‘Prometheus’ DVD/Blu-ray Deleted Scenes Revealed

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Prometheus DVD Blu ray deleted scenes  Prometheus DVD/Blu ray Deleted Scenes Revealed

Prometheus will likely go down as THE most debated blockbuster film of 2012, with gaping wide love/hate divide having been carved between moviegoers. Even while some are still trying to explain the events of the film, or are wondering how it connects to Alien, others have already been looking ahead to the now-confirmed Prometheus sequel - and of course, the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release.

There has already been confirmation that the DVD/Blu-ray versions of Prometheus would contain numerous deleted scenes, as well as continuing a long Ridley Scott tradition with a director’s cut of the movie. Today, we have first word on what we’ll see in the Prometheus deleted scenes. Read on to find out.

Bleeding Cool snagged a rundown of the Prometheus deleted scenes from a BBFC listing (that’s British Board of Film Classification – get your mind out of the gutter). Below you’ll find the list of scenes – pay attention to the names and do your best to speculate about how they would’ve fit into the story:

  • 00:00:58:05 (T’IS THE SEASON) (DELETED SCENE)
  • 00:00:42:14 (SKIN) (DELETED SCENE)
  • 00:05:30:04 (FINAL BATTLE) (DELETED SCENE)
  • 00:05:05:19 (PARADISE) (DELETED SCENE)

Now, even though some of those titles hint at some important moments, it must be remembered that these are deleted scenes, meaning that they don’t necessarily count toward the continuity of the movie, as they were removed for a reason. So, if you’re expecting to know what that Xenomorph carving was in the black goo storage room – or what, exactly, befell the Engineers in the storage facility, you are out of luck.

prometheus ridley scott noomi rapace Prometheus DVD/Blu ray Deleted Scenes Revealed

Then again, the director’s cut of a film can vastly alter the viewing experience, and Ridley Scott has proven with famous recuts of his sci-fi films Alien and Blade Runner that he is that type of director to revise and tinker with his work. Regardless of whether it answers all the questions or not, it will be interesting to see the version of Prometheus that clocks in at 2hrs and 27min, as Ridley Scott originally intended it. (The theatrical cut was trimmed to 2hrs 4min.)

Prometheus hits DVD/Blu-ray sometime this fall.

Source: BBFC via Bleeding Cool

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  1. 00:05:30:04 (FINAL BATTLE) (DELETED SCENE)

    that seems pretty damn important! lol can’t wait to check these out!

    • That’s where the girl beats the Space Jockey up with an AXE, it shows the axe for a split second and then disappears in the theatrical cut

  2. Can’t wait for the directors cut! I thought Prometheus was awesome even with its flaws, had a perminant grin right the way through!!

    All of Ridley Scott’s directors cuts have made vast improvements to many of his movies, especially Robin Hood

    Can’t wait to add this to my collection!

  3. While I think the deleted scenes will improve some of the flow and flesh out some of the plot I don’t expect any concrete answers to lingering questions. That’s what the sequel will attempt to do. Hopefully :)

  4. I wish you had an option to play the deleted scene (at the right spot) while playing the movie. Do they offer this?

    • I’ve heard that some BluRays have that feature, but I’ve never seen it myself.
      It’s definitely something that should be an option though.

  5. so might the director’s cut be available more or less at the same time as this particular DVD/Blu Ray release?

    you can count me as one of those who loved the film. But I’d rather wait for and buy the director’s cut Blue Ray than have the theatrical version.

  6. After reading,

    00:05:30:04 (FINAL BATTLE) (DELETED SCENE)
    00:05:05:19 (PARADISE) (DELETED SCENE)

    I think I just sh*t my pants.

    • Dude is that saying the engineer speaks for 4 minutes… ummm I can’t wait to hear this conversation.

      • THat would be all kinds of cool in my opinion as weel. However, I’m thinking it may be a alternative cut of the scene where* spoilers* The decapitated head is being probed and what have you.

  7. Awesome I hope the directors cut is released along with the theatrical version I’ll have to look into it. I think it would be cool if the Blu-ray contained both the directors cut and theatrical run but its highly unlikely that it will though. I guess we’ll find out on release day.

  8. I hope the people who hated the movie don’t buy this, just for their own well being……

  9. “get your mind out of the gutter”

    smart a** :P

  10. I suppose that directors cut is only on bluray and not dvd, gotta get myself a bluray player, but i dont have the extra money!

