‘Prometheus’ Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesn’t Think So

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prometheus noomi rapace Prometheus Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesnt Think So

20th Century Fox executives announced plans for a Prometheus sequel a couple months after Ridley Scott’s polarizing Alien spinoff/prequel opened in theaters – before then Scott and co-writer Damon Lindelof had spoken openly about where the followup will go story-wise – but progress has slowed in the time since then, what with Lindelof passing to focus his “single-minded” creativity on a separate project (rather than heading back to the Alien-verse right away).

Noomi Rapace (who played Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus) recently confirmed that she had met with Scott about the followup, saying the filmmaker and a currently-anonymous writer (writers?) are hard at work putting the story together. If a hot-and-fresh rumor is to be believed, then this particular endeavor is proving to be much more difficult than anticipated.

Here is the word straight from the lion’s mouth (in this case, Bloody Disgusting):

Sources close to the sequel have told Bloody Disgusting that the studio and Scott are literally “freaking out” over how to continue the story of Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), and are taking pitches from basically anyone who can crack the story*. While a sequel is nearly inevitable, it definitely puts it in flux, and in a state of jeopardy.

*We expect everyone surrounding the project to deny this story. That’s standard procedure. Don’t believe ‘em.

Two weeks ago, reports emerged about the relentlessly busy Scott mobilizing pre-production on the Moses flick Exodus, so that filming can get underway before this year draws to a close. The filmmaker is known for juggling multiple projects at once – case in point: he’s not finished with post-production on The Counselor just yet – but it sounds as though he’s taking steps to keep busy, rather than waiting to see if the Prometheus sequel comes together in the near future.

prometheus ridley scott noomi rapace Prometheus Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesnt Think So

However, just because the next Prometheus installment is taking longer to cook than expected, that doesn’t mean Fox and Scott are in full-blown panic mode. Lindelof voiced similar doubts, when /Film asked him on Twitter about what his take on the situation is:

Thereafter, Lindelof sent /Film a direct response, addressing the claim in the aforementioned BD report about him skipping on the Prometheus followup being part of the problem – as he played an important role in re-spinning Jon Spaihts’ Alien: Engineers prequel script to serve as the basis for a new movie trilogy (and has now left Fox and Scott “in the dust” to continue the story on their own).

Here is an excerpt from Lindelof’s statement:


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  1. Probably should have made sure they had a script that made sense BEFORE starting.

    Just saying, before you ruin a cult classic series and disappointing millions of fans. Know what I mean?

    • The fans survived the third Aliens movie, as well as a few bad games based off of them. If the second prequel isn’t very good, we’ll be all right. 😉

      Disappointed, but all right. (Seriously, I’d be surprised if it’s as bad as Aliens 3.)

      • I watched it and I paid attention and still thought it was a failed movie with SO much potential. This movie felt rushed with the plot. I think they have to do a lot of “cleaning” up before they can make a really good movie with a great storyline.

  2. Prometheus was just about the most disappointing film I have ever seen.

    The best things about Prometheus were the David marketing video, the Weyland-Yutani website, and the Prometheus ship itself, but a movie without any semblance of a plot makes for a hard sell to fans. The Alien franchise has been in decline after Aliens (which was amazing) … now, writers and directors lean so heavily on special effects that they end up being forced to tie scenes together with APPALLINGLY weak “plottes” .. forgive the Quebec slang.

  3. prometheu was a bullet in the head of the alien frachise as said awful story, plot ,engineers over 3 billion years old bollox total c-rap theres no were to go with it if a writer cracks he she desrves some kind knighthood.

  4. cracks it

  5. Wasn’t a sequel in trouble the day the first one opened and people saw it?

  6. I have a script idea for the sequel to Promethius!

    I also have one for District 9 which should have been released
    ” 3 years later “.

    Anyone from production can contact me for more info on what I have.
    You won’t be sorry.

  7. Great actors but terrible script and no real plot. Forget sequel: what’s done is done. Instead, never again use ANYONE related to the writing of this script.

