‘Project X’ Sequel will Continue the Party

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Project X Sequel Project X Sequel will Continue the Party

Opinion about the found-footage party film Project X is so divisive that it nearly tore apart our Screen Rant Underground podcast team. One look at the film’s Rotten Tomatoes scores further evidences a sharp divide between critics who detested the movie (read our scathing review) and average movie goers who enjoyed it for what it was: a crazy party caught on film.

But studios measure success squarely in dollars and cents, and after Project X‘s $20 million opening weekend, Warner Bros. has determined that a sequel is worth making.

THR has the exclusive that WB is moving ahead with a Project X sequel; the studio has already tapped the writers of the first film, Michael Bacall (21 Jump Street) and Matt Drake, to work on a treatment for the second film. Producer Todd Phillips will be the one responsible for deciding if that treatment is good enough to move on to the scripting stage.

No word yet on WB’s plans for bringing the Project X cast back (or not). THR couldn’t confirm whether or not the starring trio – Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper and Jonathan Daniel Brown – have option deals in place for a sequel, but considering that they were virtual unknowns before the film, they don’t exactly have a whole lot of leverage when it comes to negotiating a bigger salary for a second go-round.

Project X sequel Cast Project X Sequel will Continue the Party

Bring back the original cast? Or bring new faces to the party?

Also in question is whether a sequel film would follow in the found-footage format of its predecessor. The smart money is on WB continuing with found-footage, as it is cheap to produce and has the potential to net a wide profit margin. Whether movie fans will still be open to the format (which is not without some inherent problems) remains to be seen, as found-footage has been in danger of being overused lately, thanks to 2012 films like Chronicle (a good use of the format) and The Devil Inside (a terrible use of the format).

Personally, I think the studio would be smart to go with a new cast of fresh-face actors and a new story about a different crazy high school party. The characters of the first film were an issue for many viewers (particularly Cooper’s foul-mouthed hype man, Costa), and weren’t particularly beloved or memorable. Furthermore, Project X was about the party┬ámore so than the lives or emotions of the characters; so long as the event itself stays at the center of this of event film franchise, we’re fairly certain that people wouldn’t miss the original cast all that much.

We’ll keep you updated about the status of the Project X sequel.

Source: THR

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  1. They have to keep the original cast, that’s a DEMAND! it wouldn’t be the same.

    The trio was great Thomas, Costa and J.B killed it, doesn’t get any better.
    Don’t bring a new cast, that will destroy the sequel. Trust me, I know parties, and that was great one with great characters.

    I would love if you guys contacted me to be in the next Project X. I fell in love with this movie. & every time I watch it, I just get so hype.. So if you put me in the movie.. I promise you, you won’t regret it

  2. I disagree with the remarks about the original cast. The movie wasnt just about a party. It was about 3 no bodys at a high school who wanted to be known.

  3. Project X was, in a certain light, a decent movie. It was a lot of fun, the “found footage” genre fit it well and Todd Phillips was the perfect person to be put in charge of a debauchery-fueled vehicle such as this. It was what the trailer promised “a celebration of bad behavior.” The characters ,however, were , by any standards, horrible. The best thing I can say about Thomas and JB is that they were forgettable. Costa was almost unbearable. Oliver Cooper’s motto seemed to be “if it’s offensive they’ll laugh”, which considering the film’s target demographic (as an 18-year-old male, I consider myself included in this) probably worked in his favor. But the only thing offensive to me about what he said was the complete and utter lack of humor in it. None of the laughs come from the dialogue or the characters (which is a shame because Michael Bacall did an excellent job on 21 Jump Street and Scott Pilgrim), the few laughs the film provided came from the shock value of the party. Plot-wise there is absolutely no reason to hang on the same cast and/or characters and given the results from the first one there’s every reason not to use the same cast/characters. I look forward to the sequel and am eager to see what they can do top the first one’s debauchery. But please, please leave this D-list Superbad trio out of it.

  4. Keeping the original cast is a must. If you change the cast change the name of the movie, it won’t be a sequel.

  5. They sould bring new faces then bring back the original cast and the original cast will help the new faces throw the party

    • Yes, great idea they should do that oosshhh can’t wait!

    • I agree so much, nice thinking.

    • I think that the original cast should be parents in the sequel and their kids should try to throw a party like this but maybe at a bigger scale like the whole town or maybe convince everyone to throw a party in the united states in their favor or name

  6. Keep the cast but maybe add some extra younger people like me. I fell in love with this movie and have watched it everyday since january 2013.

