‘Prometheus’ Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesn’t Think So

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prometheus noomi rapace Prometheus Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesnt Think So

20th Century Fox executives announced plans for a Prometheus sequel a couple months after Ridley Scott’s polarizing Alien spinoff/prequel opened in theaters – before then Scott and co-writer Damon Lindelof had spoken openly about where the followup will go story-wise – but progress has slowed in the time since then, what with Lindelof passing to focus his “single-minded” creativity on a separate project (rather than heading back to the Alien-verse right away).

Noomi Rapace (who played Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus) recently confirmed that she had met with Scott about the followup, saying the filmmaker and a currently-anonymous writer (writers?) are hard at work putting the story together. If a hot-and-fresh rumor is to be believed, then this particular endeavor is proving to be much more difficult than anticipated.

Here is the word straight from the lion’s mouth (in this case, Bloody Disgusting):

Sources close to the sequel have told Bloody Disgusting that the studio and Scott are literally “freaking out” over how to continue the story of Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), and are taking pitches from basically anyone who can crack the story*. While a sequel is nearly inevitable, it definitely puts it in flux, and in a state of jeopardy.

*We expect everyone surrounding the project to deny this story. That’s standard procedure. Don’t believe ‘em.

Two weeks ago, reports emerged about the relentlessly busy Scott mobilizing pre-production on the Moses flick Exodus, so that filming can get underway before this year draws to a close. The filmmaker is known for juggling multiple projects at once – case in point: he’s not finished with post-production on The Counselor just yet – but it sounds as though he’s taking steps to keep busy, rather than waiting to see if the Prometheus sequel comes together in the near future.

prometheus ridley scott noomi rapace Prometheus Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesnt Think So

However, just because the next Prometheus installment is taking longer to cook than expected, that doesn’t mean Fox and Scott are in full-blown panic mode. Lindelof voiced similar doubts, when /Film asked him on Twitter about what his take on the situation is:

Thereafter, Lindelof sent /Film a direct response, addressing the claim in the aforementioned BD report about him skipping on the Prometheus followup being part of the problem – as he played an important role in re-spinning Jon Spaihts’ Alien: Engineers prequel script to serve as the basis for a new movie trilogy (and has now left Fox and Scott “in the dust” to continue the story on their own).

Here is an excerpt from Lindelof’s statement:


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  1. Damon is not a good finisher. Lost was so good the first 3 seasons. Prometheus started strong but finished poorly and with a laugh. You show promise but just can’t finish. Prove us wrong – please!

    • that’s exactly right! he made LOST’s so complicated, they just couldn’t tie all the loose ends!

      • the problem wasn’t that Lost was so complicated that they couldn’t tie up all the loose ends ..

        … the problem was that they tried to tie up the loose ends. Should have been escalating crazy stuff with a miriad of random clues as if it would all be explained in the “final” series – and then not have a “final” series. Leave us all in the lurch with mysteries and clues and leave it for us to create solutions of our own.

        .. when directors try and tie things up they go into patronizing mode and assume we need stuff spelled out in the simplest terms in case someone might not understand. Which guarantees disaster.

    • LOST was great for the first 4 seasons. Season 5 dragged and season 6 was boring and I didn’t care for the ending but there’s more to it than you think. As for Damon, he DID finish LOST… And Prometheus was meant to be the set up to a duology/trilogy. Clearly. Not a standalone movie. Clearly.

    • What about Dan O’Bannon…wheres the man?

      • He’s dead.

    • I don’t think so, Damon is a very good professional and what probably makes me like him is the end of his scripts, but I must confess that the end of Prometheus wasn’t so PERFECT like the end of Lost, that was really epic and perfect in my opinion.
      P. s: I’m sorry for the bad english :/

  2. i would ;ove to see this other scene he is talking about.

  3. I think the point that’s in all these stories and the thing most don’t want to admit is that greed will make most everyone stupid, often to an extraordinary degree. The audience likes to think they’re different and they would come out on top and the second thought they have is that most rational people given the circumstances given in the story would be. Scott and the other storytellers are saying beware of your confidence you’re most likely wrong about your ability. People hate that…

  4. Promethius Had a good chance of being a Great Movie however it took forever
    to get to the meat of the story. There was so much talking in the movie
    because of egoes it just ruined the whole alien aspect. The only highlight
    was the advertising that promised to be a great movie. Need to see more
    Giant alien less bogus dialogue. It’s thte Big promethius I want to see
    not a bunch of actors with a lot of useless talking. I won’t be going to the next sequel unless things change big time for this obvious mess.

