New ‘Prometheus’ Pic Reveals Space Jockey Suits

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prometheus noomi rapace New Prometheus Pic Reveals Space Jockey Suits

That Ridley Scott’s Prometheus will somehow touch on the backstory of the giant creature known as the Space Jockey from Alien is no secret, at this point. Even if the director hadn’t already confirmed as much, the film’s official teaser trailer features distinct glimpses of what appear to be a very Jockey-like creature (click here for our complete Prometheus image gallery).

Similarly, two Jockey-like suits are also visible in the background of the latest image from Prometheus; in addition, some unofficial (and unconfirmed) model work for the film surfaced online recently, offering more insight into the nature of these extraterrestrial beings – or, at least, the structure of their helmets.

Prometheus follows a futuristic group of space explorers as they undertake a “thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world.” On that non-Earth planet, the crew will (supposedly) not only uncover troubling information concerning the origins of humankind, but also encounter the Space Jockey race – or, at least, the race of alien that wears the skeletal body armor.

Check out Prometheus leading lady Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) as she explores some threatening and shadowy alien architecture, with two familiar bodies (costumes?) lingering in the background, in a new image posted by Hero Complex, below:


prometheus1 570x380 New Prometheus Pic Reveals Space Jockey Suits

Cinemart recently received images from “an incredibly trustworthy person” who provided the site with photos of what appear to be early molds/models for the Jockey creatures’ facial design (click here to check them out). The insider reiterated Scott’s longtime claims that he’s employing only the necessary amount of CGI in Prometheus, in order to bring the film’s non-human characters and extraterrestrial settings to life – a task being overseen in part by Scott’s frequent collaborator/production designer Arthur Max, who (in turn) received input from original Alien visual artist, H.R. Giger.

Here is how the site describes the (again, unconfirmed) Prometheus mask design:

The image does look a bit like a Space Jockey but with some differences… the jutted out jaw looks very Xenomorph style and the top part of the skull screams ‘facehugger’.

Now a similar design does feature in the trailer… but the one here is smaller, human-sized and designed specifically for an actor to wear and described as the face design for ‘the alien’. There’s that mysterious humanoid figure in the trailer at 0.44 seconds but it’s not clear enough to tell what its face looks like.

You can check out the mysterious “alien” in question, who’s hanging around a very familiar room, in the Prometheus teaser trailer pic below:


prometheus trailer space jockey 570x276 New Prometheus Pic Reveals Space Jockey Suits

So, yeah, the Space Jockey figures into the plot of Prometheus somehow. Who exactly the being wearing that suit is, what they want, where they come from, and why the actions of the eponymous ship’s crew upset the new alien being enough so as to endanger the continued existence of humankind? Well, you’ll have to just wait and see the actual movie for the answers to those questions.

Prometheus will be released in 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on June 8th, 2012.

Source: LA Times, Cinemart

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    • Uh, the dead Space Jocky from Alien would have only been dead for 45-55 years at the time it was found by the crew of the Nostromo (Promoethus takes place 30 years prior to the Birth of Ellen Ripley)…so fossilization as we would think about for the dinos, isn’t really relevant in regards to timeline.

      Also, I think you’re putting too much faith into the idea that the AVP series would be considered official “cannon” to Riply. The AVP series is crap…like the Star Wars Holiday Special. Yeah, it exists, but no one should ever talk about it.

      • excuse me…55-65 years and Ridley (not Ripley, in second paragraph)

      • not a scientist but i will take your word for it, that verbage comes from the author not me. I was jsu showing the different ideas and to quell some of the debate

      • you mean 30 years before alien…watch ridleys interview and beserk, copy/pasting from google is annoying

        • Yeah, I know, but alot of people didnt know, and i did apologize

    • The things presented in other movies and books are only valid if Ridley Scott acknowledges or even knows about them. Unlike Lucas, who oversaw the extended Star Wars material (even though he never uses it, to varying success), Ridley is really far removed from this universe and all of the other ideas and concepts really developed without him. What he envisions happened before his movie may not have anything to do with what other people have done since, and it’s probably best to view this movie in that sense.

  1. Hmmm intersting

    • That is some info. I’ve only read one “Aliens” comic and that was “Aliens vs Juge Dredd” which would be a kind of “What if”, fantasy/just for fun kinda thing. I haven’t read any of the novels either, so I’m only counting the movies as canon. And really, I only count the first three.

      But I can understand if Ridley is only thinking in terms of the first film. That being the only one he was involved in creating. And since he’s going back in time he can do what he wants. As long as it’s good, I’m more than happy.

