Ridley Scott May Film ‘Prometheus 2′ in Australia; ‘Blade Runner 2′ to Follow

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prometheus 2 start date1 Ridley Scott May Film Prometheus 2 in Australia; Blade Runner 2 to Follow

20th Century Fox has gone ahead and staked out a March 2016 release date for an “Untitled Ridley Scott Project” – in other words, the filmmaker is going to begin shooting some new movie soon, probably well before the end of 2014. The most likely candidate to be Scott’s next feature is Prometheus 2, though of late there’ve been signs that a Blade Runner sequel will follow shortly thereafter. According to the latest report on Scott’s various doings, that is very much the plan right now.

We got an update on development for the Prometheus sequel two months back, with the news that Michael Green is currently revising the script for the project. Green is also writing the new Blade Runner installment, though based on what we’ve been hearing of late, it sounds as though Prometheus 2 will be the next Ridley Scott science fiction movie to get made – in part, because the film starting production start during the 3rd/4th quarter of 2014, might work best with costar Michael Fassbender’s fairly-packed work schedule.

Scott is currently paying a visit to Australia, and there’s video footage and photos of the filmmaker arriving at the Sydney airport to prove it. The reason he is there – or so says The Daily Mail - is to scout for potential filming locations to use on both the Prometheus and Blade Runner sequels; on top of that, Scott is reported to be looking to reach a deal with Screen Australia – one that will allow him to shoot Prometheus 2 in the country beginning this year, followed by Blade Runner 2 in early 2015.

Naturally, you should take a grain of salt with these unconfirmed claims about why, exactly, Scott has traveled Down Under; though, at the same time, they don’t seem unreasonable. Case in point: Australia has become a more popular location for producing Hollywood tentpoles in recent years; not only did such recent big-budgeted titles as The Wolverine and The Great Gatsby shoot in the country, but right now both the mythological blockbuster Gods of Egypt and the Dwayne Johnson disaster flick San Andreas are in production there as well. Moreover, it’s possible that some of the more uninhabited areas of Australia would serve Scott well, in order to create and depict certain unusual settings featured in his upcoming sci-fi franchise installments.

Blade Runner Ford Gun Ridley Scott May Film Prometheus 2 in Australia; Blade Runner 2 to Follow

There’s at least one setting featured in the Blade Runner sequel that – as described by Scott – takes place in a “vast farmland where… you can see for miles and it’s dirt, but it’s being raked,” which is a location that could easily be created by shooting in select regions of Australia. The film’s producing studio, Alcon Entertainment, has already made an unprecedented public offer for Harrison Ford to reprise his famous role as Rick Deckard; by the looks it, then, the folk backing this particular Scott project are looking to get the ball rolling on this one soon (which makes a 2015 filming start date seem like a feasible possibility).

As for Prometheus 2 (which is not the official title, at this time): the sequel to Scott’s quasi-Alien prequel is expected to follow scientist Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and the android David (Fassbender) to the home-world of humanity’s “creators,” a.k.a. the Engineers – a home planet that could potentially be “played” by the wild areas of Australia, much like Iceland was used to create some of the other-worldly geography in Prometheus. This is all speculative, of course, so stay tuned; by the sound of it, we might be getting more official information in the months ahead.


We’ll keep you posted on the status of both Prometheus 2 and Blade Runner 2.

Source: The Daily Mail

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  1. As excited as I am for a Prometheus sequel ‘PARADISE’? ‘Alien: Zero’ would also be a cool title… IMO – I hope they take their time and make it epic instead of rushing it out just to meet a deadline and to work around Fassbender’s crowded schedule.

  2. Cant wait for Prometheus sequel. I loved the 1st, despite any flaws. The whole idea of finding out creators, and figuring out why they did and why they wanted to destroy us… so great.

    • Same, I loved that aspect of “who created us and why did they try to kill us?”.

      It does have flaws but I feel the people who genuinely hated the film clearly didn’t understand the movie and should stick to toilet humour “gross out comedy films” instead since they’re more on their intelligence level (see Black Pegasus comment below for more IQ lowering nonsense).

      • Did you know that name calling and using insults is a sign of low intelligence.

      • I’m failing to understand your thinking that anyone who hates PROMETHEUS should stick to gross out comedy films and toilet humour. Judging people on their IQ because of their valid opinion and then putting them in a category is kind of 1 Dimensional thinking.

