‘Prometheus’ Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesn’t Think So

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prometheus noomi rapace Prometheus Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesnt Think So

20th Century Fox executives announced plans for a Prometheus sequel a couple months after Ridley Scott’s polarizing Alien spinoff/prequel opened in theaters – before then Scott and co-writer Damon Lindelof had spoken openly about where the followup will go story-wise – but progress has slowed in the time since then, what with Lindelof passing to focus his “single-minded” creativity on a separate project (rather than heading back to the Alien-verse right away).

Noomi Rapace (who played Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus) recently confirmed that she had met with Scott about the followup, saying the filmmaker and a currently-anonymous writer (writers?) are hard at work putting the story together. If a hot-and-fresh rumor is to be believed, then this particular endeavor is proving to be much more difficult than anticipated.

Here is the word straight from the lion’s mouth (in this case, Bloody Disgusting):

Sources close to the sequel have told Bloody Disgusting that the studio and Scott are literally “freaking out” over how to continue the story of Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), and are taking pitches from basically anyone who can crack the story*. While a sequel is nearly inevitable, it definitely puts it in flux, and in a state of jeopardy.

*We expect everyone surrounding the project to deny this story. That’s standard procedure. Don’t believe ‘em.

Two weeks ago, reports emerged about the relentlessly busy Scott mobilizing pre-production on the Moses flick Exodus, so that filming can get underway before this year draws to a close. The filmmaker is known for juggling multiple projects at once – case in point: he’s not finished with post-production on The Counselor just yet – but it sounds as though he’s taking steps to keep busy, rather than waiting to see if the Prometheus sequel comes together in the near future.

prometheus ridley scott noomi rapace Prometheus Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesnt Think So

However, just because the next Prometheus installment is taking longer to cook than expected, that doesn’t mean Fox and Scott are in full-blown panic mode. Lindelof voiced similar doubts, when /Film asked him on Twitter about what his take on the situation is:

Thereafter, Lindelof sent /Film a direct response, addressing the claim in the aforementioned BD report about him skipping on the Prometheus followup being part of the problem – as he played an important role in re-spinning Jon Spaihts’ Alien: Engineers prequel script to serve as the basis for a new movie trilogy (and has now left Fox and Scott “in the dust” to continue the story on their own).

Here is an excerpt from Lindelof’s statement:


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  1. “Prometheus” was such a huge missed oppurtunity. It souns like this is suffering from “LOST” syndrome,

    • I’d disagree.

      Lost was terrible and I couldn’t bear to watch after the first season but Prometheus was one of the best movies of 2012.

      • I’d have to disagree. It was among the worst. (IMO)

        • Doesn’t matter. Your opinion is crap.

          • As is yours!

            • Nope.

              • With comments like that, the only person who has a worthless opinion is you, nj.

        • I agree, Prometheus was a disappointment. While not utterly wretched, it was a muddled, suspenseless waste of some awesome talent (such as Rapace and Fassbender).

        • I agree with you motoko. I was anticipating a great movie when I saw this. So was everyone I saw the movie with. But the movie was bad. I’ll be going to the next movie with my MST3K hat on.

      • Dude, It was the worst movie I seen in 2012. I was so pissed off that Ridley would dare release this “fantasy” flick. On top of that, the acting was B rated.

      • “Lost was terrible”

        Haha, Go home, Your’e drunk lol.

        • Agreed.

      • I agree wholeheartedly with you.

  2. I agree with Damon Lindelof. Ridley Scott has been in the business for decades, I highly doubt he’s “freaking out” over the sequel.

    I will say though, the ending was a tough way to lead into a sequel. Hopefully questions will ACTUALLY be answered in the sequel.

    • Don’t forget that this is his first sequel project ever. That, in conjunction with the requirement to work really fast in order to keep the time gap between the two movies as small as possible, is quite a different cup of tea than all the stand-alone movies that he has done so far.

