Ridley Scott Refused ‘Prometheus’ Director’s Cut; Original Script Details Revealed

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Prometheus Directors Cut Refused Original Script Ridley Scott Refused Prometheus Directors Cut; Original Script Details Revealed

It seems enough time has passed to discuss Ridley Scott’s Alien quasi-prequel Prometheus without sending fans and critics into a frenzy. There’s no question the film left more questions unanswered than the most loyal Alien fans had hoped, but Ridley Scott hasn’t apologized for telling the story he chose to.

Scott is apparently so committed to Prometheus remaining as is that he outright refused to assemble a ‘Director’s Cut,’ despite Fox’s request. Although not everyone had issues with the story Prometheus told, a few new details from the original script hint at what direction the film was originally going to take.

We’ve previously posed our own opinions on how a few simple changes to Prometheus would have made the film a true Alien prequel, and delivered on the promises that its marketing arguably made. Though the connection between Alien and Prometheus is apparent on a broader level, the upcoming Blu-ray being advertised with the tagline that ‘Questions Will Be Answered‘ suggests that even those behind the film are conceding that too many elements were left unclear.

During a press event for the Blu-ray and DVD release of Prometheus (hat tip to BleedingCool for coverage), the question of a possible Prometheus: Director’s Cut was posed to Charles De Lauzirika, who headed up the production of the release’s ‘making of’ segments. De Lauzirika replied that Fox had requested Scott create an extended cut incorporating the more than 30 minutes of deleted scenes back into the film, which the director refused. His reasoning: he had made the film he wanted to, and all cut content was left out for a reason.

Prometheus Ridley Scott Charlize Theron Ridley Scott Refused Prometheus Directors Cut; Original Script Details Revealed

The deleted or extended scenes we’ve gotten our hands on have helped flesh out characters and themes, so Scott’s refusal is sure to aggravate some fans. But if Scott had freedom to make Prometheus as he saw fit, then perhaps his most devoted fans should be the ones resisting a Director’s Cut, as the pressure appears to be coming from Fox directly (think of all the ‘definitive edition’ sales!).

Prometheus may have been conceived as a direct prequel, but Scott maintains that “there’s no real link” tying the character(s) from one to the other, although the upcoming sequel could be burdened with that responsibility. The DVD and Blu-ray may offer a clearer picture of how the original script of Prometheus would have made the link evident.

In an interview with Empire, original screenwriter Jon Spaihts explained what portions of his script had been cut, and which were modified when Damon Lindelof (Lost) joined production. One of the film’s most memorable sequences was apparently what earned Spaihts the job in the first place: the medpod scene.

“One of the things I realised was that we hadn’t seen anyone survive a classic Alien chest bursting. And I was really intrigued by the notion that a character might be infected by the parasite and know that it was coming, know they had a timeframe of a few hours, and that we would have set up previously a nearly omnipotent medical device, designed to extend life for explorers in foreign places. Our heroine would have a short time to get to the machine and extract the thing inside her. It was a very gory sequence and it plays out very much like the sequence in the film. The main difference is in choreography. At the end of the sequence as I first conceived it, the heroine manages to get the creature extracted from her and it is expelled from the pod and she’s sealed inside, whereas in the final film it goes the other way [...] She sees the thing growing in the cabin outside and even killing people. So by the time she emerges from the pod eight hours later, the thing is abroad in the ship and big enough to be a huge danger.”

Prometheus Noomi Rapace Ridley Scott Refused Prometheus Directors Cut; Original Script Details Revealed

A total lack of Xenomorphs in what is ostensibly an Alien movie was a nagging issue among fans, but oddly enough, Spaihts claims “a lot of that push came from the studio very high up” in an effort to make something fresh, not “one more franchise film.” It’s not every day that a studio urges filmmakers to not repeat the formula or characters from a successful franchise, so perhaps it’s worth re-examining the film in the light of Scott’s commitment to what was cut and kept, and Fox’s wish to make something unbound from canon.

What do you fans of Prometheus think? Did Fox do the right thing by honoring Ridley Scott’s vision? Even without a Director’s Cut, the Blu-ray and DVD come with five hours of behind-the-scenes insights and interviews. That’s more than enough time for Scott and company to explain the ambiguity.

