‘Prometheus’ Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesn’t Think So

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prometheus noomi rapace Prometheus Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesnt Think So

20th Century Fox executives announced plans for a Prometheus sequel a couple months after Ridley Scott’s polarizing Alien spinoff/prequel opened in theaters – before then Scott and co-writer Damon Lindelof had spoken openly about where the followup will go story-wise – but progress has slowed in the time since then, what with Lindelof passing to focus his “single-minded” creativity on a separate project (rather than heading back to the Alien-verse right away).

Noomi Rapace (who played Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus) recently confirmed that she had met with Scott about the followup, saying the filmmaker and a currently-anonymous writer (writers?) are hard at work putting the story together. If a hot-and-fresh rumor is to be believed, then this particular endeavor is proving to be much more difficult than anticipated.

Here is the word straight from the lion’s mouth (in this case, Bloody Disgusting):

Sources close to the sequel have told Bloody Disgusting that the studio and Scott are literally “freaking out” over how to continue the story of Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), and are taking pitches from basically anyone who can crack the story*. While a sequel is nearly inevitable, it definitely puts it in flux, and in a state of jeopardy.

*We expect everyone surrounding the project to deny this story. That’s standard procedure. Don’t believe ‘em.

Two weeks ago, reports emerged about the relentlessly busy Scott mobilizing pre-production on the Moses flick Exodus, so that filming can get underway before this year draws to a close. The filmmaker is known for juggling multiple projects at once – case in point: he’s not finished with post-production on The Counselor just yet – but it sounds as though he’s taking steps to keep busy, rather than waiting to see if the Prometheus sequel comes together in the near future.

prometheus ridley scott noomi rapace Prometheus Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesnt Think So

However, just because the next Prometheus installment is taking longer to cook than expected, that doesn’t mean Fox and Scott are in full-blown panic mode. Lindelof voiced similar doubts, when /Film asked him on Twitter about what his take on the situation is:

Thereafter, Lindelof sent /Film a direct response, addressing the claim in the aforementioned BD report about him skipping on the Prometheus followup being part of the problem – as he played an important role in re-spinning Jon Spaihts’ Alien: Engineers prequel script to serve as the basis for a new movie trilogy (and has now left Fox and Scott “in the dust” to continue the story on their own).

Here is an excerpt from Lindelof’s statement:


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After [PROMETHEUS] came out and discussions began about a possible sequel, I was already neck deep in writing and producing TOMORROWLAND with Brad Bird. I have found, unfortunately, that if I take on too many projects at one time, there is a higher probability of those projects sucking. And contrary to popular belief, I do not want anything I work on to suck… The conclusion was obvious — In the best interest of the franchise, it was best to take myself out of the running before I had to suffer the embarrassment of potentially not even being offered it.

… As to whether Ridley and Fox are “freaking out” about me not working on a sequel, well that’s news to me. I retain awesome relationships with both. More importantly, the idea that there aren’t many, MANY writers out there capable of taking the reins is sort of ridiculous. I did not map out a trilogy and then walk when the going got tough. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know me and doesn’t know the truth

prometheus dl 4 Prometheus Sequel in Trouble? Damon Lindelof Doesnt Think So

If that’s not enough food-for-thought: BD eventually updated its original report with the following excerpt, from an interview Empire conducted with Spaihts, where the screenwriter revealed an Alien prequel trilogy was planned well before Lindelof got involved with the project:

“I did have a plan for multiple films and the conversations I had with Ridley was about a new franchise, from the beginning. We talked about a possible trilogy, or a duology, but more often as a trilogy. And I did have pretty broad notions as to how we were going to get from this world to the original Alien – the baton pass, closing the circle, if you will. So yes, I did have plans for two other films. I came up with an even more twisted sequence than the Medpod, but I cannot tell you what happens…”

So, at the end of the day, what can we say for certain about this situation? Well, it’s obvious that a Prometheus sequel isn’t moving forward as quickly as either Fox studio heads and/or Scott probably wanted, but NOT because a followup (or two) was never part of the original plan. The holdup, it seems, has more to do with figuring out the exact details, since the final minutes of Prometheus left the door wide open for some kind of additional chapter.

The project seems destined to reach the light of day – since Fox surely wants to capitalize on Prometheus‘ $403 million worldwide gross and continued ability to fuel passionate debates – so there’s no reason that fans ought to start freaking out (regardless of whether or not the people working on the sequel are).

Stay tuned for more information on the Prometheus sequel as it becomes available.

Source: Bloody Disgusting, /Film, Empire

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  1. it seems that people sometime forget that Prometheus is a movie that meant to entertain, and nothing more. I find it ridiculous how people trying to look for logic in a movie, especially a science fiction one. I personally really enjoyed it and the general concept that it brought. I thought it was a great take on the alien universe, and personally I cant wait for the sequel.

    • Ditto! It was great.