  3. Could be that the sequel shows Shaw and David momentarily stopping on another planet/moon to help a stranded crew who happen to have accidentally come across an Engineer facility and just before David “dies”, helps translate co-ordinates to the Engineer homeworld with the third movie being her eventually dying on that planet happy she got to see where life on Earth was first created.

  4. I watched Eraserhead the other night. Still makes more sense than Prometheus. If they could not make every scientist in it an arrogant idiot, a superstitious fool, or an inept keystone cop perhaps they can save this blighted story. Losing the original writer is a step in the right direction.

    • First off…these were not typical lab coat scientists…they were almost mercenary-like in their willingness to be put to sleep for several years without knowing the mission. They were in it for the money…that was clear when they actually found the Engineer head and half of them freaked out and wanted to leave. Charlie was a prick…you got me there…but Shaw was in it for the discovery.

      You put anyone, in a situation like that, discovering that you were made by huge aliens, and they DON’T act like idiots? That to me is unrealistic!

      • Well, some of them seemed to be some of the most unproffesional proffesionals ever to grace……space.

        • Also I appear to be unable to spell Professional.

          • How very unprofessional.

        • They were way more professional than any of the loopy characters in Aliens, Alien 3 and Alien 4.

          • Forgetting the gung-ho military tropes of Aliens, the untrained criminals of 3 and the mercenary tossers of 4, the civilian truckers of the original still seemed to have more stringent protocols in place in the event of an encounter with an unknown lifeform than did their counterparts in Prometheus, and the crew of the Nostromo behaved like actual frightened, beleaguered human beings, rather than – first and foremost – what the plot required of them.

            • Nope.

              The characters in Prometheus were genius compared to the foolishness of the characters in Alien 1 – 4.

              More memorable too.

              • Then I commend you on your excellent memory, sir.

              • Yup- watching Alien after this travesty was the only way I could wipe my aftertaste. The truckers – although truckers- knew what they were doing. These “scientists” were the idea that a kid in primary has of scientists when they are trying to write their first creative draft and they want to do science fiction.

              • Lol, nj, I have been reading your comments and was trying to give your point of view the benefit of a doubt. But it is obvious that you are just trolling this forum. There is no way to even compare Alien and Aliens to Prometheus. The fact that you do so is definitive evidence of a troll. Have a great day.

          • Alien 3 and 4 I may give you, but the Sulaco’s Colonial marines? C’mon!?

            • lol.. Best line by far “Game over man game over” LOL..

      • No. Biologist sees alien carcass runs in circles the other way with the geologist who made the map of the place they both get lost – sees a space snake later on arching like a cobra and pokes it with his finger… This is stupid behaviour, moronic stuff… The Biologist refers to theory of evolution as Darwinism the way a creationist would sent alarms but the premise that any person who professes to use scientific method thinks something exists based on “because I chose to believe” is inane, and embarrassing. You are confusing “suspension of disbelief” for “let’s forget to think altogether” – if this had been a cult this movie would have made more sense. Why say they are scientists?

        • +1000000000

        • I think the answer to your challenge is within the stories. High emotion trumps intellect. If you’ve never experienced that conflict within yourself at a high level then how can you speak with authority? Because the way you present, it doesn’t seem you have.

          Another thing I think you might be ignoring is that a number of this crew are of average ability, not gifted. There’s a certain kind of meddle that is required to think under great pressure from without as well as from within. Stupid mistakes aren’t reserved for the stupid, every human has a hole in their mind. Witness the Three Mile Island accident, Chernobyl, Challenger, or the Demon core accident of the Manhattan Project.

          It’s obvious that the people behind and within the mission have taken large risks for reasons we can only guess at as well. Extraordinary secrecy perhaps? Well, some are revealed. Additionally, an answer to such a fundamental question and a challenge really to accepted scientific thinking and outlook as whether blind chance got us to where we are versus an outside intellect is a frightening prospect, especially if that cause isn’t exactly friendly or the relationship negotiable…

        • Have you ever seen a snake charmer, or dare devils that do things just for the thrill. There are a lot of people out there who do stupid things and pay for it with their lives. Just because you wouldn’t do something doesn’t mean no one will. Famous last words of a Redneck “He Y’all watch this”.

