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Logan Marshall Green Noomi Rapace Michael Fassbender Prometheus Movie Prometheus Review

Regardless of the connections to the Alien universe, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is a welcome return to form for the director.

For months cinephiles and die-hard Alien fans have been trying to work out the connections between Prometheus and Ridley Scott’s original Alien film. Meanwhile, the filmmakers have spent just as long attempting to put distance between the movie and the notion that it’s nothing more than an Alien prequel, so as not to limit Prometheus‘ potential appeal. Given the state of the Alien franchise (after the underwhelming Alien vs. Predator installments, as well as Alien: Resurrection), it’s no wonder that 20th Century Fox is interested in attracting both the casual moviegoer as well as the die-hard xenomorph faithful.

Unsurprisingly, the movie does offer plenty of tie-ins to the 1979 franchise starter – but does Prometheus find the right balance between loving nods to Alien while also working as an intelligent and captivating standalone sci-fi drama?

Fortunately, the answer is yes – most of the time. While Prometheus delivers a sci-fi experience and story that is nearly unmatched in a modern movie theater experience, its connection to the Alien films is, from time to time, a bit heavy-handed or awkwardly handled – and worst of all, far less compelling than the new storyline unfolding in this film. As a result, Prometheus is going to offer a different experience depending on who is watching it. Both casual audiences and Alien fans should enjoy the core narrative (and breathtaking visuals); however regular moviegoers will likely be confused by some of the time spent addressing Alien universe mythos, and conversely, hardcore fans may be at times equally befuddled by some of the answers provided.

Ignoring any pre-conceived notions about xenomorphs, the Prometheus story follows a pair of archaeologists, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and her partner Dr. Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green), who discover a series of ancient cave drawings (from different cultures, separated by thousands of years) that point to a single location in space: a distant moon, LV-223. Shaw and Holloway believe that LV-223 is home to an ancient truth about humanity’s origins – a belief that is also championed by billionaire Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), CEO of the Weyland Corporation. After hearing their findings, Weyland agrees to send the pair – along with a fifteen-person crew – to LV-223 aboard the spacecraft Prometheus. However, when the team arrives on LV-223, it quickly becomes clear that Shaw and Holloway underestimated the implications of their expedition, as age-old questions are answered and new horrors are brought to light – horrors with Earth-shattering consequences for humanity.

Prometheus Movie Space Map Prometheus Review

The ‘Prometheus’ Space Map

Moviegoers who have been underwhelmed by Ridley Scott’s non-sci-fi efforts (most recently Robin Hood, Body of Lies, and A Good Year) will be glad to know that the director slips effortlessly back into the genre that he helped define over thirty years ago. Not only does Prometheus feature one of the most captivating and carefully-paced opening acts in recent memory, it also offers a masterful visual aesthetic that easily raises the bar for onscreen sci-fi imagery in modern cinema. In a time when sci-fi/action films snag astronomical box office money (Transformers: Dark of the Moon), it’s easy for studios to rely on a recognizable brand, or visual spectacle, over core filmmaking components – such as competent world building (not just “cool” CGI characters) as well as intelligent scene composition (in favor of non-stop explosions). No doubt some moviegoers don’t want to think about the actual process of filmmaking, but for those who do care, Prometheus should serve as a breath of fresh air (and a welcome reminder) that inspired directing can make a real difference in the onscreen experience.

Similarly, co-writer Damon Lindelof (along with Jon Spaihts) succeeds at delivering a prequel movie that isn’t undermined by later installments and, instead, tells an all-new sci-fi story that (as mentioned before) is much larger and significantly more interesting than its core “source” material. Prometheus provides answers that many Alien fans will certainly appreciate, but at the same time raises much larger (and significantly more relatable) questions about the wonders – and horrors – of creation, and humanity’s place in the cosmos. As a result, the actual connections to the Alien universe are unnecessary to the success of the new story – and could, for less-interested moviegoers, come across as tacked-on.

