‘Prometheus 2′ Gets a New Writer; 2016 Release Date Likely

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prometheus 2 release date Prometheus 2 Gets a New Writer; 2016 Release Date Likely

Ridley Scott’s quasi-Alien prequel Prometheus is one of the more divisive sci-fi features churned out by Hollywood in recent times (seriously, we’re talking about love/hate reactions that are near Man of Steel passion levels), but its $400 million worldwide gross kept its sequel hopes alive and well.

More importantly, as far as justifying a franchise from a creative perspective goes, the film managed to leave many a moviegoer (even many of its detractors) exceptionally curious, as to what will happen next in the story – with semi-religious archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and damaged, but still functioning android David (Michael Fassbender) headed to the home world of humanity’s architects-turned would-be destroyers, known as the Engineers.

Prometheus 2‘s projected release (originally, 2014 or 2015) was pushed back to an indefinite date over the months after screenwriter Damon Lindelof officially stepped away to work on Brad Bird’s sci-fi Tomorrowland. Meanwhile, Scott kept busy in the meantime with the Cormac McCarthy crime-thriller The Counselor (another love/hate affair, though heavier on the “hate”), and then followed that with the Moses epic Exodus, which arrives in theaters at the end of this year.

Scott has always been onboard to direct the Prometheus sequel, though last year we learned that Lindelof has been formally replaced by screenwriter Jake Paglen (the upcoming Transcendence). According to the latest report from The Wrap, Paglen’s script draft is now being revised by Michael Green, fresh off him having collaborated with Scott on the script for a planned Blade Runner quasi-sequel (e.g. another film set in that specific Philip K. Dick-imagined universe).

20th Century Fox recently claimed a March 4th, 2016 release date for an unspecified Scott feature, which many were quick to guess was staked out with Prometheus 2 in mind. The Wrap‘s sources claim this is the case, with production expected to begin this fall (right after Scott finishes post-production on Exodus). Prometheus 2 appears to be the semi-official working title right now, though it’s not at all guaranteed to be the final one. (Paradise – the name of the Engineers’ planet – has long been rumored.)

Plot details for the Prometheus sequel are scare right now, though The Wrap‘s article mentions that the story may involve more than one version of the ‘David’ android. (How, well, that’s a good question…). Furthermore, Green’s script rewrite is supposed to give the project more of a horror movie-feel on par with the original 1979 Alien movie; based on the troubling (read: horrific) implications of the marketing for Transcendence, though, one imagines that Paglen’s original draft was probably on the dark side to begin with.

prometheus 2 michael fassbender Prometheus 2 Gets a New Writer; 2016 Release Date Likely

Prometheus resulted from Lindelof and Scott’s attempts to spin the original script draft by Jon Spaihts – a more straight-forward Alien prequel - into a 2001-esque sci-fi thought piece (with shades of less-remembered sci-fi titles likes Brian De Palma’s Mission to Mars); the final movie result was certainly big and beautiful, if also a bit of a mess. However, now that the storyline has properly diverged from the Alien narrative, it’s possible that the sequel will be more cohesive and, in turn, better than its predecessor.

On the other hand: Scott’s formed a bad habit of delivering solid, yet perfunctory directorial work over the last decade, while the last big-screen release to feature Green as a co-writer was Green Lantern - which is to say, there’s still plenty of room for Prometheus 2 to disappoint. Be sure and let us know if you are nonetheless excited to see the plot threads left dangling at the end of Prometheus picked up in a sequel – or if you’re no longer interested in exploring the Alien-verse further, after being disappointed by the most recent trip.


Prometheus 2 is (allegedly) slated to arrive in theaters on March 4th, 2016.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. I really liked Prometheus even though it did have some problems. Glad to hear the sequel is still moving forward.

    • In Oct all media was saying the script was done; Now this! No point moaning as long as they get it right.

    • Bring on Prometheus 2, and follow it up with a Sigourney Weaver Alien 5.

  2. Definitely excited to see the sequel, though I hope it’s not just titled “Prometheus 2″. I was on the love side for this movie and thought it was Scott’s best film since at least American Gangster, probably really since Kingdom of Heaven (which BTW if you haven’t seen the director’s cut is a must-see).

    Very excited to see what’s in store. Scott’s one of my favorite directors ever (Blade Runner probably one of my top 10 of all-time)

  3. Very excited to see “the Engineers” home world.

    As for the Alien Xenomorph, probably will make a cameo appearance.