    • Amen Gustavo!

  5. Here is the story, I have it for you, you can use this FOX; you have my permission right here in writing: The Elephant People invented the Space Jockey Engineers, this is what Elizabeth Shaw and David discover when they land on LV-417 in search of answers. The Elephant people are the original Alien Space Jockeys, they are not human at all in anyway. The Engineers as seen in Prometheus are at war with the Space Jockeys, it is a battle for freedom. (Meanwhile a Weyland-Yutani rescue mission is sent to LV-223 in search of Prometheus crew survivors) – This would give the “Deacon” Alien something to do.

    • you obviously havent seen the film then cos the engineers are the space jockeys as it shows u in the film

    • HR Giger always designed them as humanoids under the masks.
      They were always humanoid.

      • My copy of Giger’s Alien states: “The pilot is conceived as one of my biomechanoids, attached to the seat so as to form a single unit…What I’m aiming at is the impression of porous decayed skin.” Anything beyond that is your interpretation.

        • This is correct. And right here is perhaps the biggest problem at the core of Prometheus- the lack of Giger. The movie Alien was defined by Giger’s utterly unique artistic vision- google the article on io9 “How H.R. Giger’s Brilliant Madness Helped Make Alien “Erotic”. Other than the actors, the movie Alien was basically performance art of Giger’s sculptures, and it was mind-blowing. But his involvement in Prometheus was almost entirely lacking; he only designed a wall fresco. Instead, his incredible visions from Alien were stripped of all their biomechanical eroticism and horror and turned into generic space-suited humanoid engineers and B-movie rubbery alien squids. Why Scott never invited Giger back to this party is one of the greatest mysteries of 21st century moviemaking.

          • “he only designed a wall fresco.”

            That’s not the only Giger art that was used. His Harkonen city was used to represent the structure that housed the cylinders and the research facility.

        • He draws them removing the masks many times in his artwork.

          The concept comes form Giger.

          • Do you have a link to any of those?

          • Not wishing to disagree, but I have looked at a lot of Giger’s artwork, especially his Necronomicon which was the inspiration for Alien. And while there were a few biomechanoid figures that looked partly human (mostly female) with pale white skin, I never once saw anything that looked as bland as an Engineer from Prometheus, either in or out of their space suit. The majority of his figures are biomechanical, and/or may have skull-like anatomy.

        • I have a tendency to agree with that despite what has been written in defense of what was portrayed. I also don’t think the sizes of the Jockey quite match between the two films…

  6. Question is…why does there NEED to be a sequel? I think it’s kinda cool if we never do find out if Shaw actually found her makers and if she was able to get any of her answers or if she was swatted aside like a bug.

    And why does everyone think it’s cool now to rip on LOST? It’s considered one of the greatest TV dramas and yes, you may not have liked the final episode since it dealt with the character arcs more than mysteries, but give it the respect it is due. Same with Lindelof…the man is one of the most talented writers out there for ORIGINAL stories…something of a rarity in today’s reboot Hollywood.

    • I agree with you on not needing a sequel but I guess some people just couldn’t understand the movie and so are calling for sequels to tie it more into the Alien universe.

      As for your comment on Lost, like I said, I saw the first season and hated it and decided not to bother watching again. 5-6 years went by and when it finally ended, I almost cheered when people said the ending was a cop out and when I saw it myself online, realised that such a horrible show deserved such a stupid ending.