All of the major players (Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green) deliver enjoyable, or at the very least believable, performances. However, despite solid work from everyone involved, both Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender offer especially memorable turns as Dr. Shaw and David, respectively. Fassbender’s David is easily one of the most fascinating (and disturbing) characters of 2012 – and Rapace holds nothing back in a number of especially challenging scenes (not to mention one especially brutal one). As an ensemble fueled by heavy-hitting talent, there is a definite purpose for each of the characters’ screen time, and few of the players are wasted. That said, a couple of them are short-changed by the end – which doesn’t detract from the overall success of the film, but in a few cases can be somewhat underwhelming in the moment.

Charlize Theron Idris Elba Prometheus Movie Prometheus Review

Charlize Theron and Idris Elba in ‘Prometheus’

Prometheus was shot entirely using 3D cameras, and much like Avatar and Hugo before it, the film once again proves that in the hands of a smart filmmaker, the format can enhance the moviegoing experience. Plenty of detractors will surely assert that seeing any movie in 3D is a waste of money – and plays into the hands of greedy studio executives. However, Prometheus is well-worth the upgraded ticket. The format isn’t distracting and successfully highlights details in the alien landscape as well as internal (yet massive) environments – not “pop out of the screen” jump scares. Scott’s use of the added dimension throws fuel on the argument that instead of decrying every 3D film, we should be sending studios a message about what type of 3D experiences we’ll support, boycotting tacked-on 3D (Men in Black 3) and poorly implemented post-conversions (Clash of the Titans). To make the experience even more potent, go the full distance with a 3D IMAX viewing.

Regardless of the connections to the Alien universe, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is a welcome return to form for the director – delivering a fascinating sci-fi storyline, gorgeous 3D visuals, and competent filmmaking choices that – especially for summer blockbuster fare – are sorely missing at the box office these days. While less-informed moviegoers might be a little confused about some of the Alien tie-ins, Prometheus finds a healthy fan-service balance that doesn’t detract from Lindelof’s rich (and horrifying) new franchise storyline. In space no one can hear you scream, but 20th Century Fox is going to have no trouble finding moviegoers who, after seeing Prometheus, are eager to scream for more Scott-helmed projects in the Alien universe.

If you’ve seen the movie and want to discuss details about the film without worrying about spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it, please head over to our Prometheus Spoilers Discussion!

Still wondering about how – exactly – Prometheus connects to Alien? Read our Prometheus – Alien Connection Explained’ Article.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out our Prometheus episode of the SR Underground podcast.


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Prometheus is Rated R for sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language. Now playing in theaters.

Our Rating:

4.5 out of 5

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  1. Ah, you reviewed it at last. I’ll paste my opinion from earlier to save me typing it all again….


    I saw “Prometheus” yesterday. Quite disappointed. It has many flaws and half baked ideas. It actually answers too many questions, but in a very unsatisfactory way. It opts for the most predictable outcomes and has sloppy, heavy-handed plot maguffins dropped in everywhere.

    Too many characters are irritatingly two-dimensional, cliched as well as stupid. Some are just pointless (Including supposed main ones.)

    It is however beautiful to look at. Absolutely flawless cinematography and seamless special effects. The 3D adds nothing of value though. It would be better viewed in 2D. Some great performances by Fassbender and Rapace, while other actors seem wasted.

    Despite Ridley Scott trying to distance this from the “Alien” universe with only “…strands of DNA…” it IS part of that universe and probably would have been an okay film if it wasn’t viewed as such. But seeing as it is connected to the “Alien” universe it simply doesn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with “Alien” or “Aliens”. In fact, despite Scott trashing the “Alien” sequels it makes many of the same mistakes and in many cases is no better.

    With it being Ridley Scott and a return to sci-fi, espescially the “Alien” universe, I was expecting better. As a bit of escapism it is a very good film, but with the baggage, expectations, plot holes and missed oppurtunities it comes with it doesn’t tick the right boxes.

    It’s worth a watch, but it is not the “Classic” or “Iconic” film that many were hoping for

    • If it’s better than the two Alien VS. Predators … I won’t be disappointed at all!

