‘Prometheus’ Spoilers Discussion

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Prometheus Movie Spoilers Prometheus Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Prometheus review, this is the place where you can discuss Prometheus spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Prometheus for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises! Still wondering about how – exactly - Prometheus connects to Alien? Read our Prometheus – Alien Connection Explained’ Article!

For further discussion of the film’s connections from the Screen Rant team check out our Prometheus episode of the SR Underground podcast.


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Prometheus is Rated R for sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. Someone asked earlier why they didn’t show what the engineers were running from on the video recordings. There was nothing chasing them, there was an outbreak on the ship and they were running because they were infected by a spill of the black substance they created. They were on the way to earth to basically kill all of mankind with the bioweapon when there was a spill affecting most of the crew. They weren’t being chased by xenomorphs or aliens.

  2. I bought the Blu-Ray set because it was on sale and because some of the visuals were so striking. I also saw the movie twice in the theaters. But watching it for now the third time I finally had to admit that, beyond the striking visuals, this movie is a piece of crap that is an insult to the science fiction community. Specifically the absurd characters and the stupid, contrived dramas – like the geologist screaming into her face, or my favorite (NOT) moment of the guy removing his helmet and laughing, and then them wandering off without their helmets. Yeah, what a team of scientists! Actually that’s not correct – my favorite part is when the guy goes to pet the cute little snake. My thought was that he deserved what he got – the idiot.

    After watching this for the third time I really started to wonder if Scott isn’t downright contemptuous of science fiction, despite the fact that he’s authored two of the gems of the genre.

    For all those speculating about the meaning of this or that – don’t. This movie means exactly nothing except a big pay day for Ridley Scott.

    • You are so RIGHT! I too was searching for meaning to so many absurd scenes like the ones you noted. I had almost forgotten that the most simple explanation is the most likely. MONEY maker. Sad that with just a bit more thought and better writing it too could have been a classic.

      • The original script was almost certainly superior. It all came down to money.

  3. Lovelyyy :)

  4. Yep, big failure of a movie, Sci-Fi or Sci-Fi/drama.

    I’m repeating myself on this forum because I’m using the passage of time, to defeat the original apologists for this movie. The apologists have stated the financial success of ‘Prometheus’ and the fact that some future *Director’s Cut* will save this fiasco and resurrect it, much like the original ‘Blade Runner’ without Ford’s voice over (& happy Sierra Nevada flyover ending) or some other cult classic, which didn’t make a lot of money, like ‘The Highlander’ or move the critics, like ‘The Fifth Element’.

    I say Bollocks! From the get-go, all aforementioned films, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘The Highlander’, and ‘The Fifth Element’ worked with intriguing ideas, captivating sets [ meaning content, not just special effects ], plausible storytelling, and a bit of mysticism or spirituality. In time, their strengths overshadowed any initial lack of reception in the box office or mass media outlets. Prometheus cannot turn a vapid tale of useless hacks, expensive B-horror schlock scenes, and incoherent story-lines into an underground classic w/o a complete overhaul. At least the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ was camp, funny, & with a great soundtrack to dance to. This movie isn’t even worth throwing rice cakes at anyone.

    • Seconded. Well put sir.

  5. I realize many People didn’t enjoy it but at least it was something different and a new take on things. We only get maybe 1 or 2 big budget sci fi flicks each year. What else is there to watch? What are the best sci fi flicks? I’d rather watch Prometheus than some older movies.

  6. According to the leak script, the engineers could see in different visions or light rays of light almost like you know who (Predator). The leak sceipt also said that David could also see in these different visions, so he could see all kinds of things going around them that the humans could not see.
    Which also brings me to question why Hollaway kept provoking David? Saying that david wasnt a real boy, and why didnt they destroy the rest of the ships, just in case the engineers woke up? So many more questions

    • At best, this movie can hope to be a failed mime of 2001 because for one, aside from the black goo, there’s no monolith, a consistent theme which spans the acts of the film. Here, the goo is the alpha and the omega of all the mayhem but it’s not the focus of the film, it’s more the MacGuffin, used to move along the movie. The purpose of Prometheus was to set up a series of sequels, shades of The Phantom Menace but w/o the trade federation to build a cheap story around.

