‘Prometheus’ Blu-Ray Trailer & Features: There Will Be Answers

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Some people feel that Prometheus is a glorious return to the science fiction genre for filmmaker Ridley Scott, while others view it as a monumental disappointment following years of buildup to the Alien spinoff (or almost-prequel, if you prefer). No matter where you stand on the issue, though, there’s no overlooking how much discussion the film has generated, in regards to the unanswered questions and sheer amount of symbolism inherent to the script (constructed by Damon Lindelof (Lost) and Jon Spaihts (the developing Mummy reboot)).

However, in an ingenious piece of marketing, the trailer for the Prometheus Blu-ray (which releases next month) actually uses that controversy as the main selling point – promising that, indeed, “questions will be answered” through some seven hours of bonus features included.

Some questions look to be answered through hours of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew (see: the trailer clip with production designer Arthur Max revealing the original setting), while others are to be provided through some 40 minutes of deleted scenes. That includes alternate cuts of the opening sequence – this time, with the full ceremony involving the ‘Sacrificial Engineer’ – as well as a different version of the (arguably) infuriating conclusion that leaves the door wide open for a sequel (one which we now know will happen, thanks to the film’s $398 million worldwide gross).

Bear in mind, though: it’s best to not expect that this bonus material will change your mind about Prometheus (for the better or, rather, for the worse even).

Logan Marshall Green Noomi Rapace Michael Fassbender Prometheus Movie Prometheus Blu Ray Trailer & Features: There Will Be Answers

Prometheus is an undeniably beautiful film overflowing with macabre imagery and impressive 3D composition – though, perhaps a bit too subtle at times – that does stand to benefit from the Blu-ray form. It’s recommendable for purchase on those traits alone, assuming the narrative proceedings and certain characters (cough, Rafe Spall’s biologist, cough) don’t inspire you to yell angrily at the screen while the film is playing.

Moreover, the intriguing supplementary material includes alternate creature conceptual designs such as those glimpsed briefly in the trailer, in addition to the aforementioned featurettes and footage that ended up on the cutting room floor. Again, it’s probably too little, too late, for those who wanted more insight into the Prometheus mythology from the actual film, but for those who were satisfied by Scott’s ambitious attempt to examine the very origins of human existence (and dive deeper into the realm of the Alien-verse), this could be a must-buy.

Prometheus will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on October 9th (you can click on the next page for the full press release).

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  1. The curious thing about the unanswered questions
    is my lack of curiosity of what the answers are.
    While I liked Prometheus I just do not care.

    • I have to agree with you.

  2. Of course I will not get those answers, because I’m not willing to pay a premium for the 3D version that I don’t want and need. I will have to settle for the bare bones 2D only Blu-ray.

    • if you go the week the movie is released on blu ray the 3D combo pack is only 25 dollars at walmart. thats only five more than the blu ray…ya not picking promethius up, not worth it, but for future reference save some money when scoopin up those 3D movies.

  3. I thought there was going to be a Director’s Cut? Or was that just a rumor? Hmm…

    • Just a rumor. Ridley Scott said in an interview that there will be no Extended Cut and that the theatrical version is his final version of Prometheus. He might change his mind in the future, but for now this is it.

      • Ah well that sucks. Thanks though.

  4. ‘Engineer Jesus’ messed this whole movie up… I have a feeling byt he time this is all said and done Ripley’s story will seem like just a “side story” that got expanded into 4 movies instead of THE MAIN piece. I’d like ONE more sequel (even though I think the movie is junk except for the last 30 mins) THEN Alien V to finish this thing for good. What if the wasteland that is earth at the end of resurrection was due to the engineers SUCCEEDING?

    • You mean to say the engineers used xenomorphs to destroy earth? They didn’t, the crew of the Betty were not familiar with the creatures in the film which they would have been if the earth was destroyed by xenos. Also if such an event did occur they wouldn’t need DNA samples from the previous film to create xenomorphs as samples would have been abundant.

      • that’s true…it was just a thought. Unless it JUST happened while they were in space lol

  5. This was by far one of my favorite films of the year, I will for sure by it in blu ray. Although I have a few questions, my fingers are crossed that the sequel will help tighten the loose ends.

  6. Buy*

  7. Saw an interview with Damon Lindelof (Prometheus’ screenplay writer), and he said that Ridley Scott had a “hardcore” Alien prequel script/draft by John Spaihts. By page 30, there were eggs, cacehuggers, chest busters and xenomorphes! From the sound of it, some of us might’ve liked that version better!! However, Lindelof didn’t want to show the chest busted space jockey at the end of Prometheus but to “connect the dots…” Lets hope that more dots would be connected in the sequel, so there TRULY will be answers instead of stringing us along for… Prometheus 3!!! Ah~!!

    • no prometheus 3 please! just Prom 2 and then alien v…

      • after prometheus, I don’t even care about the zenomorphs anymore, theres no need for an alien 5.

        • I feel that way about The Predator as well, the novelty has all but worn off.

    • And further proof that Lindelof sucks as a writer.

      • is that on opposite day? the man wrote some of the best hours to ever appear on television.

        • It’s funny you say that. A writer from Lost actually came out and said they never actually planned anything after season 4; they just kept throwing random things at the viewers to keep the excitement high. The only plotline they planned was with Walt, and that was dropped.