    • I can tell from the pompous word usage that you are a jaded movie critic type and therefore unworthy of listening to in my eyes. I’ll stick to the official screenrant review thanks!

      • “Jaded movie critic type” ? okay, i have no interest in being a movie critic, but thanks for your insults. It is just my opinion and you don’t have to read it, but I have as much right as anyone to give an opinion.

        Have you seen it yet? This was just my reaction to this movie, a movie I have been very eager to see, and because of it’s director and lineage deserves constructive criticism. I’m not gonna say it was the perfect film just because Ridley Scott directed it!

        It has many great things going for it and will easily please many, many people. I was just disappointed that’s all (Not that I could have done any better.)

        Absolutely stick to screenrant, i don’t run a movie review site or have the skills to contribute to one. I can tell by your word usage you enjoy giving put-downs on the net.

        If you haven’t seen the film yet, I’m sure you will love it.

        • It’s only an insult if you find it insulting. To me it seemed as though you were picking the film apart instead of enjoying it. Discussing Ridley Scott’s arrogance instead of the Alien sagas greatness and exciting continuation. “Heavy handed plot maguffins” instead of freaky demented creatures, or lack there of, whatever the case may be. Like I said, I haven’t seen it, but Harry Knowles liked it and so does screenrant. I mean, where do you stand? Do you like the Alien series as a whole or just Ridley Scott directed features? Your opinion would be more interesting if I knew where you were coming from. Also it is important to note that contrary to whatever you may hear the man say, there will probably be a director’s cut later on down the line. Ridley Scott has a LONG history of this.

          • I meant no disrespect to Ridley Scott. He wouldn’t be the first director to have soooo much fan pressure riding on a film to be a masterpiece. And visually it really is a masterpiece. I’m a huge fan of the Alien franchise, but only really satisfied by “Alien” and “Aliens” “Alien 3″ had it’s moments, but again, just had something missing. The others were just disappointing.

            I think the original “Alien” is actually at a huge advantage because it doesn’t actually explain anything. Things are left unknown and it just adds to the mystery. So if you look at it “Prometheus” had a huge task in pulling lots of ideas and plot threads together. Especially considering that the “Space jockeys” were never really developed except in the comics and those aren’t canon.

            There is alittle body-horror in this that actually made me squirm in my seat which I haven’t done since being a kid. I think “Prometheus” suffers from not having the long drawn out menace and foreboding that the first two films had (although in contrasting ways).

            Ben’s review is very fine and having seen the film I know his opinions ring very true. I just really disagree with him on, perhaps the overall expectation/enjoyment and how much the 3D improves the experience. I’m not keen on Harry Knowles reviews generally. He seems to love everything and tell you exactly the entire plot at the same time, so i usually stay away from AICN. But that’s just my opinion. I value the critics on this site more whether I agree with them or not.

            You’re probably right, there may be a directors cut, but often that comes about because the studio has interfered with Ridley’s vision. Maybe he had more control over the final product this time. To be honest the flaws that bug me must have been in the script and plot, not at all how Scott directed it.

            …and it was a little insulting, and at the least a little unfriendly.

            • I am excited to see it, yet I also agree that what made Alien the original so awesome was the deep sense of mystery surrounding the space-jockey and his bizarre vehicle. I fear losing that.

            • …and I am sorry for being mean and attacking you earlier…I do actually feel bad. I guess I’m just upset that everybody seems to be hating on Prometheus and that is really upsetting to me, because I’ve loved these movies my entire life and the thought of it sucking topped with still having to wait 3 more days to watch it is almost too much to handle anymore.

              • Would the two of you please SHUT THE F*CK UP!? Motoko, stop hating on a beloved franchise. Some things are better kept off the internet. Eddie, stop being a fanboy. Yodarlz, stop butting in on internet arguments trying to mediate after the srgument is clearly over just because you are trying to procrastinate doing a english portfolio. Now that we are all on the same page…whos up for a rousing game of Words with Friends?

