Damon Lindelof Explains Why He is Not Writing the ‘Prometheus’ Sequel

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prometheus dl 4 Damon Lindelof Explains Why He is Not Writing the Prometheus Sequel

There are few writers in Hollywood who receive as much attention, respect and admiration as onscreen actors. After serving as the head writer on ABC’s LOST for six years, Damon Lindelof (love him or hate him) became such a writer.

After writing and co-writing several high-profile films in recent years, including one of the most talked about films of 2012, Prometheus, Lindelof was the obvious choice to develop the script for the upcoming sequel. However, a few months ago we learned that he may not be available for such an undertaking and now that rumor has been confirmed.

Lindelof recently told Collider that he will not be penning the script for the film’s sequel, explaining that although Ridley Scott did not officially offer him the job, he told Scott during a meeting that the time commitment required would prevent him from re-teaming with the director.

Jon Spaihts wrote a script and I rewrote it, [...] And still it was a year of my life that I spent on Prometheus, kind of all in. The idea of building a sequel to it—from the ground up this time—with Ridley is tremendously exciting. But at the same time, I was like, “Well that’s probably going to be two years of my life.” I can’t do what J.J. [Abrams] does. I don’t have the capability. I’m usually very single-minded creatively.

Considering all the other major projects Lindelof is already currently developing, one can understand, at least a little better, where he is coming from.

…I think what ended up happening was that the movie came out, and there was a reaction to the movie.  And I got really wrapped up in Trek, and really wrapped up in this movie that I’m producing and writing with Brad Bird.  And I have a TV project that I was really passionate about. …So I said to him, “I really don’t think I could start working on this movie until I do this other stuff.  And I don’t know when the other stuff is going to be done.”

Star Trek Into Darkness Fan Damon Lindelof Explains Why He is Not Writing the Prometheus Sequel

Most Lindelof fans will probably be disappointed that he will not continue with the Alien-universe storyline, which seems to be growing into a franchise all its own. Of course, many fans who were frustrated by the lack of concrete Alien setups and some especially head scratching moments will probably be relieved to hear Lindelof is out.

Either way, Lindelof’s star is still on the rise and he will assuredly be involved with plenty of big films in the near future. You could argue that with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness on May 17, 2013, which he co-wrote, his most notable work to date is just around the corner. If you want a taste of that action, check out the Star Trek 2 teaser trailer.

As for the Prometheus sequel, I’m sure a project of that magnitude will find another suitable and equally accomplished writer to develop the script. And considering how successful the first one was and how many questions were left unanswered, there will certainly be plenty to look forward to when that film is released as well.

There is currently no release date for the Prometheus sequel.

Source: Collider

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  1. Can’t say I’m disappointed by this news. The sequel needs new blood.

  2. If Lindeloff is so great and was “all in” on Prometheus, why’d the movie turn out so lackluster and have so many plot holes? If he’s botched the new Star Trek, and I hope he hits it out of the park, by the way, I will rejoice that he’s not going to be involved in a Prometheus sequel.

    • Because he is a hack, that’s why. Don’t get me wrong. I like Prometheus for what it is, mostly because of Scott’s excellent direction, but Lindelof’s writing style is pretty unmistakable and usually manifests itself in an utter lack of research, missing the point of whole themes, and a story development that can only be the result of making it up as he was going along. What took him a year about that is beyond me. More capable writers can come up with a much more polished script in only a fraction of that time. I’m talking weeks, not months.

      I’m glad that he will be replaced for the sequel. Now, just make Orci and Kurtzman stay away from the job as well and we should be golden.

      • Wow! Just Wow! I was going to write the exact same thing. Down to the Orci and Kurtzman reference. So tired of these three getting accolades for mediocre work. Sure, their stuff makes money. But that’s because most people in the audience can’t be troubled to think for a second or two.

        I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one who can see that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

      • Second that !

        • Third!

          • Fourth’d.

