‘Prometheus’ Clip: On Approach to Doom

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If the Advil and sunglasses aren’t enough to help cure your P.A.S. (Post Avengers Syndrome), then perhaps the next round of blockbusters can help guide you on your road to recovery.

In a summer that will be dominated by big names such as The Avengers, Spider-Man and Batman, 20th Century Fox’s Prometheus continues to build a slow buzz, just waiting for its chance to attack the box office. Apple has released the first official clip from Prometheus, and  if you’ve seen the trailers for the Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator) directed sci-fi film, then you are well aware that Prometheus feels much more like an event than an actual film.

The clip shows a team of explorers on board the spacecraft Prometheus, as it prepares for landing on an alien planet.  As rumors continue about Prometheus possibly being an Alien prequel, one has to wonder if the crew is preparing for landing on the same planet from Scott’s 1979 classic.  Scott and the film’s crew continue to keep mum on whether Prometheus has any direct affiliation to the Alien franchise.

The crew of Prometheus consist of an A-list cast led by Noomi Rapace (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows), Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class, Shame), Charlize Theron (Snow White and the Huntsman) and Idris Elba (The Wire, Thor).

prometheus rating noomi rapace Prometheus Clip: On Approach to Doom

The official synopsis for Prometheus, courtesy of Fox, reads as follows:

“Ridley Scott, director of “Alien” and “Blade Runner,” returns to the genre he helped define. With PROMETHEUS, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.”

Is it possible that by the end of the summer of 2012 we may look back at all of the blockbusters the season brings us and still be talking about how Prometheus walked away with the crown? Perhaps after we have completely recovered from Post-Avengers Syndrome, we may find ourselves battling a new version of P.A.S., only this time it will stand for ‘Post-Alien Syndrome.’  Much like the terrible affliction the crew of Prometheus will face.

Prometheus is scheduled for release on June 8th, 2012.

Source: Apple

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  1. I don’t think it’s the same planet. Some of the viral stuff hints that it is not LV-426 (which is technically a moon, BTW). The rock formations and atmosphere appear to be different as well.

    • In the extended clip that was posted last week Ridley Scott states that the planet is zeta reticuli or zeta 2 reticuli.

      • Zeta 2 Reticuli is a star. It’s the star that the fictional LV-426 orbits (or rather it’s parent planet orbits. It’s about 39 light years away.

        It’s possible that LV-223 is another planet or moon in the same system.

        Zeta 1 Reticuli is very close, as they are a wide binary system.

        • Yup, what he said.

    • in the extended featurette clip for prometheus, the planet is zeta 2 reticuli, or a name that alien fans can relate to, in the clip, it’s very small, but it says LV-223

    • Probably because this is a prequel, set before Alien…?

  2. Idris Elba is such a badass, he can land a ship without wearing his seat belt. And sitting in a chair is for wimps! It’s like he’s strolling in the park except he ain’t strolling anywhere.

    Maybe he’s wearing anti-turbulence boots. What a pro.

  3. Looks fantastic. Although I do kind of miss the bashed-around-garbage-can look of the original Alien and the first Star Wars movies. Today’s science fiction is awfully clean looking, like it’s lit from the inside like a light bulb instead of how a real object looks.

    Regardless, this movie looks absolutely beautiful, and the cgi makes movies made even 5 years ago look dated…

    • the fun thing is, the ship in Prometheus is actually based on the original designs for the Nostromo. budget constraints forced them to alter the Nostromo’s design.

      I had pretty much memorized the concept art for the original bridge of the Nostromo, and the second I saw the Prometheus I recognized it for what it was.

    • I like the new well lit look, so we can see everything, almost like putting us in the room with the action, that dark look is annoying at times, like in Aliens, you couldnt see much of anything, you just heard what was going on

      • But that was what was scary about it. And the sets were intentionally built a little small to make it claustrophobic. Ridley Scott cited the first Star Wars movie as the major influence on Alien, because it was science fiction that looked used and realistic.

  4. Uhm looks good, but I already see a continuity error. Idris Elba heads to the front control area…but then disappears in one shot (probably to give the audience a better view out the front window).

  5. What is with the may or may not be a pre-quel crap? Either it is or it isn’t. The studio just wants Alien fans to go see it.

    • From what I’ve read it is set in the same universe as Alien but it has no two mouthed acid blood aliens in it.

    • There are space jockeys in it, jeez.