    • PROMETHEUS failed to live up to its hype with Ridley Scott’s direction hardly anything above “journeyman”. (If his name was not attached, one could imagine any number of freshman directors having a hand on the helm.)

      Rebooting moments that were exciting in the original ALIEN, disappointing when re-tried here –Scott should do more producing and wait for the right project (other than a poor sequel to a much better film); one that hopefully will not promise far more than it can possibly deliver.

  5. i hated this movie…

  6. My Simple sequel plot

    I think she should arrive to a jungle planet that is over run with Aliens. Meet up with an injured (albino tall bald guy from 1st movie). They team up and escape that planet to another planet inhabited by Albino’s but bring along an Alien Queen stow away. The movie ends with her getting one or two answers at the same time we see a cave or basement starting to fill with eggs and a facehugger attacking an Albino.

    • LOL virgin.

    • You are as weak as a weakling kitten.

  7. **Can’t be certain but…

    Maybe Karma is a trip. The more I watch Prometheus and think back on the screenplay I shopped around (Jonathan Spaihts’ management company Circle of Confusion being one of them) and entered into Scriptapalooza a few years ago the more I’m convinced something foul happened. Too many similarities and naming Shaw’s boyfriend “Holloway” (my last name) was just too close to home– especially when I think back on that speech about raising the money for the expedition that Vickers gave him. Was that a tongue-in-cheek or just a nod-wink moment?

    “…and are taking pitches from basically anyone who can crack the story*.” -Perhaps if they didn’t cannibalize the source they would be able to “crack the story.” You can mix apples and oranges and then expect to drink grape juice.

    Producers- I’d be happy to write your next two films, but this time give me some CREDIT.

    So glad I wrote the book and expanded the story after putting my original screenplay out there.

    “PERIL” by Timothy J. Holloway
    peril universe dot com

    • @Peril Universe

      Something similar happened to me. (I have three novels, working on the fourth.) Except my submission (through a publisher) was a play script. My hard work inspired these theater people to run with my idea. But since you cannot copyright “an idea”, I had simultaneously adapted the work as a screenplay. I’ve since started my own production company and with a producing partner hope to bring a short film to life based on the script in order to pitch a feature-length version to some money people.

      If you’re going to do this business, you got to be in this business.

      • @ Frederick Louis Richardson

        “If you’re going to do this business, you got to be in this business.”–

        I totally agree, which is why I decided to write the first novel “PERIL” and pursue a film based on it myself. In a way this experience has been a curse and a blessing.

        A curse for obvious reasons. A blessing because, it forced me to expand the story which gave me material for at least four books and films. Heck, this could turn out to be a great franchise. In a weird way I guess I should be thanking them.

        I just don’t get why they (the producers) didn’t just ask. I would’ve jump at the opportunity. Also, does a US Copyright mean nothing anymore? LOL

    • Morpheus, I could NOT agree more! Bringing on brilliant writers from other projects sounds fine and dandy, but this is Ridley Scott we’re talking here. Why couldn’t he have taken the core story and character values from the first and bring something more substantial to the table. You cared about Ripley, Dallas and the rest, they were real and they didn’t have the polished modern acting chops these young guns were too eager to express. I didn’t give two craps about the geologist and the other guy (see? Don’t remember the name) getting attacked by an alien snake. I have watched Prometheus numerous times, each time more questions are raised than answered. I am not sure where Scott went wrong but it was a disasterous script equally shared but shoddy casting (OK I like Rapace) I admire his duty to strong female characters but still have NO idea what the aliens were, who the engineers were, why they were so damn angry and built WMD on a derelict planet and WTF Vickers was and his relation to Charlize Theron’s character (which was basically the evil queen from SWATH in a spacesuit) and don’t get me started on David, but Fassbender can do no wrong, but I digress. If they do plan a sequel, they better start fresh with some decent writers that convey character depth.

      • Wait…you do not like the movie but have “…watched it numerous times” ? You don’t like the actors but “(Ok I like Rapace) and then write “Fastbender can do no wrong.” Um, who in the world watches a movie they do not like “numerous times” and then also says they don’t like the actors…but admits they liked the 2 main stars???

