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Prometheus Movie Spoilers Prometheus Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Prometheus review, this is the place where you can discuss Prometheus spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Prometheus for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises! Still wondering about how – exactly - Prometheus connects to Alien? Read our Prometheus – Alien Connection Explained’ Article!

For further discussion of the film’s connections from the Screen Rant team check out our Prometheus episode of the SR Underground podcast.


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Prometheus is Rated R for sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language. Now playing in theaters.

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    • Is “Aliens” and the other sequels cannon as far as Scott’s film is concerned? The Xenomorph queen was only conceived for “Aliens”, In the original film it wasn’t. Wasn’t the xeno preparing a nest (Deleted scene) ready to lay an egg for the host? I’m confused a little as to what scott’s/o’bannon’s new films will and will not actually include.

    • If xenomorphs are living weapons then the black liquid could simply be the most efficient way to carry it. Black goo > mutates target host females > produces facehugger > finds host > produces xenomorph > some xenos will further mutate to queens thus completing the cycle and essentially dooming the targeted species unless extreme measures are taken (nuke infected cities etc). Anyways, Id rather carry a ship with stable goo and then “weaponsize” it when the target has been reached (earth). They tried the other way in the original Alien movie… didnt turn out so good for that engineer. Makes me think they were desperate or something. Wouldnt it be cool if david and weyland go to the engineer home planet and not able to make contact etc weyland realises that the engineers will destroy earth so he tells david to infect the population? The xenomorphs explode in pop and devastate the engineers, the original movie would be the desperate attempt at revenge by a remaining and infected engineer to travel to earth and kill us but he never makes it. Instead we humans in the alien movies fueled by our curiosity and greed almost succeed in bringing a xenomorph to earth which could/would have doomed us, fulfilling out enemie’s mission.

      Also, The black goo thing sounds alot like the x-file aliens and how they reproduced (the greys).

      • “David and Weyland”, if you mean Peter Weyland (Guy Peace) then he did on LV223, and David got his head ripped off. So can’t see that happening.

        So it’s Elizabeth Shaw and the head of David that are going to the engineer’s home world to get answers.

        • Shoot, that’s “died”, damn typo’s!!

    • As you said, they could be two different experiments. Possibly, ‘Engineers’ go to LV-223 to
      a) See why they haven’t made contact in 4000 years
      b) Investigate all of the recent activity.
      They would then find the newly made early-type Xenomorph and most likely experiment with it. I think you’ll find that through evolution a Queen was created, and thus the creation of the eggs. But there still leaves the question, why was there a picture of a Xenomorph behind the large Engineer head in the cargo room? If the Xenomorph’s weren’t created until the end of the movie, then what have the Engineers carved into the wall?

      • @Adam: It’s also interesting how much the Engineers’ uniforms and helmets resemble the Alien’s exoskeleton. Was this a creature the Engineers worshipped but it became extinct or was somehow out of reach so the Engineers tried to re-create it artificially (with disastrous results)? This flick is a lot of fun to speculate about, that’s for sure.

    • Bingo! The alien at the end is the progenitor of the new species.

  1. There was a number of things in this film that disappointed me, although visually it was stunning. Absolutely faultless. The beginning sequence flying over an alien, or possibly pre-historic earth landscape is absolutely fantastic. The cinematography is the films strongest point.

    Fassbender and rapace are amazing in their parts. They really steal the whole show. Charlize Theron’s character is extremely underused and in the end pretty redundant. Idris elba is good but really has nothing to do. Several other crew members are more or less ignored despite seeming fun and interesting. The Geologist was extremely irritating and seems completely uninterested in actually exploring any new alien geology. The comic relief with him and the Biologist doesn’t really work, and the biologist has got to be the most stupid biologist in the universe. (Don’t pet the scary-as-f.. looking snake worm!)

    The thing that disappointed me most was when the finally met a living “Engineer”, instead of seeming like the intelligent, scientific, philosophical creator that you might expect, with revelations of how we are just pawns in their experimental creations…. He just proceeds to mindlessly and silently rip heads off and butcher everyone in sight. He really doesn’t com across as any different than the Xenomorph. I was expecting something more than a stock movie monster, especially considering the first scene in the movie makes them out to be selfless creators who will gladly sacrifice themselves to seed new life.