        Prometheus does have it’s flaws and many have said so. The ideas in the story and script are great but unfortunately are not PRESENTED as brilliantly on screen as they could have been.

        Ridley Scott is one of my all-time favourite directors I love his movies I’ve seen Blade Runner and ALIEN over hundred times since their release and in their many formats. I love The Duellists, Black Rain and Black Hawk Down – Ridley is a master of screen thrills and style.

        When I watched Prometheus I was disappointed not just because because of my expectations but also because it was neither thrilling, or tense and it’s ‘intelligent’ comments on the origins of life were hardly original.

        I’m a great fan of the first two ALIEN movies, ALIENS being one of the greatest sequels ever made in my opinion (James Cameron is another of my all-time favourite directors and he really expanded the ALIEN universe and set a benchmark). When I Compare Prometheus to those two classics, it seems rushed and very dumb in comparison.

        Also I would like to point out that people who like toilet humour and gross out comedies can quite likely have a higher IQ than yourself.

      • It’s because I understood that I found it interminably boring. I did watch it a second time to see if there were any redeeming features, alas, I didn’t. And the chestburst at the end? I thought I was watching a reboot of AvP.

    • Yeah, I liked it too. I’ve re-watched it a few times, even if I’m not sure why.

      Definitely had some flaws (Scientists petting alien cobras?) but I’m looking forward to the sequel.

      • Lol, yeah there are plenty of flaws in Prometheus. One of my favorites is: Scientists get lost in alien cavern despite the fact that one of the FIRST things they did was use droids to map the layout.

        I am still looking forward to the sequel though, I’m a sucker for big budgets and “meaning of life”/”beginning of man” type stuff.

  3. How can Scott possibly clean up the hot bag of sh*t left by the first Prometheus film?

    • With either a bag and his hand or one of those pooper scoopers, not too complicated of a solution there pegasus, not too many poop handling methods I know of

    • I’m thinking he can’t clean up the mess – Prometheus is there whether he does a sequel or not – I’m hoping he can at least try a clean up by doing a special directors edition of PROMETHEUS. However unless he can illogical character moments and somehow miraculously stick a 20 minute nail-bitingly thrilling ending into PROMETHEUS to match what he did in the thrilling climax of ALIEN, I don’t think he can fix it.

  4. Pwomepheus…
    I have the engineer black suit figure.

  5. Prometheus 2 cannot wait! I know the problems with the first but it was something new to the alien stories and had a lot of good stuff as well and i am excited for what we may get to see on the engineers home world paradise.

  6. I hope Prometheus #2 is better than #1, which left me a bit disappointed (crtainly not up to the standars of the first two Alien movies). But, I will give it a chance. So off to Australia we go to toss a shrimp on the barbie, and don’t step in the ‘roo poo, mate!

  7. I really like Prometheus and I’m just glad Ridley is doing Sci-fi again.

  8. While the original Alien flicks pretty much NAILED the horror sci-fi genre (thus redefining it perma-like), Prometheus is a completely different beast. It tackled themes about the soul, human capriciousness & its crazy link with wealth, power & legacy, beautifully juxtaposed with the much simpler, soulful & more relevant theme of Family (ie; in this film, father daugher (Vickers-Weyland)- in turn itself contrasted with a “synthetic” father son relationship (David & Weyland). Scott tied standard sci fi themes of horror with that of the search for the Origin of Life. Over & over again, the film lays out a theme only to serve up a contrast to it, or swing it back the other way…

    I digress a bit; mainly, the thing about Prometheus that struck me is that although it wasn’t the kind of “scary film” that Alien is, it is the kind of terrifying film that Alien is not. Terrifying in the sense that the horror resonates as real (for me anyhow); even if you’re a staunch unbeliever in Alien (origin of)life, the film presents a plausible theory of how un-heavenly-like our origins might be. And THAT kind of shakes me to my core. Add to that the overall design of the film & you have a movie that I can’t watch more than once or twice a year cuz it just fraks me up so much. Prometheus is the first flick to give me nightmares (on & off for weeks to a few months after seeing it) since the early 90′s.

