‘Prometheus’: Hi-Res Images & More ‘Alien’ Connection Talk

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Ridley Scott’s much-speculated-about Prometheus has been making headlines (in good and bad ways) of late, thanks to a bootlegged version of the film’s teaser trailer and scanned images from a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly being leaked online. The film’s theatrical preview is still expected to be released before 2011 draws to a close, and will likely show before one of the upcoming holiday’s seasons bigger titles.

We now have high-resolution, official versions of the aforementioned EW Prometheus pics, including a non-watermarked version of the (previously) second officially-released still frame from the film. In addition, the CEO of 20th Century Fox has provided his own take on just how Scott’s new movie is connected to the director’s classic sci-fi/horror creation, Alien.

First, check out the official synopsis for Prometheus:

Visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define, creating an original science fiction epic set in the most dangerous corners of the universe. The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life’s ultimate mystery.

It has also been indicated that said “team of scientists and explorers” discover a planet that reveals the truth behind humanity’s origins – and, eventually, find themselves locked in a desperate battle to save themselves and the inhabitants of Earth, after one of their own incurs the wrath of their “god-like” extraterrestrial creators (an allegorical reference to the myth of the Greek Titan, Prometheus).

Get an early look at those human characters and the “distant world” in the Prometheus images below:

There is definitely a recognizable H.R. Giger-inspired aesthetic at work in these Prometheus pics, encompassing everything from the astronaut’s spacesuits to the strange (stone?) monolithic head figure and the “Ampule Room.” Scott’s decision to primarily utilize practical effects seems to be paying off well, as the film’s production design is convincingly texturized and eye-catching. Previous promises from Prometheus co-scribe Damon Lindelof and starlet Charlize Theron that the film should look fantastic in 3D also appear to be right on the money.

On that note: 20th Century Fox co-chairman and CEO Tom Rothman recently bemoaned the early leaking of the Prometheus teaser, partially because he says that “… the quality of the [film's] visuals is as spectacularly beautiful, shot in 3-D compositionally the way only a master could do it… I will promise you this: When that material is ready and it comes out, you should go see it in 3-D on a [theater] screen. It will deliver.”

prometheus official image Prometheus: Hi Res Images & More Alien Connection Talk

MTV also pushed Rothman to provide some additional insight on the extent of the link between Prometheus and the Alien franchise: a question that will be on everyone’s minds, thanks to the new images released from the former (ex. Idris Elba’s Prometheus character appears to be wearing a shirt with the Weyland-Yutani logo).

Here is what the CEO had to say:

“I suppose if you want to definitionally be that literal, but it does it a great disservice. I will tell you, here’s the way to think about it. If you looked at ['Prometheus' as a whole], 95 percent of it is entirely unto itself. Ridley said it right: If you’re a fan and you look closely, you’ll spot strands of DNA.”

Translation: Prometheus (hopefully) won’t suffer from “prequel-itis,” ie., be a film that goes so far out of its way to tie into the events and plot points of its predecessor that it ends up feeling rather contrived (Star Wars prequels, looking at you…). Likewise, it shouldn’t employ the same approach as the recently-released The Thing and play out as a semi-remake of Scott’s original Alien movie.


Prometheus is scheduled to arrive in 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on June 8th, 2012.

Source: 20th Century Fox, MTV

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  1. The photos are awesome, I hope Prometheus has a connection with the first Alien movie and turns out to be a great prequel.

    Also gives scares and chills just Alien.

  2. i’m pretty curious about how this will turn out

  3. Those pictures look great. I’m pretty excited. I just hope it’s good, sometimes great set and costume design can leave a nasty taste in the mouth when you get too excited and the a film turns out to be turd. But I trust Ridley Scott, unlike certain other “Visionary” directors **Cough Lucas Cough**.

    • Why? He’s gone back and completely changed his work also…except when Lucas does it, Han Solo doesn’t end up as a replicant. Scott is off base here, the plot ‘twists’ are absurd and stuff all over the originals, and I hope this is a monumental failure that precluudes other “brilliant’ auteurs from following the same path. YOU CAN”T GO HOME AGAIN.

  4. Compare the Logo on Idris Elba’s tshirt to the well known Weyland Yutani logo. Doesn’t it look like it’s missing the Weyland part of it? Maybe it’s just Yutani Corporation, before Weyland. Use this photo to compare.