    • Wow…I thought Prometheus was good enough to also finally buy the entire Alien collection… and it makes a good prequel. I really don’t see a reason to do sequel when it’s Alien. But maybe I enjoyed Prometheus because I just watched it for what it was (a new movie) & loved Giger’s art all over the place.

  3. He’s probably not writing it cuz he fears another backlash from people who had issues with Prometheus.

    • Those scary rationalists demanding logical decisions from characters who are supposed to be scientists. What next, the audience discuss the movie? That’s not the spirit of science fiction: just like what you’re told!

      Prometheus, and Star Trek (2009/2013) attempt to take the science out of scifi and replace it with lens flares and gross-out scares. I don’t really care who bears most of the responsibility so long as they realize the audience is wise to it and it most likely won’t be taken very seriously.

  4. I can’t believe that it took him a year to write re-write Prometheus. I could have sworn that his nephew did it in 2 weeks.

  5. So who do you get to write it? Ron Moore, JMS, Harlan Ellison??

    • I, for one, would like to see what Straczynski could do with the Prometheus sequel…Ellison would be a great choice as well.

      • I feel like the other elephant in the room is whether Prometheus is really even salvageable…?

        • Exactly!

          It really cant be put back on the tracks in any respectable way at this point.

          lindelof totaled it at the starting line.

          Although just for isht and giggles sake I wouldn’t be against a syfy channel mini-series or maybe a “the asylum” straight to DVD sequel.

          “Prothemeus Unleashed – The Smash 2″

          Or if it will keep ridley’s rotten decrepit old hands away from BR then that would be worth it too.

          • I think that the story can easily be salvaged. Jon Spaihts had an excellent core plot and structure so there are definitely avenues that can be explored and questions answered. Ron Moore would actually be an excellent choice, what the next film needs more than anything is a bit of realism and some stripping back. Alien was successful because the characters were people and were believable.
            To be fair I could probably write something pretty decent myself, certainly better than Lindelof. I loved the new Star Trek movie but there were far too many lens flares and more than a little lazy writing. Forgivable in an origins story but the next film has to stand alone. I really hope he doesn’t ruin that too.

  6. The dude is a s***** hack writer anyways. Look at LOST for instance.

    • I just read an article about why it’s a bad thing that Lindelof will not be writing the sequel. The author said that Lindelof should stay aboard to “help his masterplan find sure footing”.

      Well, if LOST has taught us one thing then it’s that Lindelof doesn’t have a masterplan. So it doesn’t matter who will take on the job now, it would start completely from scratch either way.

      • see I don’t even get that LOST argument. If you watch it straight through, it’s pretty obvious that he and Carlton Cuse had a pretty clear “master plan” from the very beginning.

        Lindelof will always get a pass in my book for writing some of the greatest teleplays of all time and created some of the most memorable characters, despite even, your opinion of how it ended.

        Plus, if you watch the big doc on the 4 disc blu ray, and read Spaits’s and Lindelof’s original drafts, it’s pretty clear that the problems with Prometheus were with Ridley Scott and his “George Lucas” syndrome, more that Damon’s. His first rewrite is still better than what we got.

        • I’m no expert on lost but didn’t people figure out Lindelof’s original idea that everyone was actually dead and the island was purgatory which prompted him to alter his story and in doing so it became so convoluted that fans accused him of not having a clue what he was doing.

            • Lindelof and most of these writers suffer from what a lot of comic book writers have, they don’t like fans to be as clever as they are. There is a long standing belief that when fans write into comic book editors and figure out the storyline before it happens some writers would change the whole story just to swerve the fans. The problem is the new idea is not always a better one.

              • Good call

              • I enjoyed watching lost when I did, and I’m not saying lindelof is a bad writer, the only problem I have with lost is that because of the ho hum ending the whole series doesn’t lend itself to repeat viewing and that is why it was not so successful when it repeated on scyfy. I like watching sries again and again. I watch xfiles all the time, but lost it is just too mucb investment for the outcome I think he did a great job with prometheus though and have watched it again and again.

