Michael Fassbender Says ‘Prometheus 2′ is Going to Happen, But He’s Unsure When

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prometheus 2 michael fassbender Michael Fassbender Says Prometheus 2 is Going to Happen, But Hes Unsure When

Ridley Scott’s quasi-Alien prequel Prometheus is one of those geek blockbusters that seems to prompt love/hate reactions more than it does middle-ground responses, but at the end of the day it was a financial success, in terms of ticket sales. A sequel is being written and could hit theaters in March 2016, with Prometheus cast members Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender reprising their roles from the first movie. That’s not a done deal yet, however, as illustrated by recent comments made by Fassbender during an interview where he was promoting this month’s release, X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Besides his continuing roles as young Magneto in the X-Men film series and the android David in Prometheus, Fassbender will soon add yet another geek franchise to his belt: Assassin’s Creed, the cinematic adaptation of the the video game property that shall serve as the first release for Ubisoft’s newly-established Motion Pictures production house. With Assassin’s Creed scheduled to arrive in August 2015 and Days of Future Past followup X-Men: Apocalypse (with Fassbender reprising as Magneto for a third time) slated to open in theaters in May 2016, the actor already has a lot on his plate, as far as work over the next year goes.

That might help to to explain the inexactitude of Fassbender’s comment during a recent interview with Collider, during which Fassbender’s X-Men costar James McAvoy asked him “Are you doing a sequel [to 'Prometheus']?” and the actor replied “Yeah, but when I don’t know.” Indeed, the aforementioned possible 2016 release for Prometheus 2 – long rumored to be titled Paradise after the Engineers’ home planet – is based on 20th Century Fox having claimed a March date for an unspecified Ridley Scott project. Nothing more official than that yet, though.

It’s not yet given that Scott will direct the Prometheus sequel, either; he could hand off the project to someone else, so he can instead move onto something like a new Blade Runner installment or the adaptation of sci-fi novel The Forever War. Depending on who you ask, that possibility might be welcome, as some feel that the common complaint raised about Prometheus – that it’s a visually beautiful, but confused mashup of heady sci-fi ideas and outdated horror tropes – stems as much from Scott’s direction on the project as anything else.

prometheus 2 start date Michael Fassbender Says Prometheus 2 is Going to Happen, But Hes Unsure When

The first script draft for the Prometheus sequel was penned by Jack Paglen – whose screenwriting debut Transcendence prompted complaints that resemble the common ones for Prometheus (and them some) – but the screenplay has since been revised by Michael Green, who recently collaborated with Scott on the Blade Runner 2 script. Which is to say, Green being onboard may signal Scott’s intent to direct, starting this year.

Presuming that’s true, Fassbender could work on Assassin’s Creed - under his Macbeth director Justin Kurzel – beginning sometime in the next few months, followed by Prometheus 2 in the fall/winter – and then, a few months after that, the actor should be available and ready to reprise as Magneto in the next X-Men installment. However, if that doesn’t happen, then it will be all the more difficult for Prometheus 2 to reach theaters by 2016.

Be sure and let us know your current outlook for the Prometheus sequel, and whether you’d prefer to have Scott back in the director’s chair – or to have someone else captain that ship.


We’ll keep you posted on the status of Prometheus 2 (not the official title) as more information comes our way.

Source: Collider

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  1. I, for one, really enjoyed Prometheus, and am happy that Fassbender and Rapace (appear to be) returning. Ridley Scott returning would be fine with me.

    Also, Damon Lindelof is not on board, which I personally think to be a good thing.

    • I also liked Prometheus. They need to give us some more explanation. Personally I think the Alien was a creature they discovered, and then came to actually revere. They thought they could domesticate it . But was very wrong! Take a look at that mural with a xenomorph. I think the mural explains it all.

      • Interesting view, so they were the first Alien Fanboys ;)
        In Alien 4 humans tried the same thing.

  2. Totally on board for this. I for one really enjoyed Prometheus. I love this stuff, even though I’m not a sci-fi kinda guy. Looking forward to this sequel! Here’s to hoping.

  3. I feel that all Prometheus needed to be a much better film was to add back all the deleted character bits that were deleted to make a quicker runtime. Prometheus would’ve felt much more epic and we would’ve cared much more for the characters had it not been edited to s***. They also needed to use the alternate attack scene with the alien looking guy as opposed to the zombie version they went with, the original design was much cooler and unsettling. The worst thing though is to have a movie without an ending and that’s what truly pisses me off about Prometheus and that won’t change until this supposed sequel can finish the story Ridley started but apparently has no idea how to finish yet.

  4. If he doesn’t know WHEN it is happening, it currently is not happening.

    • Fair point. I tweaked the title accordingly.

  5. it’s a visually beautiful, but confused mashup of heady sci-fi ideas and outdated horror tropes – stems as much from Scott’s direction on the project as anything else.
    really?? I think the blame falls on whoever wrote that hot mess. If anything Ridley’s visuals saved that movie, cause the script was horrible… Wish he would have taken over the whole project like he did for Alien and Blade Runner…

    • Yep thats what i was about to say, i think the script was the main problem not the direction

  6. Question : will Ridley Scott be directing the sequel ?

  7. I love Alien and Aliens (#1 & #2). Prometheus, however, was pretty unimpressive (but I bought the DVD anyway for the collection, as I do all movies and spin-offs from Alien, Predator, etc.). I hope Prometheus #2 is better.

  8. The first film was a hot sack of sh@t..

    I hope the sequel can correct those flaws from the first film.

  9. Seconding some other comments on here about Scott’s direction being a saving grace, and agreeing that the problems can largely be pointed to some confusing aspects of the script, which I prefer to forgive and here’s why:

    Originally Scott wasn’t going to direct and had been collaborating with John Spaihts on the first script. I suspect from doing some research that it was going to be a direct prequel bound up with Alien/s, rather than being the side story-prequel that Prometheus is.

    Based on some comments Spaihts made about their working relationship however, I further suspect Scott was probably not keen on this draft and was merely tolerating it since at the time he was producing, not directing.

    When Fox convinced Scott to take on the Director chair however, the first thing he did was send the script to Lindeloff so they could rework it. I have this pet theory that Scott probably would have completely rewritten the movie if scheduling had allowed, but it didn’t, and that’s why the script doesn’t gel in all places, and why some things aren’t clearly explained to the audience.

    I know I’m taking some leaps in logic here, but given that John Spaihts’ only other released script was for the clunky “The Darkest Hour” I’m actually thinking the movie we got might have been an improvement.

  10. Its all speculation, just because he can’t say doesn’t mean he hasn’t got an idea or hasn’t been told not to mention anything about it. Actors are always doing that aren’t they… ben Affleck in Superman vs Batman for example or Fasbender himself on Assassins Creed a few months ago…

  11. If Noomi Rapace is about to do Brilliance (? not sure of title) with Will Smith, that could complicate things too.

  12. I loved Prometheus, and could follow it. But I know the backstory…
    I’d certainly look forward to a sequel.

  13. RIP Giger.

      • Yes,and the best spaceship design in sci-fi.

  14. Awesome news I say take time and brings something new and fantastic. Now whats going on with Island of Dr Moreau? what I want to know is if Decaprio is going to star in it.