  2. Damn and i thought TDKR was the most anticipated movie of 2012.

  3. Because of those mash-up movies, I think Ridley fears to call this a prequel. The series has taken many twists and turns, most likely some that the creator(Ridley) of the series dislike. Therfore, I suggest not analyzing any mash-up(Alien Vs. this and that) movies when looking for clues to the plot of Prometheus.

    • Dan O’Bannon is the creator of Alien, not Ridley Scott.

  4. I’m going to be extremely disappointed if it turns out the space jockeys are human-like aliens wearing bio-mechanical suits.

  5. I will be too…I like the Jockeys having that proboscis-like nose(makes’em EVEN more ALIEN to me), that Being in CONTROL CHAIR ROOM is tooo HUMAN looking, I would hate it if THAT’S what the end up looking like…I’m at the same time loving and fearing what’s to come…I have my faith in Ridley though, so hopefully everything will work out…HOPEFULLY!

  6. Oh, and leave ALL that Comic Book crap at your house, It has NEVER been Canon, and NEVER will be!, and shut up about the lame PREDATORS too, they have nothing to do with ANYTHING In the Ridleyverse, sheesh!

    • Ridley-verse might be taking things a bit far. O’Bannon and Shusset wrote the story, and as iconic as Alien is the idea as a whole has evolved (or devolved depending on your view) through a few films and outside media.

      • Thank you…I saw the “Ridleyverse” thing and shook my head. Funny thing is Dan O’Bannon helped write the AVP movie.

        • I’m sure $ signs had nothing to do with the trash that came from what he wrote…AVP deserves NO inclusion in the “ALIEN” Universe, but then Freddy Vs. Jason/AVP, Types cream themselves for such drivel.

          • No need to offend people who enjoy something you don’t.

            Deserving or not to be in the mythology is entirely your opinion. I prefer the first 2 Alien movies. Beyond that, well…no comment is needed.

            AVP had potential to be a fun movie, but I just thought wow this isn’t too good. I had looked forward to an extraterrestrial slug fest since I enjoyed the comics and the novels of both entities.

      • True, but Scott breathed life into it, and the “Evolutions” are completely independent of the Original intent and direction…It seems like it’s “Back on Track” now with Scott at the helm, as far as the inclusion of “ALIENS” in the Mythology(The Discovery of the Derelict in the “Special Edition”)all of the Sequels seem “Apocryphal”.

        • I concur.

        • This movie might not be anything more then ideas that Scott and others either didn’t use initially, or new concepts that came up after the fact. As a series or franchise though, this isn’t the same as Star Wars because Cameron’s Aliens was a successful as the first one, and added to or created allot of it’s own mythology whether people recognize it or not. The other two Alien installments might be another matter.

          Ridley Scott has never been a franchise guy, and his re-visiting of this idea and possibly Blade Runner could just be something he is doing to feed his own creative needs. To say this is going to put the Alien movies “back on track” might be pushing it. This movie does not mean there will be some sequel done by Scott or anyone else, so hopefully it will be satisfying enough as a stand alone and do respectable money at the box office. If it is good though I suspect it will just breed more rampant speculation about more movies, maybe for laughs Cameron will do the next one….

          • I understand what you are saying and agree. I took the “back on track” comment as Ridley Scott telling a good story that has relation to the Alien universe.

            • I just think Ridley Scott is the type of person who isn’t as interested in going back and painting over what he or other people have done, he might just be trying to paint a new painting that slightly re-visits a theme that he worked with decades ago.

              As oddly connected with Sci-Fi as Scott is due to Alien and Blade Runner, he is not a franchise guy who labored over one idea or “universe” during his career. Hopefully this will be a good movie that has all his creative ability behind it, and we can watch it and move on. If it makes allot of money and fans and the studio start asking for more though, they might not get it. Depending on how this goes it might also affect his thoughts on doing Blade Runner again, which was his Apocalypse Now if you go by the documentaries. In other words let’s not get too weird about things and scare the guy off…..

            • No offense intended, it’s just that besides “ALIENS” respectable follow up, to Ridleys Original Film(all credit to alloted to O’Bannon & Shusset)the direction of the Franchise has only been degraded further & further…you assume quite correctly in my meaning of “back on track”, Indeed Ridley is not a Franchise Director, so his return to this is VERY welcomed and EXCITING!

              • Thanks for conversation. Good to speak to with people who are passionate. I like both your responses…so here’s to June 8th being a great day.

                • Likewise, it’s good to know like-minded people are out there, who care so deeply about this awe-inducing and disturbing little world these Film-makers have dreamed up for us, here’s to hope that June 8th will take us back there.

  7. The studio has released too much content for this movie. I think they should stop revealing things till 4 weeks before its released. Keep the mystery alive.