            • Ok.. sorry, I’m still confused at the whole Lost thing.. Seriously that ending was the worst I’ve ever seen.. So if it’s purgatory.. how did they escape the island to come home and then get back?? I .. seriously.. I don’t get it.. Then the whole numbers countdown, the people trying to find the “purgatory”.. This is completely ridiculous when you think about it.. All those seasons for the worst crap fest ending EVER.

              I think the whole thing was basically a “ok.. so .. let’s put a smoke monster in this..” … “Hey how ’bout if they find this hole with all this stuff going on and a countdown…” .. “Ok.. so now what?? Let’s have a boat find them! Then take the kid and then we’ll never know what happened to him…” .. “F*ck.. we need to end this.. Let’s make it that actually everybody is dead and that it’s purgatory!” “but that doesn’t make sense!” “SHUT UP! NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN I SAID IT WAS A PURGATORY AND THAT’S IT!”.. end..

              Sucks bad ass.. Happy the this idiot will not be touching Prometheus II as the first one was another crap fest that didn’t make sense.. “So… with all of this… when are we going to put in the Alien??” “Oh let’s not until the end when the facesucker does it to the big guy” “But.. that doesn’t make any sense…” “SHUT UP! NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN I SAID IT WAS WHEN IT WOULD SUCK HIS FACE AND THAT’S IT!”.. end..

              • I got what they were trying to convey, I didn’t accept it. I have to ask, Mr. Eko being smashed by a smoke monster really happened? This creature exists in reality? The purgatory story worked from the moment they crashed, but to say they lived on a island with unexplained mystical powers for 5 seasons and then we’ll do the most normal universe of them all and call it purgatory…well that is the most ridiculous premise I’ve ever heard.

                • I dont think you get it at all.

                  Yes, Mr. Eko did got smashed by the smoke monster and yes the creature did really exist.

                  How that “creature” exists on that island was all explained at the last 2 seasons. Just as many of the other “unexplained mysteries” you are implying.

                  Only the last season had a purgatory and in light of the story of Lost, it was not that ridiculous at all to have a purgatory.

                  I suggest you do some more research before babbling about one of the greatest series ever. Because you obviously sounds confused and un-informed

        • I don’t have the full Prometheus set. But if you listen to Sphaits’ and Lindelof’s audio commentary you can hear straight from the horse’s mouth that Lindelof didn’t give a crap. Phrases like “writing exposition is hard, that’s why I avoid it” and “I don’t know how that works” (or something to that effect) come to mind.

          • I enjoyed watching lost when I did, and I’m not saying lindelof is a bad writer, the only problem I have with lost is that because of the ho hum ending the whole series doesn’t lend itself to repeat viewing and that is why it was not so successful when it repeated on scyfy. I like watching sries again and again. I watch xfiles all the time, but lost it is just too mucb investment for the outcome I think he did a great job with prometheus though and have watched it again and again.

        • See I dont get THAT argument.

          Every episode of lost that I saw was a random collection of unconnected dead ends.

          Just like prometheus.

          Pure lindelof.

          If he cant write a self contained movie (let alone 1 hour tv episode) that doesn’t require cut scenes, reading the script, scouring wikipedia and forums, reading his excuses in interviews,

          just to still make no sense out of it and only finding fanfic justifications,

          then why the would I believe that if I wasted 5 seasons worth of my life watching the whole thing that there would be a grand reveal at the end?!

          And I heard that there’s not.

          And thats what I assumed would be at the end of that goose chase after watching one episode of lost.

          I figured that old endless ruse out at least by the 3rd grade.

          I’m haven’t been as stupid as lindelof thinks you are for a long time.

  7. Thank God almighty this overrated egotist is not involved. Prometheus was one of the worst movies of 2012, largely down to this man’s script. I’ll be having a “Lindelof’s off the project” all night booze bender as a result of this fantastic news.

