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[Note: While this episode of the Screen Rant Underground (ep. 42) released on Monday, we wanted to bump the actual post to its regular Wednesday time slot - since we know some listeners have yet to subscribe in iTunes (what are you waiting for?) and come to the site looking for the cast each week. Just wanted to clear up any confusion - in case you're seeing this article for a second time.]

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode forty-two of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as well as Screen Rant founder Vic Holtreman for this special edition of the Screen Rant Underground podcast as we review Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and discuss the film’s connections to the Alien universe.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 42 - Prometheus

In episode 42, a special edition of the Screen Rant Underground podcast, we review Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and discuss the film’s connections to the Alien universe.

[0:00] Review: Prometheus (read our full written review)

[38:22] Prometheus SPOILERS conversation (check out our full spoilers discussion as well as our Prometheus-Alien Connection Explained post)

[2:09:49] Mailbag, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw (with special guest Vic Holtreman).



Want more info on Prometheus? Be sure to read our official Prometheus review, join in our Prometheus spoilers discussion and check out our Prometheus Alien Connection Explained post.

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We release one episode a week and while host Ben Kendrick as well as Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw are standard fare on the podcast, we’ve already lined-up a fun set of guests for future episodes.

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  1. Currently listening to it but i’m little dissapointed that you wont be having another podcast a later on this week considering all the movie & CBM news that gone on this past week always interested in listening in you guys takes…

    • cash,

      Next week’s podcast will be a “catch up” version to cover all that. We won’t be talking about “Rock of Ages” in order to make room for all that.


      • Appreciate the response…

    • Yep, as Vic mentioned, we had this planned for awhile – and hadn’t anticipated there’d be so many great stories. We’ll definitely touch on all of that next week.

      • Appreciate the response, good to hear and although it would’ve been interesting to hear Anthony and Kofi go of on a tangent on something about what Tom Cruise would do in the movie i understand why the need for a special on Prometheus…

    • Don’t worry friend, we have a LOT of cool comic stuff to talk about. You can count on me for that :)

  2. This time the people who saw the movie with Anthony in the theatre had a bad movie experience…XD

    • Zing! Well, he does text during movies too ;)

  3. Just started listening. I had do idea divisive was pronounced that way! If nothing else, I’ve learned that! :)

    • Haha. Well, hopefully that wasn’t the only thing worth remembering!

  4. Humans create android/things to do stuff (dangerous or other kinf) for them…to be useful for something…
    maybe the engineers created life on earth to use it…

    • As hosts for Xenos?

  5. “Somehow in this mess of a movie all these interesting things fell out”<–YET ANOTHER STATEMENT ABOUT EXISTENCE. LINDELOFFFFFFFFFFFF..
    Really dug this movie and the podcast as per us'

    • Truer words were never spoken!

  6. I’ve seen seven Alien movies (counting AVP) with eggs infect more humans than I can count that have had a chest burster…. but everyone is whining that two Engineers (maybe three, adding the Prom corpse) in two movies got hit? There were many ships on the prequel it’s a side story that Alien is a story without a “direct” connection. We are meant to fill in the blanks and make our own connection, because two movies can’t satisfy a whole universe.

  7. But, Predator is one ugly mother f’er

    • Haha. Not enough tongue either (well, no tongue at all).

    • It’ll be interesting to see what that content covers. Scott’s deleted scenes are “typically” really intriguing.

  8. Are you guys Kidding me? This movie is a Spin off?!…Jesus! This movie does’t connect characters because Eleanor Ripley isn’t in it but it does connect the universe. It is a prequel in the Universe and it does tell the origin of how the Aliens were created.

    This movie needs another one in order for it be complete. The story isn’t finished!!

    • I think that’s basically the point that Kofi and I were making – and it seems like most everyone was onboard with the idea of another ‘Prometheus’ film that isn’t directly connected to ‘Alien.’

      Hopefully it happens.

    • The original plan was for a two-part prequel but they seemingly abandoned that idea (and some of the ideas they did keep) in this film so to me, a sequel is definitely needed, if nothing else to continue the most interesting part of the film (avoiding dropping spoilers).