    I did not like the evolution of the future xeno’s either. It really didn’t to visually look right.

    Why did the “engineers” leave directions to LV-223 if it wasn’t their home planet, and is in fact a weapons facility? Why leave instruction to go some where only to murder your guests as soon as you set eyes on them!?

    • 1. about the engineer riping heads off, we really dont know what David said to him (knowing that he had the desire to “kill his parents” he might really told him something bad to make him kill everyone and by this way make David “free” )

      2. I dont get it with the invitation to LV-223 too, all i can think is a Trap (like the room with the earth whorm was one, Goo going off when the room sensor detect activity and then infect the earth whorm = trap ) but why all this mess terraforming an plante (earth) then teaching then a language and letting them drawings of LV-233 for them to come and being traped? why not just test it on earth if they really wanted too, also why these record of them running into the chamber who is a rap in itslef?

      I think we will have answer in a sequel but still, big big disapointement, the wrost part is when Rapace got an edge on David, SHE DONT ASK ANYTHING TO HIM, why he know how work the door/monitor, why he knew about the goo, why he said the the last engineer for him to go on the killing spree etc etc etc

      Another f****** joke story is the last sequence when the alien emerge off the engineer chest, the alien look and obviously is WAY weaker than the squid who killed the engineer, that plain and total non sense

      • Zakalwe, about your last comment in alien when the chest burster pops out is really weak and small so by the looks of things this proto xeno is gonna grow up into one big mother f*****

      • i guess he wanted it to run free from WEYLAND control.

    • I think the directions to LV-223 were all part of the plan. Once humans were advanced enough that we could travel to the moon, that was arguably when the Engineers wanted to wipe us out.

      In a reply below, that would fit in with the fact that the black goo only activated when they entered the ‘vase vault’, which eventuated in the Engineer being woken, for him to go batsh*t crazy and start up the ship to fly to Earth.

      Doesn’t explain why ALL the ships weren’t woken once the ‘trap’ was set off though. Surely if this was the trigger that humans had developed too far, they would have sent all of the ships at once to ‘attack’ the Earth.

      My main issue is if the Engineers wanted to wipe us out – surely a couple of well aimed nuke’s would have finished the job instead of an elaborate (and hugely dangerous) experiment with bio mutating goo and some poorly used traps…

      • Directions are only movie plot, an excuse to get characters all invested (and so us, the viewers), so they would go explore and the movie would stop. Nothing more, nothing less. It just shows how bad this movie is

        • sorry, wouldn’t stop

      • “Once humans were advanced enough that we could travel to the moon, that was arguably when the Engineers wanted to wipe us out.”

        Remember, they carbon dated that headless fellow and he had been there 2000 years. So the movie suggested that they were on their way to Earth to drop this goop off and wipe us out..2000 years ago! But something happened that prevented them from leaving. Possibly bio experiments run amok. My guess is that were are dealing with two different factions within the “engineers”. The guy at the beginning wore a different clothes, had a different ship. Perhaps he started human life on Earth by sacrificing himself and once the other faction found out about it, they decided to wipe us out. And perhaps the good faction is responsible for sabotaging them before the departed.

        As for the nukes vs. bio-death thing: Maybe that’s just how they do things. Instead of destroying the environment, they could just send a parasitic alien holocaust that would die out once all the life is gone…or maybe they had a way to kill the xenomorphes once their jobs were done.

    • Watched it last night, agreed that it’s visually brilliant, but if Ridley’s idea was to “scare the sith out of you” then that also failed. Didn’t find anything remotely scary about this film, found that the majority of characters were under-developed and not in the least bit likable. Rather odd that the character I empathised with the most was a robot.

      Considering the crew were, presumably, mostly scientists then it was rather odd that a crew member, supposedly a geologist, looked more like a demented bikie with a personality and attitude to match. The scene were he and another ‘scientist’ suddenly decide that things are a bit too hairy and want to leave the pyramid, they looked oddly sensible, until later we find them both lost and stuck in the pyramid for the night. So why do they suddenly, when confronted by very odd alien life-forms change and become curious. Needless to say they both get what they deserve, and in the end are just throw-away characters you feel nothing for.

