‘Prometheus’ IMAX Trailer: A Dark and Disturbing Space Odyssey [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated March 17th, 2012 at 9:02 pm,

prometheus full trailer Prometheus IMAX Trailer: A Dark and Disturbing Space Odyssey [Updated]

[UPDATE: Replaced the teaser with the full (and AMAZING) IMAX trailer.]

20th Century Fox’s drip, drip, dropping of footage from Prometheus may be tedious to endure, but it’s proven pretty effective for generating lots of buzz around filmmaker Ridley Scott’s sci-fi flick. The studio has clearly recognized that, in this day and age, trailers for highly-anticipated film projects (like this) are events unto themselves – and have been (shrewdly?) exploiting fan interest in learning more about Scott’s return to the Alien universe.

Following the premiere of a trailer preview clip earlier this week, we now have the full-length IMAX trailer for Prometheus. Similar to the teaser trailer, the IMAX preview mixes shrieking flashes of violence and disturbing events with darkly sumptuous visuals of a gloomy extraterrestrial world – along with a solid outline of the plot that still avoids revealing all of the film’s secrets.

Prometheus stars such well-established thespians as Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, and Logan Marshall-Green (Devil) as futuristic astronauts who undertake “a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe,” in pursuit of clues which could explain humanity’s origins on Earth. Events thereafter take a turn for the worse when those space explorers discover things they were never meant to know (as foreshadowed by the film’s mythological title) and must fight to not only keep themselves alive, but to preserve the continued existence of humankind.

Get a better look at those troubling events in the full Prometheus IMAX trailer:

While there’s a good chunk of imagery on display here that directly recalls Alien (such as Rapace in her underwear, battling an unknown threat aboard the eponymous ship), the cutting-edge CGI effects mixed with H.R. Giger-style practical sets – and the prominent mythological narrative themes teased here not only look and sound quite unique, but also pretty fantastic based solely on their own merits.

Similarly, there are some cool “money shots” that hint at the film’s connection to Alien – the most tantalizing of which is arguably the Space Jockey suit being mechanically peeled off its enigmatic (alien?) host. It’s no spoiler to say that Prometheus (in part) reveals the backstory of that creature – that’s been confirmed for a while now – though what exactly the “new monsters” glimpsed all too briefly here are, that remains a secret (for now).

ridley scott prometheus space jockeys Prometheus IMAX Trailer: A Dark and Disturbing Space Odyssey [Updated]

Overall, Prometheus continues to look like a fantastic brew of sci-fi existential dread and visceral horror that could indeed (as primary screenwriter Damon Lindelof has put it) “scare the living sh** out of you.” It won’t be the biggest blockbuster of the summer, no doubt, but it certainly has the potential to be one of the best.

Look for Prometheus to open in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on June 8th, 2012.

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  1. This looks very promising.

  2. So would this film not really ignored AVP, origins wise?

    • I doubt it will have anything to do with the AVP movies at all, since they are a modified version of the comics, which happen more in sync with the original Aliens movies. The movies put things into a contemporary probably to save money and it really is left field from the other stuff for the most part.

  3. Certainly does!

  4. Man…this is my most anticipated film. I love a sci-fi horror. Alien and Aliens(Event Horizen was cool as well) are my favorites of that genre. I know this is not an Alien but it is in the same universe. I love that though, it makes that world that much bigger. Game over man. Game over.

    • who knows? maybe we see the origin alien somehow in the movie. and -event horizon- was creepy as hell(one of the best from sc-fi-horror genre).

      • I think the acid melting that helmet was a clear sign that there´s at least one alien.

        • I do believe it is in here. . . as you will recall, the aliens took on the characteristics of the host that it infected. So that’s why the 3rd had the super fast one being from a dog. So, in essence, I believe it’ll be in there but not in the form we are use to seeing, especially if they put it in the big space jockeys. It’ll be something completely different yet the same and totally scary nonetheless.

      • Yeah, I believe we will see some representation of the Alien.

  5. Absolutely incredible. Most anticipated film of the year.

  6. I think I share your opinion on that.

  7. The Avengers – Prometheus – The Dark Knight Rise – The Hobbit – Warth of the titans – [Rec]³ – Men in black 3 – Cabin in the Woods – James Bond Skyfall – Taken 2 – World War Z…

    My god, 2012 will be sooo good.

    • War wolrd z has been pushed back to summer 2013

  8. Looks very intriguing.

  9. the suit was coming off the space jockey not on pause and play it a couple times!!

    • and if you pause it at 00:12 sec you can see a smooth purple tenicle coming out of somones arm. so instead of xenomorphs popping out of peoples chests i cause theyre transformed into the creature this time.

