‘Prisoners’ Spoilers Discussion

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Prisoners Movie Spoilers Prisoners Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Prisoners review, this is the place where you can discuss Prisoners spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Prisoners for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Prisoners runs 153 minutes and is Rated R for disturbing violent content including torture, and language throughout. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. Saw the movie last night and thought it was superb! Love that they don’t dumb down the clues so that we can easily figure things out.

    Does anyone know that snakes and mazes (labyrinths) are occult symbols? And that the priest, and later the old woman, both say “waging war against God”? The old woman actually says, “we are waging war against God to make people lose their faith.”

    I think that Keller has been targeted most of his life to make him lose his faith in God. As a teen, his Dad committed suicide and was found by Keller (news article on Loki’s computer). Yet, he remained faithful. Then, when his daughter goes missing, again that might have made him lose his faith, but he doesn’t. He was shown praying again when he had Alex locked up in the closet.
    Just my observation…

    • I believe this movie’s allegory is that of Thor, Loki being the detective obviously and Thor being Keller. Norse mythology has the two helping and arguing all the time. As well as mazes being guarded by snakes and trolls with the women to be rescued in the center. The journey through the maze to test ones faith, characters would either gain it or lose it. I believe the dead man with the maze pendant was the troll and the evil woman the serpent. There is also a story of Thor being poisoned by a serpent after defeating it. Also a story of Thor’s cave and being stuck and of Thor and Loki calling to each other with a whistle. Also Thor’s fight with the Boatman, Alex Jones being The Boatman, the RV being The Boat. Not sure what the suicided Father is in terms to Odin, but I suppose it is tied in with his castle being the Keller’s condemned house.

    • 100% on point he never broke faith even till the end when he said god please save her and Loki did….

      • Loki saved her not a deity. It’s a movie about prisoners. One way to look at it is that Keller’s prison is his obsession with a god which has led him to many extremes in his life. Almost all of the other characters are also stuck in prisons – metaphorically and/or physically.

  2. I really enjoyed this movie, but it almost makes me mad. There are so many parts in this movie that could’ve changed for the better. When Keller (Hugh Jackman) drives off near the end to Holly (the kidnappers) house, he gets caught himself and is forced to crawl underground where he is trapped. When Detective Loki goes to Hollys, after killing her, he hears a whistle which we know is Keller signalling for help from underground. The movie then ends and the viewers are left wondering wether they find him or not. If Keller would’ve told the police Holly was the kidnapper, he wouldn’t have gotten trapped and possibly die underground.

    • he also could have reversed the car at speed & knocked Holly to the ground

  3. @Sharone ..
    I just want to leave a message for you as regards to your comment, which might as well help you figure things out.

    For #1: That’s the answer. He, Alex, wasn’t able to help Keller after what “he has been through”. You would not know how people, in trauma, would think (i didn’t mean anything bad for people in trauma)

    For #2: Keller, I think, did not do anything against the woman as he was trying to know where his daughter is. Holly is the only person who knows where the girl is for she was the culprit in the first place. Remember when Keller says, “Let me see her,” – which explains it, he begs. If Keller had her killed, there “might” be no ways to knowing where the girl may be, which complicates the situation.

    For #3: “Maybe”, I think just “Maybe,” Bob Taylor was not even abducted by the couple. He was just a copy cat of the Invisible Man. As far as I can remember, it was not even shown/said in the movie that Taylor was kidnapped. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    For #4: I agree with you about that. They could have just had a better conversation then.

    For #5: There’s “if” in your statement so we’re not pretty sure if they did use the RV. So, let us leave it behind. There are many ways to abduct helpless kids (sorry for the terms used)

    For #6: Those stuffs are just Bob Taylor’s ideas I think. I previously said that he was a fake kidnapper trying to impersonate someone from the book. So I’m guessing snakes and mazes were both from the book.

    For #7: He didn’t understand that the guy from the priest’s place was a kidnapper from the past. Here’s what I think, Loki have gone to where Alex was found due to the assumption that it is where he may find Keller (he was chasing him). Then, after the “finding of Alex”, he was instructed to go to the Jones’ to report about the incident. When he finally got there, that’s the only time he learned that the guy from the priest’s basement was the biggest clue to the mystery. I mean, Loki have not gone to Jones’ to arrest Holly, but to inform her about Alex.

    That’s all. I am not claiming that everything I said was true and correct, I just based those things from what I understood. With all humility, I hope this helped.
    And for those who haven’t watched the movie yet, I recommend this one if you want to test your brains.
    I would also be glad for some replies if you think I was wrong. I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys!