      The captain is an oddity, nothing builds to him being the person (along with the two crew who remain with him) as someone willing to give their life to save humanity. Where did that come from? Again 3 character’s with little to no development you can’t sympathise with, heroically giving up their lives to save the Earth, and I couldn’t have cared less.

      It was also bizarre that right in the middle of things it’s the Captain (Idris Elba) who spells out exactly what the engineers where doing, essentially that the planet is a weapon’s facility and the engineers were smart enough not to locate it near their home planet, although probably a conclusion most viewers could have come to on their own, so basically stating the obvious really.

      Best parts:
      Visual Effects – absolutely brilliant, 3D was well done and very seamless.
      Michael Fassbender – His portayal of David is the only acting highlight here. There are several occasions where David is reminded that he is ‘only a robot’, on these occasions the little ‘knowing’ smile he wears constantly slowly fade’s and you almost feel he’s genuinely hurt by these reminders. Also his deviousness at carrying out a hidden agenda only he is privy to makes him an extremely creepy character. Very compelling performance from Fassbender.

      Other than that there weren’t too many pluses going for this film, can’t say I agree with Screenran’ts rating for this film, gave it a 2, and that was simply for the best bits described above.

      Hope Ridley’s form improve’s dramatically for Blade Runner 2, and if he ever gets around to it, The Forever War.

      • My thoughts exactly.
        It’s a shame really, because viral videos had such a deep message in them

        • EXACTLY. The viral vids were brilliant and made me think that the movie was going to be inspirationally deep – exploring humanity’s next stage in development as we make some huge leaps in the near future. Instead, we got a nonsensical horror flick with a ridiculous budget.

      • 100% agree. The film lacked the intensity of Alien and felt watered down. Visually, however, it was a masterpiece.

    • The Engineer in Prometheus was a soldier, he was not a philosopher. His objective being to wipe us out, he simply did just that and continued on his mission. Also, like others have stated, we don’t know what David said to him.

  2. The engineers had been asleep for 2000yrs after it all going wrong with the black ooze.

    A creature of the ooze face huggin an engineer made an alien, there were few ships on that planet so is possible an engineer got infected flew a ship crashed it into lv 426.

    • I wonder why the black ooze caused the “Engineers” heads to explode, while it seems to mutate the humans? They revealed that we had the same DNA as the “Engineers”, do you think it is perhaps over-dosage!?

      • Because whose plot mutations were plot devices.
        Zombie? Check
        Sex scene after which baby-xeno is born? Check
        Head explode? That’s just cool, isn’t it? Check

  3. did u notice the hologram earth on the Alien ship always hinted Africa :P

    • Yes! That was awesome.

  4. I was confused as when the Engineers ship crashed in Prometheus it ended up in exactly the same position as the Alien ship in Alien was positioned (i.e. half embedded in the surface with the ends of the ship pointing upwards). If they wanted to separate the films and ideas then they should’ve had the Prometheus ship break in half or something.

    It makes me think that the ship is actually the one we see in Alien with Weyland corp having renamed the planets to cover up the disaster.

    I would’ve tied them together by having the Engineer struggle back to his broken ship, with the Alien inside, sitting into his control seat to activate a distress beacon before the Alien popped out. This would leave us with the space jockey with the exploded chest as we see in Alien and an un-decodable distress beacon for the crew of the Nostramo to find!

    • They would have had to demolish those huge weapons silos/domes if that were the case and the landscape doesn’t match LV-426.

    • I had that problem to then i thought how would the Queen of laid all thoose eggs and then them be put into that pit with the screen over them.

  5. Just curious as to how much “action” is in this film. The crowd I’m going with is only so-so on this film and tend to get all agitated during movies that are more talk than people being chased by creatures. They were bored by Alien but loved Aliens. I just want to know if I should expect some remarks about the film being slow afterwards.

