New ‘Prometheus’ Pic Reveals Space Jockey Suits

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prometheus noomi rapace New Prometheus Pic Reveals Space Jockey Suits

That Ridley Scott’s Prometheus will somehow touch on the backstory of the giant creature known as the Space Jockey from Alien is no secret, at this point. Even if the director hadn’t already confirmed as much, the film’s official teaser trailer features distinct glimpses of what appear to be a very Jockey-like creature (click here for our complete Prometheus image gallery).

Similarly, two Jockey-like suits are also visible in the background of the latest image from Prometheus; in addition, some unofficial (and unconfirmed) model work for the film surfaced online recently, offering more insight into the nature of these extraterrestrial beings – or, at least, the structure of their helmets.

Prometheus follows a futuristic group of space explorers as they undertake a “thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world.” On that non-Earth planet, the crew will (supposedly) not only uncover troubling information concerning the origins of humankind, but also encounter the Space Jockey race – or, at least, the race of alien that wears the skeletal body armor.

Check out Prometheus leading lady Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) as she explores some threatening and shadowy alien architecture, with two familiar bodies (costumes?) lingering in the background, in a new image posted by Hero Complex, below:


prometheus1 570x380 New Prometheus Pic Reveals Space Jockey Suits

Cinemart recently received images from “an incredibly trustworthy person” who provided the site with photos of what appear to be early molds/models for the Jockey creatures’ facial design (click here to check them out). The insider reiterated Scott’s longtime claims that he’s employing only the necessary amount of CGI in Prometheus, in order to bring the film’s non-human characters and extraterrestrial settings to life – a task being overseen in part by Scott’s frequent collaborator/production designer Arthur Max, who (in turn) received input from original Alien visual artist, H.R. Giger.

Here is how the site describes the (again, unconfirmed) Prometheus mask design:

The image does look a bit like a Space Jockey but with some differences… the jutted out jaw looks very Xenomorph style and the top part of the skull screams ‘facehugger’.

Now a similar design does feature in the trailer… but the one here is smaller, human-sized and designed specifically for an actor to wear and described as the face design for ‘the alien’. There’s that mysterious humanoid figure in the trailer at 0.44 seconds but it’s not clear enough to tell what its face looks like.

You can check out the mysterious “alien” in question, who’s hanging around a very familiar room, in the Prometheus teaser trailer pic below:


prometheus trailer space jockey 570x276 New Prometheus Pic Reveals Space Jockey Suits

So, yeah, the Space Jockey figures into the plot of Prometheus somehow. Who exactly the being wearing that suit is, what they want, where they come from, and why the actions of the eponymous ship’s crew upset the new alien being enough so as to endanger the continued existence of humankind? Well, you’ll have to just wait and see the actual movie for the answers to those questions.

Prometheus will be released in 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on June 8th, 2012.

Source: LA Times, Cinemart

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  1. I wonder if the Space Jockey’s motivations will be similar to their depictions in the Dark Horse comics and novels of the 90′s, where they basically engineered the aliens as a way to clear a planet of lifeforms and set it up for terraforming.

    • i think thats we all thought the origin of the xeno were based on, this film appears to be going in a different direction.

      • not if you add worm holes and super light speed to the engineering complex of the predator and space jockey ships

  2. hey i get a nice birthday present,:)screammmmmmm

  3. So if the leaked movie synopsis for this is correct, as I think it is, then the Xenomorphs (Aliens) never existed in the past, and AVP & AVP-R never happened.

    I’m good with that.

    • according to most novels, the xeno’s were created by the space jockeys and ended up being killed by the very species they created. it was only a matter of time that when they designed the nature of the predator that the 2 would eventually collide.

      • You’re not seeing what I’m saying, if this movie’s (Prometheus) synopsis is correct then the Aliens would not have existed in the 1990s.

        (If you haven’t read the leak then suffice to say, the Xenos are “created” in this film.)