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Prometheus is available on Blu-ray and DVD as of today, October 9, 2012.


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Source: BleedingCool, Empire

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  1. I watched the deleted scenes last night . Scott left out some very interesting stuff towards the end more specifically, the engineer actually talking. I thought that should have remained.

    • @ Johnny
      Is it true there’s a 3hr making of documentary?
      That’s something I’d love to see…

      • Ya. 3 hours+

  2. That paragraph from Scott seems to run against the studio’s wish for originality. He’s always been accused of being a little too focused on astounding visuals, which as far as a lot of people are concerned seems to have been enough re Prometheus. Without a strong (Blade Runner) or disturbing (Alien) story as a foundation, he just plays with possibilities set up by images from previous films. We’ve never seen a Space Jockey with his helmet off. We’ve never seen his ship roll like a donut. We’ve never seen someone avert a chest-burst. All that is okay (and yes it is like older George Lucas playing with his computers to put THXes everywhere and have R2 do surprising things like flying) as long as it isn’t pretentiously labelled as deep or in any way philosophical. Characters in the move have and may even represent philosophies but they’re almost to a person irrational idiots, so whatever questions may be asked have little chance of being answered. Unless you mean something like “Who made us?” which is answered by “Engineers,” an explanation that carries no scientific weight outside of this particular fiction, whereas ‘Blade Runner’ for instance can involve space travel and cloning in the future without making baseless claims about human origins. So what questions could I, at this point, be waiting to have answered by another viewing of ‘Prometheus’? Sorry for the rant but the way people online have stubbornly and even belligerently defended this movie from honest analysis even amidst all the debate is completely astounding to me. I guess I don’t think it’s great.

    • That was a great way to put it and I agree totally. It was a waste of time to me. Just think how many more years we would have to wait for some kind of explanation of prometheus now in a sequel.

  3. I disagree in my personal opinion I would not have included the extended engineer beginning nor the one talking, it would loose much of its intrigue and thriller characteristics. The other deleted scenes would be great to see them merged with the original movie though.

    • I agree. Except for the scene with Holloway ranting and even hurting Shaw. That didn’t really fit in with the rest of his scenes.

  4. Prometheus in short wasn’t the film fans of Alien/s wanted. That’s why so many fans feel a little let down. Ridley could have removed all references to Alien and the film may have stood alone as a good piece of sci-fi story telling, With a few interesting questionsto ponder. I’ve watched it twice and hoped that I missed something the first time.Nope. It just wasn’t enough to satisfy the franchise. I honestly didn’t see the point of leaving space for another one or even two films. The Point of the film was to answer questions from the first film. We all saw the early footage of the Alien ship and I’ll bet everyone wanted there to be alien eggs in it and dark corridors. The film was good but it should have been a swan song for the franchise. AVP wasn’t too bad it had at least tried to answer a few questions but ended up being a kids film, at one point near the end I thought there might even be a bunch of cheering predators as the alien queen got nailed. AVP2 a dumpster fire without question.

    • “AVP wasn’t too bad”

      Well right there, your credibilitly is out the window, Sir.
      And me, Personally, I definitely did not wanna see more dark corridors, eggs, facehuggers, etc. its been done to death.

  5. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, if they released a Directors Cut or Extended Version of the film that answered everything it would render the sequel that’s planned useless.
    Sure that’s frustrating but it’s out of our hands. Ok the studio wanted this but I’m sure there fine with it. The money they’ll make from a sequel will be a lot more than they’ll make from Blu-ray sales…

  6. A fan made Restoration Edit of Prometheus – Weyland Investors Extended Cut should be out tommmorow.Some specs..

    Slight modification to Fox fanfare (props to anyone who guesses what it is)
    “Arrival of the Engineers” extended prologue scene added
    Captions for Isle of Skye scene and USCSS Prometheus introduction replaced as per the original film (iTunes version doesn’t have them to allow for different languages for the captions, might be the same with Blu-ray)
    “T’is the Season” extended scene added
    “Our First Alien “scene added
    “Skin” scene added
    “We’re Not Alone Anymore” scene added
    “Strange Bedfellows” alternate scene added
    “Holloway Hungover” scene added
    “David’s Objective” scene added
    “Janek fills Vickers in” scene added
    Shaw post-caesarean corridor sequence edited into one scene (as it cuts between Fifield fight and the former) – I might post a test of that soon
    “A King has his Reign” alternate scene added
    “Fifield Attacks” alternate scene added
    “The Engineer Speaks” extended scene added
    “Final Battle” extended scene added
    “Paradise” scene added

    Material to be used: iTunes DigitalHD 720p release, Official Blu-ray (TBC)

    • Does copyright infringement mean nothing to you? Editing the whole movie is not fair use you know.