    • The action is kinda in fits and starts. It’s not slow and intense like “Alien”, but not a constant cat and mouse game like “Aliens”. There is several things happening to several groups at once and trips back and forth between the Prometheus and the alien compound.

  6. Look this is a very loose prequel to Alien. It’s only meant to explain who and what the Space Jockey is but has nothing to do with LV-426 or the space ship they encounter in Alien.

    I think the reason for this is because Ridley Scott was already aware of Alien vs Predator and the fact that the Predators have been using the face huggers and original Aliens for thousands of years already to impregnate humans so they could fight the Alien. So if the Predators had the original Alien already for thousands of years they would not have evolved from what happened on LV-223 over a 30 year span. What happend in the original Alien movie is a side story involving a space jockey and another ship carrying a different cargo.

    I think Riddly Scott will make a sequel and explore the broader themes and engineer race brought up in Prometheus and possibly their home planet, but wont go any further into the Alien and Ripley story line.

    • I don’t think so, he’s flat out contradicting AVP with the character of weyland and the history of the company (see the weyland website).

      • Yeah, I think he was trying to reclaim his baby and make pretty much all the sequels (At least the AVP movies) non canon as far as he is concerned.

    • I agree

  7. Some of the people making comments are a product of this nation’s failing system of education.
    If you can get through their fractured english the thoughts they express are intelligent enough, but the scary thing is that they apparently are not aware of their communication shortcomings. If they were, I should think they might pick up a copy of “Proper English Expression For Dummies”.
    Yes, I’m being flippant and wise ass. Somebody’s got to do it.
    The kids of today are (I shudder at the thought) the leaders of tomorrow. And, the ability to effectively communicate is the only thing that will save this ravaged planet.

    • Its a bit ironic that you would correct another’s communication skills yet miss the mark grammatically yourself. Flippant and wise ass mean the same thing.

      The site is for fans to discuss and share thoughts. So enjoy it for what it is and just leave it at that.

    • Dear Professor ChrisMohrSr,

      Sorry to say this, but your English is also lacking. What an arrogant post, considering this site isn’t dedicated to proficient English speakers.

      You failed to capitalise several Proper Nouns. These include:
      * System of Education
      * English

      Back to Prometheus shall we?

      • hehe get back in the ship! :)

      • Language Nazism by pseudo English authorities who themselves fail to recognize that all language is fluid and composed of an ever-evolving communication between different cultures. All words are made up in the minds of people and sentence structure is imaginary as well.

    • I agree 1000%!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dude…get a life!

  8. yea! wat he said!

  9. As a huge fan of the Alien franchise I was impressed with Prometheus. A unique blockbuster film in many ways. What I find rather strange though is the use of another crashed ship on another LV planet. In the original Alien movie the crew mention that the ship “must be over a 1,000 years old”, the ship looks ancient and the ‘pilot’ looks semi-fossilized. Prometheus is set 29 years before Alien so there is no way that it is the same ship. So why crash two alien ships in the same way? That’s just asking for disappointment from fans expecting the two films to connect. Overall, it is a mesmerizing film throughout and a worthy, fascinating addition to the alien universe. I’m glad it was different, I’m glad it bravely attempted something different and finally, I’m so glad it wasn’t another 12A certificate blockbuster!

    • The pilots ship could be 1000 years old, from what little ive read of the pilots species theyve been around for maybe millions of years, i just typed space jockey into google and started reading. The pilot may share some of the same dna as humans but the conditions of the breakdown in their dna may be
      different. Maybe after a few years the bosy starts to fossilize, its just speculation but to me it makes sense. And seeing as the movie doesnt show what happens to their bodies in a few years thats the only thing i could think of.

    • A lot of people have commented that the two crashed ships in Alien & Prometheus are in the same position so are they really they same ship? It’s possible that when these type of ships crash they always come down on their side and then fall over.
      1. As far as possible contradictions with the AvP sub-franchise can we just forget it ever existed?
      2. I’d like to know how the aliens grow without apparent nourishment, The alien in Alien was much bigger than could be accounted for by the people he killed (and presumably ate). And the mother-f***** face hugger in Prometheus had nothing to eat in the operating theatre.
      3. Some people have commented on the apparent difference between the gentle self-sacrificing space jockey at the beginning and the wild killer later but maybe they were from two different warring groups and the second were trying to kill the humans created by the first (humans may have been created as killing machines hence the need to wipe them/us out). Having said that the aliens may have been created by one group to attack the other and humans were just collateral damage.

