‘Prometheus’ & ‘Ender’s Game’ Images; ‘Battleship’ Clip Reveals Aliens

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Sci-fi is having a pretty good year at the movies, and that trend is only going to continue into the future. Today we have some new images from what is arguably the flagship sci-fi film for 2012: Ridley Scott’s Alien spinoff film, Prometheus; we also have some new images that the cast and crew of the Ender’s Game movie have been sending out to the Interwebs; finally, we get a look at those aliens no one asked for, in a clip from the blockbuster “adaptation” of the board game Battleship.



The mystery surrounding Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has made it one of the more exciting movies on the horizon – if only because the mystery amplifies our collective anticipation and imagination. We all want to know how the heady themes and ideas in the film will play out; most importantly, we’re wondering how Prometheus in fact ties to Alien.

Viral videos have given us the strongest strands of ‘Alien DNA’ in Prometheus: one video featured  Guy Pearce giving a speech as Peter Weyland, the CEO whose company was after the alien Xenomorphs in the first film and its sequel. The second viral vid was an advertisement featuring cast member Michael Fassbender as the android “David” – an earlier model of the Weyland androids that are longtime staples of the Alien universe.

But aside from the mystery, one thing that fans have been certain of, is that there is Ridley Scott has created a visually rich film – which looks even better in 3D. Today’s images focus on various aspects of Prometheus, including the otherworldly landscapes and outer space locations, the interiors of the titular spaceship, and yet another look at Fassbender’s android character:

Prometheus will be in theaters on June 9, 2012.

Sources: Kinopoisk & AVP Galaxy (via Cinema Blend)


Ender’s Game

Hardcore sci-fi fans are ecstatic that Orson Scott Card’s seminal novel Ender’s Game is finally becoming a feature film. The 1985 novel chronicles a future in which an insectoid alien race known as the Formics has struck at mankind twice, with a third war looming on the horizon. To combat the threat, the military puts young children of potential through a violent training program in preparation for future military command.

Asa Butterfield, who played the titular character of Martin Scorsese’s multi Oscar-winning film Hugo stars as Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, a young boy with violent tendencies and a gifted mind for military strategy. When his potential becomes apparent, Ender finds himself caught up in the rushing rivers of politics and warfare, as various factions try to exploit his skills.

The filmmakers behind Ender’s Game - including Wolverine director Gavin Hood, who is both writing and directing – have been keeping a blog to document the film’s progression, and recently released photos of Ender’s iconic tracking device implant, and his room on Earth:

Enders Game Enders Tracking Implant 280x170 Prometheus & Enders Game Images; Battleship Clip Reveals Aliens

Enders Game Enders Room on Earth 280x170 Prometheus & Enders Game Images; Battleship Clip Reveals Aliens

There are apparently a lot of Easter eggs in that photo of Ender’s room – for a breakdown of them, head over to Ender’s Ansible.

Ender’s Game will be in theaters on November 1, 2013.

Sources: Ender’s Game Blog (Link 1 & Link 2)



Peter Berg’s adaptation of Battleship is doing well internationally ($58 million and counting), but here in the states, the prevailing attitude is that the blockbuster film – which trailers make look more like Transformers 4 - has frustratingly little to do with the board game many of us played as kids.

Since many people aren’t fans of this ‘Battleship meets Aliens’ concept to begin with, it’s safe to assume that they won’t be all that thrilled by this latest Battleship clip, which reveals what the humanoid alien antagonists look like:

Wow, dusting off the old (read: cliched) ‘He’s not dead yet’ trick…

Battleship will be in (U.S.) theaters on May 18, 2012.

 Source: Universal Pictures


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  1. Can’t wait for Ender’s Game, the books are awesome and movie can’t go wrong if its true to script. Can’t wait for trailer. http://batmanrises.com

  2. Huh. Didn’t realise Battleship wasn’t out in the US. Been out in the UK since last week. Going to see it tomorrow!

  3. If someone would keep screaming “It’s not dead” over and over again like that guy I would have a strong and violent urge to kill him/her if thats all they did to “help” me if an alien was attacking me.