      • we need an edit button tentacle** instead of cause Guess*

      • Yeah, I noticed that too. Can’t wait.

    • Yep, looks like you’re correct. Good eye. :-)

      I’ve changed that part of the article accordingly.

      • yeea finally got one!

  10. This movie looks absolutely incredible. The visuals are top notch. This definitely has a creepy, horrorific element to it. I’m only 18 years old, so I wasn’t able to see the originals in theatres, but I definitely will not miss this movie but I’ve heard people threw up because of some scenes. But with all the great movies coming out this year, my wallet will surely take a hit. Oh well, won’t miss these movies for the world.

      • I still have yet to see three and four. sucks being in college. your money has to go elsewhere besides movies.

      • @ leonidas

        I have to disagree about 3 & 4. I have to say after Alien 3, they should of ended it there. But thats just me. The first AVP film is my third Alien film id watch. AVP-R was a let down despite it’s R-rated action & stuff. Even Predators didn’t impress me all that much neither after those two films.

        • i thought predators was very good. almost as good as ahnulds. Get to the choppa!

          • Three is worth sticking with because whilst it is undoubtedly an awful movie (oh, imagine if Fincher got it now…) it is a perfect Ripley story to conclude her arc. Which obviously means you’d have to ignore number four. Which everyone in the world should as it’s garbage.

  11. This is the first time Ridley Scott has shot a film in 3D.
    And because it is Ridley Scott, who may possess the best
    visual eye amoungst directors today, I fully expect this film to
    be the best use of 3D to date and an absolute must see in 3D.

    Even with this 2D trailer I have a sense of where he’s
    going with the use of 3D and I want to go there.

  12. This movie looks absolutely incredible. The visuals are top notch, definitely checking this out in IMAX. Although this may not be my most anticipated (only 18, so never saw the originals until recently) this is at least top 5. I can’t wait!

  13. Sorry for double post.

  14. This looks simply amazing! Between Prometheus, Hunger Games, Dark Knight Rises, and The Hobbit, 2012 is seeming to be a phenomenal year for mainstream film.

  15. please screenrant, can you collect some screen-shots from the trailer.

  16. As great as the visuals are I’m really interested in the story but unfortunately that’s also the biggest question mark. Not just the basic ideas, but the execution: we have no way of knowing if it will come off. I’m not asking for responses like “PFFT. IT RIDLEY SCOTT SON. HE GOT THIS!!!” just voicing a concern.
    So far what looks the coolest to me is the team slowly advancing into a room firing their weapons at long intervals in no set directions. What the heck’s goin’ on there?

  17. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this looks so good!!!

  18. I have written 2 different long rants about Lindelof and what this may be about only to delete them and start over because all I really should be saying is,
    This looks amazing and I can’t wait.
    Also is anyone looking for a hired hand that’s willing to work for movie tickets and snacks? Give me your e-mail and I’ll send my credentials. 😉
    This year is getting expensive.

  19. This is looks even more awesome than I originally thought! (it’s bordering on the edge of epicosity ;))
    I’ll definitely be seeing Prometheus on opening weekend.

  20. This movie will be successful. Very promising indeed.

  21. I love all 4 Alien films… and even the extended edition of the first AVP was kind of okayish in-so-far-as it at least TRIED to tie into the series as a prequel. (Antarctica was mentioned in ALIEN as “homebase” and Charles BISHOP Weyland was Lance Henriksen. It had moments the Alien fans can appreciate. I feel like it was more of a disservice to the Predator franchise though… Nothing good to say about that side of the coin.

  22. This is one of those movies that if it sucks, I will be tremendously disappointed.

  23. like i said 3 and 4 are no -masterpieces-, let´s say they´re watchable,sometimes bizarr but watchable.

  24. The trailer was amazing.

    Prometheus is one of my most anticapitied movies of 2012.

    I just hope the film gives scary and thrilling moments like Alien (1979).

  25. Well, now we have solid proof that this ISN’T a prequel to Alien: The computers aren’t running on DOS

  26. this looks great, I’m always worried about modern films that try to do prequels and end up looking even more hi-tech if you will. glad to see they’re using standard bullets and pistols and not some laser guns or something. Some of the effects looks pretty hi-tech though for a prequel to the dirty, gritty Alien universe. That’s my one and only qualm so far. Everything just looks a bit too pristine, but I suppose Alien dealt with “space truckers” who lived in a dirtier environment, whereas these guys look like scientists on a hi-tech expedition. The cast is pretty darn superb, so pumped for this.

  27. maybe we get to see the alien that pops out of the space jockey…cause thats how one died in alien.