    • Amen! Could not agree more!

      • Lets have a couple of Beers !

    • +1

  8. You guys realize this “hack” writer does what he is told to do? This is a billion dollar industry and I’d love to see how long you would last in the job, sticking with your principles and everything.

    • So what your saying is that he was told to write a s**t script? Doubtful. Do you really think that a Ridley Scott film had a lot of restrictions at this point in his career and with him returning to the Alien world? The movie studios would have let him make a Alien movie about anything at this point.

      • have you read Damon’s original rewrite draft?? Didn’t think so.

    • “You guys realize this “hack” writer does what he is told to do? ”

      Hence the term hack.

      Unfortunately he’s not even a good hack.

      He cant write dialogue,
      he cant write characters,
      he cant write a logical scene,
      he cant grasp pacing…

      Calling him a hack is being generous.

      He’s a bad fanfic writer who has been foisted into million dollar jobs by a chosen type of hollywood nepotism.

      While better writers starve in the streets.

      And if you believed that excuse that he was just writing what ridley told him to,

      that it was ridley who told him to shoehorn in those random religious references and absurd characterizations,

      then you’re just the type of low expectation audience that lindelof relies on.

      • couldn’t say it better myself

  9. A movie too late unfortunately. :(

    • Its toast.
      At least for any serious sci-fi fan.

      There are people of debatable taste who liked it though,
      so they could prop it up and drag the corpse around like weekend at bernies.

      Resident evil is 5 movies in and as popular as it ever was.

      But like I said,
      a sequel isn’t going to have the benefit of serious or Alien fans.

      Thats would cut the audience at least by half IMO.

  10. Ughh now I’m worried about Star Trek Into Darkness, Orci and Kurtzman should have been allowed to do it themselves. Lindelof is overrated and frankly so is Prometheus, so many plotholes, so many unanswered questions, and so many characters making the dumbest decisions imaginable.

    • “_____________ is overrated and frankly so is Prometheus, so many plotholes, so many unanswered questions, and so many characters making the dumbest decisions imaginable.”

      The exact same thing can be said of Orci and Kurtzman’s work.

    • I threw my hands up when the guy tried to pet the alien worm/snake thing. After that i just couldnt get back into it. Did find the giant humans cool though. And their writing kinda looked like that from predators. Could be cool if they ever expanded the universe with predators as being initially uplifted by the giant humans for perhaps to be use as slaves, cheap military shock troops until they rebelled or something.

  11. good, Prometheus had so much potential but it was as another poster said “lackluster.

  12. +1

    I couldn’t believe the things this ‘scientific’ team did, that a Jr. High School lab student would have known better not to do.

    Ball = Dropped

  13. I’m not trying to be the one true defender of all things Lindelof but IMO if you’re going to blame him entirely for Prometheus I think you’re not being completely fair…
    He was brought in to make changes to the script because that’s what Ridley Scott wanted and Scott approved of those changes.
    The original script was a direct sequel and actually pretty awesome but at some point Scott decided to make a different film and worked first hand with Lindelof…
    I fully admit Prometheus had a lot of problems especially after reading what the movie was supposed to be and Lindelof does deserve some of the blame. Just not all of it.

    • Lindelof is 1/3 to blame for the mediocrity of the movie. The studio is to blame for trying to make a movie connected to Alien just so it would get butts in seats, but without out any real story. It was Lindelofs fault for writing that non-story script, and It was Scott’s fault for letting the other two get away with it. I think people are being especially hard on Lindelof though because he is being hailed as some sort of hollywood golden boy, but he doesn’t seem to have anything good under his belt, where as at Least Ridley Scott has a couple of gems

      • Exactly and +1 on all those points.

    • “…but IMO if you’re going to blame him entirely for Prometheus…”

      lindelof is not entirely to blame.

      lindelof is a terrible sub-hack writer,
      but ridley was the enabler.

      prometheus has also tarnished ridley’s reputation in unfortunate ways IMO.