    • Shay, I agree that movies were meant to entertain. I have watched all of the Alien movies and have loved even the ones that weren’t that good. The problem I had with Prometheus was the same problem I have with my 2-year old son: many times the things that he says just makes no sense whatsoever. I am not exaggerating at all when I say I was shocked at how much of the movie made absolutely no sense. I could write a doctoral dissertation on how many errors there were in the film, but people have already done that ad nauseum everywhere. So, I will refrain from doing so.

      However, the bottom line is that there was a good idea at the heart of Prometheus, but that the movie was so inconsistent that for many folks, including me, it was not enjoyable. I think I would have rather them just post the plot for the movie on Wikipedia; I think I would have enjoyed the movie more that way than actually sitting through the entire feature saying “this doesn’t make any sense at all.”

    • It’s a good point that it’s meant to entertain; it just wasn’t entertaining.
      It was a boring, pompous and obvious stroll through religious mythology.
      It was like attending a religious education class.
      We learned about the engineers and discovered that we just dont give a s***.
      It was tedious.

  2. Damon Lindelof is a God to me, He is so creative and talented, Lost is the greatest TvV series of all time HANDS DOWN!

    I really enjoyed Prometheus too.

  3. I was fascinated with “Prometheus” and very much looking forward to the next stop.

    Aside from the visuals, which were breathtaking, I was left with a gnaw to learn exactly what the Engineers’ problem was with us. That question alone would keep me interested in learning the answer regardless of time lapse.

    Standing by…

    • I agree with you Debra. cant wait for the sequel. I think that we live in an era where people have some many tools to complain and criticize, that instead of going to watch a movie and just enjoy it, the joy that they extract from it is by looking for all the “hole” and “lack of logic”.

  4. I always felt the decision to have Elizabeth and David take off on their own in the alien ship towards the creators planet was a mistake. That would surely result in the second movie only being able to feature two cast members. How else could they possibly meet up with additional ones? They should have returned to earth first just as Ripley did.

  5. You don’t have to touch the aliens from the alien movies again. We already saw how they were created. You don’t have to show them again… Sigourney and her crew find them in “Alien” later.

    Elizabeth Shaw needs to land on the planet of the engineers. But meet up with groups of other species that were in search of the engineers as well.

    Maybe they tried to enter the Engineer’s city and were slaughtered and only a few made it back out. The survivors have been living in caves or encampments on the planet since that point. No way off the planet, and they all still want answers.

    They want to get to the supreme engineer or whatever you want to call it. The Supreme Engineer being basically a brain that is linked into the whole city. Once in corporeal form, now it is basically a living piece of technology that is linked into everything in the city. Being around since the beginning of time.

    It gives the orders to the other engineers on what they are to do, etc… etc… Which it also holds the answers that Elizabeth and the others seek.

    I think they could do a lot with where the last one left off.

  6. so much promise .. so much to work with .. so disappointed in the end result. At points in the film it became so incredibly sophomoric it ruined it for me ( many issues with several scenes ) For instance , when the two geologists first discover the new creature coming from the containers .. They Coo it like a child … no one in that situation would act like that …

  7. Have I missed something or are you guys so inured to watching any old bab that you think this movie is good!? Sure, great production values, but you should expect that at the films budget level. But what about the characterisation or the LACK of. Nothing was consistent or made story logical sense. I do not take kindly to having my story dumbed down or signposted. I so wanted to enjoy this film and I went with an open mind. But as happens too often nowadays, I felt as if I wasted my money for the points above. If there is a sequel please let it be made by someone really concerned by telling a consistent story first and pandering some way off second.
    – filmmaker just gagging to have 1/10th or even 1/100th of the prometheus budget

  8. Listen – to KDB, wannabe film maker. You are out of touch. I’ve been waiting for this. You are a critic. Too bad you aren’t RIDLEY SCOTT. I get that. You can explain all day, but in the end you need to understand that Promethius was made for me, not you. That’s right, the masses. If it’s not perfect, at least it has production values.

    Production values INCLUDE: fantastic 3d models, way out story lines, and big stars. Promethius happens to throw in some philosophy. It is very rare to see that. Now, I’m not insulting you, I know that’s what you want me to do. I am pointing out something important – Promethius is a rare and exotic thing that I seek constantly. People like you, a critic and a wannabe film maker, tend to force people like us to see BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY type flics. Sorry, but I’ve got huge balls, and need movies with huge balls. You may start your rant.

    • Pel, seriously, this movie sucked. They couldn’t have screened this movie before it went to theater, because everyone would have been scratching their heads saying “What the heck? That didn’t make any sense.” I’m not a movie snob, by any means. But, honestly, Scary Movie 4 made more sense than Prometheus. No matter how visually impressive a movie is (and it WAS visually impressive) or how cool the core idea was (it WAS a very cool core idea), it doesn’t make up for a plot with holes so big that you could fly a spaceship through them.

      • Not sure what you mean by didn’t make sense. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It made complete and total sense to me. But then again I have an open mind and am open for pretty much anything.