  4. Wow, that first and second Prometheus image could be cool desktop backgrounds if they were high res…

    • NO KIDDING!!! bring on the high res!

  5. Oh bollox they f***ked Ender’s Game already by changing the Aliens from Buggers to Formics … gutted …

    I read the book back in 1985 and thought what a bloody good read … especially with the twist at the end …

  6. Wow Battleship looks so stupid I can’t believe people are excited to see it, which says a lot about society today. (Idiocracy anyone?)

    • I know. It’s like no one can like something without some blowhard saying how ignorant they are.

    • I hate to say this, but Battleship looks worth a mild watch for mild entertainment when it comes out on Netflix, so pardon me if I say, “Duh…& pass the popcorn!”

    • i still think its one of the movies this summer that i’m for sure gonna check out. i’m not saying its gonna be the top scifi hits, but still excited to see. From the previews I think it has potential to be a huge bust like other movies (skyline). Im one of those people who loves special effects, so regardless of what people say, still gonna check it out.

  7. I really cannot wait


    • Yes you can, “amy”.

  8. What it should sai is: “finally, we get a look at those aliens no one asked for, in a clip from the blockbuster “adaptation” of the board game Battleship no one asked for.

    • Well they had an electronic Star Wars version of the Battleship game, I am sure this is going to lead up to the “Battleship vs. Alien Forces” version, soon in stores for the holidays!

  9. saw battleship the otherday gahhh lets just say rihannas acting was horrible.. other than that the movie itself was good

    • Rihanna don’t have to act, she just has to kiss me, say I’m great, and believe me, that will be no act! (I also can hardly wait for Prometheus, that looks great, too!).

  10. Regarding Prometheus: I think it’s awesome to see what are, in effect, designs that were not used for the original “Alien” film’s Nostromo being recycled and finally seeing the light of day as a new spaceship.

  11. I’m not a fan of the Alien’s Franchise but Prometheus looks really beautiful so yeah i will definitely be seeing this.

    I could definitely see a Best Visual Effects Oscar in this movie’s future, that is if The Hobbit does not take it.

  12. Fastbender looks like he should be on a Berlin poster circa 1939…

  13. Promethesis looks to be the most awsome of the three,I know nothing of Ender’s Game.

  14. You know I think Battleship might have been better off without the connection to the game. From the clips it seems like a moderately entertaining SF movie but the game connection just kinda cheapens it.

  15. Oh dear. Rihanna is in Battleship? Well there’s something else that cheapens it. Ah well. Coulda been worse. Coulda been a Kardashian.

    • Or Snooki:)

      • I think Snookie plays an alien in the movie, complete with bursting face-hugger…

        • They could just film her when she has that kid of hers. That has to be some kind of mutant creature.

  16. Absolutely retarded. Just a recruitment poster for the US navy. The aliens make no sense, presumably they have invented technology to fly around the speed of light, make autonomous shredder things, but their radar can’t detect solid objects, they don’t attack if you don’t have guns pointed at them and a huge lumbering boat can evade their ballistic missiles. An angry black guy with no legs can beat up an armoured alien with his bare hands. They can only see out of their stupid ship through a small window which isn’t bullet proof. What a bunch of garbage. They could at least get a decent scriptwriter that doesn’t treat the audience like idiots just to set up their stupid premise of a battleship game. Sorry for the rant.

    • Wow, seriously? I agree Battleship looks dumb, but does every movie with the military in it have to be recruitment tools for that branch of the military?? Should they have had Occupy Wall Street protestors as the protagonists fighting the aliens instead??? *rolls eyes*

    • And would it have been any more believable if it was an angry white guy with no legs? lol

    • Thank you so very much for pointing out key points in the movie, that anyone with half a brain will be able to put together while watching and know what’s going to happen before it happens. Maybe it is a bad movie. Who cares. Show a bit of intelligence and sci-fi fans we will want to enjoy it for the first time just as you did. Even if we don’t like one second of it, it will now hold even less suspence. Also, I challenge you to find a movie that does not make mistakes. Or expect the viewer to buy nonsenical plot lines.