‘Prometheus 2′ Casting Rumor – Is the Sequel Moving Forward?

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prometheus sequel cast Prometheus 2 Casting Rumor   Is the Sequel Moving Forward?

Ridley Scott isn’t slowing down with age, after having directed eight films over the past decade (including this year’s Cormac McCarthy thriller The Counselor). He is pressing ahead with a retelling of the Moses story, titled Exodus, and the Biblical project will be finished in time for awards consideration next year. The question is, will Scott then turn to making a Prometheus sequel or the quasi-followup to his landmark Philip K. Dick adaptation, Blade Runner?

Scott seemed prepared to continue exploring the Alien universe next, but that was before we learned about slow progress in the story department. Prometheus co-screenwriter Damon Lindelof – who is not involved with the sequel – has offered his assurance that the situation is not as dire as initial reports suggested, but Scott pressing ahead with Exodus is proof enough that a Prometheus sequel won’t be arriving until 2015 (at the earliest).

Prometheus 2 Movie News has gotten wind that Scott has met several times in person with British actor Rik Barnett, about having him play a key supporting role in the second Prometheus installment. The site received additional confirmation for this rumor from a “very reliable source,” who (like the first anonymous informant) cautioned that the project – and potential casting – will remain in flux until a story has been settled upon.

rik barnett prometheus sequel Prometheus 2 Casting Rumor   Is the Sequel Moving Forward?

Rik Barnett in ‘Rebels Without a Clue’

24-year old Barnett is on the cusp of up-and-comer status, having won an award at the 2010 Ibiza International Film Festival for his performance in Rebels Without a Clue. He is said to be in consideration to portray someone connected to Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) in the Prometheus sequel. Obvious possibilities – based on the ending to the first movie – range from a person who Shaw remembers on her trip to the Engineers’ home planet (her brother, friend, etc.), to a member of a space mission that’s meant to learn what happened on the expedition to LV-223.

Scott is reported to have met with Barnett several times, which could mean he’s up for a pivotal role in the Prometheus followup (unlike when Patrick Wilson briefly appeared as Shaw’s father via flashback during the first movie). Then again, the director is known for spending a fair amount of time prepping every cast member on his films, as Idris Elba revealed after working alongside Scott on Prometheus and American Gangster.

Prometheus Alien Engineers Cut Scene Prometheus 2 Casting Rumor   Is the Sequel Moving Forward?

Will we see the Engineers’ home planet in the ‘Prometheus’ sequel?

There are a few logical directions that Scott could take on a Prometheus sequel. One possibility - as some of our readers have suggested – would allow the film to better explain the history of LV-426 (the moon in Alien), by having Elizabeth and David making their way to that location for some purpose. This would then set the stage for a trilogy finale, where the duo arrive on the Engineers’ home world of Paradise (which is expected to be anything but what the name indicates).

Prometheus remains (arguably) the most divisive installment in the Alien franchise (just read the comments on Screen Rant’s official review). Nonetheless, there is a good deal of support for Scott to continue developing the ideas and story that were introduced in his ambitious – and messy – sci-fi film in a sequel (even among some people who didn’t care for the first movie).


We’ll keep you updated on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel. In the meantime, The Counselor opens in theaters on November 15th, 2013, followed by Exodus on December 12th, 2014.

Source: Prometheus 2 Movie News

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  1. Nic OF light ( Singer, Performer, writer); visionary…

    Ps. And I thought the beginning was weak. Not only did the actor who played Wetland annoy me as I have never thought much of him. Ok he is good looking but to me has not real presence at all. he looked good in a Dress in Queen of the desert. Like Hurt played , the naked civil servant then started in Alien.

    The beginning set in Egypt looking at other similar culture at excavation land was boring and done in so many films. Stargate and so many others. SG1. They are inviting us to come! etc

    The Weyland speech was un effective and bored me. why was the Weyland from Alien Resurrection not used. Or someone dramatic say’ The guy who plays MR Smith in the Matrix he is excellent. Weyland is a monster who has screwed over so many people in the most terrible manner. As Ellen Ripley put it ‘ You don’t see them screwing each other over for a profit’ refering to the Alien itself.

