‘Project X’ Sequel will Continue the Party

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Project X Sequel Project X Sequel will Continue the Party

Opinion about the found-footage party film Project X is so divisive that it nearly tore apart our Screen Rant Underground podcast team. One look at the film’s Rotten Tomatoes scores further evidences a sharp divide between critics who detested the movie (read our scathing review) and average movie goers who enjoyed it for what it was: a crazy party caught on film.

But studios measure success squarely in dollars and cents, and after Project X‘s $20 million opening weekend, Warner Bros. has determined that a sequel is worth making.

THR has the exclusive that WB is moving ahead with a Project X sequel; the studio has already tapped the writers of the first film, Michael Bacall (21 Jump Street) and Matt Drake, to work on a treatment for the second film. Producer Todd Phillips will be the one responsible for deciding if that treatment is good enough to move on to the scripting stage.

No word yet on WB’s plans for bringing the Project X cast back (or not). THR couldn’t confirm whether or not the starring trio – Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper and Jonathan Daniel Brown – have option deals in place for a sequel, but considering that they were virtual unknowns before the film, they don’t exactly have a whole lot of leverage when it comes to negotiating a bigger salary for a second go-round.

Project X sequel Cast Project X Sequel will Continue the Party

Bring back the original cast? Or bring new faces to the party?

Also in question is whether a sequel film would follow in the found-footage format of its predecessor. The smart money is on WB continuing with found-footage, as it is cheap to produce and has the potential to net a wide profit margin. Whether movie fans will still be open to the format (which is not without some inherent problems) remains to be seen, as found-footage has been in danger of being overused lately, thanks to 2012 films like Chronicle (a good use of the format) and The Devil Inside (a terrible use of the format).

Personally, I think the studio would be smart to go with a new cast of fresh-face actors and a new story about a different crazy high school party. The characters of the first film were an issue for many viewers (particularly Cooper’s foul-mouthed hype man, Costa), and weren’t particularly beloved or memorable. Furthermore, Project X was about the party┬ámore so than the lives or emotions of the characters; so long as the event itself stays at the center of this of event film franchise, we’re fairly certain that people wouldn’t miss the original cast all that much.

We’ll keep you updated about the status of the Project X sequel.

Source: THR

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  1. Leave the same cast but make the pre party scenes longer

  2. Get a different cast, keep the found-footage format, and have a little more about the before and aftermath.

  3. i think they should make the next movie, that would me awesome, and leave the same cast, becouse now it should be at coustas house

  4. I liked costa. He mad this film funny.

  5. YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE CHARACTERS!! THEY WERE PERFECT FOR THIS MOVIE. If you put new ones in its going to suck! It’s like mean girls 2, mean girls was an amazing movie people still watch it today (like project X) but they put new characters in for mean girls 2 and it was horrible nobody talks about how good mean girls 2 is because they changed the characters!!! If you do this to project X it’s going to be like mean girls 2… DON’T HAVE YOUR MOVIE LIKE MEAN GIRLS 2!!! USE THE SAME CHARACTERS!(:

  6. Keep the same characters! It wouldn’t be as popular to use a cast they weren’t already familiar with.

  7. I think they should keep the same cast members aint no party like a thomas kub party

  8. Bring it back

  9. I think they should keep the original cast from the first Project X. No one will enjoy the sequel if its with new faces, since fans are already used to thomas, j.b., and costa.

  10. Project X was a really good movie, and changing the characters would be a really stupid move. Although, I don’t think it would be anything like mean girls whether or not they decide to change the characters.. Because it wasn’t the characters that made Mean Girls 2 bad.. It was the acting overall and the plot for the movie. No one can go wrong with Party!

  11. Best Movie ever! Epic \m/

  12. I say, pick up where the story left off, otherwise you just have another “party on steroids” film, like Porky’s 2 or without the original cast,it would just be junk….just saying.

  13. Hey, just curious, but are high school women so bold at parties these days? Way back when, when I went to high school, nobody took their shirts off at a pool party or chicks making out with other chicks, or having intercourse as sort of a birthday gift…..man, if i could just start over

    • I graduated high school 5 years ago, and while our parties weren’t as “epic”… There was lots of intercourse, nudity and girl on girl!

  14. They should have costa or thomas come back. It should be thomas or costa at another high school teaching a group of peoplehow to throw an awesome party. Kirby and dax should be back too.

  15. They should have costa or thomas come back. It should be thomas or costa at another high school teachingpeople to do an awesome party. Kirby and dax should be back too.

  16. Leave the same characters but they should be freshmen in college

  17. Keep the same cast but have them thro a college party. Cuz it wuld be better then then makeing it with a different cast or a lost footage.

  18. I really hope they use the same cast. Like REALLY REALLY BAD.

  19. If you ditch the ORIGINAL CAST,people won’t be as excited. LEARN FROM OTHER MOVIE’S MISTAKES. The 3 main characters were perfect. DON’T be stupid and lose them. And if you do change the actors,let’s see if they can bring you $20 million first box office week again. **If you have a good recipe, don’t change it.**

  20. Keep same characters but I would surely like to audition for one of the parts and be part of the cast of Project X.

  21. The character “Costa” is what made the movie.Every movie needs atleast 1 memorable character that will return for a sequal of any movie that is made..Say they use an all new cast,I probably won’t be as interested as I would be to see what happened to the guys.

    • I agree with you “Costa” did make the movie and they should not have a new cast because it just wont be the same with out them….

  22. I just watched Project X again, I changed my mind, they don’t need the same cast….Although it would be nice to continue the story, the aftermath.

  23. I love the movie project x so much that me a my friend cant stop watching it. I think it would be a good idea if you keep the original cast because they movie will not be the same with out the cast of Project X. I also think that you should make the party scene a little bit more longer. Please keep the original cast and do not get a new cast please.

  24. The party was the star, those actors were just background noise….Great soundtrack, hot women, and we watched as the party got bigger and crazier.

  25. everytime a sequel is made with new characters 99.99% of the time it sucks in my opinion its just not the same. this sequel needs to start wher it left with costa telling the news lady “how about i invite you to my next party” and have him in college throwing a huge huge party at his place this time. AND JB AND THOMAS SHOW UP AFTER NOT SEEING EACHOTHER IN A YEAR though there has to be something to worry about to make it interesting, like thomas worrying about his parents finding out… PLEASE I BEG DO NOT CHANGE THE CHARACTERS!!!

  26. I’m not sure if they can use the same cast. Thomas was convicted for disturbing the peace, contributing to the delinquency of minors and inciting a riot, Dax is under investigation for the disappearance of his parents, J.B. is considered “special needs” and Costa is awaiting results on three separate paternity tests. Plus after the movie says J.B. was unfit to stand trial it says, “The charges were dropped, but he was forced to ride the short bus for the remainder of high school.” After the movie says Thomas was convicted it says, “He was also voted ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ by his classmates.” I assume that means they are no longer in High School. So if they threw another party it’d have to be a college party and after Thomas was released from jail.

  27. A new cast would be fine, just make the movie already!!

  28. Till the break of dawn yo! I think the same cast should make an appearance, and they should be the “college” kids that go to the high school party!

  29. keep the cast but use them as people who were invited in the party and get a new cast to start the party; people would be glad to see the original cast aging but if you keep putting them as the main characters for the movie then it would turn out as hang over and people are tired to see the same plot for every movie.