    • i don’t agree with you with #3 she said while she was talking to keller about the kids that’s they kidnapped and the names of them .then she said i wasn’t remember bob Taylor until i saw the newspaper ‘ its soo clear
      but what’s made me crazy that’s what happened to the other 24 kids / and if they killed them why they kept bob and Alex alive
      and how just how bob taylor had stolen the same clothes that the girls wore and how did he knows what’s the girls was wearing ‘ that’s means that every family had a couple of each peace of the clothes it’s crazy ‘the parents of both girls had known whats the girls was wearing last time they saw them (i’m talking about the pictures of clothes and fulled of blood) that the families recognize that they the girls cloths .
      and what about the maze that they give to every kid !!!!!!

      • They where not the same clothes the girls had on at the time of the kidnaping, bob broke in to the girls parents home and stole some of their clothes and the parents identified the articles as belonging to there kids, do you know what socks your kids had on last week ? I don’t think so, you probably did not see what socks they had on all week. But if you saw a sock that belongs to one of you kids especially a pink one with a bunny on it and a cop asked you if it belonged to your child and you know it does, of corse you would say it his/hers.

  4. Nokki: the abductor told the daddy the Taylor boy was one they abducted but there had been so many she couldn’t remember and she had forgotten about him until she saw him in the news. He was “Barry”, the woman who lost her kid in her front yards child. I think he was just so warped from being taken.. But as I write this, I wonder how he got away? Hmm

    • @April
      I think you are referring to Alex. Here’s the abductor’s line:

      “The look on your face (talking to Keller – the abducted child’s father). My husband used to have the very same look until we took Alex. He was the first kid we ever took. His name was Jimmy. Or Barry. Can’t remember. Doubt he can, either. So many names. Forgot all about Bobby Taylor until I read about him in the paper.”

      There, the couple did abduct Bob Taylor – it’s clear to me now. But, I agree with you that it’s unclear how Bob Taylor has escaped (or freed?). Thanks anyway! =)

      • Bobby escaped the same way Joy did…….she figured out the maze. And if Keller would go to jail after rescue so should Franklin and his wife. They did both help or know about the torture of Alex. great movie tho…..Mad respect and love for Jake and Hugh. Also mark walberg for producing a master piece!

        • OMFG! No one figured out the maze as it was impossible to finish. They each escaped.

      • What I understand is that they take the kids for approximately 3 weeks while making them drink that concoction they made to erase memories before releasing them on their own. Alex was one that they kept. I think drinking the concoction not only erased the memories (or prevented them from making any), but in addition I think it begins screwing up their develoment (which explains why both Alex and Barry where “out there”.) I also think this occurs because at the end of the movie the daughter still seems out of it. Now she didn’t drink and suffer from the concoction for weeks on end which is why she wasn’t completely looney; just enough to need a week to maybe get back to her ol’ self. This makes me assume that most of those children died in the process of lone survival. I think they kept Alex because it was a time when their child died of cancer and he was the first child they ever took which may have influenced a bonding between them. I think Barry was either released after weeks of being abducted, or was thrown into the maze (which I presume is beneath the property where Keller had to drop into) and found his way out. I lean more to the idea that Barry escaped from the maze on his own because he seemed infatuated with the maze (as you will recall all the maze drawings in his house). Something that perhaps turned into a PTSD and coupled with the concoction he was forced to drink.

        • riiiight….u may be trying too hard here.

  5. I don’t know

  6. I think that the detective did a bad part, by not searching alex’s house after his arrest. He simply just interviewed his mom and didn’t search anywhere around the house looking for clues. He might have found clues from there… just saying. Other then that good movie.

    • yo Nick ! I had the exact same feeling. And i am so disappointed at the ending . Why wouldnt the director let that guy escape :( sad that he kept up the suspense !

  7. I think that were keller is under the car is actually part of the maze. Possible heaps of tunnels that might even lead to under the priests house?

    • There is no physical maze! The only mazes are those in the books that the victims were given. They were told that they could leave when they completed everything, but one maze could not be solved (thus, they were never allowed to leave).

      • thank you!!! for petes sake…these people are impossible. enough with this whole “real maze” infatuation! theres no physical maze. so just stop. they did not intertwine in a series of tunnels. they didnt lead to the basement of the priests house. no. just no.

  8. Bob did not scaped. He finished the maze so he was able to leave.

    • No, he didn’t! The maze could not be completed.

  9. so Bobby Taylor is the weirdo w the snakes and the clothes and the mannequins?

  10. so bobby taylor is the weirdo w snakes and clothes and who committed suicide?
    oh … so that’s why he was trying so hard to finish the maze. he was crazy.

  11. so the bobby taylor character – i don’t understand his character. why would he want to deflect attention away from holly (aunty). do you think he was so abused and so far gone he was doing this independently – holly didn’t seem to know what had happened to him, as she said in the end she forgot about him. so that makes me think his behavior was just whacked abused behavior. thoughts?