      • The engineer probably did not take kindly to the idea of thier creation creating a new life form in this case a robot and said robot being a negotiator for an unknown and probably very unsavoury agenda. Prometheus the myth tells us of Zeus being tricked by the titan with the namesake of this film Zeus hid fire from humans because of the trick played on him. When fire was given to humans by Prometheus Zeus chained him to a mountain and had an eagle peck out his liver everyday of his existance. So perhaps what David said to the engineer was similar to stealing their ideas, or ruining their plans for life just a theory of course but ties in with the myth part of the film

  10. The pilots ship could be 1000 years old, from what little ive read of the pilots species theyve been around for maybe millions of years, i just typed space jockey into google and started reading. The pilot may share some of the same dna as humans but the conditions of the breakdown in their dna may be
    different. Maybe after a few years the body starts to fossilize, its just speculation but to me it makes sense. And seeing as the movie doesnt show what happens to their bodies in a few years thats the only thing i could think of aside from something like a suit that auto-tries to fossilize or auto stasis to try and keep the alien from busting out.

    • Strange thing though: The Engineers have the same DNA as us, right? But how could they breathe the atmosphere without masks? For a moment I thought “Well hey, they did have those elephant masks, and the inside of the ship was breathable atmosphere, apparently by the Engineers’ doing.”

      But then I also think about the fact that that one Engineer ran all the way over to try and kill the girl before he got ah…”impregnated” by that giant facehugger.


      As far as fossilization, how was that one beheaded head still fresh? I thought it was 2000 years old.

  11. Sorry if i have multiple posts this site keeps telling me i cant post

  12. While all these wild ideas are floating around out there ME HAS hadin has had ben hading meso own idea on the spuce juky (that was for the grammar police out there, enjoy!) I think he’s made of cotton candy like one of those cotton candy elephants you get at the fair…

  13. I came to this forum to learn more about the film because I have literally just watched it and am full of questions. I am a big fan of the Alien and Aliens films, and actually watched Alien again before this one to remind myself of the details.
    Firstly, I thoroughly enjoyed the film (my girlfriend didn’t)
    - incredible visuals and brilliant performances by Rapace and Fassbender.
    I have read the comments above, some of which are very interesting. I too am left wondering what the intentions of the ‘Engineers’ were, and was a little disappointed not to have learned more from the film. Why did they want to kill the humans? Were they threatened or were they in some way protecting the human race by ‘clearing up it’s own mess’?
    There are clear discrepancies between the end of Prometheus and the beginning of Alien (time line, planet name, eggs, no engineer in the driving seat etc.). One can only speculate and hypothesise as to possible explanations, but until there are more details presented in a follow on film (hopefully there will be) by Ridley Scott I think we have to be satisfied with the incredibly rich and thought provoking story line. While the film is not a complete triumph in that respect, clearly is has engaged the interest of most!
    I am confused about the ‘black gue’. At the beginning of the film, the engineer appears to drink the same substance and it is inferred that this is the origin of man. Yet the same black gue later in the film causes mutations in humans and the Engineers with an entirely different effect? Are there more than one kind of ‘gue’?

    • I believe there are many different goo’s and effects. The closed room was a lab

    • Goo kills when drunk. Specifically breaks down DNA. The Engineer had an entire cup of pure goo – he decomposed (or de-DNA’d) in minutes, and his DNA was spread into the earth to do its thing.

      When Holloway drinks it, it’s a tiny bit of it, mixed with a lot of alcohol. So a very low dose. I’m not sure where those little worm things coming out of his eye came from, but from the way he was right before he got fire-hosed, I’m pretty sure he too was in a slower, more prolonged state of decomposition as well.

  14. The “Engineers” breathe air like us, hence the oxygen making unit in the “Engineer” complex. After the Prometheus has scuppered the take-off of the Jockey ship, when Shaw makes it to the escape module before she runs out of air, why is the “Engineer” that chases her not wearing a helmet?