      It turns out that he cannot and probably never could tell a good script from a bad one.

      In fact after prometheus I’m questioning whether ridley scott actually knows how to read.

  14. Lindelof seems to confuse obtuseness and obscurity with being clever, if we as the audience can’t understand what’s happening this story must be really deep and smart! His comic books are written the same way

  15. Sure, I could write a quite staggeringly long rant about Lindelof’s failings as a writer as there is plenty to work with. However, I will just buy everyone a drink and celebrate with them at this news.

  16. Daniel Johnson or any other Screenrant writers – Do any of you know what this TV project that Lindelof is passionate about is? I’m curious to know because even though LOST ended horribly, it still hooked me week to week for six seasons.

    • that last shot in lost was one of the most beautiful and satisfying things i have ever seen, the final season was probably the worst, but that last episode was incredible.

      • The purgatory church in the season finale and purgatory timeline of the finale season was nothing more than a way for the writers to have a free pass to do whatever they want (it’s like ending a show/movie by saying it was all a dream). And it was upsetting to fans like myself because we predicted the purgatory angle during season 1 and the writers of LOST assured us that wasn’t what they were doing. Flash forward six years of viewership to see how this would be explained without using purgatory…and they used purgatory. That being said, the show did provide enough interest for me to continue watching through the years even though deep down I knew the ending. Based on his LOST career, I think Lindelof has potential to write well. Plus, I’m in the minority of people who enjoyed Prometheus. So, I’d like to know the TV series he’s interested in making.

          • Thanks!

      • I totally agree. I’ll admit though that the first time i watched it I was not impressed but then that night all i could think about was the ending and the reunion scenes. The next day I watched it again and I actually cried during the Sawyer/ Juliet and Jack/ Christian scenes…powerful writing and performances.

        Everyone that rips on Lindelof is just a fanboy that thinks they can do better. I mean, seriously, he’s is always attached to quality projects. Prometheus was very good and handled the Alien connection respectfully and not overbearingly like some would have liked. The last thing Ridley Scott wanted was to have another alien killing astronauts story and you have to respect that. It left enough questions for you to think and try to come up with solutions yourself. Is this not how Clarke and Kubrick ended 2001…with a huge WTF? Not trying to compare Damon to those legends but where are all the comments ripping on Clarke and Kubrick as “hacks”?

        • I do, but I always got bashed because of it XD

          About Lindelof I don’t know much but in general i’ve got to say Lost left me pretty dissapointed

  17. I saw the Prometheus Blu-Ray firs script development dokumentary, that would have been some movie. It would have been a good direct alien prequel, but with enough freshness. But then came Lindeloff. Good that he’s off.

  18. This guy is a terrible writer. He did a hack job on Prometheus and it shows. Ridiculous plot devices and twists throughout, not to mention the awful, one dimensional characters. I’m glad he won’t be involved in the franchise any further.

  19. Based on the comments here we should be getting tons of the best sic-fi anyone has ever seen in the next year or so…I mean, you guys criticizing Lindelof are obviously super talented screenwriters right??

    Here’s the facts…he and Carlton Cuse oversaw Lost from season 1 and turned it into a TV classic that will be discussed for years to come, regardless if you liked the final episode or not. Personally, I loved it. He also wrote Star Trek for JJ Abrams and that movie was also a massive critical and financial success. To quote Captain Pike…”I challenge you to do better.”

    • “Based on the comments here we should be getting tons of the best sic-fi anyone has ever seen in the next year or so…I mean, you guys criticizing Lindelof are obviously super talented screenwriters right??”


      Do you need to be a cook to recognize when food tastes bad? Do you need to be an architect to know that collapsing walls aren’t the best basis for a building? Do you need to be a carpenter to recognize that nails sticking out everywhere aren’t a sign of for good craftsmanship? Do you need to be a Captain to know that ramming the jetty isn’t good seamanship? Do you need to be a doctor to realize that someone who is coughing his lungs out is sick? Shall I go on or did you get the point?