        Basically, AVP & AVP-R are going to be relegated to where they belong, totally ignored by the Alien & Predator franchises. Great, I say!

        • Ok, I got you and i think it shouldve stopped at Aliens

        • Dante,
          this would mean the aliens not only didn’t exist in the 1990s, but didn’t exist in the time of the Myans as shown the in opening of AVP. I agree with you – I good with that :)

    • The AvP movies are spin-offs and are non-canon to the franchises of both ‘Alien’ and ‘Predator’. The AvP films were basically ‘Freddy vs. Jason’ plus a sequel

      The novels are also non-canon to the films

      • They need to never include those movies in sets for the Alien films or the Predator films then.

        Wait, too late – Alien – Predator: Total Destruction Collection already exists.

        • “They need to never include those movies in sets for the Alien films or the Predator films then”

          Say’s who? Is that some unwritten rule that you came up with?

      • I agree with that too, but the creativity from both franchises in the novels are pretty good and probably dilute my vision for this film.

      • some ere canon…read the omnibus volume one when they meet ripley

  4. The Humanoid figure is Patrick Wilson…….

    • But on imdb hes stated as Elisabeth Shaws father. Maybe it is him but i guarantee that is the space jockey without his suit.

      • In either case his humaoid appearance is too human and unlike what is expected from what one think of the space jockey appearance from the first film.
        Does it speak english as well? since it carries the external featurs I’m willing to bet he carries some device that decipher human sounds and vocal cords

  5. Suits are too small, saw a clip of the first alien movie when the humans were half the size of the space jockey. in this movie they’re the same size as humans. so disappointed, the space jockey looks too human

    • that´s right the jockeys must be a lot bigger and taller,but let´s wait and see ,maybee they look just in the one pic so.

      • the anticipation for this movie is overwhelming, this movie should be at least 2 1/2 hours long. I’m expecting disappointment. in the first movie, you can tell that was an exoskeleton or decayed skeleton of a jockey. Not a bio-suit that decayed with the bdy. too many changes

        • You know you’re right, that was no suit, it was clearly an exoskeleton. I always thought that in the original Alien, the “jockey” looked like he grew into (or out of) the “chair” he was in.

          But I am willing to go with Ridley on this – way more than I am willing to accept the last Alien involved movies, AVP, AVP-R, Alien – Resurrection, and Alien 3.

          • I’m a little worried that the more that gets explained about the Space Jockeys, the less interesting they’ll become.

          • I agree with discarding the above mentioned films, but I dont believe that the Queen laid those eggs that impregnated Kane, the queen laid the eggs that impregnated the colonists. I belive the space jockey was either already impregnated by the batch he was carrying or prior to occupying the chair. which again explains the size of the queen since the space jockey was so large

          • um..alien 3 directors cut was palatteable by my standards thank you.

        • ridley scott even stated those are suits!

          • Doesn’t mean they can’t be organic, they could even become part of the wearer and grow and change for all we know.

            • Suit, exoskeleton, skin, another species, I don’t really care honestly, I am just ready to see this. I haven’t been excited for an Alien-involved film in a very, very long time.

            • exactly, plus if most of the inventions made by the jockeys, including the alien which already proves exsistence of this theory, are biological-technology, then the suits are a life-support that would conform and grow to the body of the user, plus the chair would organic to some nature and would also conform to user, ergo, both the chair and the jockey were fused when found and fossilized due to the extreme weather on lv-426 seeming thats only 30years after dying.

              • i think your reachin buddy. im goin off what the people involved with the film have actually stated…

              • what changed the weather on lv-426, in the preview clip, its sunny and they have water fall, did they change the climate and destroy the ecosystem of the planet as well.

  6. thats genius,that makes me now happier,that he haven´t rebooted alien,and gives us this mysterious plot,which becomes better and better! to bring us the alien-universe in this form,makes it more exciting,every movie-geek like me want´s to know some mysteries from alien,and especially the creepy spacejockeys!