    I suppose he could have held his breath while he found his way out of his ship and ran the distance to the module. Or perhaps grabbed a helmet on his way out. But why would he then remove it before entering the module??

    It seems to me they just overlooked this point. But the plot hole seems big enough to fly the Nostromo through.

    • If you notice in the movie the engineer crouches down alot by this I have come to realize he can breath his own farts hence the long trunk like tube on the Space Jockey’s suit …. it’s connected to his butt hole. *Knowledge*

      • Lol. I think you’ve cracked it! :)

    • The whole movie is a plot hole, by the way when the scientist and Mr head zoom off I hope there is a galactic seven eleven around for some snacks and drinks along the way geeshh!

  15. haven’t seen the movie, but will as soon as possible; somethings everyone seems to have missed, like a lot of the original it seems to rely on art by H.R. Geiger. and the plot/engineers sounds very Kirby(ish) (celestials)

  16. I always wondered that as well. But I guess on lv 426, it would have burst out thousands of years before, and because it was alone it either died naturally or there is nothing on the plant it died of hunger. On a side note, what do xenomorphs eat when there is no food around (cannibalism ?). I don’t read the comics has this been explained?

      • I was always under the impression that the Xenos didn’t eat at all. I thought they only killed when they encounter any other creature and cannot capture or do not need the body for F hugger hosting.

        I just thought they were like the perfect organism and possibly didn’t need to breathe, eat and could survive extreme temperatures and even exist in the vacum of space.

        I don’t quite know where I got these notions, but that’s just how I’ve always assumed they are.

        • ALIEN3 seems to dispell this a bit, we frequently see the creature feeding on the bodies of it’s victims.

          Also the novelisation of ALIEN in particular, has descriptions of the crew, while hunting it down, finding food containers in store rooms ripped open and empty, clearly indicating that the ALIEN is eating.

          There is also a line of dialogue in ALIEN, spoken by Ash, when they are trying to formulate a plan of action, they ask him what they can use to drive the ALIEN, he state’s “Yes, well, it’s adapted remarkably well to our atmosphere considering its nutritional requirements. The only thing we don’t know about is temperature.”

          So we know that ALIEN’s do eat.

  17. I loved the film , but that music score…. talk about diabolical!! Shoot the composer now and make sure he never works again if he survives the shooting!!!
    I was expecting more of the sound bites used in the trailer, not the rubbish that accompanied the film.
    Music can make or break a film and that came damn close to breaking it.

    • I agree totally with the score aspect…at times I was distracted by it and not in a good way…should have been less is more…

  18. Alien-Black guy tries to be hero. Alien 3-Black guy tries to be hero. Prometheus-Black guy tries to be hero. Recurring theme?????? So, it seems that black males in the series are just used as sacrificial “Kamikazees” in the films. Just happened to realize this after watching them all recently.

    • South Park parodied that! There’s always the heroic black guy who sacrifices himself for the greater good in disaster and ‘epic’ films.

      “Along with me I’m gonna need a scientist, an engineer, and, of course, a black person who can sacrifice himself in case something goes wrong.”

      Thanks Ridley for using something we’d all be familiar with from other films

  19. Was that the Queen at the end of the movie? Looks like a normal xeno to me…What about the thing that look liked the queen on the wall of the Bighead chamber?

  20. Well, having just left the cinema… wow.

    A long time ago I wrote a film theory paper on the different overtones that were built into the first three Alien movies, and this film had many, many mirror-meanings in it.

    For the benefit of those that don’t know – the Alien design from egg to xenomorph has many psycho-sexual characteristics (just look up some of Gigers less conventional pieces). The face-hugger was made to look like a vagina that impregnates you, the chestburster is a penis, the original full grown xenomorph from Alien had a thrusting penis-mouth and flaccid tits (presumably a genetic carry-over from human dna)

    In Prometheus, there are two facehuggers. Noticably, the worm-face-hugger looks like a penis in profile, then opens up to a vertical mouth… ahem

    The ‘oedipus syndrome’ talk is everywhere. David even says something blatant about it along the lines of “Don’t we all want to kill our parents?”, and Vickers talks about ‘rulers dying and being replaced is the ‘natural order of things”.

