Professor Xavier In New X-Men Origins: Wolverine TV Spot

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x men origins wolverine professor x patrick stewart Professor Xavier In New X Men Origins: Wolverine TV SpotProfessor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men and the school for gifted children, plays a part in the newest TV spot for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Patrick Stewart, who plays Xavier in all of the previous X-Men films, lends his voice to narrate the ad and help tie the Wolverine-centric prequel into the rest of the franchise. I wonder if he’ll do the same for the upcoming X-Men: First Class film? I find it difficult to imagine someone else playing the role. Perhaps they can use that de-aging technology that they employed for X-Men: The Last Stand.

Watch the video and see what you think:

For a higher quality version, check out Facebook.

The short trailer also provides some new scenes that we’ve not seen in previous teasers but it also displays some of the poor CGI. The scenes with Gambit doing crazy acrobatics and Sabretooth running like an animal through the school after Cyclops look awful to me. Why didn’t they use some wire-work like they did with Nightcrawler in X-Men 2 so it looks at least somewhat realistic?

I hope that turns out better in the finished film.

What do you think of the TV spot and will you be seeing this movie next week?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine finally opens next Friday, May 1st and I’ll be there.

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  1. The Nightcrawler wire scenes in X2 are awful, too. I was NEVER happy with that opening sequence in the white house.

  2. I thought it was pretty well done and at least it was a real person, not a CGI’d ragdoll that doesn’t move like a person does, lol

  3. Its nice to see Stewart back as Xavier because we all know how Kofi’s boy Ratner ruined the next fillm and Stewart’s charecter. Still though because of the X-3 screw up I don’t know how they could tie all of them together. What do you think Rob?

  4. Its nice to see Stewart back as Xavier because we all know how Kofi’s boy Ratner ruined the next film and Stewart’s character. Still though because of the X-3 screw up I don’t know how they could tie all of them together. What do you think Rob?

  5. The Ratner doeth, the next, possibly good, director taketh away.

  6. You know what I want to see, Quentin Tarantino direct a Wolverine movie in the time line of him in Japan. I think Quentin did an awesome job with Kill Bill. Plus if he got his hands on the film, it might actully show some blood and crazy fight scenes. I mean come on, why does Wolverine not have blood on his blades after he stabs someone?

  7. @ Drew,

    Several directors passed on Wolverine because Fox wouldn’t let it be rated R for obvious financial reasons. For that reason I don’t think Tarentino could direct another Wolverine film (although that would be cool).

  8. @ Mike,

    lol about Kofi. That’s probably why he’s here making fun of the opening sequence in X2, to make X3 look better ;)

    None of the proposed movies are to take place after X3 so they’re looking at it like the end of the story it seems (a very crappy end). Everything that’s in development is a prequel of sorts so they’ll tie it in by having the origins characters in the First Class who’ll end up being the predecessors of what we saw in the X-trilogy.

    The real issue is that because each successive film is pushing further and further away from the source material, by the time we get to first class, it won’t be the same characters from the comics.

    We already know that since First Class is a prequel, it cannot have Iceman or Angel in it – meaning, it’ll be missing 2 out of 5 characters from the comics. Stay tuned for more on the First Class Roster!

  9. Damn you Rob!! I read the title to this and got excited thinking that Capta…I mean Patrick Stewart was actually going to be IN Wolverine as Xavier!! Damn YOU! LOL!! :P

    Stewart was PERFECTLY cast as Xavier, I don’t think anyone could have done it better. I’d love to see him IN First Class reprising his role. To use anyone else would almost be a slap in the face to the fans.

  10. awesome

  11. How much are you all willing to bet that Nightcrawler, Iceman, and Angel will be in this movie, as well as Gambit? Fox Studios are a bunch of idiots.

    I thought the initial scene in X2 with Nightcrawler was fantastic. It showed just how good that character could be.