    • I have a idea for the writers of the Prometheus script. Since Prometheus was a God and immortal, and it appeared to be more than one ship on the planet. Why cant the Prometheus that evolved be only a duplicate of the real Prometheus who is the chief of his race more skillful and dominate. What if he is to be awaken by others of his kind illiminate the Alien and then go forward with him or backward with him. This will also leave the Alien Franchise the lost ship that they find in the first movie. The ship could be believed to be the crashed ship of the the female android who was in search of Prometheus beginning when they departed at the end of the first Prometheus movie. After all according to Mythology he defied the Chief God-See Prometheus on Wikipedia.

      • you do realise that prometheus was the ship not the alien race?

      • This should have said! The ship could believed to be the crashed ship of the female from the first Prometheus movie and the male android who left the planet of Prometheus in search of where Prometheus came from. this is the way I attended this to be on the site. I don’t know how it was said other than this! But no wonder the writers script is so complicated! I shall make a print a copy of my reply for safe keeping.

        • My marklarks and your marklarks should get together and see marklark, marklark

      • If the alleged “Engineers” are the Fallen Angels, the REAL ones must be
        gang-busters: The Faithful Ones. There’s your Title. Of the 2nd Prequel.

        See you in “Heaven”? Coming Soon!

  8. Think of the Creators ship as Noah’s Ark And the Creator as Noah And they were gathering species of aliens On there ship and that what the Prometheus crew came in contact with was just one species of alien much like the aliens at Ripley and her crew come in contact with for alien the first movie well still keeping in mind alien vs predator and that the Predators put the alien race on earth thousands of years ago and used them for sport so put more behind the creation plot I’d like to see that big ass guy fight a Predator could they’re to races have been at war since the beginning of time did one race becoming extinct by what another race to choose to hunt and as you can tell aliens take on the dna and traits to adapt from how they are born from there are so many storylines that could be done just make a good one..

    • Where are your commas and periods? I am out of breath reading your comment. Lol

      • He’s trying to save space…the final frontier!

  9. They should kill her character at the beginning of the sequel
    cos she is a terrible actress

    • I have to disagree. I *still* say that the third movie, where two of the main characters from the first two movies are killed off in the beginning, is the worst of the franchise. (Prison planet? Really? *sigh*)

      Prometheus was interesting for its premise. I think putting the origin of the two together is quite thought-provoking. I want to know more about the original planet from the beginning of Prometheus! Why did he drink the liquid? What was the planet like? What led to that moment?

  10. I liked Prometheus. Sure, the plot was a little sketchy, but if you’re an Aliens fan, you should have gotten used to THAT by now. 😉

    As long as they don’t do what they did at the beginning of the third one, I’m happy. And I’m curious to know more about the planet of the white creature’s origin!

  11. the first alien film was good but small
    the seqeuls where bigger,so i hope part to will be bigger better

    in part one they did say great things start small or somthing like that..

  12. The writer of Prometheous talks like he’s wrote a great screen play. Just to let him know, it sucked and I’m glad he’s notinvolved with the new movie.

  13. Everything since Aliens has progressively disappointed in the franchise. Prometheus appears to have used the first script edit as its screenplay, where the originating writer had not been given a chance to work on the changes. There are many elementary storytelling flaws in Prometheus, which deserves all of the disappointed fans’ wrath. This is similar to Alien 3 in terrible-ness, but at least Alien 3 can be buddied up with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (including Grumpy’s character arc).

  14. Back in the day, films were self contained stories. There was no presumption of a sequel. If you take Prometheus on it’s on, it’s a disappointing film. Supposedly intelligent characters make dumb decision and various plot points aren’t sorted out. Personally, I didn’t care enough about Noomi Rapace’s Dr. Shaw to give a hoot about what happens to her.