    The introduction hints at engineers selflessly creating us from their flesh, but what if that wasn’t earth? Or what if the Engineer society has different factions? What if the Engineers aren’t even the creators, but just a biological machine themselves, programmed to go planetside and die, seeding a planet for terraforming for the Master Race, whoever they may be?

    All I know is this film raises more questions than answers, and that is an utterly brilliant move. I want to know what happens next, and so do you. And isn’t that what has kept the Alien story so interesting after all these years?

    Though I do hope there will at least be some answers… eventually

  21. This film’s central existential theme of discovering our origins was way too big to be mixed in with the visceral Alien horror theme. Was it Contact or a monster movie? I think ultimately it just needed to be one or the other, because together both left me feeling unsatisfied. The opening scene shows us that we originated from the engineers, leaving the rest of the film for our heroes to find out why. But that answer never comes, which is no surprise with Lindeloff writing, remember all those questions left unanswered at the end of Lost. And as a monster movie, traditionally the pay off happens at the end when the monster is revealed in full, but in this film the engineer is also the monster, so we already know what he looks like from the beginning so we don’t get a pay off here either. Instead we’re just waiting to see how the film ties into Alien and guess what, it doesn’t do that either. Leaving us to discuss huge plot holes online to give ourselves the answers that we were expecting from the film makers. I was looking forward to this film for months now and felt that in Scott’s hands there would be some respect shown to his audience and to his original film. But like all modern day prequels to awesome 70s films, like Lucas and his Star Wars prequels, the original directors undo what it was that made those original films so awesome. Alien was an amazing film with genuine scares, twists and turns all the way through the film, in plausible and believable scenarios. Some of the set pieces in this flm were ridiculous and sensational, such as the self administered c-section to reveal a squid and Halloway coming back from the dead as a mutant zombie of sorts all just c-grade trash. Some people laughed when the biologist got the snake in the mouth in my screening, but at least the acid melting helmet was cool. The problem is that compared to anything Micheal Bay or Marvel churns out we think films like Prometheus are good and they are, but compared to the films we grew up with like Alien which this movie is directly related then it just doesn’t measure up.

    • Please do not lump Marvel films in with Michael Bay.

      • And why not? With the exception of first Iron Man and The Awengers, Marvel movies is a pile of dirt

  22. Having listened to an interview with Ridley Scott, this film was never intended to be a direct prequel to Alien. Only insomuch as it exists in the same universe as the original film.

    It is intended to be the first in a trilogy of films preceding the original Alien film and only really attempts to answer the question of “who is the Space Jockey?”

    This and the following two films are also trying to answer the deeper questions attached to Blade Runner, of “do Androids have souls?”. RS, says that the answer to this question is undoubtedly yes due to their ability to forgive (ref end of Bladerunner).

    Bottom line, there are much wider questions being answered in this trilogy and a full explanation of the conditions leading to the original Alien film may never be answered. Also, there will almost definitely be another Blade Runner film :)

    I enjoyed Prometheus, but really want to watch it again to try and piece it together better.

    • Can you give a source for that interview? I’d be very interested to hear about Scotts plans for the next 2 movies – like who will write and direct them.

  23. Many of the people on here are complaining about a lack of answers. A good film leaves an audience full of questions. A bad film leaves an audience full of answers. I have yet to see this film, but am excited not to know all the details. Receiving all the answers after a film is no fun (in my opinion), because it does not leave me with a sense of “Why?” It doesn’t leave me thinking.

    • It’s not so much answers that bother me. I like the mystery. It’s just the plot holes, stupid decisions made by stupid crew members and the fact that it fell into pretty much the exact same things that made “Alien3″, “Alien Resurrection” and the AVP films suck. I expected better.

      • Let’s be honest, if not for stupid decisions in these movies there would be no movie. Watch Aliens again, as good as the film is there was so much done wrong from a military stand-point that it’s not funny. Also as big a fan of the first two movies as I am I have never been able to figure out why Ripley never realized the Aliens were traveling through those huge air ducts they insist on having in these movies, when that is how the first one got around and killed her crew.