      • No, I guess you just need to be a neck beard at a keyboard…sigh

        • The funny thing is that you call us fanboys further up, even though it takes to be a fanboy to look past all the majore flaws in his writing.

          How about you take part in the discussion in a civil manner instead of insulting those who you disagree with like a neckbeard would? Can you do that?

          • “Lord Bloodraven” sounds like a true keyboard warriors name! All behold his wrath, or else he may smite you with a magical piece of qwerty dexterity.


      • Lostwinchester,I tried to come up with my own anwser to Bloodraven ,but damn it, you said it all and so much better.

    • ”I challenge you to do better.” No dude, you have this all backwards. The real question is, just how talented is JJ Abrams?

      If we had a contest, to see who could write the worst Star Trek script, but the scripts were all terrible, so instead we threw them all down the garbage disposal, then the drain would get clogged up. We’d have to call a plumber.

      The plumber would root up a whole wad of rotting food and hair and mixed up Star Trek vomit and snot. Then we could tie up JJ Abrams and force him to eat that mess, like a really nerdy version of Se7en. The real question is, what would JJ Abrams defecate?

      He would defecate a half-way decent, entertaining Star Trek movie. That’s how talented JJ Abrams is.

      • ” The real question is, just how talented is JJ Abrams?”


        Alias was alright,
        but mostly just for Garner IMO.

        The writing seemed pedestrian and the concept of the show wasn’t original or anything.

        I turned off his star trek movie after 20 minutes.
        I thought it was terrible.

        He’s better then lindelof
        but thats like nicer then Hitler.

  20. The second I read he was involved in written Alien : Engineers I new it was bad news . and look what happened he 100% wreaked Prometheus , you can not have one writer from a already established science fiction movie franchise write a film for one of the best and expect him to have good intentions , ultimately he sent out to change the entire script into something of his own , away from as much as possible from alien with no respect what so ever , and with his grine and smile towards future sequels been driven further away from alien is more or less single handily proves his intentions were not for anything good , great for the alien sage . I will not support Prometheus 2 I will not be , completely lied to from ridley scoot again ( yes ridley I got your letter in my blu ray alien anthology about the prequel on to paying for a film in theatres that is not what you promised , and to clear thing up a script was already finalize called Alien : Engineers which is online , and the truth about this whole marketing charade , manipulation into tricking everyone into watching something else , more in line with star track which sucks , shame on use two . . .


    • totally..

  22. An I the only one reading between the lines?

    He was unofficially dropped, simple as that.

    (This is irregardless of my opinion of the man, his work, and his ego.)

    • Yeah, I got that from it too.

    • But who would drop him?

      ridley doesn’t care enough to drop him.

      If ridley knew a decent script from a hole in the ground he would have dropped lindelof before he ruined prometheus.

      I think it has more to do with lindelof choosing on his own to “slip out of town” after the crime.

      He knows that he wont be able to pull same clumsy ruse twice in the sequel,
      so he’s off to try and pull it again down the road on another project that he hasn’t already tainted.

      • Maybe saying ‘dropped’ is the wrong choice of words, it was probably made clear to Lindelof that he hadn’t lived up to the expectations that Prometheus brought with it and nobody was going to fire Ridley Scott from the series he engineered (no pun intended) so from the writing on the wall Lindelof knew it was best to fall on his sword and bow out to make everybody happy.

        I will say this, however: Prometheus’s failure should ultimately lay with Ridley Scott. If he had any idea what made Alien, or Blade Runner, work as films he would have sat Lindelof down, gone over the script and said, the reason my first film worked is because we didn’t do a, b, and c like everybody else. Nobody forced Scott to settle for a watered down sci-fi/horror film script full of cliches and characters whose actions made zero sense time and again. If they were going to fail with Prometheus they should have just gone for it and failed spectacularly rather than with a whimper.