    • this movie will fail, look at the size of the space jockey in the first movie and look at the one in this movie, this space jockey is too small/short. and so far no xenos

      • but in the second pic ,i don´t if they are space cabins or suits,they are just very big.

      • “This movie will fail look at the size of the space jockey in the first movie and look at the one in this movie”

        Wow you’re right ha they should have hired you to consult ridley Scott and bring this incredibly complex and forgotten detail to gis attention lol

        • I was thinking that when the Space Jockey is “born” he’ll start growing very quickly, perhaps growing into that suit and merging with it, basically it becomes the wearer’s exoskeleton and then is able to grow and change.

          Just a thought. But see, no need for “fail” talk. This is Ridley Scott not Paul Anderson, some douchey special effects brothers, or a TV commercial director.

          • I guess because its been a while before we saaw a good alien movie, that I’m anxious and just as excited so my expectations are very high mainly because it is ridley scott. What is the rating for this thing anyway?

          • Ridley Scott is a TV commercial director…

        • When you’re mad, after you see this movie, don’t say i didn’t tell you

          • I’m not a die hard alien fan and I really think that you’re gonna be within the minority who is mad once this movie hits theaters. And I’ll be sure to not say: “Berserker didn’t tell me that this movie would fail based on his simple 5th grade observations” after I see this and enjoy it.

            • WOOOOWWWW!!! 5th grade observations??? REALLY DUDE?!?!?!?!? Comical at best, i really hate blogs, its just amazing how easy it is to try an insult someone when you dont have to face them.

              • berserker,you just speak about the darkhorse comics and some books,but you completely ignore the fact,that this is gigers works that are shown in prometeus,and alien 1. i.m.o you´re are so fixed of the comic-theory that you don´t know anything about the sources for this creatures and so on. to notize now:h.r.GIGERg

                • not taking anything away from the works of Giger, and my interests in the comics and the books come from the fact that there are many where as Giger’s work only lies in a couple of filme. Im not trying to downplay his achievements but touching on the vastness and many directions that this franchise can go with someone willingto put time into it

                  • sorry to moloko,that i´ve write that you ignore gigers works. i don´t mean it so. me.formyself,don´t know the sources from the comics,so you could say the same about me.

      • then i guess your not a fan, and why are you here?

        • do you mean me,is this disc-pod only for the darkhorse comics speciallists,who are blind for the whole design ,the space-ships,the cabins,the big sculpture,that is all giger,and believe me,scott is influenced of his and gigers works,and not by sources from the comics.

  7. At the background shows the Space Jokey suits so maybe the Space Jokeys are not aliens but maybe undiscovered human alikes.

    Judging by the amount of suits in that picture, I think there will be two Space Jokeys in Prometheus.

    One space jokey will be found by the crew of Nostromo and no one will maybe know what happened to the other one.

    I just hope Prometheus will scare the crap out of everyone just like Alien and some questions will be answered from the first movie.

    • I hope this movie spins off into it’s own direction and garners it’s very own sequels outside of Alien

  8. there is no way this movie is going to live up to my excited expectations, and the sooner I accept that fact, the sooner I can – screw it, I’m just glad this isn’t AVP 3

    • I agree

  9. I’m really surprised they don’t just slap “A Dark Horse Comic Production” label on this. I only say that cause i’m a huge Xenomorph fan and have read almost all the graphic novels. The more press release this film gets, the more I think that they are really just adapting Aliens:Omnibus 1. Which I am totally fine with 8).

    • If they did that, it would be cool, but their trying to go back to before the origins of the first film and to those of us fans who have read the novels and comics from darkhorse, our expectations are going to be higher than the average fan. Perhaps the reading of the novels and comics have turned us more into critics instead of just someone looking to see a scary/sci-fi flick

      • i think you´re taking thosefantasy things too serious,that´s all just fiction and entertaining! and i am one of those who just watched the alien-movies,haven´t read books or comics about it,but i don´t expect just a scary sc-fi-movie! but otherwise i´m a fan of h.r.gigers art and his books and pictures,and some more works of him of the great aliens-universe designs weren´t even bring in the the more i see the pictures,the whole universe could be fom gigers genious mind!