    • Just getting a player for some isn’t the only problem. When watched on a older, standard-shaped tube set, the image is severely letterboxed with dark bands above and below. As for screen size, most viewers won’t get much benefit, unless it’s at least 40 inches (diagonally) either. Additionally if you go to this much expense you might as well invest in a moderate sound upgrade as well just to complete the experience.

      I knew this kind of thing would eventually come years ago that’s why we suffered with old tube sets and aerial reception for years after some of the first breakthroughs like VCR’s and cable came out. Of course the next jump will outstrip the current home theater setup eventually so it’s a never ending chase…

    • Blu Ray players are dirt cheap nowadays. If you can’t spare fifty bucks for a player then what are you doing buying movies?

      • a new movie costs me only $15. and i only get one every couple of weeks. and like the old man was saying, you might as well get a new tv and sound system if youre going to get a bluray player. because i really dont want a bluray right now if i cant enjoy its benefits. Though i am saving up right now for a new tv that i will buy once i get my own place after college. so i guess ill just buy the bluray around the same time but thats at least 3 years down the road.

        • Blu Ray player. 50 bucks. DVD’s will still play in them. And I dont think DVD will be here in 3 years. Its a good investment even if you dont plan to buy blu-rays (which you should). I use a 27 inch older style tube tv in my bedroom and it looks fine with a blu ray player.

          • well maybe ill have to look into one pretty quick then. I guess might as well get it now so i dont have to buy everything at the same time.

      • Steady on fella not all of us are as rich as Ridley. Why didn’t they leave the deleted scenes in so the movie would have been a complete viewing experience instead of the train wreck it was? Just Fox trying to extract more hard earned cash from the public, or maybe Ridley needs an upgrade on a few of his mansions.

  11. I would love to see scenes included in the movie itself, as opposed to viewing them separately in the menus — Breaks the flow, and ultimately the whole immersive experience. Either way, 40 minutes is a bloody long time and well worth the purchase.

  12. I really hope the blu ray includes the theatrical and directors cut version. I hated how they borh werent included for the Halloween remakes ( I liked the theatricals more ) so I wouldnt know which to get here. :/

  13. If one of these explains why those two guys didnt get outta the cave the movie will be a buy for me.

    • Ha! Ditto!!

    • Wasn’t it because of the sand storm outside? That’s how I remember it. I love this movie.

      • Yeah, they couldn’t leave the cave because of the sand storm, but before the sand storm hit they just randomly got lost for hours (ironically, it’s the guy with the map who got lost). I dislike this movie ;)

        • I hated it in my first initial viewing. But my second I loved it I just took the whole xenomorph and traditional alien movie out of my head.

        • That guy actually didn’t have access to what the ship was seeing for whatever reason. Not a much better plot device, but that was the set-up.

  14. yes,these are very good news, can´t wait to watch it on blu-ray with the deleted scenes.

  15. I’m really on the fence on this one…probably will end up getting it but not sure yet.

  16. I haven’t seen the film jet, because here in germany it was not out until 09.08. :(

    To what kind of being belongs that skull on the cover? I know that it can’t be from the Engineers, they’re looking like humans.

  17. OK … so does anyone know the answer to the purveying question of “Does this include a cut of the movie WITH the deleted scenes incorporated into it?”

  18. Scott had the clout to make the theatrical cut into nearly anything, but look what we got. These deleted scenes should save the day though, right?
    Whether due to short attention spans or their role as shills, a lot of the cheerleaders for this movie should dissipate after the Apology Cut, or whatever it’s called, is released. Just observe the comments here: they’re not exactly representative of fan reaction to the “most debated blockbuster film of 2012, with gaping wide love/hate divide”. Of course, why would anybody drink the Haterade and make negative comments when he could project any number of totally awesome events into the as yet unknown contents of the deleted scenes, and talk about how cool the Engineer’s helmet is? Now, that’s a Big Question.

  19. How the heck can someone see these deleted scenes withOUT buying the damn movie?

    And this is not me advocating pirating so don’t go there. I’m just not into buying DvDs to watch them once and have them sit on my shelf collecting dust. So I am increasingly displeased with the direction Hollywood is going with this.

  20. Deleted scenes will not save this movie. It remains a slap in the face to teh fans of the Alien franchise

  21. I noticed one of the deleted scenes is called ‘paradise’. I read somewhere that this was going to be the original title of the movie – can anyone confirm?

    • Scott somehow was able to obtain a copy of your unreleased script??

      Prometheus is your story under another name? Is that a correct
      reading of the situation?
      He went and made an average science fiction movie based on your
      unreleased script.

      Bad move on his part because he should have let you improve it
      so all the faults could have been smoothed out before he started
      filming it!