          Even Terry O’Quinn admitted just last month that they dropped a few balls in the end.

        • if your talking smoke monster dog dream you have no clue to what writing is this mother said lost lolololololollolllllll

  8. So the extra stuff wont come with the 2d dvd?

    • No.

  9. I bought the pre-release download of Prometheus and have to say, I’ve enjoyed it much more upon repeat viewings. Maybe it’s just reoriented expectations, or the ability to soak up all the details, but I’d rate it higher now than I would have at the theater. In terms of which “questions will be answered”, the only one that really springs to mind is: Why was Guy Pearce’s makeup so bad?

    • “the only one that really springs to mind is: Why was Guy Pearce’s makeup so bad?”

      I thought exactly the same. Looked like some make-up student had had a go and didn’t have time to put it right.

      • oh he looked awful. I don’t know why he couldn’t have just had some kind of “coughing up blood to let you know he’s dying” disease lol and wasn’t so much “old man dying in bad makeup” lol

      • On the director’s commentary, Ridley Scott said Weyland made his fortune prospecting for uranium on Mars, vaguely hinting that his half melted look might be the result of sun damage peculiar to long hours under the Martian sun.

    • I dug it more the second time too – but the problems are still always there… I really like the last 30 mins. Everything before is kinda ho-hum… One thing that bugs me is – Waylan is looking for eternal life but the COMPANY wants the aliens for it’s bio-weapons right? SO AT SOME POINT their objective has to change…I thought Chralize would have brought upon this…

  10. Guy Pearce looked like Judge Alvin Valkenheiser from ‘Nothing But Trouble’

  11. I will get the 3D combo if it includes the DVD, there are some images that say only #d Blu ray, Blu ray and Digital Copy. :/

    • 3D*

  12. Does it answer the question about why Charlize Theron’s character didn’t think ‘maybe if I stop running in a straight line I won’t get squashed by this ship?’.

    I wish this movie was more. Ideas are fine. Generic idiots as characters are not.

    • That’s normal panic behavior. When people are literally scared out of their minds by an immediate threat of death they often snap and can’t think straight. They just try to flee from the danger without evaluating their situation or thinking about smart(er) exit strategies. They just scramble and often put themselves into harm’s way even more without realizing it (running in front of cars, running in a straight line when they shouldn’t etc.). That’s just human behavior when the instincts take over and has nothing to do with bad writing.

      It just seems like bad writing to many, because we are so desensitized by movies that we can’t put ourselves in the shoes of movie characters anymore who experience life and death situations. We sorta expect them to always do the right thing with a cool head, just because it’s a movie and because we have the omniscient perspective that is removed from all the danger on screen and even though people make deadly mistakes like that in the real world all the time.

    • exactly.

      • I meant to the original poster not the reply trying to justify the movie’s silly characters lol

  13. I think that I was one of the few that adored Prometheus and for me is one of the best movies of the year so far! Granted there were things that in the movie that would benefit from a extended / directors cut but if Ridley feels that this is the finished version who are we to argue! I like that there are unanswered questions, it allows the viewer to make up their own mind. I think that Scott has given in to critics a lot in the past with most of his movies being released with improved cuts, it seems strange that he wouldn’t do it with Prometheus but the movie won’t suffer if he doesn’t, in my eyes it’s stil awesome and the only movie that has made me smile from start to finish all year!!

  14. I’ve listened to the writer’s commentary and they really cleared up some questions, and then going back and viewing it again made it click well Imo. Great sci fi movie.

    • that’s all fine and dandy but ultimately a movie shouldn’t have to be watched with commentary to understand it… It should have done the job on it’s own.

      • I agree! They shouldn’t have to explain it, that just PROVES it doesn’t make any sense!!!

  15. I’ll definitely buy this one.
    I have to say though that since seeing it in the theater this is the movie I’ve gone back and forth on most on my own and with others.
    And while there’s a more than a few questions I have I doubt all or most will be answered on the Blu-ray. Especially if a sequel is going to happen.

  16. Anyone else feel like they are getting literally milked on this whole thing? I liked the movie. I didn’t find it outstanding or horrible, but I feel like I just saw the first episode of a mini series and have to wait years for the second episode. Most franchises at least have contained narratives in each entry.

    Then, to add insult to injury, saying you’ll get (some of) your answers *if* you spurge for the 4 disc premium priced collectors edition is tantamount to admitting your narrative completely failed in it’s purpose and we want to exsanguinate every last drop out of you for what we failed to give you in the narrative.

    • As opposed to just making an awesome movie from the very beginning, and there by raking in a billion dollars theatrically as opposed to resorting to marketing trickery and underhanded sales tactics!

  17. Does anyone else remember when this was going to be shot as a two part Alien prequel before it was ever filmed?

  18. No directors cut that sucks

  19. Wow. So, everything I thought the film should be is coming as a separate special feature on the Blu-ray. I’m very curious to see all of that extra content even though I think there were some questionable decisions about the change of direction for the film.

    See: Screen Rand Underground podcast for more, lol.

  20. “There Will Be Answers”

    I think the answer is pretty obvious,
    this movie sucked!