      • It’s set 30 (not 50) years prior to Alien, and although it’s set in the same universe, the story runs parallel. It’s not a prequel per se.

        • Thank you.

        • It has to be a prequel. The same alien ship, I’m sure this ship will end laying in the same position as the one in Alien. The only difference in this movie will be the type of threats. there wont be any traditional Xeno, but something/someobody will transform into something deadly. and nothing fossilizes like the spacejockey in the first alien did after 30 years. and compare the size of the space jockey in Alien to the size of the space jockey in this movie and there is a huge size difference. and I dont buy that he’s wearing a suit

  6. This is going to be pretty amazing in 3D. When I saw the full trailer in 3D with The Avengers I was blown away.

  7. I can hardly wait until this “lands” on DVD, cuz I’m gonna buy it for sure!

  8. I’m with you Kevin7, I had to pick my jaw off the floor. Then it happened again with ‘The Amazing Spiderman’. By the end of ‘The Avengers’ I looked like I’d watched ‘The Ring’ VHS.

  9. The more I see of it the more I want to see it. More excited for this then tdkr but not as much as the amazing spiderman.

  10. Advance screening tomorrow night @Mt Barker!!!!!!

    As and aside, there is a 4WD that goes past my local pub every night that has an “LV426″ on the door.
    The driver thinks we are crazy ‘coz we point @his sign and give him thumbs up!


  11. I plan to see this movie, but how can they sa its differetn or not attached when the ship is the same. They didnt inspect the ship or the surrounding area in the first movie, and who knows what area around the ship did they inspect or search in the ‘Aliens” movie. So to say that these movies are not connected is not true, especially when you have the same ship. and I’m certain it will end up in the positioin it was found in the first movie. 2nd, i still have an issue with the size of the space jockey. In “Alien”, it was twice, if not 3 times the size of the humans as they wre crawling over it.

    • It’s probably a different ship. The aliens probably have thousands of those ships seeding the galaxy.

      • the same Galaxy? On different moons of the same planet. And they seed planetsof their enemies. Who were they warring with on that moon?

  12. I will admit that the planets look different, theres sunshine and waterfalls, everything lv-426 was not, but despite the rain on Lv-426 that couldve been manipulated by the atmosphere processors, one would think that there was no life on Lv-426. in this movie that alien cobra looking thing was indegenous to that planet. and we have yet to see what exploded out of that canister. If it was a traditional facehugger, then we should have traditional Xenos

    • The scene in the trailer where Fassbender’s character is pulling something goopy out of a cannister? That’s one of the cannisters from the alien ship that are positioned like eggs. Pause it and you can see it.

  13. So Stringer Bell quit his drug-dealing job to become a spaceship pilot? Interesting.

    • He was a Drug Manager, Dont forget he was an Asgardian too

    • technically, String is no longer with us as his past trangressions finally caught up with him. Indeed.

      • He is also John Luther, that is a great show…

        • Agreed. I used to call him Stringer… now I only know him as Luther…

      • Oh indeed.

  14. Here’s 3 reasons its a prequel to ALIEN.

    1. The Weyland corporation is in it,

    2. Fassbender is the same kind of Robot like Bishop was.

    3. We see the Space Jockey in the previews.

    I have also read what I believe was a legit copy of the script that was leaked and without giving anything away spoiler wise I can say that it will make complete sense that its an ALIEN prequel the after you see the movie. Or go and find the script that I read online. Its not too hard to find.

    • Without bothering to look it up, I’m betting that script is a fake. It’s not a prequel to Alien. It’s set in the same universe, there are overlapping elements, it’s not a prequel.

    • If Ridley says it isn’t, DL of the writer says it isn’t … then it isn’t no matter how geeky and anorak wearing you want to get about it.

    • That’s interesting, I’ve been having strange little nightmares about the film myself. I wonder just how scary it’s going to be? I hope it’s DARNED scary. And I just re-watched Blade Runner, which was a huge reference point for the writer(s) of Prometheus and was reminded all over again at what a perfect film it is. And Michael Fassbender said his main inspiration for his character in Prometheus was Rutger Hauer’s performance in Blade Runner, he purposefully didn’t go back to the Alien films for inspiration.

      I cannot express higher hopes that Ridley Scott pulls this one off…

  15. I know I’m going to see this movie prequel, sequel, or 3quel, but why even have LV423, so close to lv426? just make it what it is. stop playing mind games with us and just make another Classic movie