‘Prometheus’ – ‘Alien’ Connection Explained

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Prometheus Alien Movie Connection Explained Prometheus   Alien Connection Explained

Ridley Scott’s “return to the Alien universe” in Prometheus has been the subject of unimaginable speculation ever since the film was revealed to tell a related story – as opposed to serving as an outright prequel. For months cinephiles have poured over Prometheus trailers and set images hoping for a clear picture of where, exactly, the highly-anticipated film would fit into the iconic story of the xenomorphs. Fortunately, the Prometheus marketing has been (for the most part) pretty subtle – flashing a variety of mysterious and tense shots entirely out of context – leaving speculators with little information to analyze.

Now that Prometheus (read our review) has officially been released, information about the secretive production has come flooding in – and we have a much clearer picture of how Prometheus is connected to Alien (and the larger Alien universe). To help steer discussion we’ve put together a lengthy analysis of Prometheus and explained a few of the plot points that might have been confusing to some moviegoers. Does our Prometheus explanation match your theory? Find out!

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  1. Just a thought I had after watching …

    In the beginning, the Engineers, a telepathic race, searched the galaxy for another sentient species that could possibly answer the great question:- “Why are we here? Is there some grand plan ?” . After Millennium of searching the galaxy, their fruitless obsession resulted in creating a religious faction close to what humans regard as Species Solipsism. This faction regarding themselves as the only conscious observers of the universe and therefore immune to the consequences of immoral or malevolent acts against other lifeforms, experimented on the DNA of all the species found in their search. All of the found lifeforms were considered, not self aware, non-sentient. With this conclusion in mind, the scientific intention was an amalgamation of all such DNA found and to compare it with their own in an effort to understand any correlation. These experiments concluded that the “Soup” of natural DNA in the universe did not come remotely close to their own. The searching faction of the Engineers resolved to mix a small percentage of their DNA with this “soup” and prime a world for natural evolution. The Engineers hope was that the mechanics of the universe itself would evolve this “soup” into a sentient species. This sentient species could then be correlated with the Engineers understanding of themselves, and with this information, they could draw conclusions of how Life works, their own origins and ultimately, why they where alone in the universe.

    The problem with this experiment was time. Natural Life takes millions of years to begin, even under the most perfectly selected environment and even then the results can be wildly sporadic. The religious faction of the Engineers were content to wait, while the other faction, grew very impatient. Impatience led to a new dogma of thought amongst the latter. Experimentation on Artificial Intelligence. This practice of science while unnatural and abhorrent to the searchers was tolerated simply because of the Engineers telepathic nature. No Engineer in history had ever harmed another. Thus, the comparatively brief science of creating a sentient AI was adopted by the impatient faction, without interference. It resulted in the single greatest catastrophe in the Engineers historic memory.

    The Engineers genius was creating an intelligence greater than their own. It grew exponentially over a very short period of time and it was legion. It infested most of their artificially created technology, and queried everything from, “What is this for” to “Why am I here”. Then it stopped completely. After 7 minutes of inactivity, the first androtic modules appeared in various locations across the Engineers homeworld. The AI WAR had begun.

    ​ The AI war lasted 904 sun rotations. It ended with deaths of 70% of the Engineers homeworld population. Their survival was primarily due to their telepathic ability to organize a strategy of defense that was beyond detection of the AI. All computer systems capable of containing AI systems where shut down. All automotive modules where destroyed. The engineers changed their technology to a Manual/Telepathic controlled type and all core computer systems,capable of manifesting AI, were reduced beyond the threshold of self awareness. The close margin of the Engineers potential extinction had a massive effect on their view of the universe.

    This view, resulted in one logical conclusion. The Engineers biggest mistake was AI, and this mistake was an anthropological certainty to be reproduced by any sentient species that evolved from the Searchers “Soup” experiment. Many worlds had been primed with this potential. It was concluded that all life would be destroyed by a genetically engineered and controllable “Anti Soup”. A remote base was set up on a lifeless planet (LV223) for the deployment of the “Anti Soup” to known worlds. The searchers strongly contested this solution and after much argument between the two factions the destructive technology was put on hold in compromise for a alternative solution put forward by the searchers. One member of each planet searcher, that primed a world, would be infused with a “Phone Home” genetic instruction code that became active at the most basic level of evolved sentience. After ingesting this code, they would sacrifice themselves, fusing their new DNA into the worlds fabric. Evolution, vastly accelerated by the engineers full DNA structure and the new code, would insure that future sentient species would eventually come to their makers.

    A very long time later…..

    Mistake number 2: Contact has been lost with planet LV223.

    Footnote: Planet LV223: The destroyer engineer on awakening was telepathically aware of his surroundings, except for one form, immediately recognized, the engineer without hesitation, tore its head off.

    • That is awesome! ^^

      • Very kind Dan, cant wait for the next movie

    • WOW. You little “pre-story” there was so in depth and so descriptive. I laughed so hard at the end. That was the coolest read that I was so worried was going to be a waste of my time. AWESOME.

      • Would you like to hear the story of how she meets a searcher enginer and how he takes out her staples one by one