    • I thought it was LV223 or something else. The only similarity to the derelict planet was LV, it could have been anywhere. But what was their purpose? Why did they sacrifice the engineer to create humans on earth? Way too much ‘whoa Jesus was a space jockey’ than an ‘a-ha’ moment. The script was shoddy and I do agree with you that David was wasted, and why was he also programmed to evil tendencies much like Ash. Idris Elba’s captain was as endearing as Dallas, more so to me, such wasted talent on such a minor character. He could have been so much more central to the story, I didn’t care for Theron’s character at all. She didn’t bring much but a bitter, lonely has-been. I still love watching it for the effects and soundtrack, but it’s tiresome letting go of all the plot holes and character flaws.

    • I agree that Prometheus was a fantastic film. I hope they can explain what happened to Elizabeth Shaw and the Android. Interesting…

  8. Lindelof is why Prometheus was utter crap plot wise. Lost was a horrible mess in total. There was no surprise Prometheus was an equally illogical, nonsensical mess full of boneheaded actions by it’s characters. The less Lindelof has to do with it the better for the movie.

  9. I don’t understand why Prometheus is considered to be such a terrible movie. I’ve watched it several times and feel it is a very well acted and visually stunning movie. I do feel a sequel would be a mistake; very few sequels are as good as the original. Prequels obviously don’t stand much of a chance with the public either. But I do feel Prometheus is a fine sci-fi movie and deserves more credit. Frankly, I have a hard time understanding what the movie-going audience expects anymore especially when movies like Killer Joe (absolutely disgusting) and Lincoln (boring) get so much attention. I loved Oblivion and Lockout (Guy Pearce- awesome actor) too and neither of those panned out so well either with critics.

    • I totally agree, a lot of Prometheus bashing going on here. It’s actually got tiresome listening to people bringing up the same so-called plot holes. It’s become trendy to dismiss this movie. The plot is not perfect but I have watched it a number of times and I think Ridley Scott deliberately left some questions unanswered so that people could come to their own conclusions. If I had the time, I would go into some of my theories as to why some characters acted as they did or why certain events transpired. In my opinion, the best movies are the ones that get you thinking afterwards and continue to talk about it. People are easily frustrated when they aren’t spoon-fed a plot. For me, this is one of the best Sci-Fi movies in years and I enjoyed it so much, I am willing to overlook a few discrepencies (name me a Sci-Fi movie or big blockbuster that does not have these) and just enjoy the movie. P.s. it also has one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard and it plays on my Ipod regularly.

  10. To be honest the fallow up can be done a number of ways, are the enganeres a living culture still or did they self terminate already is the only real question that needs to be asked. If they are alive a simple divided society of creationists and fear munging military can offer a dynamic back drop and sell it to our own culture current satire would appeal to Scott’s sense of art reflecting reality in a crossfire. Shaw can be the catalyst for that cultures demise as she still has the root virus in her own dna now can be brought out as the means to save earth and end that civilization, throw in a little mechanical fear and hatred for a civilization that has already dealt with machines that tried to over throw the organics and David can be worked in. Lastly the hybrid new alien strain can be rationalized as Shaw the mother of the classical version in new form reendenered as the final solution. end game you have a political statement film that bridges the two franchises and reconnects to the audience in contempory way with a ton of opportunities for drama and horror. Seriously people writing this stuff isn’t that hard if you actually are a scifi geek. spelling mistakes aside of course.

    • While I agree with all of the criticisms of Prometheus, I completely agree with/love your story idea for a sequel, Michael. There certainly were plenty of WTF moments in Prometheus which are uncalled for: a geologist getting lost in the caves that his robots mapped out, a biologist that is freaked out by the dead things and then gets all “oh cool look at that strange alien creature I know nothing about, I want to touch it!”, the unprecedented alien-zombified-guy. There are also a number of WTF moments that could lead to some great reveals in a sequel. Perhaps the engineers in the hologram replay were running because they were set up by a commando/saboteur engineer from the creationist camp. The planet could have been a holy site to them which the militants (perhaps anti-playing-god religious zealots) conquered and planned to use as a launching point to destroy Earth (not to mention as a nice slap in the face to the creators). I also thought immediately after the movie that this split within the engineer society would explain the larger backstory and provide for a very interesting sequel.

      I found the production of Prometheus to be great, with the writing and direction to be rather poor, so if the right team were put together I would be excited about a sequel. I’d just wait for the reviews before actually paying any money to see it.

    • Some great plot suggestions .I’m impressed.

  11. “I have found, unfortunately, that if I take on too many projects at one time, there is a higher probability of those projects SUCKING.”

    That explains it.
    He must have had a thousand projects going on when he did ‘Pro-meaningless’.