                • @yodarlz: I can’t remember the last time i laughed so hard. Thank you!

              • S’alright.

                It really doesn’t suck, it just has a lot to live up to and to do that is a mammoth task. It has plenty of good stuff to offer.

            • You do (strongly) come across as nit-picky. Did you really have a open mind when you went to see the movie? I’m not trying to be insulting, I just noticed you seem to take many aspects of the movie apart. That strikes me as closed-minded.

              • Not at all. That’s what discussion is for. In fact I saw it again today with my sister and enjoyed it more because I knew that I could treat it like a B-movie. There are many problems with the film and many people are unhappy with the same things.

    • You do know it was always going to be two movies, yes? The “two part” alien prequel was announced like 3 years ago.

    • I totally agree with your brief review. It’s funny, it’s like Ben saw a completely different movie than I did. I found nothing of what Ben found. I was bored through most of the film.

      The “fan service” ending feels useless and tacked on. The only one bit of continuity that they had to do get right, they completely missed. Just nothing worked in this film. I can’t wait for the film to get released in the US so I can read all the mixed reviews.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It was a pretty film that was a waste of time to watch. Truly an insult to science and the Alien franchise.

    • The whole sharing strands of “DNA” with alien was quite literal when they said that, the ampoules contained base xenomorph DNA which reproduces like a virus. The black liquid infected and produced xenomorph characteristics like the acid blood. The murals pretty clearly showed a xenomorph too.

  3. POSSIBLE SPOILERS.. Don’t know for certain, I haven’t watched it yet… but I heard that LV426 has nothing to do with this movie and the planet of shown derelict ship crash is LV223 and therefore NOT the space-jockey ship on ALIEN at all. Another one entirely. This should serve to confuse the heck out of everybody!

    • Thanks for the warning about the end credits.

    • Well everyone should stay till the end of the credits for every movie they see in a cinema…all those people who get no credit publicly deserve to have their names seen and read

      • It’s quite a challenge reading all of them.

      • There are so many names on there, that you forget the names that you just read 5 seconds ago. They get more than enough “credit” from our wallets anyway.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the mixed reaction from people over this film…I mean here we have a 4.5/5 review…over on Den of Geek we have a 2/5 which is the lowest I’ve seen btw…love movies that can have two people come away with such varied opinions

    • I think generally it is a very good movie, and amazing visually. It’s just mainly because of it’s ties to such an iconic movie and a director whose films are usually very deep and ambiguous that some are a little disappointed. It certainly is dividing opinion.

      • I agree. Given the director and the ties to the previous movies it would have seemed like an epic movie but I just felt it was an average movie. Disappointing

      • I think you’re right. We even talked about how high expectations might affect people’s enjoyment of the film (no matter how good it turned out) on a recent episode of the Screen Rant Underground. I can understand why some audiences would be turned off (depending on their expectations) but I think what’s there offers plenty of interesting material to unpack.

        • I agree. The film does leave the door open for the development of a trilogy. The film overall is good because it appeals to the general public and has elements of the “Alien” franchise. I will use a comment from some people who saw it with me, “This is like the Transformers films. It will appeal to almost everyone but the people who will have the biggest beef with it will be the hardcore fans and the people who hate the director. All in all it’s a good film but it didn’t reach its full potential”. It’s better than other high anticipated films but does it reach the hype level of say “The Avengers”? No. Will it reach the hype level of TDKR? No. Is the film good enough to be a success for future films in this franchise? Yes.

    • Some people don’t understand science or science fiction. Those are probably the people who liked the film.

      • Always with the condescension. What you and many others don’t understand is that some people (many actually) understand science and science fiction perfectly fine but choose to look past that deliberately to enjoy a friggin’ movie. Movies are what they are and all the bitching and moaning in the world will not change that. By nitpicking everything apart you just ruin the experience for yourself, because a movie is so much more than its story.