    The start bored me and also the use of CGI for the First view of the Engineer by the water. Yes a stunning figure of a Male but why CGI; Why not build a figure like the ‘Predator’a costume and a stuntman inside. The Predator would not be as effective if it were a CGI image. CGI is a fantasy that film tech guys thought up and kid each other that it looks real;’ yes that looks real not one can tell the difference’ it does not look real at all or feel real and spoils good films

    In Alien 3 and 4 CGI was used to show the creature moving quickly or when very young. The images virtually looked liked animation and where shocking different and un -dramatic; spoiling the quality of the work.

    Why not build a Engineer with a Costume and great mask. Or is the issue to slightly copy Avatar; because that is what the Engineer space jockey slightly looks like?

    As Prometheus (1) progresses the quality class and adultness emerges making the film fairly brilliant and gripping; in the way only Scot can pull off.

  2. I want Aliens action figure toys and vehicle toys for the movie Prometheus 2: Paradise movie.

  3. I thought the film was good i think a lot of people we’re expecting to much at the end of the day the alen franchise went down hill after the 3 rd film and this is much better than anything that followed since alien 4 and the alen predetor films

  4. I’ve read several Critics’ Reviews on Prometheus and nearly all of them point out the same obvious and agreeable weaknesses in the movie. The only real sore-spot, for me, was the followup-scene where Charlie had morphed-into whatever he is becoming and is attacking everyone. This could have been left out and more focus on another scene with the ‘Engineer” would have been more satisfying. But that’s my opinion. All-in-all though this could, and SHOULD, be a dandy of a Prequel-Sequel (Prometheus 2) if the Writers and Producers are more careful and attentive about it. AND, I do not mind at all that the premise of this new Aliens franchise borrows from ANCIENT ALIENS THEORISTS…. because I’m very attracted to the History Channels’ long-running series. NOW…..If the creative minds of a “Prometheus 2″ are allowed to add more time than the ordinary allotted time-length of movies… along with the latest advances of CGI, creativity, and more importantly, relevant originality in the writing….a “PROMETHEUS 2″ will be a killer-of-a-movie. /:o)

  5. Ok…we have an Alien beginning…we should leave it at that and now move on to our with the Engineers. As has been said, the mystery of origin was never really answered. I see two avenues in chasing the mystery:

    1. Did we come from some dark element that has no intelligence except a will to live? Or…
    2. Did we come from some light of intelligence whose wisdom surpasses the limits of physical need?

    Sure, from something dark, it is easy to write an evolving chronology. But, from something of Light, it challenges the writing as to how the creation from Light, or Intelligence can fumble in it’s own creation.

    What I would give to screen write P2. I could take this, truly, where no man has boldly gone before.

    • …and I mean no man.

  6. So I’ve been thinking of how to tie l the releveant characters together and places. Without being long winded here is my best guess at this movie..
    We(Humans) and the Aliens are nothing more than biological weapons.
    Predators made Aliens to fight against the Engineers or whatever they are.
    The Engineers made humans to eventually fight the Predators. Each have there pros and cons. For example… We can make weapons. The Aliens ARE weapons.
    So 2000 years ago they came to this planet to create another species to rule and direct as an army in a war I won’t venture to guess. Just as did the Predators did with Aliens. Problem is BOTH “aliens races” Humans and Aliens would not be controlled. Period. Both have the same ethos “Live free(aliens-inside you) or die trying”
    One saw the brief fight between Humans vs Predator. Aliens vs Humans. Predator vs Aliens. The only thing we havent seen is Engineers vs Predator.