  9. Speaking of black people watching movies, or, movie commentary in general this one dude had me dying during my first viewing. Such gems:

    Opening scene:
    “Yo man why you drinking that ish fo! If you know its gonna kill you why drink it still” Very true.

    This from a white girl with him who obviously was looking for some thrills:
    “You said this wasn’t a horror movie”
    “Nah, baby, it’s science fiction. Science. Ain’t no horror. Idris is in it. Idris. Stringer B”
    Very True.

    “True dat, he’s in that hyper sleep. That’s why he don’t know” Exactly!

    “Don’t touch it mang! You see something ya dont know you run!” True say.

    “Girl, don’t be trying to be a hero. Just run” Noomi, you’re no Dutch or Hicks, get out.

    “Yo B!*ch, why you going? They don’t like you why you wanna go?” Bang Zoom right to the kissah.

    My new found friend is brilliant.

  10. A movie being “talked about” long after it is over is not always a good thing. Case in point, Superman returns. That movie is still being talked about, and everytime the negativity gets more and more.

  11. I pretty much completely agree with Vic about the whole thing – and I agree with Anthony about the 3D – I took off my glasses a couple of times, and I could pretty much watch it without the glasses throughout the film.

    I don’t think it’s so much about the “shared universe” and the lack of answers about the Alien universe that’s the cause of all the angry fans… IMO, the movie (IN ITSELF) just has so many flaws and plot holes that it doesn’t even make sense to general viewers (one example: Elba’s character tells the guys stuck in the tunnel to stay put… what do they do? They go explore the tunnels that they were too scared of exploring with their fellow scientists! – They are now alone, but suddenly have an urge to go exactly where they didn’t want to go in the first place? What? On top of that, the one guy actually tries to pet the alien snake! I mean, WTF?! No sane person would want to pet a freakin’ alien snake that keeps hissing at you — that whole thing made absolutely no sense to me, or the guys I watched it with and there are many more moments like it…)

    I don’t think all these questions being asked in the comment sections should necessarily be considered a good thing either. Your “Inception Ending Explained” thread is the perfect example of a great movie spawning great discussion and theories; and while this movie has spawned some very interesting discussion as well, most of it is just people asking “how did that happen?” or “why did they do that?” – and that’s never a good thing IMO.

    Visually, I thought it was fantastic though ;)

    • Woops, should’ve listened to the whole podcast before posting my “one example” thing… (I wrote it before I got to your spoiler discussion part).
      Still, the point stands: lots of stupid stuff went down lol.

    • I think that was me who mentioned the 3D thing, since I kept taking my glasses of during it. I don’t think Ant saw it in 3D.

      But I agree. Whether it’s a prequel or not, it does serve as an film based before the series that does explain the origins of the ship, its passenger and the Xenomorphs. How well it succeeds in that is going to be a topic discussed for years to come.

      • My apologies Rob. (You and Anthony kinda sound the same to me sometimes ;))

  12. Totally random but I can imagine someone doing a parody video for the ending where the giant squid yells at the engineer “Dude you are not gonna hurt my mom!!!!!” Lol :)

  13. ‘They could have made a whole movie with just David’ and ‘The start was very Kubrickian’. Totally agree with that. I loved it when David stooped down and used a finger to pick up a speck of dust, as he became this glorified dyson/butler with a Peter O Toole fetish.
    I’d have loved to have seen david mimic more filmstars. Can you imagine him doing Chris Walken in True Romance ‘My name is Vincenzo Coccotti…I am the anti-christ’, or dancing like Gene Kelly in ‘Singing in the rain’?
    Great podcast guys!

    • Chris Walken would have been amazing!

        • Cheers! Thanks for the heads-up!

    • Yah. I noticed that scene on my second viewing. Not totally sure if it’s still entirely earned by the end but I don’t think I had as many problems with it as some of the other guys.

  14. LOL @ Ant “I’m not going against Vic. Vic gives me money! Ben doesn’t give me money!”

    Honestly, I’m STILL trying to wrap my brain around this movie and all the unanswered questions, the meanings behind everything, etc. I thought the Inception ending would take years to decipher, but Prometheus makes Inception seem like a simple story.