        Take J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek for example. The story of that movie is so blatantly stupid and the depiction of the universe and its workings so ignorantly wrong that it should be one of the worst movies of all time. But it isn’t. You know why? Because everything else in that movie is so friggin’ perfect. It simply is an enjoyable space opera. Nothing more, nothing less. It never tried to profoundly advance the science-fiction genre and shouldn’t be judged as if it tried to. If that’s not your genre, stay clear and head for something else like Another Earth or Moon, for example. There is still plenty of smart science-fiction out there without the need to destory the silly blockbusters that are with us for more than 80 years now. Remember the original King Kong (1933)? That was one of the first. It’s still a good movie, even though the very existence of a giant gorilla like that is totally ridiculous.

  5. After waiting for over a year for this I left the cinema feeling very disappointed. Looking at it from the perspective of an Alien fan it did leave me feeling very empty. If I hadn’t seen a single Alien movie and went to see this at the cinema I’m sure I would’ve left thinking was that it.

    The film looks amazing, but in my view gets stuck awkwardly in the middle of being a chilling movie and being a horror movie.

    I’ll comment more on the Alien related aspects in the spoilers thread so I don’t spoil it for anyone

    • I have to agree. Coming in I thought it would have all the things that made Alien great but coming out I felt like it was an okay movie but dropped the ball on soo many areas. I guess being an Alien fan I probably expected that “Wow” or that “OMG, that’s crazy” factor and it just fell short.

  6. Saw the movie and it was good. I think the movie could have done better with the script and scare factor but all in all it was good.

    The Good:
    The visuals was amazing. The cinematography is top notch.
    Fassbender and Rapace were the highlight of the entire movie. Great performance
    If you’re an Alien fan you will enjoy some of the similarities, well, to a certain point

    The Bad:
    Besides Fassbender and Rapace, the other characters seemed like they were just there to take up space.
    The suspense/scare factor is just corny and predictable. It doesn’t have that wow factor that Alien & Aliens had.
    It is a great movie but didn’t live up to the hype it soo endorsed. The plot lines were corny and reminded me of Aliens 3

    I’d give it a 4 just based on visuals but that’s as high as I would go. If you’re an Alien fan I highly recommend it but if not, it may seem just eh, average

    • I totally agree.

  7. Wow… i think this is the most positive ‘Prometheus’ review I’ve read so far (and I have read quite a few).

    As a self proclaimed cinephile and a new fan of the ‘Alien’ franchise, I can’t wait to see it this weekend.

    • Apart from some glowing youtube reviews this seems to be one of the more positive ones. Sometimes I think I ruin a movie for myself if I have too much anticipation invested in it.

      • Given the hype I was the same way. I expected something epic. I am going to have to bring down my expectations now especially with the Hobbit making it’s run towards the end of the year, LOL

        • I think that is the main problem, ALIEN and ALIENS where of such a high calibre, completely different in every respect but both brilliant in there own way.

          Now all these years later people’s high expectations are what is going to kill it for people, Motoko in particular seems to be disappointed, perhaps his expectations of what he was going to see (I was about to say ‘expecting’) where perhaps let down. But the question is could, or can, any film repeat the kind of feeling you got the first time you saw ALIEN?

          It’s a very hard thing to do, perhaps, Ridley and the writers, were very aware of that and tried to give us something different, rather than trying to recapture ‘lightening in a bottle’ so to speak.

          I know I for one was really disappointed with the Star Wars prequels, as were many more, but we are all victims of our emotions of how we felt, a long time ago, in a cinema, not so far away.

  8. I’m surprised, didn’t expect 4.5 star review considering all the bad reviews. I’m seeing it this week regardless.

    • 82% FRESHNESS @ Rotten tomatoes

      • Rotten Tomato freshness breakdown:

        ALIEN 97% Freshness
        Aliens 100%
        Alien3 40%
        Alien Resurrection 54%
        Alien Vs Predator 22%
        AvP: Requiem 12%

        Prometheus 82% – Best score since Aliens, that’s gotta count for something! I mean, it can’t be THAT bad!