  10. Will be the best film of 2012 along with the Hobbit

  11. There are way too many spoilers for this movie comin out in my opinion. This is a 33 yr old secret and now there are just spoilers everywhere. :-(

  12. I can’t be the only one that notices the original space jockey chair rising from the ground in the preview, can I?
    Also, to all the geniuses on here thatre complaining about size, two words: depth perception. She’s way into the foreground, we don’t know just how big the suit is in comparison. Those passage ways are vast; next to it, the suit could appear the right size.
    This is all a piece of subtext Scott has been brewing on for decades. I’m sure he intended this story to be told in some fashion during development of the original, but went with the story of ALIEN; yet was brilliant enough to include the Easter egg to allow him to tell the story when he was able.
    I bet when Cameron asked about ALIENS, Ridley told him he could have a sequel, but he wants the prequel story.

    Man…..I’m so pumped for this movie!!!

    • to everybody! buy h.gigers books about the designs of the aliens,xenomorphs,space jockeys,the design ot the nostromo and there were as i reminds those gigantic halfround space-wheels and more designs from the genius mind of swiss-mastermind h.r.giger(he also created sif from species). like i said i saw a lot in the trailer of prometheus from gigers works,wich maybbe where too expensiv at the time of the first alien ,but nowadays,they can bring all of his creepy works for alien with todays c.g.i. work to life. because all this creaturs,are gigers creation.

      • but does his designs show the space jockeys outside of their suit or is it not a suit and that is the space jockey

        • his pictures are very dark,creepy and surreal,and as i remember(some years ago,i´ve studied the books by a friend)the space-jockeys design in some drawn pictures are like in alien,they aren´t outside the suit! but the more i think about it ,i will buy this book,to know more! ther are differen´t books,very large,some are in poster-size, about alien,h.r.gigers necronomicon(very creepy artworks),and i mean about the xenomorphs!

          • i just viewed some of the pics he had from his book on amazon, i will notbe buying that book, i dont want nightmares

            • haha yes berserker they are,let us wait for the film and hope that this is all bigger as seen in trailer.and that we all enjoy the movie.

              • agreed

      • Yeah, I’ve had one of Giger’s books since about 94. It features lots of his designs for “alien”, as well as some he did for “Dune”. His books are really great. Very disturbing and sexually explicit, but wonderfully detailed and obscure.

  13. That suit Noomi is wearing looks like something out of Mass Effect.

    • shepard + facehugger=true love lol

  14. What’s all the arguing about? Can someone tell me where you all are getting all of this stuff from?
    Up until now i believed this things actual story was that: It’s part of the race that created the Xenomorphs as a weapon and…they got killed by them. Then later the crew from the first Alien finds the remains of this fellow and the eggs

    • I think that there are different ideas/opinions about what most of the fans have seen from the movies and read in the books/comics about the xenos. I agree with you, but this film seems to be going in a different direction. If you take your assessment of what you just said abou tthe xenos and add that this crew came across the space jockeys and the xenos before ripley then you also have to add that everyone in this film dies before the company knew anything about them

  15. Maybe those “Space Jockeys” in the pic with Noomi are smaller than the Pilot in the silo room! Perhaps they are not just suits or statues either, but part of the ship. I think that they are biomechanical guards/operatives that run the ship, but are made of the same materials as the ship. A bit like how Humans, animals etc… have antibodies and cells that perform certain tasks.

    Therefore the main “Space Jockey” in the pilots chair is larger because it has to deal with the vast calculations it takes to navigate space travel. I think it is the brain/main control hub for the ship. The smaller ones in the coridor are perhaps maintenance, security, scientists, away team etc…

    If this is the case then the Xeno’s could posibly be the ships first attempt at ground warfare weapons to decimate hostile comunities.