  8. If this movie even explores a third of the mthology in a logical manner that you guys are discussing, I will be very happy. I have some faith it will be good because of Scott’s involvement and the cast assembled. Hopefully it won’t be terrible lol.

    • I’m sorry, but personaly I find AVP and it’s sequel very expensive FanFic that’s taken the Franchise in a direction it should never be going in, not to mention the mess “ALIEN 3″ and especially “ALIEN RESSURECTION” were…but that’s just my opinion, everyones entitled to like what they like.

      • I dont think that the AVP series was a bad idea, i believe it was done poorly. if done right. it couldve been fantastic. The did so many things worng in those movies. Not showing how they captured the Queen for starters. Not making it bloody enough (pg-13 rating), and not making it long enough (only 90 minutes). The Predator can hold a film on its own as alien can against an unarmed crew. i wouldnt totally discard the entire series.
        Just re-do it, like everything else.

        • The thing with the Alien vs. Predator movie is that it took the initial idea from the comic books, and ran it in a whole different direction. By placing it on Earth, in a contemporary time line they bought up the whole notion of the Xeno’s having been introduced to humans way before the base mythology had been established. That was always kind of a mistake in my opinion, and that is why many people probably will totally disregard the AVP movies as retcon stories to be ignored.

          Ironically the set-up for Predators would almost make for a more logical way to do an AVP movie. Granted had they just used the Colonial Marines traveling to a planet looking for scientists that got caught up in a Predator hunt for the Xeno’s, they could have still used the female lead as a the only survivor like they did in AVP.

          • That makes sense and your right that wouldve been a better direction to go in. I think at first the idea of aliens and predators on film together brought excellerated excitement that the group lost focus on the direction they needed to go in. Thats stretching it and giving them the benefit of the doubt.

            in hindsight, yes they couldve really done a better job, and the only humans thought to last long enough in a film with the 2 beastes would be the colonial marines and Machiko Naguchi.

            I thnk someone SHOULD do another AVP and just do it off planet, the whole concept of any kind of AVP on earth is unattarctive to those knowing anything about both aliens and predators. Now an alien outbreak on earth is almost inevitable becuase of the mindset of the company who just wants to weaponize the xenos. Se we as fans shouldnt be surprised if or when that happens

            • You just never know what goes into the decision-making process with these projects, so you can only deal with what they put out there. The first AVP seemed to want to follow the spirit of the original comic book in some ways (the female lead surviving and being given the mark by the hunter she fought along side), but the setting and the back story they went with just seemed like a Hollywood team trying to distance themselves from what comic book people did.

              The end result is that you have a movie that doesn’t fit into what is supposed to be a shared Alien and Predator universe, using the idea of the Colonial Marines/space crew travelers running across the two species in an uncontrolled, chaotic situation. Despite the horror overtones the Predator species exhibit, they don’t hunt and kill randomly and have a code of sorts. The interaction with humans on Earth in both Predator movies was, for the most part, controlled chaos, while the Aliens represent a primal hunt, kill, reproduce mind-set.

              AVP 2 just became a mess because it really just put the Xenos in an Earth setting with the one Predator trying to clean up any evidence of them, or his fellow hunters. The people and the town were not a good backdrop at all, and that movie felt like it could have been a zombie/infected human flick. They just substituted Aliens and Predators to chase the hapless suburbanite archetypes.

              • thats a cool way of putting it, the more i think about it could have just been a raccoon city setting for zombies

    • I agree with most of your comments. AVP-2 was too dark, and avp was not long enough as a movie, and the predators were kill happy, not focusing on their main purpose, to busy toying with the humans instead of the xenos, which got 2 of them killed quick. AVP-R, i just thought that the pred-alien design couldve been better, it was a queen that couldnt lay eggs, unless it was implanted orally, sounds like the original script for alien.

  9. I will admit that i am guilty of bashing the movie based on a picture and the preview. I will say that those fans who have only seen the first 2 movies or only the alien movies, only have what theyve seen to go by. Those who have seen the movies, read the books and comics have more of an area to expand on. And its not about the ridleyverse or his ideas, maybe, when he first made alien, he didnt think of a sequel or to make it a franchise. Maybe the movie “Aliens” help make the first movie that much better. Ive read the comics and the novels and seen all of the movies. there are novels out there that are crappy and there are those out there, that after reading i thought was doable for a movie script. (Steel egg, earth hive, nightmare asylum and the female war). I’m only saying that sometimes a collaboration of ideas is better than just one, and if someone really wanted to do well with this franchise, that it could be done and money could be made, hell you could even bring back past/dead characters like resident evil is doing with Michelle rodrigues. i guess nothing is taboo when making a film.