‘Prometheus’ IMAX Trailer: A Dark and Disturbing Space Odyssey [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated March 17th, 2012 at 9:02 pm,

prometheus full trailer Prometheus IMAX Trailer: A Dark and Disturbing Space Odyssey [Updated]

[UPDATE: Replaced the teaser with the full (and AMAZING) IMAX trailer.]

20th Century Fox’s drip, drip, dropping of footage from Prometheus may be tedious to endure, but it’s proven pretty effective for generating lots of buzz around filmmaker Ridley Scott’s sci-fi flick. The studio has clearly recognized that, in this day and age, trailers for highly-anticipated film projects (like this) are events unto themselves – and have been (shrewdly?) exploiting fan interest in learning more about Scott’s return to the Alien universe.

Following the premiere of a trailer preview clip earlier this week, we now have the full-length IMAX trailer for Prometheus. Similar to the teaser trailer, the IMAX preview mixes shrieking flashes of violence and disturbing events with darkly sumptuous visuals of a gloomy extraterrestrial world – along with a solid outline of the plot that still avoids revealing all of the film’s secrets.

Prometheus stars such well-established thespians as Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, and Logan Marshall-Green (Devil) as futuristic astronauts who undertake “a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe,” in pursuit of clues which could explain humanity’s origins on Earth. Events thereafter take a turn for the worse when those space explorers discover things they were never meant to know (as foreshadowed by the film’s mythological title) and must fight to not only keep themselves alive, but to preserve the continued existence of humankind.

Get a better look at those troubling events in the full Prometheus IMAX trailer:


While there’s a good chunk of imagery on display here that directly recalls Alien (such as Rapace in her underwear, battling an unknown threat aboard the eponymous ship), the cutting-edge CGI effects mixed with H.R. Giger-style practical sets – and the prominent mythological narrative themes teased here not only look and sound quite unique, but also pretty fantastic based solely on their own merits.

Similarly, there are some cool “money shots” that hint at the film’s connection to Alien - the most tantalizing of which is arguably the Space Jockey suit being mechanically peeled off its enigmatic (alien?) host. It’s no spoiler to say that Prometheus (in part) reveals the backstory of that creature – that’s been confirmed for a while now - though what exactly the “new monsters” glimpsed all too briefly here are, that remains a secret (for now).

ridley scott prometheus space jockeys Prometheus IMAX Trailer: A Dark and Disturbing Space Odyssey [Updated]

Overall, Prometheus continues to look like a fantastic brew of sci-fi existential dread and visceral horror that could indeed (as primary screenwriter Damon Lindelof has put it) “scare the living sh** out of you.” It won’t be the biggest blockbuster of the summer, no doubt, but it certainly has the potential to be one of the best.

Look for Prometheus to open in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on June 8th, 2012.

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  1. Wow! For me this one has the potential to be batter than my favorite, Aliens.

  2. Right around the minute mark there is a tentacle thing swinging above the actresses face. . . face hugger perhaps?

    • Since they replaced the minute trailer with the full trailer it has changed, but indeed I do believe a face hugger is being held above the woman in the one tube. And you see some other things that lead to it. This is, indeed in some ways, a prequel to Alien. There is no denying it.

  3. Wow! Could we be looking at the Movie of the Year (or would that be The Avengers)? Either way, there’s gonna be some great watching out there!

    PS (As well as such lesser but interesting-looking entrees as The Raven and The Woman In Black)!!

  4. where is the full trailer? i thought the theatrical trailer was supposed to be out later today after the imax trailer was released?

    • Screenrant the full theatrical trailer is out. It’s om you tube most recent trailers related to Prometheus.

  5. Man, that was kinda creepy. I didn’t expect that.

    • ^ This

  6. Awse. Moved up to #3 on my list after Avengers and The Hobbit.

  7. Coming up on the end of the trailer, I had waves of chills running all over my body. Wave after wave, I got all the more excited for this movie. I can’t wait!

  8. man that was intense!!!

  9. Epic

  10. The full trailer is freaking amazing it’s got the feel of alien & aliens, I’ll definately be watching this in IMAX 3-D. The line up for movies this year just keeps getting better & better.

  11. At 1:36(ish) you see a xenomorph image…

    Anyway, I just had the biggest nerdgasm of my life!

    • The trailer is only 1 minute long (on youtube, I can’t see the videos on screenrand, they don`t work), what trailer are you talking about?

  12. That was pretty cool. Had to watch it again because I blinked too much. 2nd time around the trailer started blinking for me. Just finished watching Event Horizon for the first time and now this… Going to have nightmares tonight.

  13. if just the Avengers trailer would have been that intense…

  14. This bad boy rockin’ an R-rating? I remember that controversy way back and I can’t recall the outcome. I hope it did, I’d hate for anything to be removed from Scott’s vision. Either way, this looks spectacular. Maybe even edging out The Avengers for my 2nd most anticipated movie this year.

  15. ok wow that was friggin intense and i’m pretty interested now :)


  17. How quickly a trailer can change the levels of anticipation. This goes up to number three on the list to see now, behind The Master and that little movie about a bat.

    *whispers* Don’t worry. The Avengers is still number four.

  18. Very interesting.

    I see some of the “connection” with Alien.

    The bridge of the Prometheus uses the original design for the Nostromo’s bridge (which would have bust their budget at the time, so they didn’t use it).

    The “temple” in Prometheus was part of the original plot of Alien.

    The giant face was also, if I recall correctly, in the original plan for Alien.

  19. Just to ruffle some feathers I’d like to point out how nicely this trailer ties into the first Alien Vs. Predator movie.

    THIS IS #1 anticipated movie of the 2000′s thus far.

    • “MY” #1

    • @ Eddie

      I had trouble watching the trailer on here. What was you seen in the trailer that ties this to the first AVP film? From what did saw i too can’t wait for this.

  20. In the very last image of Noomi Repace , there is a “beig” whose skin looks a lot like a xenomorph’s. Remember, in Alien, they find the space jockey suit with a hole in the chest? I think that might be the thing that comes out…

    …pure speculation though

    • “being” oops

  21. Seems like there is a wall carving of an alien or something at 1:35

  22. Oh My GOD DUDE! I thought the teaser from earlier was intense This just blew my freaking mind. I’ll be there for a midnight IMAX showing if available. I haven’t seen anything better than this trailer in a long long time.

  23. definite watch for me

  24. Man. Another look at the trailer and this just keeps looking more interesting every time. The visuals are truly impressive.

  25. Unlike “Space Odyssey” this might have enough story to fill out its run time!

  26. Damn. That was scarier than I thought. Intense as f, well you know what.

  27. The last 30 or so seconds of this trailer is un-freakin-believable!!
    Ive watched it 5 times and get chills with each viewing.

  28. Mother of God !!!