  7. Um, just once I would like to see a movie that does not have the characters doing something very unlikely – such as camping over night on an alien planet in a potentially dangerous alien ship!
    Let us hope the new movies in the series have better plot lines…

  8. bash on me all you want, but seeing Prometheus for the second time on DVD, i love it. Like everyone else who saw the trailer, it was really cool and it seemed to have the action and horror flick to it. then i forgot all about it when it came to theater. i saw it a library and watched it. i never watched any of the alien films, never heard of them before, until the Prometheus trailer. did some research about the making of the alien films, trust me i won’t see 3 or the rest of the alien films beyond that. anyway, i did that so that i could get sense of what the world would be like in Prometheus. before i wanted to watch it, i told myself to block everything i knew about the aline movies and wanted to watch with an open mind. in the end of the movie, i honestly liked it. i was very confused, but i liked the movie. then questions started to raise in my mind. what was that strange stone face in the cave? what was the point of the DNA in the water? why is it called Prometheus? Is just the name of the ship they flew in or is it something else? os Is it both? and me wanting to know why david pointed out to the guy about why did they create him as an android. the guy’s response was because they could make him. then David said something about what if the creator will say that to us? they could and the creator had no real meaning why they create us. so many questions were asked but never answered or slightly answered, but barley. then i looked at an article of a review of the movie, and that article stated something about Prometheus is all based on the alien astronaut theory. so i looked some more and there i was reading a theory about Jesus being an alien, strange stone faces across the world, and spaceships in 1300-1600s in paintings. so i invested in myself in watching a documentary called “The Chariots of God” I believe and the theory just expands into more complexity and for me as view to answer myself do i believe in it. well there are somethings that are possible, but i don’t know, who knows? once i got all the theories into my head i watched the movie again and realize that Prometheus is movie about this one idea theory. it made more sense to me and i started to see the connection with the theory. for example, in the very beginning of the movie before everyone sees the old hologram guy, you see the guy (husband) pushed down the cube. Hint, hint, meaning that the entire movie will be nothing but puzzles to figure out. For the viewer to figure the puzzles on their own. now a days, we are use to seeing movies that will give viewers questions and then the answers. that will throw off for many people and i understand that, but i guess with people who are open minded will excuse some things in the movie. Prometheus to me in the entire movie is nothing but symbolism. Almost all the scenes has some type of symbolism related to the theory. now the movie does has its flaws and yes, it’s the characters. i’m sorry for the people who know what scientists do and scientists people in real life are a lot smarter than the ones in the movies. the guy who touches the snake, wormy like creature was stupid in the first place, everyone can agree with that. the only characters that i liked was David and the Woman who believed in God, the only one human who survived in the movie. the others, i care less for. As for the plot, yes lacking, but it had its strong moments. Dialogue, again no the best, but it had some good dialogues in other scenes. Basically everything else was either average or lacking, expect the CGI, pretty well done I’ll say. I think the downfall of the movie was that many of you guys didn’t know about the theory. If you guys would have known more about the theory before watching the movie, you guys might have at either love it or appreciate it. not trying to blame anyone who didn’t know, i didn’t know until i did. so on my final note, look up the theory (some will be more invested than others), make your own conclusions to the theory, and then watch the movie again. it’s a suggestion, you don’t have to, and it’s your choice.

  9. Can someone explain to me the point of the small snake looking alien? It attacked the guy, went into his mouth and popped out later. What was the point?

  10. ive herd through skutle butt from differing sources that the first engineer was a sort of monk in their society. When a plot was formed to destroy earth the monks attacked and destroyed the conspirators, they were the ones chasing the other engineers in the holograms not the bio-weapons. through some super spirituality they are able to control the aliens as if the were pets.