  7. stick with the old cast! but I think it nust be a GRADUATION PARTY! becasue they are seniors right?

    • Nope because in the credits it says Thomas was voted by his class as most likely to succeed so that means his high school career is done

  8. Foreal tho. I cant believe your saying the cast isnt memorable especially COSTA?? Costa was the sh*t and his hyped mouth made that movie 10 times better if you feel like yoir gonna get offended then dont watch the movie? But over all do NOT change the cast you will soley regret it and youll know as soon as you get the ratings when you mess up doing so.

    • Nothing that he said offended me. Nothing that he said made me laugh. I don’t get offended easily and when I do I like it. Way more “offensive stuff” is said in Judd Apatow movies (especially Superbad) and Kevin Smith movies and those are two of my favorite filmmakers. I’m a huge fan of “raunchy comedy” I but I like it when it most when it’s accompanied with some level of wit or intelligence. Costa lacked both those things, and therefore I didn’t think he was funny. In fact, if he had said some offensive things, I may have laughed a few times. But like I said, all the laughs came from how crazy the party was.

  9. If you get rid of costa then what’s the point just because some adults get offended doesnt mean anything its a movie for teenagers hense all the teenagers raging at the party if you dont like his “hyped mouth” then dont watch the movie simple as that. And doo noot get rid of the original cast members youll regret it when you get the ratings for the movie.

    • I wasn’t offended by anything he said, I just didn’t think he was funny. And by the way I’m pretty sure an 18 -year-old is still considered a teenager. Just cause legally adult (which I haven’t even been for a full month) doesn’t mean I automatically become some conservative parent figure. The point of the movie isn’t the characters, the point of it is the party, which was f*cking awesome and I can’t wait to see what they can do the make it naughtier.

      • *to

  10. I love the cast they should keep it and it be in college and they are in debt and are no ones and someone else has a bigger party in queens like how costa always talked about queens and they have the have a bugger party and like the guy at the end that burned down the neighborhood was still alive and he could come after and he is also the guy that thy stole the garden nom from and then they still have Dax and it can be at penn state(becouse they party alot) wait no there in debt so a cheep college but no close by pasedena and they guy Rick I think that called the cops try to get them too and crazy sh*t happens

  11. People would miss the old project x so much. Keep the old cast!!!!!

  12. You have to keep the same cast. After everyone sees that the first cast in it no one will come see it and you should know that ! The cast is in all of the teens heads now when ever we think of project x don’t change the cast

  13. Keep the original cast it won’t be the same the cast made the movies and getting a new cast just wouldn’t be the same and viewers will turn away from watching

  14. I think they should have costa making a party in queens and be even crazier :D

  15. I think they should have costa making a party in queens and be even crazier

  16. i loved this movie im 13 an d i feel in love with this crazy movie i would so awnt to be in this movie so please think about it

    • lol agree

  17. I think that you guys have to make a project x 2 with the same characters, the last 3 main characters weren’t bad opposed they where very good.

  18. I hope they make a project x two hope it’s legit movie was excellent! :D same characters dope! Please make a new one already I’m trig roving to see it! :)

  19. Bring in North Koreas dictator for the sequel.

  20. Is this still being developed? Or have they scratched it

  21. I’m a party guy… And this sequel must have the best music of party goers to be a success, ranging from hip-hop,rap(trap) and techno…a bangin party always has a bunch of party scenarios going on inside the house-outside the house n candid scenes going on in the rooms of the house, these pictures need to be captured equally so that the viewer can be well-aware of everything going on

  22. The original cast is just perfect. We don’t need a new set of fresh faces, new cast members always ruin the sequel

  23. i disagree costa is very memorable

    he is the most stupid boy from WB studios evar!!!!!!1

    so lets keep party until the break of dawn

  24. I really think this time they should do a college party so that it’s not the exact same thing. And college parties have a bigger chance of getting wild because liquor isn’t as big a problem with college parties as it is with high school parties which would feel more realistic to people watching. And definitely keep the O.G. cast!

  25. They should keep the same cast members because i f*cking love project X everytime i watch i feel like its my first time watching it but they should add me in it because id be a awesome addition to the group

  26. The casting of the movie was great. To often in movie sequels we change the characters, they were perfect. To give the movie a new interesting twist u should infuse the adult group from hangover. Let jb be the nephew of allen in hangover who visits him and decides to throw the next epic party.

  27. Please put me in movie I swear to god u want be sorry my dream is to be in a movie like this please put me in it