    Bring on Those (Evil…) Engineers! (And my qualudes)

  9. Hope to see maybe a queen engineer or whatever you might call it just a female version. would also love to see a female version of the predators, and a king version of an Alien a new genetically altered creature with new features and abilities.

  10. Not excited about either. Prometheus was one of the most disappointing movies in the past 5 years and blade runner just does not need a sequel. Ridley should just do another aliens movie and stop with this BS

    • Firstly, Prometheus technically was another alien movie. Secondly, the next 2 will prob bing more elements of Alien due to the fact that this is more or less a pre-trilogy to the original alien movies. I respect your opinion, but I for one love that they are making it more than just another Alien trilogy, and adding the age old question of where an why were we created

      • The ‘where and why we were created’ is already answered in Prometheus. But to me it didn’t really do the film any favours as it was not presented in an interesting fashion.

        There is the question of ‘why the Engineers want to destroy the human race’ (but Ridley already answered that in an interview by saying he deleted the bits out where we discover that Jesus Christ was an engineer and the whole thing was revenge for his crucifixion). Hence the importance of scenes where you see Shaw is holding the crucifix in front of the mirror etc

        While the story ideas are GREAT, the film just didn’t live upto them and wasnt as dramatic or thrilling and the whole thing was nowhere near in the league of ALIEN and ALIENS.

        It’s what happens when you have great ideas and then start cutting and removing them – you take away the very ideas that are interesting.

        Another example of the bad logic of this movie – in the climax Shaw has 2 minutes of oxygen left, she sees the spacecraft up ahead (more than two minutes away in the state she is) as she is injured and exhausted. Yet she makes it to the craft and climbs in before her air runs out.

        You can overlook the logic in that scene for cinematic reasons, then she discovers that the Engineer is also onboard, what we then get is the super-strong and intelligent Engineer getting fooled by the ‘monster in the closet’ trick which is silly as this thing is from a race of beings who are supposed to be the fathers of the human race.

        The fact that the ‘Engineer chasing Shaw’ scene is over in seconds and we don’t get the brilliant chase and hide sequences like the climax of ALIEN and ALIENS just feels like a let down and the whole thing seems unsatisfying.

        • Lets not forget the dumbest bioligist ever

          • Yes indeed the biologist was truly dumb. Also the dumb logic error in the fact that a super race like the engineers who created the ALIEN goo and the human race, if they truly wanted to destroy the human race, why didn’t they do it already? Why wait for Shaw and the Prometheus to come to Lv223? They know where Earth is so why didn’t they just destroy it? It was these illogical plot errors at the back of my mind that stopped the movie from being a tense thriller and turned it into an expensive sci-fi b-movie, at no point was there any suspense or suspension of disbelief.

      • Appreciate your view too sir. Maybe i just set the bar too high.

  11. The further they move away from alien the better

  12. Something I wasn’t a fan of is that the movie puts a considerable amount of effort NOT connecting to the Alien universe, but now hopefully, they’ll take the chance to answer ALL of the questions they left unanswered, and finally bridge the two series.

  13. Even though I’ve had my issues with Prometheus since seeing it in the theater I’m still willing to give the sequel a proper chance. I just hope that this time Scott sticks to the plan and makes a proper Alien prequel.
    You can still answer all the questions raised in the first film while making a Sci-fi/Horror film that can be seen in the same way as Alien and its sequels.

    Blade Runner on the other hand I’m not so sure about.
    I’d watch it but I can’t see myself being as excited.

  14. Please don’t do this Ridley don’t rape may childhood.

  15. I have always felt the original Alien and Blade Runner could have existed in the same “universe” and similar times mainly because of the some of the same graphics and tech used, but I know Alien takes place around 2122 and Blade Runner takes place in 2019. That is only a 103 year difference. Prometheus takes place in 2093, which is 74 years ahead of BR. So it would not surprise me if Ridley Scott decided to make both clear in both sequels that both “universes” do overlap.

    The Prometheus blu-ray does have an easter egg that ties the two movies together: “Amid the special features on the disc fans will find a letter supposedly written by “Prometheus” corporate figurehead Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) in which he clearly refers to his “mentor and long-departed competitor” which could only be Eldon Tyrell (Joe Turkel), CEO of the Tyrell Corporation in “Blade Runner””

    And if Michael Green is writing BOTH scripts, then that would certainly make it easier to accomplish this “cross-pollination”, right?