      • I will defend LOST with my dying breath. I respect your opinion but personally I thought it was the most compelling, suspenseful and ultimately beautiful show I have watched on television…and at 40 years old that is a bit of TV! :)

        My brother-in-law is cuyrrently watching LOST for the first time on Netflix and he is spellbound. It’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut since so many episodes and seasons flowed into one another but let’s just say I’m excited for him to go through what my wife and I did from 2004 to 2011. The night LOST was on was a special night and was something we looked forward to every week.

        I originally was not impressed by the finale, was let down actually. But after sleeping on it (or rather not sleeping since I spent all night replaying it in my mind) I watched it again the next night and saw the beauty and peace in it’s closure.

        Sure, it did not explain everything about the island or Dharma but it showed the characters i learned to care for the past 7 years find peace and acceptance in “moving on”. The island was the glue that bound them all together but without it their lives were, no pun intended, lost.

    • As a whole, I thought Lost was a big let down.
      And Promethius was really badly written with dumb characters.

      • Here here

    • Well said! Obviously as with EVERY TV SERIES ever created, Its not to everyone’s taste, But Lost is one of the most daring, compelling, creative and lets be honest FREAKING AWESOME TV shows of all time, It will be my number 1 for a very long time at least.

  7. I love Alien and Aliens love Promethus pretty gd start to the Alien Franchise id love to see a Aliens Colonel Marines movie based off the game or remaking Alien using Milla Jovovich as Ripley christopher waltz as Dallas

    • *gags*

  8. I really want to see more of this from Ridley scott, on the Engineers Paradise planet.

  9. Prometheus ranks up there with the Matrix sequels. Movies I wish I could un-watch. It was absolutely horrible. The answers were there, not much mystery, and absolutely no justification for a sequel.

    • Agree John – worst stuff on Alien ever made- even the bad plot twists in AvP couldn’t make up for the idiot script in this

    • Wishing you could un-watch Prometheus AND the Matrix sequels? Wow, you really don’t like thinking, do you?

      • Bahaha I think it’s the opposite. In Matrix Neo can dissolve the Matrix itself with thought, in the sequels he is back to fighting gung fu with the program’s like a video game character. Repetitively and unnecessarily. Prometheus is really a badly written idiot script where the characters have no identity or depth and do the most stupid actions to further the plot. Except that this plot doesn’t achieve much at all but to get us to say “oops landed on the wrong planet” wasteful use of graphics and resources.

        • People are much less forgiving of challenging films like Prometheus and the Matrix sequels than mindless junk like the original Alien. The characters in Prometheus do stupid stuff to advance the plot? Maybe, but Alien’s entire plot is based on the idiotic premise that an evil corporation is so cartoonishly incompetent that it would deliberately allow it’s own staff to be infected and killed by the alien creatures.

          The Matrix sequels were not gratuitous or repetitive. If you want to see a gratuitous, unnecessary cash-in sequel look no further than Cameron’s overrated “Aliens.” The Matrix sequels evolved the themes of the original film in meaningful and original ways. Aliens did nothing to develop the themes of the first film in a meaningful way opting instead to simply restage the first movie but this time cramming in more monsters and guys with guns.

      • I love thinking, but I hate watching drivel like this. There is zero intelligence behind these scripts, but some people are suckers for putting lipstick on a pig.

        • You are correct johnny9k. I love being challenged intellectually. I love reading a book or watching a movie that challenges me. They are far and few in between unfortunately. There was none of this in Prometheus. The ancient alien ideas are not difficult to grasp. What is difficult to grasp is the total lack of character development and lack of piecing together character behavior and motivation in a consistent way in this movie. Shaw was the only character that received any treatment and even her character had horrible lapses in credibility. This was a bad movie.

  10. I love Prometheus, can’t wait for more

  11. I enjoyed Prometheus. I can’t see how anybody creative would be stuck for a story after that ending. I can easily come up with 4 or 5 interesting directions off the top of my head for Shaw and David in that Engineer’s ship. It can go anywhere in the universe. And no rush to close the loop on any connective tissue with the original Alien movie either. I wouldn’t mind a whole mess of movies before it references the original trilogy.