  12. Prometheus was such a let down, I shudder when I recall my disappointment. If they want another shot at it, they’ll have to think this one through thoroughly.
    What’s with all these movie flops? Iron man 3 sucks like nothing Ive seen in a long time. There is hardly any ironman and when there is he is not tough – it breaks to pieces at any touch

  13. To think that the producers of Prometheus would even consider a sequel is absolutely amazing. Prometheus was an enormous disappointment, especially since Ridley Scott was the director. This was a horribly bad movie. The story was patheticly stupid and poorly written and the characters were unbelievably stupid and unlikeable.

    • The “new think” among some studio execs is when a movie fails, then sequel that failure…if the film has a legend, a legacy and a following. And do it soon, as if to be forgiven by fans for this past error (actually before the box office entirely cools).

      It doesn’t make any real sense, but “new think” is not based on any rationale thinking but irrational hope of throwing big money at a bigger idea to not loose “connectivity” with the film’s origin, original director and any worthwhile cache (blood) that might be left.

      Just the shear WASTE (due to poor film choices, deleted scenes, months/years of development) could in itsself produced a slate of the kind of modest films like the one Joss Whedon has wisely chosen to do in his backyard following the enormous success of THE AVENGERS. How wise of Joss…and irrational of 20th Century Fox.

  14. Please stop this. Prometheus was one of the most awful movies of the last decade.

    • I wish I could have a scnort of the schnapps that some of the scnarters are scnorting here. The film soared to new cinamatic highs, and then, cast us down to unexplored cinematic lows. Where would modern cinema be for the movie going proletariat without worms, worms and more worms to entertain the throngs and wet, hungry appetites of the gilded movie going masses? In the immortal words of Jimi Hendricks..’cuse me while I touch the sky…Du-Du-Du

  15. Seeing the movie was a prequel, they have to leave everything matching the other movies. I think the virus should infect the makers themselves, and produce the first predator species. Then the long time feud between predators and aliens makes sense, them being kissing cousins and all. It sadly also confirms all sentient life forms in the galaxy being somehow related one way or another, with the tall makers the parent DNA of humans, aliens, and predators.

  16. i think the sequel should be a musical.

    • Yes, yes it should. A purely genius idea!

  17. Prometheus was such a pile of excrement, that any kind of follow-up is doomed to be even more cringe-worthy. The ONLY reason Scott did Prometheus was that he wanted to make a film incorporating CGI, which wasn’t avail. for Alien. All the better for it one says.

    So Prometheus got made, not as an addition to the Alien franchise, but as an addition to Scott’s CV. Not that he needed it. But it became creativity for creativity’s sake. Am really surprised that Scott has not had the courage to admit Prometheus was the biggest mistake of his film-making career.

    Now he’s trying the denier’s route, thus forced to have a go at Prometheus II in an attempt to ‘right the wrong’.

    Oh dear. It’s gonna end in tears.

    • She will go on and somewhat finds the truth from another planet habited by human settled a few million years ago. And once she is done receiving the answers she will then be sent back to Earth through a wormhole. The answers will be as follow.
      1) She will be told “The human race is extremely old, and Earth is one of the newest planet we’ve settled on, which is located many galaxies away from headquarters”:) Her finding will also reveals that a small percentage of the universe belong to the human race, and that we human live on many galaxies;)
      2) She will be asking “Why are we so far away from the rest of you?” She will be told. “The way of survival on Earth is no different from that of the universe. On Earth you fight your brothers and sisters for resources, expansion, land, and almost anything else of value. In space you will be doing the same against other species and other unknown odds, but on a much greater scale. Your mission is to conquer the Milky way galaxy and beyond until we properly meet(trough expansion) again.

      • Here’s a couple of facts for you to try on before letting loose with your imagination:

        1/ Our NEAREST star is Proxima Centauri, a mere 4 light years away.

        2/ The Saturn V, the most powerful vehicle ever built, reaches 25,000mph

        3/ It would take c.100,000 years to reach PC in a SV.

        The idea of humans ‘hopping’ about the universe as if it were like catching a bus, is laughable. Sadly, there are too many gullibles in the world, and not enough physicists.

        • It’s a movie, man – can’t you just be entertained? Do we have to go searching for absolute reality every where?

  18. Does every writer have to refer to Prometheus as ‘polarizing’? Isn’t every movie polarizing? I liked Prometheus, and I’m pumped for the sequel. And I have a hard time believing that they can’t find a writer with a few ideas on how to move the story forward.