    • I wonder how long that planet from Prometheus had been abandoned. 100 years? 1000? 100,000?

  4. I enjoyed Prometheus. It’s by no means a perfect movie but I’m very excited about the sequel.

  5. I’m worried about the new writer’s resume, but I know Scott will end up guiding the script anyway as it’s being rewritten. However it turns out, I’ll be at the midnight IMAX 3D screening just like I was for Prometheus.

    • Although Michael Green’s credit in writing part of ‘Green Lantern’ may be what you are referring to, that script is widely attributed to Greg Berlanti, and not so much the other writers (Michael Green, Marc Guggenheim, Michael Goldenberg).

  6. Dammit Ridley! This has disappointment written all over it.

  7. Prometheus was one of the biggest turds of the decade. I can think of a few movies that disappointed me over the years, but Prometheus sits atop that list. To be fair, I’m certain my hatred of that movie came more from my expectations not being met more than the script itself. Nevertheless, I remember leaving the theater with a huge WTF look on my face. :-(

    Lets hope the sequel can rectify the horrid mess created in the first movie.

    • Prometheus is indeed a victim of hype. It’s a decent sci-fi thriller with gaping flaws, but there was honestly NOTHING horrible about it, whether one likes the film or not.

      • Absolutely a victim of ridiculous expectation. A few years later, Prometheus stands revealed to me as the most entertaining and thought provoking sci-fi/horror film ever made. It does an incredible job with almost every visual element and delivers some unforgettable moments of suspense. The call to adventure scene at the end has me really psyched for the possibilities of what comes next.

        Some would say that my next statement invalidates my opinion, but I’ll say it anyway…. Scene for scene Prometheus is just as good as the first Alien.

        • Don’t worry, I completely agree with you. Even the Alien part. The very last scene of Prometheus always gives me enjoyable chills, making me want to watch the movie all over again (which I have done 5 times by now).

        • I’d agree it suffered from the crazy expectations, though it has to be said as a scifi/horror it’s fairly humdrum stuff and imo warrants neither great hatred or love.

          • I think it addresses the biggest questions in a way that’s without pretension and is relentlessly entertaining.

        • Definitely an amazing film with regards to thought provoking. I wasn’t on the hype train for this so I wasn’t expecting too much.

          One thing that hurts the movie for me are some of the stupid things. I just can’t get over Theron running away in a STRAIGHT LINE. Soooo foolish, even thinking about it makes me laugh.

          I love thought provoking movies, especially the “where did we come from?” type but I think this movie maybe left a bit too much unexplained because they wanted to explain more in the sequel which hurts the movie as a stand alone, for me.

  8. Just keep Lindelof the hell away from it, is all I wish.

  9. If nothing else, with Ridley Scott directing, it will be visually stunning.

  10. I was very ‘MEH’ with the first movie. My problems stemmed almost entirely from the script. Too many characters, little to no motivation for any of the leads, uncharacteristic actions, leaps in logic, etc, etc. At least it was a beautiful film. This news makes me happy though.

  11. So is that a picture of a parrot with a vaccumn cleaner attachment on it’s beak, or just a wrinkly elephant with a stubby trunk?! Anyhow, I was kinda disappointed with Prometheus #1, but bought the DVD anyways (gotta have all the Alien and Predator flicks and their spin-offs, y’know!), and will no doubt by Prometheus #2 on DVD as well. Gotta keep the collection complete. Just so no one thinks I am just a total nay-sayer, tho, Alien #1 & #2 were two of the best horror/sci-fi flicks I have ever seen…and I have seen ALOT of them!

  12. Whether opinion or fact, seems like everyone likes to take a low shot at Green Lantern every chance they get. Well guess what, despite room for alot of improvement, I will still defend Green Lantern to my last dying breath! I enjoyed it. And bought the DVD. And want Green Lantern #2 and #3 as well! And perhaps all you critics who can’t stop ripping on it and plucking and pecking at it like a bunch of evil chicks picking on the runt of the litter can imagine MY power ring! See, here it is, and guess what finger it is on?!

    • To your dying breath?