    I think the whole ship is an unoccupied biomechanical/artifcial lifeform sent to other worlds by an unknown alien race (who judging by the stone sculptures in the trailer appear to be humanoid.) This could explain why the humans are walking about (judging from the photos) unhindered. Because the ship is empty and devoid of actual occupants.

    Sorry for the long post. I myself hate long posts, but I just had to get my idea across.

    • I like your assessment, but my question would be that xenos always seem to go after living organisms almost as if they can tell the difference between artificial organisms or possible hosts for the eggs. For example thats why bishop wasnt impregnated and just ripped apart when he allegedly brought eggs onboard the sulaco. If that makes any sense. If they’re smart enough to shut down a power source, then they’re smart enough to know the difference between a food source/or hosts to be more drones. That space Jockey in the chair was impregnated and alien burst out of him, and they only do that to living biological bieng/animals. that smy idea

      • That’s very true. I did overlook that point. To be honest I’m pretty confused about what is really going on in this movie. I just hope that it doesn’t get ruined by being explained. (Like Lucas did)

        Sometimes a bit of ambiguity really keeps the ideas alive in your head for a long time.

        • i think we all are confused and thats wht all of the fuss and debate is about. we’ve learned one thing about these aliens since 1979 and now they want to change what we think we know. Now i see what all of the fuss over religion is about!! LOL

  16. For anyone who is saying that the suits are the same size as humans, Noomi Repace is very close to the camera, they are far from it. I think it’s just an optical illusion…

    • I understand that and have taken that into account. However after looking back at the shots of the original Space Jockey in “ALIEN”, compared to the humans it is absolutely huge. So far the ones in the new picture appear to be very big, but not as large.

      I just was wondering why all the “Space Jockeys” had to be the same size!?
      Then I wondered if their size was relevant to the task they perform onboard the ship.

    • The guy standing next to the chair didnt appear to be large enough to sit in it. and the appearance of the space jockey in the first film appears that he’s not wearing a suit, but thats him or his exoskeleton almost like the Xenomorphs exoskeleton, not really a biosuit that some are saying.

      • Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. The pilot’s chair seen in the trailer is empty though. So someone/something has to sit in it or be plugged into it. But who?

        • Ok so he gets a hugger to the face before he gets inthe bio suit and the rest is history? not what i envisoned

  17. that dude walking towards the telescope thing looks like voldemort from the potter movies… :D

    how about instead of coming up with all these weird theories, we all just sit back and wait for the movie, i honestly don’t see why people get so worked up about entertainment mediums like movies and games, then there are the hardcore fans that treat their beloved franchises like they’re the book of mormons >:D

    • Sometimes half the fun is making up theories. Especially for fans of the franchise. We’re all excited to see wjat it’s gonna be about, so what’s the harm!? You don’t have to join in or read them if you aren’t interested.

  18. *Ahem* what, not “wajt”. lol :0

  19. the movie looks interesting to me. all this supposition and conjecture on the size and shape and motive and whatever of the space jockey is amusing. i am going to bookmark this page and come back after i see the film to see who was right and who was way off base.

    • Well, I’m betting I’m way off base! ^-^

    • I understand how you feel about opinions of what we think the space jockey is supposed to be. But since this is a Riddley scott film, in his first film the space jockey was huge, and since all of the alien novels are somewhat based off of the first film, then the ideaolgy is that the space jockey is this 10-12 foot elephant faces space creature who is the creator of the most horrific thing we know, Not some alien with a human face/shape/size.
      and again we all could be off base.