  15. Promethus was a movie with good animations & supposedly alien origins of human kind. Correct me if I am wrong, in the start of the movie, one of the engineers drank the black stuff; was the sacrifice for the production of food on earth or for game? As it was evident that the generation of same DNA of engineer in water but in red color was an accident.

    Please comment if I understood the picture.

  16. “Single minded creativity”?

    Is that what lindelof likes to call it?

    Is that his excuse for why everything he’s done, mostly collab/rewrite work is so awful?

    What will his next excuse be?

    (Excuses being his only talent.)

  17. Visually, prometheus was stunning, we all can agree on that. But simply, aside from the unanswered questions, i was a little bored. only thing memorable was the abortion part and i guess…the battle between engineer and giant creature. in short, i missed seeing the alien(s) we all know and love. And i heard the sequel will be even farther away from the Alien trilogy.

  18. I thought it would be cool if she got to where she was going and found a civilization if the aliens ans opposed to the engineers. 3 billion years, they would have to evolve.

  19. What passionate debate? I have never been PO’d as I was after seeing this film. The character’s acted so freaking stupidly as I wanted to kill ll of them myself. The context of the film. Think about it. A trillion dollar spacecraft sent over a year to determine how human life on earth began. Do we have astronauts say from Kubrick’s 2001? No we have a buncha morons acting like teenagers. The captain leaves the command to go bang his boss leaving 2 astronauts without supervision while they are out in a strange planet. It just goes on and on…..

    • There are valid points in your comment, some very stupid – almost revolting people were included on the ship’s roster. However, I think, like in 2001 the movie, it was a statement to include stupid people for the window for conflict and the “society is stupid” hyper-liberal approach. People lied to HAL,HAL got mad – what computer would be programmed with anger? Now, Prometheus made a lot of nods to 2001, and it was a fantastic movie if not for the denigration into an action film. It tried to be both philosophical and action oriented. That said, I think a sequel could be incredible, and better than this hit/miss epic.

  20. I think I’m one of the few people who completely loved Prometheus, no apologies, no reservations. I think a sequel would be great. I’d love to see Dr. Shaw arrive at the engineer home planet to learn that it was completely wiped out by the weapon they created. And yes, that means once again, more questions than answers. Movies, especially sci-fi movies, don’t need to have all the answers to be great (2001 Space Odyssey anyone?). People hated Prometheus for apparent plot holes (do some reading, they can all be explained with a healthy dose of logic and some suspended disbelief, its’ a movie about aliens people, not subatomic particles). The biggest complaint I see is how stupid the characters are. I really think that’s the POINT. Human kind is incredibly stupid and many of our greatest discoveries were made due to error and accident, and at great cost to the finder/inventor. Overall I loved Prometheus in every way. It made you think and doesn’t spoon feed the answers. I really hope they don’t ruin the sequel by trying to force feed the audience answers.

  21. Scott did an amazing job directing this movie, well acted, beautiful-looking film. if the story has unanswered questions, unsympathetic characters and plot holes, then the writers should answer for these. same happenned to David Fincher directing Eliens 3, great director working with a so so script. When asked why they killed 2 main characters at the start of the movie, he said: “Aliens is a horror movie, and horrible things happens in horror movies”

    I notice how hard it is for a movie, any movie to make everyone happy. And that’s why the sequel to Prometheus will be torn apart.

  22. They’re probably trying to figure out how to make it as retarded as the first one. Maybe some deranged janitor with broken english will help them write more scenes where the characters do absolutely illogical things and ruin the Alien franchise yet again. But I’m sure the special effects will be good, so that’s cool.

  23. Where do you get your info from. Do you just make it up. Because this is complete rubbish.

  24. Whyyyyyy??? The worst film in history getting a sequel? I don’t believe it..

  25. Prometheus ALMOST got me to go to the theater when it was showing. that would have been the 1st time since Nov 2005.
    but, i never went. finally saw it on demand and so glad i didn’t waste any money on it.
    seriously AWFUL. i don’t think m. night shamylan could have done any worse.