    Here’s one idea: I was thinking at the end of Prometheus that the Engineers had all those biological warfare loaded cylinders loaded on their spaceship. Why? I think the Engineers were at war with an alien species that is truly evil and nothing like us (or the Engineers who we’re related to genetically.) Shaw and David could program the Engineer’s ship that they hijacked to head back to the “Homeworld” not realizing that the Engineers are in a fight for their survival on a besieged planet…… surrounded by a hostile alien force. I can picture Noomi Rapace coming out of cryosleep (she uses one of the oversized Engineer chambers) only to find herself in the middle of a space battle. Engineers vs. Nasty other alien force.


    • wow i just read your ideas, totally some of the same thoughts i had too! sorry i wouldn’t have posted everything i did if i had read your post lol :)

    • These writers have got to think this sequel through BIG TIME, no more loopholes and stupid mistakes from supposedly intellectual scientists please!
      I always envisioned the cylinders to contain the building blocks of life in the entire universe, and even the keepers came from this black stuff and so they keep it safe from us human beings, the thing is these pale giants after dispersing life on earth had planned to colonize it since their planet is slowly dying out, but hereyay humans have the technology to overthrow even our own creators, I see rapace landing on another earthlike planet as you have said… and yeah there’s so many amazing sorylines they could come up with the sequel, MAYBE ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS TAKE BITS AND PIECES OF IDEAS from the viewers and everything’s gonna turn out ok.. :)

  12. IMO Jon Spaihts would be an ideal choice to write the script.
    I really enjoyed Prometheus but after reading his original script I couldn’t and still can’t believe that they didn’t make that version.
    It had everything the franchise needed. It was a very clear and direct prequel and set up story points that could have been explored in sequels. Isn’t that what the studio wanted????

  13. I enjoyed Prometheus after I had watched it a couple more times. I would like to see a sequel, it doesn’t necessarily have to have all the answers, as you could interpret the events yourself. What I do not want in the sequel though is some of the silly oversights that Prometheus had, for example;

    a) Scientists with advanced mapping technology getting lost in tunnels
    b) Biologists playing with creepy alien snakes, ignoring their fight or flight instincts
    c) Engineers appearing to run away from black goo outbreak into a room with black goo in

    … the list goes on, but suffice to say that Prometheus had some glaring mistakes.

    • 4. You want to know a great plot idea? Put Rapace and Fassbender in the middle of a war between the Engineers and their Alien warriors, and another bad-or-worse alien race (no i don’t mean Predators either). Then for human interest, drop another spaceship full of humans and replicants into the mix.
      5. Take a deep breath, get a proper script. Not a script by committee, but something original, like you did with Alien. take as long as it takes.
      6. get a better soundtrack. the score for Prometheus did not set the mood.

    • Good call on Kris Kuksi. Reminds me in some ways of the intricacy of Ian Miller’s drawings. I completely agree that the sequel should be looking towards Giger now, or at least an artist not of the standard industry production design mindset, who can bring something truly alien to the table.

  14. Seems to be the way of Hollywood these days, talk up sequels and not have a script or an idea for one….

  15. Prometheus was my favourite film of last year, so in the of chance that anyone reads this, here goes…

    Prometheus: Returning Fire


    Noomi Rapace: Elizabeth Shaw
    Michael Fassbender: David
    Clancy Brown: General Spears (from the comics)
    Akio Yutani: Hiroyuki-Shimosawa
    Jennifer Carpenter: Captain (Pilot)
    Harold Perrineau: Lead Scientist
    Ray Stevenson: Battalion Commander
    Ben Foster: Merc Squad Leader
    Jason Flemying: Hunter, Squad Leader


    As the space ship prometheus travels to the distant planet coordinates little did they know that Mother Titan. A Yutani constructed, all purpose, state of the art, deep space battle ship was following their beacon, as planned by the dying Bishop Weyland and his daughter. On Mother Titan, an entire community of scientists, Trackers, Hunters and Mercenaries await confirmation of their Classified location, even though each Sector been fully breifed in their missions, especially the Scientists.