  19. This movie was a complete disappointment. My daughter took me to watch it on father’s day when it premiered and she later apologized for how bad it was. I particularly disliked Naomi Rapace character and performance. I understand Scott’s faithfulness towards strong female leads but come on getting stitched up and then doing pull ups in less than 20 min. please. Not to mention how utterly detached her acting was. For once I would have payed good money if the alien killed off her character upon planet drop. Weaver was a whole different story and to some point was the glue of the films. I don’t see why these characters have to be so over the top or so complex that you are not able to relate to them or gain interest in their fate. Not looking forward to any sequel from this franchise. It would seem that Mr. Scott has sold out and does not care anymore for what he created earlier in his career. Much like Lucas who sold out by the third movie of the original trilogy and continued that proud tradition of money before craft .

    • I agree 100%

  20. Honestly, I don’t want Lindoff for the Prometheus sequel. I mean he’s not a very bad writer but Ridley had a script for Prometheus before he gave it to Damon and it was highly linked to Alien unlike now how they say is it in the same universe but different story and all but not a direct prequel to Alien.

  21. The problem with this movie is you didnt care if any of the actors got killed in it and the plot just got more convoluted with each passing minute. How can you take a story like “Aliens” and make its origins so complex you lose the audience in the storytelling. I’m all for high art but this movie left me cold and my girlfriend giving me “I hated it stares”.

  22. As for me – the farther away from ANYTHING that Damon Lindelof gets, the better it will be!

  23. well this sucks,even if there is a seqeul it would not be a great one if they cant figur out a story’s end??!
    they just should have stickt with the seqeul to alien and not a preqeul!this proves it is so stuppit
    you had a large fan base who would love seeing a seqeul 2 alien!now you have a minmum fan base who could care less of this preqeul s*** because you have not think about it how iy shuold contineu!

    hollywood and his preqeul remakes reboot s***,haha it will bite you in the ass hollywood finley

  24. there is nothing wrong with ton of tons off sequels,as long there any good!
    so instead of doing this project doing this preqeul,doing this reboot ,doing this remake,all that time and mony you could have invested in a seqeul of a al ready good solid univers but hey go on with yre preqeul and remakes before you miss a great(NOT)idea

  25. Promethius had a heart, and created a new class of sci-fi fan in THIS generation, one that has existed since “From the Earth to the Moon” and “2001″ – a thinking sci-fi fan. This first step into that realm (for this generation) is a careful but powerful one. The debates, man, the debates! I haven’t seen good effects and thoughtful speculation since “Sphere” with Dustin Hoffman. I think a powerful actor (like Hoffman) would do a Promethius sequel some credibility. The only fear I have is the fear of originality in Hollywood. Yeah, it’s risky and expensive, but after the fly-by credit-seeking critics hit Promethius, it’s mystique endures – and will for longer than “2001″‘s.

  26. Please do not do a sequel to Prometheus. Don’t want to ever be so disappointed again.

  27. After reading Spaith’s script, wich I liked a lot, excluding the middle and last acts, it remains a unsettling and frigtening feeling of mixed amazement and enraged dissapointment seeng the incredibly amount of money gushed down this utterly piece of garbage they have called prometheus.

    What BALLS to use such a big name in greek mythology over such unaccomplished film.

    We are talking about tens of millions of dollars!!!

    Letting aside the love for the series, I feel like some retard have chopped down the story and puzzled about for some time and then realized that he had gone missing some pieces and then the movie ends.

    When I learned that lindelost was co/destroying the script suddendly everything came to a bright shinning diamond of horror throught my forehead.

    This lindelost was involved in this massacre, I think you can see the pretty awesome Spaith ideas very well made into the movie, then towards the middle the thing starts to crap away and is lindelost who smashes the story away from any further possibility of recovery since his writing seems to my like a full waste of time because it just revolves around it’s own psicowabbled confusion into his own entropic divergence.

    I see riddley managing to overwrite both, lindelost and Spaith into some sense by copypaste his own previous work.

    I got so pissed off that I left the theather before the end, thinking I’m gonna get this in bluray, and feeling pretty happy for the secuel amazing developments, as in graphics and story but also pretty shocked at the sheer stupidity of whomever should be responsible for shelling out such amount of money and came out with such incredible stupid movie.

    So bad that made me feel like I could write a better stuff with one finger while having alzheimer like lindelost must have been suffering since lost turds.

    anyway, how come $200m cant make a excellent movie? better off to charity!
    cheers and please don’t get lindelost on the typos. enjoy.

    • If I didn’t like the movie, I would have forgotten about it.