      And adding the alternate Fifield is stupid, there is not enough footage of CGI Fifield, so you either cut make up Fifield out or have CGI Fifield + Make up Fifield. Plus you have no idea which scenes go where. Please leave it to experts and stop advertising pirated material.

      • Yeah right! I am so glad, it’s fine fair use. we’ve all paid to see it two, three times on top of buying the special edition? fair use.

    • Brilliant. If you own the original you can do what you like. Take a look at the Star Wars Re-edits. No one has taken them down yet.

      • Pretty sure the Star Wars fan edits are fair use, they are not streaming the whole movie, they are making trailers and fan edited scenes. The Prometheus fan edit is the whole movie. The only legal Star Wars fan edit is Star Wars Uncut. The rest are in a vary hazy area of legality. Remember parody or satire is fine. But the Prometheus fan edit turned up and its actually just the FULL movie with the deleted scenes you should be paying for to see. You need to know the difference between copyrighted material usage as piracy and fair use.

        • Cry more carnt…

    • how n the hell do i download this plzzzzzzzzzz need to see deleated scenes my ps3 was burguled & i`ve no blu ray plr…….help me fellow sci-fi followers

  7. Its a Fan Edit, not for sale, free to watch. Not mine just passing along info to those that might want to see it in an extended form.

  8. @Kevin7, Yes It’s called Furious Gods.

  9. I see lots of interessting theories, but has anyone considerd that perhaps te black goo used to recreate DNA and cause life is not made by the engineers, although it is confusing by their name engineers, but is a primal force made by nature? Perhaps al our perceptions of a god is this material. Maybe the origin of life comes from the planet of the engineers, were they tried to use it to ‘backup’ life because a threat: The xenomorphs. I think the black goo can’t be controled, unless it is made by the engineers.

    The old greek philosopher Anaximander had a theorie of a substance, called the Apeiron. This was a very abstract concept, which comprehended all materials and elements. I think this could be actually the black goo. Only this substance created only life, not elements and such. What do you think of this theorie? Is it a possibility?

  10. I never understand the arrogance of certain artistic creators that seem to “damn the torpedoes” and disregard supporting fans and supporters ( like myself ) who have supported finally getting the answers we wanted for over 33 years. I saw this movie when it was originally released and have longed for these answers for over 3 decades. Does that level of fan support deserve some sort of consideration instead of a seemingly simple brush off and “get over” response. I wish there were financial supporters of prequals who would ” damn the torpedoes ” and full steam ahead with artistic respect instead of financial or selfish agendas. Many films have seemed to suffer from this. I welcome feedback.

  11. It

  12. It has not lived up to expectation

  13. Inserting all the extra scenes doesn’t clear anything up.

    (prometheus fan edits that have done that are easily found).

    Because the extra scenes are just as absurd and disjointed as the theatrical cut.

    Its just as stupid but longer.

    Although if you did enjoy prometheus,
    the extra scenes LOOK just as nice.

  14. I tend to agree, the final cut of Prometheus not answering any question at all – is the best movie possible. How on earth could one even try to answer any questions, that we do not have any idea of even beginning to answer. The movies assumtions are in short of words – perfect!

    Seems we will NOT be seeing a directors cut, and being a huge fan of Ridley I will support him for this choice (how can I not?). Anyhuuu… I would love to see the dialogue that didn’t make it to the movie as it does sound interesting. However, having some experience in how a project evolves – details are added and details are removed and you end up with the final piece which is your final piece… And the way Prometheus is now it is great – Love the movie! Answers everything… haha!