    In the previous events of Prometheus, the only people aware of David’s ability to sync information with another model of the same design, were Vickers, Weyand and David. With Elizabeth Shaw, in a state in cryo sleep, David (with a reattached head) is transmitting their course to himself, Bishop Weyland and Akio Yutani, back on ‘Mother Titan’.

    An assembly line of Bishop Weyland clones lie in a dormant state aboard the huge vessel, and even though he had learned to perfect the cloning process,he is still obssessed with finding the key to eternal life.

    The alien craft arrives at the Engineers planet, and the entire surface is covered in oceans of the ‘black ooze’. The black ooze is the organic product of the planets natural eco system that the Engineers are still experimenting on. The Engineers fear the baron lands and black oceans so carry out experiments on the various creatures in fortified labs, experimenting with the black ooze in a controlled environment outside the home of their giant Citadel. Their city sized lab is based on one side of the planet, whilst the Citadel resides on the other.

    Eventually Mother Titan catches up to the alien ship, as the crafty droid David has guided them to his position. David docks with the freighter and they arrive shortly after at the ginat black planet. The Engineers are none to pleased at their arrival, and so board the Mother Titan in armed force, a shoot out ensues and the majority of the ships habitants are kidnapped and brought back to their Testing Base for Human Trials. As the Engineers leave with their cargo, they fire upon the ship.

    The remaining residents including ‘a David’, Bishop Weyland and mainly mercenaries and soldiers) scramble to their escape ships and pods and jettison from Mother Titan to rendezvous close to the Engineers Research base to mount a search and rescue Unfortunately humans create the most potent form of the alien beast and the first generation aliens escape, in the panic the prisoners escape.

    While Elizabeth Shaw is being tortured and interogated by an Elder Engineer, the surviving prisoners plus an uninfected test subject Engineer mount a rescue. Using the state of the art all terrain water and land, battle vehicles contained within the drop ships they escaped in, they make haste for the safety of the Engineers Capital. the Citadel, in hope of finding a ship that will get them of the planet.

    In a mad dash against time to outrun the mad mixture of alien hybrids (planet born, Engineer and human) the teams split in two as Elizabeth Shaw rebels against Weyland and Yutani to capture a live creature, or an infected member of the team.

    Shaw reveals the purpose of the human race, informing everyone that we are nothing more than glorified janitors taking care of ‘their’ planet. But we have become so sophisticated in the art of warfare they dare not attack us by conventional means, and that the black ooze fused with human DNA creates the most deadly Xenomorph specimen, and are to difficult to control. As the Engineers become ever more desperate to abondon their planet due to the continuing alien threat, the odds are against Shaw to ensure that neither Weyland or the Engineers allow the alien organism to leave the planet.

    And as the aliens overrun the city in hundreds of thousands of escaped test subjects, Shaw, a handful of survivors and the pilot Engineer take of as the Engineers City is overrun. Unfortunately one of the survivors was infected at the hands of Weyland, as the Facehugger attacks the pilot in his cockpit chair, they crash land on the planet Acheron, LV-426.

    There is a opening for a third one there somewhere, I hope all that made sense, sorry about the bad grammar :)

  16. I want to see this movie… please make it!

  17. While Elizabeth Shaw is being tortured and interogated by an Elder Engineer, the surviving prisoners plus an uninfected test subject Engineer mount a rescue. Using the state of the art all terrain water and land, battle vehicles contained within the drop ships they escaped in, they make haste for the safety of the Engineers Capital. the Citadel, in hope of finding a ship that will get them of the planet.

    • I forgot to mention that they crash land, thats why they need another ship :/

  18. Prometheus was awesome, I think a lot of people expected to much due to the hype. I still enjoyed it It was my 4th favorite movie last year the others being the hobbit , the dark knight rises, avengers and amazing spider man.