  13. The astronaut picture from Prometheus looks like he is going bowling with a crystal ball!

  14. I loved ‘Prometheus’ but I still wanted more. As long as Mr. Ridley is still directing, and the next story doesn’t have so many twist and turns then I see no problem in the sequel. I really liked David ( the android) and Ms. Shaw and I seeing the Engineers home world should be breathtaking with beautiful visuals. It would be great if they hire H.R. Giger back to design something close to what the last movie showed as a “early Alien Form.” What if Ms. Shaw and David run into “The Nostromo,’ ship that Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) was on, now that would make this a hit already!

  15. This is going to be swweeeet. I cant wait I would like to see this tie into the first alien film.

    • It probably will have even less to do with Alien than the first one did.

  16. I like the first film a lot and have watched it a few times,don’t get all the hate,its a B movie in space.

  17. Lindelof is just bad… Why does this guy keep getting writing jobs? Him and Goyer just need to quit…

  18. I really liked the first one…not perfect by any means with some stupid actions by supposedly smart characters but still good. I’m excited for a sequel.

  19. Bring it on. For me Prometheus was pure Sci-fi, one of the best for a long time, you need to see it a few times to truly appreciate it, I’m excited to hear a sequel is coming..

  20. That’s great news, I loved Prometheus and a sequel will be much anticipated in my plans for cinema going in 2016.

  21. I absolutely love Prometheus, despite its numerous flaws. A sequel without Lindelof can only be better and The Green Lantern connection doesn’t worry me. But it’s important to get started. Prometheus is almost two years old at this point.

  22. I actually really liked this movies. But can some please explain to me what the opening scene was all about. I get the entire movie but why did the beginning show a “engineer” killing himeself. Does any one have a reasonable explanation?

    • He was giving life to the otherwise lifeless planet. It was pretty straight forward really… and semi-implied to have been Earth or someplace very much like it.

    • Also the deleted scenes reveal further that this scene was a ceremony involving several “engineers” many of them much older than the one who sacrifices himself.

  23. I will argue to no end that the trailers for Prometheus were some of the best in recent memory. I can’t remember the last time that trailers got me so excited for a movie.
    The finished product though is a different story. I really liked Prometheus when I saw it in the theater but I’ve watched it a few times since and with each viewing I notice more and more problems.
    I won’t say it was terrible but for the life of me I’ll never understand why Scott chose to change so much of the script Jon Spaihts wrote. I know enough about the way movies are made to realize that all scripts change but like anyone else who’s read the original script I think that if Scott made that movie we would be having a totally different conversation about Prometheus.

  24. Prometheus was flawed but far more appealing than the average movie these days. I will certainly go to the cinema to watch the sequel.

    With the first one they created an interesting universe with worthy questions to deepen into. The stage is set and the sequel has the potential to be great. It is worth a shoot.

  25. Hope it’s called Paradise. Imagine another Alien-esqe teaser trailer with horrific imagery/suffering all leading up to the titlecard: Paradise. I think that’d be real, real cool

  26. It will be interesting to see what is thought of ‘Prometheus’ 20 years from now. I recall the comments during the first 10 years after ‘Blade Runner’ was released and look at how it is revered today. I’m not saying ‘Prometheus’ will be revered… I’m just always intrigued by how reactions to movies (and most everything) can change dramatically over time.

  27. I never really understood the complaints. I think the reasons that some disliked the movie is the same reason they many liked the movie. I think the complainers wanted answers to the Alien series, not more questions. I think the whole purpose of the movie was to broaden the universe, the imagination and to present more mystery in the first place. I love that, there were answers that lead to more questions, and thats why they went on their second and first quest. The movie made everyone think. Remember this is a new story its “not a prequel”. Yes the story happened before the Alien franchise, but it not about that quest. I loved the movie, I thought it was great.

  28. Hopefully this keeps him away from Bladerunner.

  29. Prometheus has been one of the most amusing sci-fi movie of the last years.

    His success and his critics are reasoned by the Alien saga that it follows in some unclear ways. Indeed there are too much open paths in the story line that should be closed.

    For what concerns Alien, as someone said, there will be probably a cameo on the next chapter even thought i dream a crossing line between these two universes.

    • So we have Prometheus , Oblivion and Enders Game there were written by
      people believe in a real plot compared to Guardians of the Galaxy .
      Finally Sci Fi for thinkers again.
      What films from the 50′s will I remember that actually had a plot.
      The Day the Earth Stood Still and Forbidden Planet. Alien was a cool plot
      and a scary movie but the concept of Engineers seems more intriguing.