    I’ve never felt this way about a movie before. Usually when I see it, I come to my conclusion and stick with it (ie: Avengers was mindblowingly awesome!” But with Prometheus, I can see the arguments from both sides. I agree with Vic’s “5 Things…” article about how to connect it better to Alien. I also agree with Ben when it comes to appreciating the themes the film tried to tackle. Maybe once I see it again I’ll come up with my final verdict.

    • Keep us posted. I’m actually really interested to see how people feel about the film a couple weeks down the line. Like if people are still chatting about it.

      • I doubt I’ll see it in theaters again. I want to see upcoming films like Brave, Spider-Man, and Dark Knight Rises more. But I’ll certainly pick up the Blu Ray. If Ridley is telling the truth and there’s 30 minutes of deleted scenes, the Blu Ray might need its own podcast!

        I think Kofi summed it up perfectly when he said that Prometheus is a beautiful mess of a movie. The visuals are outstanding. I really appreciated the themes it tried to tackle and admired its ambition because that’s not something you usually see in a blockbuster movie. The Alien easter eggs were cool to see, if handled awkwardly. And there were some dumb and illogical character decisions throughout. It was just a really weird film. The metaphors are done better than the actual narrative. If they make a sequel, it should be interesting.

    • Pretty interesting stuff. A friend of mine (who is a Methodist minister) actually chatted me up the other day about the connections between Prometheus and the story of Babel.

        • During the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg! Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant Slor! Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!

          • ?!?!? *mind blown*

          • In the Epic of Creation, dated to 1200 BCE, it explains that the god Marduk killed the mother goddess Tiamat and used half her body to create the earth, and the other half to create both the paradise of šamû and the netherworld of irṣitu. A document from a similar period stated that the universe was a spheroid, with three levels of šamû, where the gods dwelt, and where the stars existed, above the three levels of earth below it.

            SO “THERE” Anthony

  15. What’s interesting to me about Prometheus is that this film really isn’t about Alien at all. It’s Bladerunner, through and through. It seems to me Scott’s ideas, concept , and vison of this story is truely Bladerunner dressed up in an Alien suit. Ridley is working out and revisting the issues, themes, of philosphy of Bladerunner. What is life? What does it mean to be human? How can science and religion be reconciled? Why are we here? What’s our purpose? These are all of themes from Bladerunner and not the Alien franchise. It’s not surprising then that Ridely’s next film is the Bladerunner sequel.

    • I can totally see those Bladerunner themes in there. It really is true that the Alien content is secondary.


  17. What if the first engineer in the movie is prometheus bringing fire to earth but fire is just the metaphor for life.

  18. Will you ever have another podcast where you talk about the movies that”slipped through the cracks”? I enjoyed the one with Sherlock Holmes 2 and the rest but I wanted to hear a discussion about Tintin…Is that possible??

    • We could definitely give it a shot. Maybe we can play catch up soon with a few of those movies.

  19. I amd a huge alien fan. This movie if not a precursor to the alíen films we know and love thenn it is a total rip off. Everything about it screamed alien. Even the droids white liquid. i mean face hugging aliens that lay eggs in bellys that produce other aliens vía bursting through victoms chests the last off which was absolutly just a few steps down the gene pool from the aliens we all know and love. So i say again if its not a prequel then ridley has lost it and started stealing movie ideas from himself.

  20. I really enjoyed this movie.

  21. The first movie that came to mind when I started watching Prometheus was Brian De Palma’s “Mission to Mars”. Sure, it was a forgettable movie, but the theme of finding the alien origin of life on earth is a common theme. I had just seen the original ‘Alien’, which I hadn’t seen in a long time, shortly before seeing Prometheus. (OK, it was a Rifftrax version of the movie but it was a really good one.) I had somehow missed that Prometheus was supposed to be connected with Alien and I was thinking to myself “either this movie is in the same universe as Alien, or Riddley Scott doesn’t have much imagination for making Sci-Fi films.” I thought the overall feel of Prometheus was very similar to Alien in a good, majestic way in which it was presented, but of course with more modern special effects.

    Great show guys! I often get more out of a movie after hearing your discussions!