  19. Its nothing unusual with Ridley Scott to want more time in pre-production to get things right. He did the same with Gladiator and Blade Runner too… I’d say this is just a none news story trying to make something out of nothing, really..

  20. This movie was a real misfire anyway. It was such a disaster it’s no wonder they don’t know where to go from here. Who really cares if they make a sequel, they blew it with this one.

  21. I really liked Prometheus. Was it as good as I had hoped it would be? No, but I had such high expectations for it that I was almost assured of being let down. There were so many things it had going for it: it was a return to horror/SF for Ridley Scott, starring Rapace, Fassbender and Elba, with ties to arguably the greatest SF/horror movie ever made and with major studio funding.

    All of that together had me super stoked and then I saw the first trailer. Stunning, beautiful, frightening, mesmerizing, chilling, exciting, it was a masterpiece in and of itself.

    IMO probably the best trailer ever made (also had some great other promo materials, in particular the “commercial” for David). I can’t tell you how many times I watched it. This movie was like a dream come true for me and looked like it could do no wrong.

    Opening night, midnight I watched it ready for it to blow my mind. And it didn’t. I was disappointed walking out of the theater but after thinking about it and re-watching it later I came to the conclusion that Prometheus was a very good movie that could have been fantastic. It just felt like they were holding too much back for the sequel.

    Hopefully they get the ball rolling on this one and fulfill all of the promise that Prometheus had and just couldn’t quite live up to (which I absolutely think they can). I’m gonna temper my expectations a little more for part 2, but damn if i’m not getting more and more excited the more I think about what this movie could be. Ah, such is the life of an optimistic cinephile.

    Damn, sorry for the long post!

  22. I don’t understand why people have such a big problem with Damon Lindelof. Damon Lindelof has made some mistakes but every body blames “Lost” and I don’t know why. I understood Lost perfectly. He even tied up the ending with the short film on DVD.

    I haven’t seen Prometheus yet because I haven’t been able to afford it but eventually I will. Damon Lindelof is part of the reason I even want to screen write.

    His writing isn’t about sitting on your couch and going brain dead. It is about having to think and calculate what will happen next, even though you still have to figure out the beginning. For me his writing causes serious thought and discussion which in my opinion should be with every movie or TV show otherwise you might as well be taking a drug to escape the world for an hour.

    • @writer – My issue with Lindelof is that every studio/project wants him or they want someone like him. It’s over-saturating the market with his style of writing. Even if it is the best style ever (which is the opinion of some), too much of any one thing will eventually get tiresome. I like me some variety.

      And based on your post, I recommend watching Prometheus. It’ll make you think. (and avoid my other post, I have some spoilers in there, sorry)

      • @ Professor Procrastination

        I appreciate your kindness and your opinion. I was expecting some rudeness based upon other peoples posts. I can agree with you 100% on variety. I think DC comics should stick with Nolan’s version of movies (Just my opinion) because I don’t want another Marvel style universe.

        I will watch Prometheus eventually, (hopefully) and thanks for the spoiler alert.

    • The problem is that the original script of Prometheus was perfect, made by Jon Spaiths. It was done and ready to shot. However, Scott and Fox hired Lindelof to rewirte the script. And only his stupid religios mind brought up everything people are being angry of. Everyone would have been satisfied with the original script.

  23. I enjoyed Prometheus, but like many others, I saw flaws in logic especially the obvious ones involving character decisions. Honestly, I felt as if the movie was better as a standalone film and not being considered part of the Alien mythos. Even then, it evokes confusion with the viewer from the get-go.