        • I bet someone could stand in front of you with a rusty iron bar and a quirky, psychotic smile while saying, “You want to see this movie huh, but I’m between you and the theater boy” and STILL you would walk towards the building thinking, “Okay, it is just some kind of stunt being played by old high school friends?” and AFTER you regained consciousness from near-lethal strikes to your cranium you would be found inside watching Prometheus while theater management called for an ambulance!

          Just a hunch…

          • That was hilarious.
            But come on… don’t be mean. Eddie is just a fan, there’s nothing wrong with that.

              • LMAO

        • That places it about right. It’s better than “Alien 3″ but not as good as the previous two. (IMO)

  9. The reviews for this movie have been all over the place but 4.5 is reassuring, I generally trust you guys

  10. Saw the movie last night and to say that i am disappointed does not do justice to how i truly feel. Yes its beautiful and as a piece of stand alone science fiction its not bad, but as a contribution to the Alien Universe from its creator it is a weak effort (from a storyline perspective). The script writer is ex-Lost and it has all the hallmarks of the “lets just stick this in for a reaction and for no logical reason” style of writing that ruined that show.

    I can’t help but feel that there is a lot of footage on the editing room floor and really hope that Ridley releases a directors cut in a few years that fills the gaping plot holes, links the logic and gives some the paper thin characters some weight.

    The movie asks some interesting questions and will stimulate much debate. But today i have that post Phantom Menace feeling again :(

    • Yes, Phantom Menace is a good comparison. Another friend compared it to Hannibal Rising where the idea looked good but badly executed. Thank you. I was thinking of a movie that had all the hype but just didn’t really deliver. My biggest issue has to be the script and plot as well. A lot of it seems a little out of place and some other parts feels rushed.

      • What gets me is that after a raft of crappy sequels this had the potential to redeem the intelligence in the Franchise. Instead we get WMD’s, “Pay me on the other side”, “Because I choose to believe” and scientists that fail to do any science! Plus a load of old cobblers around religion, creationism and Guy Pearcebas Mr Byrnes!

        On the plus side Fassbender was legend!

  11. Glad to read the “glowing” review but at the same time still feeling a bit apprehensive with all the middle of the road reviews (not because I ever really care about critics opinions but becasue it seems like if you are looking for a good connection to Alien(s) then its not there). I will be there to watch this weekend because it’s still got the DNA of Alien and has been on my excited to see list since it was green lit.

    • That’s how I felt. I thought, “how bad can it be since it should have everything from the original Alien”. Yes it does and no it doesn’t. Ummm, the visuals lets say to not provide spoilers is Alien but the script/plot lacks that original excitement and wow factor that made Alien sooo awesome. I guess being a huge fan, the script and plot is what bugged me the most. Alien had a script and plot line where everything seemed to flow flawlessly but this movie at some points you’re sitting there thinking, WTF, this part is soo useless

  12. Dont matter me. Im going to go see it to escape reality for a little while.

  13. I just want to know, should I stay after the credits?

  14. Went to see this with 3 other people, two of us Alien-fans and the other two had never seen them. We all left the theater underwhelmed. The actors were fantastic and the visuals impressive, but the film itself was very lackluster.

  15. A while back, I came across this: “If you have high expectations for a film you have a higher chance of being disappointed..”

    • True.

      Certain films you can lower your expectations for and take it for what it is. But it is difficult with a film boasting the caliber of Ridley scott and “Alien”.

      But yes, expectations were probably too high.

      • “Believe in the improbable, imagination makes it ebulliently reasonable!”

  16. 4.5? Didn’t even read read the review, so geeked! :-)

  17. This is the most positive review I’ve read yet.
    But to be honest and like I’ve said before this is one of those films that’s review proof for me. Don’t get me wrong if I don’t like it I’ll admit it but no matter what my butt will be in the theater Sunday.

  18. this film was a complete disaster. Yes, it looked stunning…However the overall story and script (some of the lines/catchphrases, my god) left me squirming in my seat for the majority of the film. Even as I type this I am still in complete disbelief and shock at just how bad the script was, and how it was given the green light. Completly gutted.

