do with any of the cannon that came after Alien, so him sticking to something that is pretty subjective that has had so many hands in it might be asking for something you won’t get.

      I would guess that one big reason this movie is being set before his movie is that he doesn’t want to get bogged down in all the extended story ideas that have come about in the last few decades since he did the first movie. This movie should just be taken as a standalone, and having too many preconceived notions could just leave people disappointed.

  10. I think that the derlict ship crashes on LV-426 at the very end of the movie and that’s the connection.

    • You got the space jockeys too or what appears to be the space jockeys.

  11. I personally just wanted to see how they would go about putting a fully formed Space Jockey onto screen. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but even sitting down they looked about 15-20 foot tall.

    • You’re correct the space jockey that was seated in the first Alien movie was huge compared to a human.

  12. I always enjoyed the difference in style between the first 3 films: Alien was straight-up suspense/horror, Aliens added a war movie feel, Alien 3 was more of an artsy film. Resurrection was just a mess IMO.

    With Scott behind the helm again, I hope to get back that feeling of Alien. Then let other directors take on the sequels. Not McG or Snyder though :)

    • perfect description, except i tend to call aliens an action/adventure/thriller, but war movie works too

      • Action movie is a probably better description. I said war movie because I read somewhere that Cameron was inspired by older war movies when he did Aliens and it kinda stuck with me.

        • The term that comes to mind is military sci-fi. A sci-fi action film with a military slant. Cameron had all his actor’s go through an actual boot camp so they would learn how to walk, talk and hold their weapons like actual soldiers. Aren’t semantics fun? lol

        • i thinks cameron stated specifically in an interview that it was the vietnam war that inspired him. he called it an almost sci-fi war because we were so high tech but we still lost so technology doesnt always help which was the case with aliens.

  13. I read online that this “interview” was actually translated from a Hungarian site and they didn’t actually interview RIDLEY SCOTT

  14. How can you possibly say it will be the classiest and creepiest sci-fi movies in decades if you haven’t seen it? Fanboys are all the same.

    • You need some of that “reading comprehension” stuff, man. I said of Prometheus: “It’ll almost certainly be the creepiest, classiest big-budget sci-fi film in years.” First of all, almost certainly is the qualifier in that sentence. Secondly, I referred specifically to big budget science-fiction, not just any science-fiction film of the past few years that you liked. If you can think of even one big-budget sci-fi movie that strived to be interesting or had the talent Prometheus had behind it, you let me know. As it stands, Prometheus is currently in a category all its own.

    • I agree with Mr. Moore. When was the last time Ridley Scott made a movie that you couldn’t call classy, at the very least?!

      • Ridley Scott is a great director but I wouldn’t call his movies “classy”. Mire gritty, and hyper-stylized (although not as stylized as Tony’s). And although the cinematography in his movies are almost always beautiful, the word classy never came to mind.

        • I mean — to each his/her own — but I’d say The Duelists, Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, and Hannibal were all very “classy.” Even Legend was camp done with class.

          • Just throwing it out there, how about Pocahontas, I mean Avatar for a sci fi movie in recent years?

            • While it certainly had big budget and talent, interesting — in my opinion — it was not. Everything that movie said had been said before and in better ways. Of course, that was nearly three years ago and it wasn’t intended to be creepy at all (one of the other qualifying words in what I wrote), so even if you counted Avatar, my point still stands. This will almost certainly be the most creepy, most interesting big budget sci-fi film in years.

          • You forgot “Master & Commander”…

  15. Zordon! Lol, can’t think about sayin that when seeing that head in the picture above.

  16. I agree there are a few things evident just in the trailer that appear to link Promethius to Aliens but to be completely honest who cares, it still looks like its gonna be another Sci-fi adventure that I’m looking forward to taking from the amazing imagination of Ridley Scott!

    Can’t wait!

  17. When I watched the trailer 2 things came to mind right away. The space craft on Prometheus that looks like a Horseshoe is the same as the space craft on the planet that they explore and the giant alien in the seat or cock pit is the same. I think this might be the prequel to the prequel of Alien. I think we will probably see a sequel to Prometheus that will connect the 2 movies.

  18. actually… if you review the preview of prometheus again you can see clearly that the Alien Ship on the “prometheus” planet is the same ship that contained the alien nest in Aliens. the semi circlular ship… and the flash clip of the extra terrestrial at the end of the Prometheus preview is actually the Giant Alien in the first alien movie that they found in the ship, the one that was sitting in the enormous chair that had the hole in its rib cage from where an alien had ripped out of it.

    • You are completely correct and it is later found that the planet is LV426 in #2 but I do believe that the planet the Prometheus finds itself on is not one and the same but only time will tell if Mr. Scott makes that connection for us.

  19. The connection is the spacejockey race and their ship. I saw the alien with the trunklike features during the previews.

  20. I have just seen the film and yes the aliens do appear. As well as that the film is awesome on its own right and you should definitely see it

  21. I’m an avid fan of the work of Ridley Scott. That said I’ll say this. I just saw Prometheus. It is in itself a great story that has had the effect that I wish all stories could have. It made me addicted for more. I hope that this is not the end. As far as I can fathom over any possible conection between Xenomorphs and the Engineers all I can say is this. The universe is infinate. It may harbor more forms of life isolated or related than we could possibly imagine. I’m sure that both the Xenomorphs and Engineers can exist in Ridley Scott’s universe without having to be thrusted onto each other. I think he’s telling another story, and I’m not complaining. There is nothing wrong with a new tale from a favorate story teller. With that said, I’d like to point out the Face Huggers similarity to the monster that slayed the Engineer at the end. Grins…I was almost certain our heroine was go’ing to face off with a Xenomorph spawned from the Engineer. Fun to imagine, but I am excited at the cliffhanger, or so I hope it is so, that was left for us. I pray the story continues. I would love to know why our makers have forsaken us in the Universe of Ridley Scott.

  22. In case no one has noticed (witch I’m sure there are many who have) the alien we grew up with and slowly evolved from movies 1-4 and now Prometheus evolves and changes given the host it gestates in. It bonds with the DNA of it’s host and takes on characteristics of said host. Hence in #3 when it gestated in the dog and the alien that emerged was faster and ran on all fours. It gravitates to a host with greater intelligence but for the sake of survival will use any host that comes close enough. I was terrified as a child of the Alien movies but as I grew older I learned an appreciation for the art and story line. I’ve been left hungering for more and Mr. Scott delivered in Prometheus…I await another addition.

    • If you wait after the credits, you will see a Xenomorph tearing through the chest of the Engineer!

    • Right On Brandi! I’m still waiting for the next insertion of Ridley Scott’s Universe too. Keep it going! I pray to thee!