        • Boy that beautiful trailer sure had us all fooled though…

  23. Boy I´m glad Lindelof is out of the picture. Lost Finale was a fiasco. And though I loved Prometheus it had more plot holes than a Sesame Street episode.

    • I can see how prometheus could be enjoyable on a superficial popcorn level if you dont take it seriously.

      Unfortunately being a lifelong Alien fan since I saw it in the theater,
      I cant do that.

      Alien has stood up to discussion and critical analysis for 30+ years.

      prometheus fails even mildly critical analysis before the halfway point of the movie.

      But I’m also glad that you and many others where able to enjoy it anyway.

      I cant begrudge that at all.

      • Actually, if you level the same scrutiny at Alien as many seem to find fashionable that they did at Prometheus there are equally as many ‘daft’ plot contrivances. Care to justify how the crew of the Nostromo were that half-witted to not immediately find Ash suspicious after Kane’s death considering he had him under constant observation and didn’t notice a foot long creature inside his chest or Ripley’s motivation in setting the self destruct sequence after finding Lambert and Parker dead instead of heading straight for the escape shuttle. Truth is there is just as much to nitpick in that classic you’ve fawned over for the last 30 years as there is in Prometheus. You just happen to give a free pass to one film and forget about problems with the other.

        What irritated me about the over reactions and incessant nitpicking of Prometheus is that there were complaints about things like faster than light travel being a totally incredulous concept and testing the limits of the audiences suspension of disbelief when absolutely none of this kind of thing was ever a problem for the first Alien film. Prometheus might not have been the outright classic masterpiece everyone was hoping for, but I’m certainly not going to slag it off for basically being what I’d call a decent film.

  24. “There are few writers in Hollywood who receive as much attention, respect and admiration as onscreen actors. After serving as the head writer on ABC’s LOST for six years, Damon Lindelof (love him or hate him) became such a writer.”

    • ^^

  25. good!!! prometheus was a lovingly-crafted fantastically well-directed and acted film that turned out garbage because of its abysmal script this guy should have handed his salary for this film straight back!!! how is he getting any more jobs after this massive failure of a story

  26. Prometheus was the single biggest disappointment this year. I’m amazed that it took him a year to write the trash that became the story. At no point in 365 days did it occur to him that a trillion dollar (according to the character played by Theron) space mission would carry a less idiotic crew? Every few minutes the characters did something stupid enough to pull me away from the story. Taking your helmet off on an alien world just because it has O2? That’s just too stupid to believe.

    I had no idea who this guy was. I enjoyed Star Trek. I’d hate to think that there’s a good possibility that its sequel will be something equally ridiculous.

    • Umm regarding taking the helmets off the ‘pups’ scanned the atmosphere and Ford reported that the air is ‘cleaner than Earths.’ So the scene intimates that the Engineers had technology as good as Weyland tech and because nothing happens when they do take off the helmets that the aliens are very similar to humans if not maybe indigenous to Earth!

  27. The best reason not to make a sequel is that the film Prometheus was so bad it doesn’t deserve a sequel. Prometheus was one of the most disappointing films I can recall (Burton’s wretched remake of Planet of the Apes and the 1999 remake of the Haunting vie for absolute worst remakes). The original Alien was brilliant, but all of Prometheus’s promise was squandered.

  28. I hope he never writes a film again. The setup and ideas for Prometheus were as obvious as you can get. The film tried to come off as art but merely resembled a siamese twin of Independence Day Meets Armegeddon, two of the most overrated cartoons in film history. I mean, what real characters don’t flinch when they are about to smash their ship into another? They men were just another version of the GI Joes we see in every overbloated summer film. Bring back Veronica Cartwright for some real acting. It was all fake macho huffing and puffing. There were very few real emotions in this film which undermined the power of the beautiful imagery.