    • http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/Yutani_Corporation

      Advancing human technology… This story sounds more and more like the Yutani Corporation before it’s merge with the Weyland company.

      • After reading further, it sounds like this wouldn’t be the first time the word “Prometheus” has been used in the Alien universe. After reading another AVP Wiki, http://avp.wikia.com/wiki/Borgia_Industries .

        “Borgia Industries opened up business relations with both Weyland Industries and Yutani Corporation, auctioning off the Predator tech under the name “Prometheus Tech”. By 2030, Borgia Industries was one of the most successful companies on Earth.

        As time went on, Borgia began to open dealership with the local street gangs, using them to sell their Prometheus tech to use for their gang warfare. However, Hunter became obsessed with obtaining alien technology, leaving control of the city almost entirely to Lucretia. In 2030, the Yautja Scarface returned to the city to destroy the stolen tech. He wiped out the leaders of the street gangs before he was captured by Borgia Industries. He escaped and hunted down the leaders of Borgia Industries. He followed Lucretia to the central Borgia building, killing hundreds of Borgia staff and soldiers before killing Isabella and deuling the genetically augmented Hunter on the roof of the tower.

        Scarface defeated Hunter and took his skull as a trophy. When Scarface left Earth, an individual known as Mr. Weyland bought out the remains of Borgia Industries, merged his own company, Weyland Industries, with Yutani Corporation, creating Weyland-Yutani, and turned Lucretia Borgia, who had been wounded by her father in the battle, into the supercomputer known as MOTHER.”

  5. The thing about Ridley Scott is that whatever other flaws some of his films have, his visual style and expertise cannot be denied. That seems to be his downfall sometimes though, he can’t get things to look how they appear in his head and he pushes everyone too hard.

  6. The mystery they will solve at the end of the movie will about how Aliens created Humans…Which is our Ultimate Mystery.

  7. Article stated they didn’t want this to be considered an “Alien” prequel. Why the heck not!? It relates to the ship found in the first film so how can it not be tied to Alien? Man, I hope this doesn’t bomb.

    • “MY” theory is that PROMETHEUS takes place somewhere in the “57 years” between ALIEN and ALIENS. -Which is precisely why it is “NOT AN ALIEN PREQUEL”

  8. If you can make a film like Blade runner , and Alien, God only knows how chilling he make a film with an even bigger budget and better writers.

  9. PROMETHEUS = ALIEN 2. —”MY” theory is that PROMETHEUS takes place somewhere in the “57 years” between ALIEN and ALIENS. -Which is precisely why it is “NOT AN ALIEN PREQUEL” But they can’t very well call it ALIEN 2 can they? Then stupid people would watch Alien 1 2 and 3 and skip ALIENS altogether! You can’t do that!!!

  10. Its pre alien, I only believe this because in Alien you see the Space Jockeys ship on its side, but in a trailer I have seen you see the ship falling/crashing

  11. I just saw the midnite IMAX 3D premier of PROMETHEUS in S.F. I believe Ridley has delivered, & consistently proves to be a trailblazer amongst legions of imitators. Again, He proves that artistry, character & story are fundamentally vital components to creating a timeless masterpiece, unlike the predominantly CG-ridden music video-esque flicks running rampant in the present day industry, Prometheus provides a welcome breathe of fresh air to the Sci-Fi Thriller genre Scott pioneered. Too often, technological excrement is the theatrical by-product of over ambitious film production teams equipped w/bottomless budgets & armys of digital-age intern minions layering billions of pixels per frame. Most movies lack any regard for the nature of this medium, or do justice to the culture of the craft. Whatever happened to texture? Depth? Perspective? Plain & simple, true life imperfection will always be most convincing- and somehow Ridley seems to continually have a handle on this near-extinct notion. Prometheus provided a realism I had not anticipated. Sadly, contemporary films consist of periscoping pre-fab (real?) 3D concoctions of regurgitated neon imagery & green screen acrobatic stunt doubles, lacking any regard for what true Art is comprised of, or more importantly- where the art of storytelling is seemingly headed. In closing, I’ll be content waiting for another great Ridley Scott Production, even if it again means waiting a decade or two. After all, I’ll have a DVD copy of PROMETHEUS to pass the time…& hopefully rewarded w/a Directors Cut or two, if History’s any indication.

  12. alien takes place in 2179.