  9. Prometheus is one of the most inspirationally important works ever to come to the screen. It can, if properly scripted, take religion out of the realm of superstition and meld it with sciences of ancient, even primordial ET technologies. Therein lies the rub. Many people are not ready to accept such possibilities, thus popularity of the movie could be affected. Yet, I believe such an ambitious movie would be accepted by most as simply elegant Sci-Fi, and to others, a gospel of truth

  10. Elizabeth wants to know why the Engineers created us and then tried to destroy us.

    The answer is quite simple. We must look at the universe from the Engineers point of view and not from the human point of view.

    The Engineers created us at a time when Art, Science and Beauty were appreciated. Now the Engineers are at WAR with a superior race of deadly advanced beings. Even with all their superior intellect and technology, they were on the verge of being wiped out by Predators. Their scientist became desperate and came up with a hail Mary biological weapons solution utilizing human hosts to counter the threat of complete destruction. The biological weapons turned on their creators and simply provided the Predators with a new form of exciting prey to hunt for entertainment and the training of their young.

    • WOW! I love it, what a great way to tie it all back together and give a reason for some good SIFI fighting. I would love to see a movie about this. Maybe even have the engineers explain that since they found out that humans had killed these Predators that they decided that they would use our genetics for the Aliens to make their ultimate weapon.
      Plus it looks like were getting another Blade Runner, I hope they use Michael Fassbender as an android in that film. Because Ridley said that it would possibly tie into Aliens. I guess theres a shot of an email that Weyland is reading that decribes the events from Blade Runner.

  11. I am willing to give a Prometheus sequel a fair shot, as long as they don’t leave vital content on the cutting room floor to sacrifice clarity for pacing or a time restriction, so that all the canon is there on the screen and not needing interviews and people to write up the intentions on website’s outside of the theater experience. Give it your best foot forward, don’t get lost.

  12. I enjoyed Prometheus. Wouldn’t you guess that the engineers of humankind are a bunch of giant white dudes. I can’t wait to see how they got the idea for Asians, blacks, and Hispanics. That’s worth the price of admission. Can’t wait for Director Scott’s own remake of Blade Runner either.

  13. I prefer my movies to have a plot that not only intrigues but makes sense or at least HINTS at a through-line that leads somewhere resembling purpose and design. It felt like a joke at the end…like the writer was trying to pull the same junk he did when making Lost (the poor suckers who stuck it out to the bitter end – no real answers? but you can write your own ending! – cold comfort). It felt like the director was just too afraid or too nice to tell the writer he didn’t know what the heck it was all about…ugh.

    I hope the writer never returns and a new one has learned that you can entertain without completely opting out of creating a story with a beginning, middle and end that is cohesive.

  14. Promethius wasn’t about religion at all. It was about theory, science, and what we can only guess about the origin of life. Crybabys who try to speak for me by saying “we”, as in “we don’t give a s***” don’t have these theories in mind, don’t have passion for science as well as science fiction. This movie was made with science firmly in mind, and an actual idea on how it may have all begun. It also had a big squid-like creature that acted like the small face-hugger, while producing a proto-“alien” creature from one of the “engineers”. I liked that.

  15. people please, This is science fiction. To all those who say it doesn’t make sense, what kind of sense are you looking for. We still know very little about LV 426, other than it has a striking resemblance to LV 223. Similarities in the creatures suggest an on-going rapid evolution. It made perfect sense to me that we don’t know what to expect next. My interpretation of many aspects of this movie are just that, MINE. I thoroughly enjoyed Promethius and can’t wait for the sequel. If Scott doesn’t produce the results to my satisfaction, I’ll imagine the rest. WOW!!!

  16. I have a hard believing their producing a sequel, I was disappointed with the first. I love Ridley Scott work, but felt this was his worst. Big gamble, but its not my money and it won’t get the price of a ticket from me. Ridley you’re better than this.

  17. What they need to do is Axe the chick that survived. she is really annoying to look at.

    So upon having her character nixed…by the Aliens/Gods etc… the should go to their home planet where they have caged humans and other humanoid species they created and take them to Earth for experiments. yada and so on… quietly with no Gov crap involved in the movie.

  18. I have trouble believing the Prometheus story gets a second shot. The first one was panned pretty bad by audiences and the production budget was pretty high. Granted the film made it’s money back, but this isn’t a kids movie that you can market to everyone. The film is targeted at a very specific audience and that audience has not expressed a a great deal of enthusiasm for the film.

    If I were a studio exec I launch a wide survey of the public (try and reach at least 200,000 across the U.S. and Europe) and shelve or green light the film based on the results. Judging by the amount and time of comments here, I’d say the sequel hasn’t generated much interest.

  19. Noomi Rapace (Elizabeth Shaw em Prometheus ) IQ or QI (intelligence quotient 350 hahahahahahaha) a Christian?!??? Ridley Scott???? I admire Ridley Scott, but he Christianized Prometheus, Scott was ´Ridiculous Scott’
    affront to Scifi

  20. I hope Ridley Scott, Blade Runner … cristianize not like Prometheus,