    • That’s just stupid…. Film was made as an excuse to make another film…. End of story. If you like it fair enough, but best film ? No way,not even close….
      Fassbender is good in it and I enjoyed his character but he was hardly original…. Most of the characters had no depth or were cliche or clones of previous films. Was all stupid, not scary in any way. Could see the end before I reached it as all you have to do is know the story to alien/ aliens ect ect ect

  15. Spaiht’s version had a lot of bad science in it, but was a better script by far. The characters made sense. There was a clear sense of progression and causality. The planet was the same as in the original movie. The scenes all worked for the most part. The movie was butchered in rewrites. I could SEE the changes and the faulty reasoning behind them. The only faults of this script are the geological timelines of the ice ages, cheese romance, not understanding how eyeballs work, that people can’t run with severed abdominal muscles moments after surgery, and that the megaxeno died WAY to easily. That sounds like a lot, but these things were fixable. Move the terraforming timeline back, more banter between the couples to offset cheese, analyse the eye and visual cortex of the Engineer head and set pre-existing goggles to see the same spectrums of light, use an abdomen bracing semi-mechanical girdle after a surgery so you can sprint like a triathlete, show her in a lot more pain, and make the captain live to die in the fight against the mega alien with our fools in military suits with bigger guns. Really, the squishy one was deadlier than the MEGA alien. The end was rushed. Reguardless, I am sad that Prometheus made it into production in such a haphazard state. The original script was easily 3 times better.

    • I have to disagree. Spaights’ draft was an uninspired, derivative mess.

      It was just another silly, Alien chase movie.

      Personally, i feel everything was deliberate in Prometheus, and i have enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt a lot.
      (56 times and counting, bitches)

  16. how do i get to see weyland industrys fan version of complete movie no cuts or adjustments???????????????plz

  17. I call total and complete bullsh*t on Scott being the one that didn’t want a director’s cut(since when did he not) Especially having been F’d up the rear many times by Hollywood.

    No, I find it more likely that they told him to cut it to 2 hours(which is what they almost always do) and to not go on blathering about what the test audience was blathering on about. “Dude, is there going to be a Director’s cut” And they made him sign a form(hell of a lot of forms in hollywood) and told him to not rock the boat if he wants to do the sequel.

    First off we should at least agree that Scott is and has been for decades now, one of the top directors in the field. He knows a thing or two how to make a scene. It was obvious from watching the movie that scenes that built up to the larger scene was cut out due to time cutting.

    I just saw the dude who was F’ing with the alien and it went up all Giggly in his helmet. What did he say. He said boys n girls that they cut a scene out where he handles a little snakey baby like the bigger one and it seemed friendly enough. So that led to him telling the other guy, hey don’t worry about it. Im AAAHHHHH OMG OMG OMG OH MY GLOB.

    When people do dumb stuff in hollywood. always do the lead up and show why he might have a reason to believe things will be ok.

    THe whole movie was like that. All the build up scenes were cut and it seemed unprofessional.

    Scott is not a UnProfessional.

    Hell his movie about the crusades etc is widely considered the most butchered and best directors cut film ever made.

    So I’m gonna call BS and figure we will see a real edition someday.

  18. When the lights came on in the theater my first thought was, “How do I get that time back?” Prometheus was the biggest disappointment in a film to me since Tim Burton’s asinine Mars Attacks. I love a mystery, but this wasn’t a mystery – it was a mishmash of gobbldigook. If Scott doesn’t want to recut it, fine. I won’t be wasting any more of my money on it, or the sequel. I consider this to be a dead franchise.

    • Haha, okay. We’ll see you in the theatre when the sequel drops.

      • That’s what he wants. People like you to go rushing back back for the sequel, watched this on Bly ray I borrowed as after AVP I have to agree franchise has been a dead horse for a long time and they keep whipping it !
        Same thing will happen with blade runner two.
        If Scott’s so bloody good maybe he should take on a Sci Fi project that is original…. But that is not gonna happen, he is a name now and that name sells better than the sci fi films he has made recently.
        Gorge Lucas is even worse but at least on some level it’s all his from script to screen and all between.

        • ‘People Like You’

          People who enjoy movies? I assume you’re not talking about my compulsive masturbation…