  20. I hope that any Alien clues are clear in the movie. Not something that “might” be a Space Jockey, Xenos, ect. I would rather have a moment where I say, “That’s it” rather than, “Was that it”

    • Me too. As much I love uber-intelligent films, I don’t want the connection to be too obscure.
      I liked the little bits throughout Rise of the Planet of Apes; Prometheus doesn’t have to be so obvious, but something to that effect

    • I agree, this film is straddling the line of being a prequel or something in another time. so they can pretty much play both sides of the first film and say that it doesnt stand with what we have already seen or know from the alien universe

  21. It appears to me that the human space suits look more advanced than the ones used by the Nostromo crew in Alien. Im certain there are many reasons for this but to me it looks sort of off as they appear more advanced not retro. If the space jockeys did infact create the xenos then they may have designed them long ago just in time for them to be used by the predators in Mayan times.
    As for the alien vs predator haters I only agree that the second was horrible but there are other films out there worth dissing like the pornographic watchmen.

    • Watchmen was fine. Certainly more enjoyable than the AVP franchise IMO.

    • I agree with the futuristic look of the suits, almost no different from star star wars episodes 1-3 looking more futuristic than the luke/han solo episodes. Avp was much better than the second, but better than the drawn out watchman.

      • Yes. I wonder if it is just down to the temptation to design things that look cool and futuristic to us now than to go a bit retro and design it like a 70′s space film again.

        I found that quite jarring in the “Star Wars” prequels, but I’m pretty much fine with it in this universe. For no real reason other than it doesn’t bother me. I love the design of the spacesuits in this film.

        I mean all the computer read-outs on the ship are gonna be full colour HD led flat screens, or maybe holograms. In the original film the were just green text in black cathay tube curved glass screens.

        • um guys, common sense here, but i think that the onfaact why its more advanced is……..THE NOSTROMO WAS A SPACE TUG. it wasnt made for a one-way trip to the darkest reaches of the universe like the crew for prometheus. PLUS its an exploratory vessel probly outfitted with all kinds of military technology just for this trip….i mean cmon, u really expect a bunch of intergalactic truck drivers to go into space PREPARED for this thing? i know prometheus’s crew probly is, i mean theyre going after what could be the birth of humanity

          • also if you look at idris elbas shirt(THANK YOU JESUS FOR PUTTING THIS TALANTED MAN IN THIS MOVIE) then youd see…they work for weyland:) no wonder they have technology out the bum :P

            • I still think it’s because the set design is 32yrs on from the original. Besides, have you seen how high tech trucks are now? It’s the kind of loose end that doesn’t really need explaining. It’s just designed to look futuristic to our eyes. In this day and age with mobile phones and tablet pc’s like they are, old skool readout screens etc.. are just not gonna cut it. The rest is fine because the Nostromo was a mining craft and very utilitarian.

  22. The scale of the space jockey seems to be off… this seems to be talking point on this site… In Alien they used kids in the human space suits to increase the scale of the Jockey. If you watch alien closely you will notice this as kids move differently than adults due to their proportions. So the Jockeys were intended to be like 12 to 15 feet tall. Of course the suits the Jockeys wear may increase their height and build…although I would find this explaination a cop-out for this production.

    • I agree, and I know some of the alien novels I read over the years depict the space jockeys as very large beings, even bigger than the Predators, so to see a humanoid alien not appearing to be the size as originally depicted is disappointing.

  23. film of the year for me,

  24. The painting in this article just looks like concept art to me, so I can’t say one way or another who or what that person is supposed to be. Might just be a random person included for scale.

    As for what size the Space Jockey might be, what everyone saw in Alien is probably just a suit that may be required to pilot the ship without dying. As for the size, it could be like Iron Monger or Whiplash from Iron Man, it might just be a big exo-suit for an average human sized or slightly larger humanoid.

    As the series (and many sci-fi stories) has shown, travel through space can require stasis for humans at least, and it may be possible this species does that also. If this species does any type of FTL or other widely used jump technology from the genre, that bigger suit might be used to protect the pilot, while other crew members are frozen, etc.

    • One of my issues with that concept is that for it to be an alien species, to know that it looks human and maybe the same size as a human would be discouraging considering that we waited all this time to know that the space jockesy are 6’3 human face blue people and not the 10-12 foot elephant faced creators of the xenos that we have grown to love to hate.