    The opening scene is open to interpretation with no explanation from the writers. That means everyone who watches this film will have their own experience. First, is that Engineer actually on Earth or is that some other planet that represents what the Engineers have done throughout the galaxy? If it is the latter, will humans encounter these other beings…and does that mean the Engineers created the Predators. Secondly, is the Engineer aware of the sacrifice it is about to make? I felt as if he didn’t based on his reaction, but make it was just a shock to the system. This is one of the reasons I enjoyed the film, because it creates a dialogue after it finishes and each viewer takes something a little different away from it.

    Then, you have the black goo. One has to wonder why it’s effects are so different. It’s a weapon of mass destruction for use on Earth…but if an Engineer drinks it, he’ll be broken down to a sub-atomic level of DNA to create life on a lifeless planet. Is the black goo just a single-celled xenomorph in an early evolutionary stage? Perhaps this mystery will be solved in the sequel.

    But to me, the most over-looked logic error…if this moon isn’t home to the Engineers, why did the cave drawings lead them there?

    I hope they can sort out the writer issue, but I don’t want rehashed film about Aliens/Engineers fighting humans…or humans being thrown in the middle of galactic war. I hope that they continue searching for that theological aspect in their writing to keep expanding this universe.

    • One thing I would like to answer for you is the cave paintings were actually a warning to not go to this planet.

  24. Prometheus was pretty to look at, but storywise a huge huge letdown considering budget and people involved. Ridley hung around in the CGI department and focused on new technology and effects and got carried away. Mayby Ridley got too tired of listening to that Lost writer’s yapping and trusted the script to be solid, and focused more on the visual. I think Ridley does not have any passion of making Alien movies, but was “forced into” accepting of making Prometheus by the studio executives in evil Hollywood. The engineers looked stupid, I liked them more with the helmets on, that was more interesting and mysterious. Regarding the “giant big head sculpture” in the “black goo cave” (where is the logic to have a huge statue there?) Look at this clip, “Tintin to 714 Sidney” and check out 27:20 into clip. I see where the inspiration to the head statue came from. Give the next movie to James Cameron? And place that Lindeloef on a desert island far away from it.

    • @ JD

      Have you actually watched Lost? I don’t mean just one episode either, I mean have you watched the whole series? People keep trashing Lost but when they usually say how bad it is until they finally admit that they only watched season 1. Besides Lendelof wasn’t the director, he was only the screen writer. The Director and Producer have the final choice in whether or not things stay or go. Therefore it wasn’t his fault that Prometheus wasn’t the best movie.

      • AGREED!!!!!

  25. Let’s see…we got a green light to make a sequel but that’s running ahead of an idea for a sequel.

    Isn’t this the sort of thing that have cast and crew on the set without an actual script shoorting a movie that is visual but…no story, really?

    Moving on.

  26. Lost is great because of the characters, but the story made no sense. Vincent the dog is ghost, Walt’s story was fully explained,Polar Bears. So much was unexplained. I personally would have ended the sixth season so that they all woke up back on the beach after the plane crash, only this time they all knew each other from the previous events, then should have wrapped everything up in the seventh season, not made things up as they went along. But the characters are great, especially Claire, Kate, Sun, Naomi and Juliette :) :) :)

    • @ Mark

      If you don’t mind I would like to answer your questions. The Polar bears were actually part of a scientific experiment. The scientist were running tests to see of the bears were actually becoming smarter because of the magnetism on the Island. That is why the cages were basically a puzzle.

      Walt’s story was not fully explained because the actor had hit a growth spurt and caused him to look older than he was supposed to appear. They did however make a small video for the DVD season 6 of Walt returning to the Island to help his father’s spirit be free from the Island.

      As for Vincent I am not sure what you are talking about. Yes, he did survive allot but that doesn’t really make him a ghost.

    • “Vincent the dog is ghost”

      You lost me there, What show were you watching?

      Are you one of the people that bash Lost because you did not understand it? THEY WERE NOT DEAD THE WHOLE TIME!!!!

  27. Hi Writer

    Cheers for that, I’m going to have to watch that short film

  28. Never mind prometheus, where’s my Blade Runner sequel???