  12. it funny how many people believe that rebooting the franchise will “save” xmen films when you can always look at the films as a reboot of the comics

  13. SPOILER ALERT (added by Screen Rant)
    professor charles xavier is also in wolverine, but even patrick stewarts 5 second appearance cant save this picture

  14. Are you serious???? PLease tell me your kidding, did you really watch the bootleg and fuc***g spoil it for me marvin?

  15. marvin,

    a “spoiler warning” goes a long way man

  16. Fox angers me.

    i hope i can at least enjoy the fact that some of our fav. heroes brought to actuality.

    and tolerate it Long Enuff to get thru this film.

    before i critisize the Hell out of it the next day.

    this is Like the 3rd time They changed Gambit’s eyes

    My Question is WTF happen to Nightcrawler from X2-to-X3?

  17. i feel this one wont be as good as the original xmen movies 1 and 2. just doesnt seem to have the same Qaulity that bryan singer brought to the pictures, i also think the story wont be as good.feels abit rushed to me. Hollywood needs to stop ruining franchises.

  18. brodie,

    nightcrwler isnt in x3 b/c in the video game(in nightcrawlers storyline) that he doesnt like the violent lifestyle of the xmen and quite.

    the studio always was gonna give him a small role in x3, but felt it was unecessary to go throught the long hours of putting on the make-up so they cut him completely from the film.

  19. oh that Sux

    thanx Matt
    and it was probly for tha better.
    god only knows what they would have done with him in X3

  20. i apologize, but not like its a big secret anyway.

    i watch finished version couple of days ago. i also got hold of “the other” version after that just for reference sake.

    im just saying that folks around here should seriously lower their expectations

  21. @marvin..

    Dude, if the movie hasn’t been OFFICIALLY released and there are people that WANT to experience it on the big screen, then announcing something that you watched ILLEGALLY is a big deal. It sure would have been a nice surprise to see that in the theater!!

  22. @ Brodie & Matt,

    Yeap, the tie-in game explains Nightcrawler’s disappearance from the films but the reason they went with that story line is because they knew they had to bring in Beast for X3 (they were desperate to get the original five characters in somehow and actually wanted Angel and Beast in X2).

    That would of meant too many visually mutated folks (that all happen to be blue) in the film: Mystique, Nightcrawler and Beast. At least, that’s what the producers say.

  23. rob,

    thanks for clearing that up for me, lol thats the last time i use wikipedia for anything.

    but w/ or w/o nightcrawler x3 still sucked(imo)

  24. speaking of visual characters,there are a few i would love to see make it into the x-men films. for first class i would love to see beak he groqs into a great character and when they said he would be in wolverine i was ampt then let down when it turned out the guy was bolt.also chamber who shoots fire from a hole in his chest from were his mutant powers explode and rip his jaw off would be a great story.husk who is a really cool chick with interesting powers to rip her skin off and under it is a new form every time like metal,wood,(etc).angel salvador a bug girl who falls in love with beak,glob herman who was in x3 a wax man who can set himself on fire and throw it at people,these are some characters i really hope to see in first class whether its small roles spin off cameos or sequels. i also want to see apocalypse in the magneto film,and would be nice to see sinister in first class as well, and the sentinels should be released by william stryker.

  25. WHOA!!!!

  26. @rob

    have you or Vic heard about this

  27. @Brodie

    Yeah, this is the actual source:


  28. From IMDB it’s self::Does Prof. Xavier make an appearance?

    “Yes. After the Three Mile Island incident he arrives in a helicopter and takes the young mutants that were imprisoned by Stryker with him. Patrick Stewart reprises his role in this cameo.”

    It is himself, just with a ton of makeup on, so there!

  29. i like wolverine and i like all of the x-men films but can we get more support from fan’s of the x-men to introduce some new different x-men characters, wolverine is great, i love him but he is not the only member of the x-men and i would like to see the producer’s add some new hero’s . the iceman character was pretty cool and i would like to see x-men fight mr. sinister because he is a formidable enemy.