    The Prometheus plantes as the Captain said is “Some kind of military installation. “Weapons of mass destruction” The Engineers weren’t scientest but “special forces” military type. Just look at them. Built to kill and in supreme condition…just like the real Delta force her in the US military. That planet was nothing more than a test area of captured Aliens goop which got out of control. Betcha they HAD scientest there but running on a military installation. Also, I think if they had been REAL Engineers they would have been skinny, scrawny and had tablets inside their life pods(Sorry guys). P

    I bleieve there is a “war” between both Predator & Engineers. What Noomi finds on ‘paradise” will be nothing short of devastations. A planet run over by Aliens with a few engineers left. Or worse imagine zombie type aliens. not Engineers or aliens but some half not yet mutated race but your still alive and not quit dead.(shivers)
    In the original Aliens we find Sigourney Weaver on planet Acheron inside the exact same ship as the one flown by Noomi. Coincedence? No. A great tie in would connect the two.

    That’s it. One can extropolate from here. Any counter arguments is welcome. It’s one am & I’m wiped out. Cheers & Happy holdays.

  7. The Prometheus is good movie but needs the black monster of the old in Aliens to be the effective movie, the little white earth monsters in the prometheus movie did not scare and the human space jockeys were the uninteresting race of the giant elephantine fossil in the Alien, that was disappointment, I hope the Prometheus 2 has big jockeys that are worshipeed by the emulating tall humanoid uncle fester jockeys. I also hope Elizabeth Char character better explored wigth more of the cunning deviatry of the Michael Fastbender robot head. Maybe show the Queen alien isn’t she in Prometheus room? Movie did not use incredible power of art of Alien movie to fascinate new audiences who do not at all want a Happy Meal Prometheus engineer toy in box a trilobite for boy and a young Elizabeth for girl, it is horror sci fi mature movie. We need the demonic aliens back and the dichtomys of the satanic look of the aliens before plus the angelic look of the Prometheus engineers and the earthlike uninteresting Prometheus monsters like the little fake cobra and squid and the full born blue dolphin alien which only was effective when it opened its mouth, and should have been noting departure of the Elizabeth and David to make us wonder if this is smart Engineer alien. There is a moon with huge ancienct elephant alien and it had eggs that made alien movies, we don’t want engineers to be humans, i hope the elephant alien still turns out to be a more ancient mystery that birthed the enginers aliens and humans who birthed the repicants.

  8. Okay……I don’t know if the whole “Alien(s) meeting more humans can be explored anymore than it has… We all know that the Weyland Corporation is obsessed about the aliens already from all the other Alien movies. What is the next movie going to do??!?? Rehash the whole “humans discover eggs and so on and so forth plot”? It’s already been done,redone,and rehashed. There’s only so much that you can get out of that whole ‘humans vs. aliens concept. Are they going to have the Weyland go back to the moon again?? That was done in the original “Alien” and you can’t improve and/or rehash the classic movie,sorry.

    Maybe these threads need to be explored….

    Is “Meredith Vickers” really dead?? As in was she even human?? She resembled too much of a female version of the David android to me,I remember the captain asking her humorously if she was human or not. Is the hybrid human/Engineer Alien a Queen or not?? If there’s going to multiple Davids,is the Corporation going to go the the moon,fight more Aliens and use an Engineer spacecraft to go to the Engineer homeworld (as nobody knows exactly how many Engineer ships are on the moon since it was being used as an Engineer outpost) What about the open Dr. Shaw/David storyline of them going to the Engineer homeworld being used or being closed all together (as even though it’s been explained that the Engineers created humans,she wanted to know where the Engineers came from,and who or what created the Engineers and why they’re hell bent on either killing off or installing a new lifeform on Earth??) Why does the black goo does different things to humans versus Engineers when basically they share similar DNA?? There’s a lot more questions and open storylines to be developed and explored than trying to retread the whole “humans go the a planet/moon,androids that keep corporate agendas,some human gets pregnant by a facehugger and chestburster matures to be an Alien” plot/storyline once again.