      • That image is not a concept because it appears in the trailer. Look very closely at the clip in the trailer of the “Jockey” chair rising out of the floor. To the right of the screen is the same figure. It’s a very short clip, but if you can pause it he is there.

        • @ motoko- I stand corrected, I only saw the trailer in a theater, so that clip just flew by. Don’t know what to make of baldy then, hopefully it will be clear after we see the film. Looking at it again on a bigger monitor it looks like Picard when he was a Borg, which clearly it isn’t.

          One thing seems clear though, that seat thing doesn’t look like it is a mobile suit, so it might not be what the actual Space Jockey looked like at all.

      • @ Beserker- I have seen Alien a bunch of times, and honestly I never put too much thought into the Space Jockey. Since it’s coming up now the idea is actually alive, so it’s intriguing. Depending on whether the ideas are something new from Ridley, or things he thought of decades ago, this movie might go in a direction nobody is really thinking of, and that would not be a bad thing in this day and age.

        And consider this, the Space Jockey might just be the driver, who knows if there are other beings involved or in charge? Beyond the later connections made with the Predator species, who is to say there were only two or three other life forms in this movies universe.

        • You could be right, maybe all of the alien comics and novels i’ve read and liked have diluted my thinking as far as what i think i want to see in this movie. this could just be a touch of whats in the move and some of the things we seen in the preview might not even be in the movie like in predators in the preview he had all of the dots pointed at him and in the movie it was just one set. so who really knows. the anticpation is getting to me

          • With a property such as this, which is almost 35 years old, is that there has been so much side content created it is hard to pinpoint certain things as being “gospel” from a creative standpoint. It is hard to know where one persons ideas end and another persons begin, so it is natural for people to apply what they believe to be accurate to what they see when new ideas or installments are presented.

            Allot of what has been written in novels and comic books built on the ideas that Ridley Scott, James Cameron and all the other people who worked on the first two movies created. The additional material might be other people’s creative take on things, and they may be ignored for practical and creative reasons. Scott may not be as aware of some of the other source material out there as some fans, and if he is it might come down to him not wanting to look like he is borrowing too much from other people (kind of like how Cameron didn’t want Aliens to look like Alien). There is also the point of possibly not wanting to pay or give writing credit to all these other people, you know how that goes.

            • The script for the 1979 film Alien was initially drafted by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett.[3] Dan O’Bannon drafted an opening in which the crew of a mining ship are sent to investigate a mysterious message on an alien planet. He eventually settled on the threat being an alien creature; however, he could not conceive of an interesting way for it to get onto the ship. Inspired after waking from a dream, Shusett said, “I have an idea: the monster screws one of them,”[3] planting its seed in his body, and then bursting out of his chest. Both realized the idea had never been done before, and it subsequently became the core of the film.[3] “This is a movie about alien interspecies rape,” O’Bannon said on the documentary Alien Evolution, “That’s scary because it hits all of our buttons.”[4] O’Bannon felt that the symbolism of “homosexual oral rape” was an effective means of discomforting male viewers.[5]

              Giger’s Alien design, inspired by his earlier painting Necronom IV, for the film AlienThe title of the film was decided late in the script’s development. O’Bannon had quickly dropped the film’s original title, Star Beast, but could not think of a name to replace it. “I was running through titles, and they all stank”, O’Bannon said in an interview, “when suddenly, that word alien just came out of the typewriter at me. Alien. It’s a noun and it’s an adjective.”[3] The word alien subsequently became the title of the film and, by extension, the name of the creature itself.

