‘Prometheus’ International Trailer Teases Horrifying Events in Space [Updated]

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prometheus international trailer michael fassbender Prometheus International Trailer Teases Horrifying Events in Space [Updated]

[UPDATE: We’ve added the first official TV spot for Prometheus.]

In case you didn’t get your fill of ominous sci-fi spectacle and horrifying events while watching the amazing full-length trailer for Prometheus (which premiered over the weekend), today we can offer a new international theatrical promo for filmmaker Sir Ridley Scott’s return venture to the Alien universe.

The marketing for Prometheus has so far been great, thanks to previous trailers having successfully teased the grand scope of the visuals and ideas explored in Scott’s project, without also divulging so many of the film’s secrets as to make viewers feel like they’ve already seen a truncated version of the movie. We’re happy to report that the latest international preview (which takes its time setting up the storyline and boasts new footage to boot) doesn’t break away from that approach.

Prometheus takes place in the relatively-distant future, as a pair of scientists (Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall-Green) discover a recurring pictograph among the archaeological remnants of ancient civilizations around the globe. The duo then assemble a motley crew – including, corporate tool Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) and a cutting-edge android (Michael Fassbender) – for a space expedition to a mysterious alien planet, which could provide them with answers to the questions about the very beginnings of humankind. As it turns out, that wasn’t the brightest of ideas.

See what we mean by watching the full-length international trailer (along with the first TV spot) for Prometheus:




Passing over the lofty concepts and philosophical issues that Scott and co-screenwriter Damon Lindelof (Lost, the Star Trek sequel) have promised will be examined in Prometheus, the film as a whole just looks stellar. The early footage has boasted some genuinely breath-taking cinematography and well-composed shots that should look all the more fantastic in 3D on the big screen. Not to mention, Scott’s decision to compliment the elaborate practical sets in Prometheus with customary CGI only when necessary appears to have really benefitted the movie as a whole.

There have also been lots of fun “Easter Eggs” for Alien fans (shots of the Space Jockey, Fassbender channeling Ian Holm as Ash, etc.) present in the Prometheus promos to date, including the viral video featuring Guy Pearce as corporate head Peter Weyland – an iconic name in the Alien series mythology. Assuming the trailers are representative of the actual movie, it looks like all those claims about Prometheus being more of a standalone feature than a dyed in the wool prequel could be true after all.

Prometheus hits 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on June 8th, 2012.


Source: 20th Century Fox

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  1. Ridley Scott has been holding his fire on this kind of spectacle
    far too long but he is poised to blow away all contenders
    to the throne of cutting edge directors once again.

    • Couldn’t agree more!

    • And to be doing it at 74 is something else. I know age doesn’t matter but it’s still pretty amazing. Besides Marty I can’t think of another director who is still at the top of his game but there’s also no sign of him slowing down at such a late age. I would have mentioned Eastwood but his past couple films haven’t been to great.
      I’m 36 and I wish I had half the stamina of Scott or Marty ;)

      • Ridley personally is indeed a man to admire.

        Approaching his work and life with intense vigor
        without missing a beat at his age is extraordinary
        and a model for how to live your life in the fullest.

        A man like Ridley makes me feel like I have another
        lifetime to live and there is still a dream or two to chase.

  2. absolutely! This is gonna be an opening day film for me!

  3. i liked this more, slow, plot driven trailer

  4. Even though I’m still amazed with the heart racing final minute of the IMAX trailer I really like the pace and plot details of this one.
    With every trailer and video that comes out my anticipation grows for this more and more.
    It has moved from I’ll “try” to see it in the theater to I’ll be at a midnight showing.

  5. Dyed in the wool or no this IS a prequel & a brilliantly realized one at that. Supposedly after James Cameron directed “Aliens” the last great film in the series until now he told the producers that if they would get Ridley Scott back for a third film in the franchise then he would return for the fourth. Needless to say they DIDN’T & a great opportunity was wasted. Seeing the footage from “Prometheus”, I’d like to think that this is what HIS third film in the franchise would have been, as epic & distinctive as the director himself.

  6. So, Aliens were originally a virus created to wipe out humanity, but somehow it mutated and spread uncontrollably. As the original species tried to harness it like a weapon, they accidentally wiped out their own civilization?

    Or, the species that created the virus set up a trap, so that they could wipe out humanity. Once humanity was exposed the the alien virus, they were suppose to bring it back to Earth.

    Pretty interesting.

    • It does seem like it could kind of go either way. Cool none the less.

    • The xenomorphs were originally created for terraforming. They wipe out whatever is there already, clearing the path for the re-build

  7. Trailer has a “Star Trek” vibe mixed with a horror element.

  8. I can not wait for this. I love the Alien universe.

  9. Will be the best film of the season by a wide margin

  10. This certainly looks like one of the best sci-fi/horror films (or just FILM period) so far. It has a lot to live up to but I think Ridley is gonna deliver a blinding movie.

    It just looks soooo good.

  11. the human-like alien(not the alien)sits in the space jockeys. the one who transforms at the beginning from the trailer from yesterday.

  12. Prometheus and Avengers will sweep the Academy Awards, and rightfully so, between them!

    • Avengers… Academy Awards.

      HAHAHAHA. You’re funny.

  13. i love how you hear the pinging soung like the motion tracker from aliens xD <3

    • That’s not what that is… Go watch the original alien trailer.

  14. How much did this cost to produce? If this is a rehashed question or was answered on another thread, I apologize. It just looks so breathtakingly beautiful.. Definitely checking this out in IMAX. Not 3D though.

    • They aren’t done with it, so the production costs haven’t been released yet. They don’t know the final number.

      Why not 3D? It’s being shot in 3D (not post converted, which is the crappy kind) and Scott is a master with cameras. If I were to see a 3D film, it would 100% be a Ridley Scott film.

  15. Three different trailers in three days. I’m not complaining! This movie looks fantastic!

  16. I have to say it but could you imagine if Ridley got ahold of Mass Effect or Halo and they let them do them his way…….wow

    • mass effect and halo had there inspirations maybe from h.r.giger and ridley scott´s alien-universe.

  17. This simply looks stunning, and if it deliver up to the standard set in this trailer we are going to get a sci/fi classic and masterpiece in June.

  18. It looks like Idris Elba crashes the Prometheus into the space jockey ship to prevent it leaving for earth. That’s quite a big spoiler to put out there in a trailer.

  19. It’s been my dream that someone worthy would do a new version of Dune, and my dream director would be Ridley Scott. Could you imagine his treatment of Dune 1 through 6?

    Yes Please.

  20. Where are the XENOS?!?!?! thats all I want to see, XENOS and BLOODSHED!!!!

    • Judging by the trailer, I don’t think your going to be let down. Not sure it will be Alien xenos though?

  21. Here is a great image breakdown and re-sequencing from the trailers.

    Gavin attempts to figure out the plot and storyline through the images. Very very cool

  22. Just read it, still no Xenos or any indication where the Xenos were or how they were developed or acquire charactereistics. And what is the purple tentacle thing

    • Lol, why the shlt would you want to know that kind of detail before seeing the film? People these days want to find out everything before they see the film and it’s insane. It’s almost like they don’t realize they’re cheating themselves. Have some patience and self control.

  23. Just saw the new international trailer! OMG!!!! I dont want to see another preview. This is BADASS!!!!!! Release thies movie a week after the Avengers. Ridley ScOTT, Sir, I’m sorry I doubted you, Please forgive me!!!!!!