  19. Incredible movie all around. Terrific Job. I feel bad for anyone disappointed it was an awesome trip. Nothing Phatom Menace about it at all. Some peeps are impossible to please. Excellant Ride can’t wait to see it again Friday

    • They weren’t saying it was like Phantom Menace, just that they left the theater feeling as underwhelmed as when they did after that movie.

      • It’s not bad like the Phantom Menace. Not at all but I think for hardcore fans of the franchise it did drop the ball a little. A good comparison that a group of Alien fans told me was like the Transformers movies to the Transformers fans. The movies were great for anyone who loves to be entertained but for the hardcore fans they thought the movie was a joke, same concept with this movie. They all said Transformers=good scenery but questionable script/plot, Prometheus=great scenery but questionable script/plot but both really good movies, not great.

  20. just back from seeing this… well.. i think everyone is a bit too focused on the details in the script.. i thought it was awesome!! i love the alien franchise.. this is way better than alien 3 and 4 ha.. whatever 4 was called.. some of the characters were weak, true enough! but overall i found it really good.. :) :)

    would also prefer it not to be 3d..

  21. I havent seen the movie yet, but i had to stop reading the bickering and judge for myself. I already dislike the fact that this isnt considered a prequel but yet there are so many similarities with the first alien film. Where the derelict ship and its positioning after it crashes, the fact that the mess up the space jockeys making him seem human size when in he first alien movie you see 3 average size humans crawling across the space jockey. and the Xenomorphs or the alleged lack there of. I guess they plan to introduce new xeno types. Not to mention that there’s an assumption that everyone dies and there is a rogue android. In any case, the movie still looks good and should hold me long enough until the Dark Knight Returns releases

  22. I want to see this, but judging from other folks and other reviews, it’s amazing that Screen Rant gives this film the same rating as The Avengers.

  23. i love prometheus! just watched it! amazing!

  24. I have not seen the movie yet ,
    But, FOR MONTHS Ridley Scott has said that this was NOT a straight up Prequel to The Alien franchise.
    Scott said it took place in the Alien universe But, that it was also its own thing .
    Sounds like he delivered exactly what he promised.
    I will see it next Saturday .
    I cant wait!

  25. Also I forget to mention how Fassbinder in his first sequence reminded me of Thomas Jerome Newton. Now if they ever made a remake of The Man Who Fell to Earth he should be cast as him…Now, I just can’t get over how peeps here feel they are owed something else because they become Overly Obsessed with the first set of movies. And what is that something else? It’s just boggling that people feel they are owed something else. This was a damn fine satisfying movie. Maybe you should rethink your whole approach to what you become obsessed with and how to react to its subsequent outpourings. Ridley and Co. did a masterful job. Better than any of you could have. Then again that’s why he’s in his chair and we are in ours. They should be Proud.

    • I was actually hoping it wouldn’t stray into the Xenos at all and give us something great, fresh and interesting about the Space Jockeys. I wanted to see the Jockeys as new and interesting characters, but that didn’t happen. I had no problem with this film distancing itself from the previous Alien films, but it still has to stand by itself and to an extent, besides all the great things it had, it didn’t do that. (IMO)

      • Yes, but for die hard fans, or regualar “Alien” fans who knnow anything about the Space JOckeys. They know they were huge in comparison to man. Just in the first alien movie alone where 3 human s were crawling over the fossilized corpse of the space jockey, in every alien comic or novel they were huge, with the elephant trunk. No human resemblence at all unlike the blue faced dudes in this movie. so that is one area ridley scott goes awry. No Xenos is #2 for me, because in my mind that is what the “ALien” franchise is about, the greatest killing machine ever placed on film. Without those Xeno’s, anything else is uncivilized (no pun to right guard).. My opinion is that this movie was going to be abouot the origins of the space JOckey and how they came across the creation of the Space Jockey. Maybe I’m wrong, but thats my opinion

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