  25. I think the comments section is full of potential spoilers….I’m not reading any of them…would rather wait for the movie to blow me out :)

  26. Come on June 8th!!

  27. Mala’kaks, also known as “Space Jockeys” or “Pilots” (Latin: Mundus gubernavi, meaning “Universal Pilot”), are an elusive race of large, sapient, extraterrestrial lifeforms. the height for the space jockeys is 7.9 meters = 25.9 feet.
    H.R. Giger, who was designer of the derelict and of the ‘Space Jockey’, as well as the Xenomorph, originally had named it “The Pilot”. The greatest amount of said information can be found in the game Aliens versus Predator 2, in which the species is collectively referred to as Pilot (in contrast to Human, Alien, or Predator). In Steve Perry’s book Earth Hive the Space Jockey’s race are referred to as collectors as they collect Xenomorph eggs. One is seen later on in the book and is referred to by several different names (spacer, elephant man, elephant-like creature, alien creature)

    In the novel Aliens: Original Sin by Michael Friedman, the Pilot race is referred to as the Mala’kak. It is also still referred sometimes to though as the Pilot, or the Pilot’s people. And finally they will be reintroduced into the Alien universe in the movie Prometheus.

    made 2 appearances in movies alien and avp:requiem.

    In Mark Verheiden’s graphic novel series Aliens, a Space Jockey-like creature is encountered, and is able to communicate telepathically with humans. It is shown with pink skin, a tail and an elephantine trunk, and yellow, cross-shaped eyes. In the novels the Space Jockey’s race are shown to be malevolent, only refraining from attacking humans due to their immense hatred of the Xenomorphs; a common enemy. They intend to wipe out and/or enslave humanity once their war with the Xenomorphs is over. Later books never expand on the idea.

    In the more recent book, Aliens: Original Sin, the Space Jockeys are mentioned and discussed throughout the book. Towards the end the reader learns that they are trying to breed a group of Aliens.

    In Mark Verheiden’s graphic novel series Aliens, a Space Jockey-like creature is encountered, and is able to communicate telepathically with humans. It is shown with pink skin, a tail and an elephantine trunk, and yellow, cross-shaped eyes. In the novels the Space Jockey’s race are shown to be malevolent, only refraining from attacking humans due to their immense hatred of the Xenomorphs; a common enemy. They intend to wipe out and/or enslave humanity once their war with the Xenomorphs is over. Later books never expand on the idea.

    In the more recent book, Aliens: Original Sin, the Space Jockeys are mentioned and discussed throughout the book. Towards the end the reader learns that they are trying to breed a group of Aliens.

  28. sorry for the repetitive info and long posts

    In the novelization of Alien by Alan Dean Foster, Ash describes the Space Jockey’s race as a noble people and hopes that mankind will encounter them under more pleasant circumstances. It also states that they were larger, stronger and possibly more intelligent than humans. The first Space Jockey was seen in the original Alien movie as a giant humanoid corpse sitting in front of a telescope-like device aboard the derelict craft. It had been there for an extremely long time, long enough for the corpse to become fossilized. The Jockey that the starship Nostromo’s crew found aboard the derelict seemed to be growing out of the chair of the telescope, as if it had fused itself into it. Its rib cage was bent outward; it is evident that a Xenomorph escaped from the creature, though no adult Xenomorphs were encountered on the derelict. It is mostly likely any adult xenomorph would have been dead by the time the derelict was discovered due to the lack of food sources.

    In the comics, the Jockey is shown to have an elephantine trunk. This is inconsistent with the original concept. An inspection of the concept art done by H.R. Giger, shows that the “trunk” is supposed to be an air hose and there is a helmet surrounding the Jockey’s head. This is also supported by the fact that soft tissue such as elephant trunks do not fossilize. This does not leave out the possibility of a different kind of trunk, but the one depicted in the comics is very much like an elephant’s. None of the works depicting the Jockey with a “trunk” are considered canon – the only canon appearance of the Space Jockey is in Alien and its novelization and directly related works.

  29. The principal theory of their connection to the Xenomorphs, which was mentioned briefly by Ridley Scott in his director’s commentary for the first Alien DVD, is that the Jockey’s ship was a “bomber” and that they used them as biogenic weapons to fight an ancient war. There is some evidence to support this, such as the Xenomorph’s biomechanical nature. Alien eggs would be used as “bombs” on an enemy planet and then the Xenomorphs would proceed to kill the entire population as they spawned.