    • Well, if that’s the case then you must have thought MIB3 was a masterpiece ;)

      There’s a difference between mystery & intrigue and plot-holes & confusion.

      When I walked out of the theater after watching Inception for example, my mind was blown: I couldn’t be believe how great that film was and how I was left with all these questions and wanting more answers – it was a movie that challenged the mind… but with Prometheus, I was left thinking: “huh? Have the stuff made no sense! “

      • *Edit: “HALF the stuff made no sense…”

  24. An unusual question: I’ve never seen any of the Alien films because I’m completely turned off by gore. But I can’t help but be fascinated by this film. I love good science fiction. The stuff about space jockeys and seeding civilizations and amazing cinematography of alien landscapes makes me desperately want to go. Face-huggers and alien C-sections and exploding heads make me want to run for the exits. “Prometheus” appears to mix the two, but is there any way to enjoy it if you find gore repulsive? From reading reviews and spoilers, it sounds like I’d like the first half and hate the second half, but I can’t well get up and leave in the middle, can I?

    • If you could avoid the c-section scene it wouldn’t be too bad for you. But despite the great promise of the premise, you may be disappointed by what you learn (or don’t) about the seeding of the human race etc…

    • If you love good science fiction then ALIEN and ALIEN’s are a far better choice than Prometheus.

      They (ALIEN and ALIEN’s) only have gore because it’s relevent to the story, plus the character’s are all likable, and you feel a sense of loss when they’re gone.

      Prometheus only has one likable character (for me anyway) and he’s a frickin robot, the rest I couldn’t give a rats about, all under developed with no real opportunity to want to sympathise, or empathise, with any of them.

      • +1

    • As someone who’s also generally turned off by gore, blood and disturbing images, I can tell you: watch ‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’ mate – the bit of gore that those two movies have isn’t off putting at all.
      Prometheus on the other hand, was pretty full on in terms of gore (and keep in mind, the visual effects from back in the old days isn’t nearly as realistic and detailed as the stuff seen in movies like Prometheus today)
      And IMO, ‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’ are both just overall better films than ‘Prometheus’.

    • This movie has much more gore than either Alien or Aliens. Indeed, aside from the chest burst in Alien, there was relatively little gore. It was more gothic and psychological in its approach.

    • @Vindemiatrix: Wait for the DVD. There may be more of the content you like added to the DVD release (hopefully) and you can skip the gore. There’s a LOT of gore. I share your love of conjecture about our species’ beginnings and the prologue is indeed fantastic. But it’s also extremely brief and there’s nothing else similar to it in the rest of the movie.

  25. If this has already been asked and answered please let me know where.

    What was the deal with the opening scene and the “Engineer” drinking the whatever and then decomposing and falling into the water? That liquid in the cup was not like the black goo later see in the ship. I will admit I was still seating myself at the scene so maybe i did not pay close enough attention to what the Engineer was drinking.

    Any insight would be welcome.

    • It is “seeding” earth with it’s DNA. It drinks the liquid, it’s body disintegrates and falls into the water…life on Earth grows from it’s “seed”.
      The technical term is “directed panspermia”. Thank you Wikipedia…

      • This was what i picked up on also – is the stuff the Engineer drinks in the opening scene the same as the black goo – it looks the same and has the same cylindrical container that David takes apart later in the film? Clearly it has a different effect if it seeds humanity, but maybe water is te key to life..

        • Can’t see it being the same goo, although visually both the same the purpose of each goo is what’s different.

          One is engineered to create life, the other to destroy it.

        • Speaking of water what about the scene early in the dome where someone says “its -14 degrees in here but this water isn’t frozen. Maybe it isn’t water?”. You’d think with their spectrographs that can tell if the dome was man made or not and instant carbon dater they could tell whether it was fricking water or not!

  26. Sounds great. Can’t wait to see it. Perhaps earth was a bad experiment, and the Engineers want put us out of our misery.

    • Not merely a bad experiment, but a dangerous one- probably like one of the Engineer’s other creations- the Alien?

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