  12. @Matt no one solved the maze … it was not “solvable”. How can you praise a movie as a “master piece” (the word is “masterpiece” … and I do think it qualifies for that label) and miss this very key plot point? It strikes me that you’re just trying to be an intellectual, but lacking basic intellect; you’re what one would term a psuedo-intellectual. (And that’s pronounced “sue-doh”, not “suede-oh”.)

    • Pseudo…by the way.

      • hahahaha! well done. love when people go on rants (no…really….i do). if youre going to do it though….please leave no room for criticism from others.

        • I don’t know whether to say touché or mea culpa. I should check my spelling before ranting at other people. Sorry about that!

      • Guilty! I have read so many stupid comments from people that I was determined to comment and came off looking like an a$$, thanks to my typo. I’ll have to be more diligent next time.

  13. What an Amazing movie ! But i have a question .

    Why wouldnt the director finish the movie saving that guy in the tunnel ?It would have been little relieved after being so tensed 2.30 hours . I feel so so so disturbed ! Couldnt sleep !

  14. I’m sorry, but you all need to understand that this movie is terrible. It’s beautiful, with it’s superb filming. However, it is much too long, there is a complete lack of anything learned by the characters (amazingly we don’t even see much change in Dover, a prime candidate for change), and the connections made are actually somewhat simplistic. Yes, they are made difficult to pick up on, but they aren’t exactly hugely surprising when revealed. And really what a waste of time and a character is bobby. To not even explain his role or what the invisible man play in the overall storyline and to treat it like a side note was a huge mistake. A troubling, flawed film. I do love jake G’s performance though.

    • @Tom
      You can’t expect to have your hand held through out the film. There were parts that should have been explained a little more. Other than that you have to figure it out.

  15. The movie was fantastic. But why did Joy look at Keller and say “you were there… you taped her mouth????” and then he ran? I cannot figure that out!

    • She didn’t. She said, “You were there. It put tape on our mouths.” (Or something very close to that; but she did not accuse Dover of the taping.)

  16. What about the truck that she drove around the back of the property to hide? I just knew the police would find it and assume Hugh would still be there.

  17. I am very confused as to why Viola Davis’s character and Terrance Howard’s character are not prosecuted for being accessories to Alex’s kidnapping. Did anyone else see this as a plot hole?

  18. @JS – Why is this a plot hole? Was anyone charged with respect to Alex’s kidnapping? A lot of things are left without being neatly tied-up … this includes, just in case you didn’t notice, Kellar Dover (Hugh Jackman’s character) being left in the hole when the screen went dark.

    • Loki heard the whistle. We know once he heard it he would not rest until he found the source. He wouldn’t just walk away and say, “oh well, can’t figure that one out.” We can all sleep well knowing that Heller was found. It is implied as Loki becomes more certain that he did hear the sound and starts to move toward it. Regarding Joy’s parents, they would be in trouble too, but not as much as Keller. They would probably get off with something light for their testimony against him.

      • Note to Fans Loki never lost a case…. He’s batting 1000… Keller blowing the whistle … Meant Loki was bound to find him

  19. Oops, sorry for the typo. Heller should be Keller.

  20. I’m still confused what it says on Detective Loki’s hand? His tattoo on his hand almost looks like it says Maze…

  21. Joy was found and brought to the hospital. Keller comes in and she says something to the affect of him being there when they put the tape on their faces? What was that all about?

    • Joy said that because when Keller had visited Holly (the Aunt) the girls who were in the other room, which they were drugged, but some what awake heard Keller’s voice talking to Holly. Therefore that is why she said, “You were there…” Also Keller knew what Joy was talking about because he only visited one place that whole entire time they have been missing.

      I would also like to point out Alex has the IQ of a ten year old. When Alex said, “They didn’t cry until I left them.” to Keller, Alex didn’t mean it in a cruel way that Keller and anyone else would have taken it. Since he is basically mentally a little kid, he meant that he probably kept Anne and Joy somewhat safe and made them comfortable since he probably got along well with the two little girls.

  22. I just want to tell WTF? why the movie ends with Hugh in the hole, when the movie ends i was like “pokerface”… can anyone explain me why did the detective did not looked under the car or beside whatever. He actually heard the whistle…. and… taraannn “Prisoners”. I must say I wait until the credits had finished, hoping that Hugh was saved but it wasn’t.

  23. I absolutely HATE the way that movie ended. The father was the only one trying to find his daughter and actually found her but he didn’t even get to see her!! It really was a big let down B/C the movie was good but not the ending. I can’t even recommend it B/C if the way it ended. Just made everyone mad!!! Especially if you have children

  24. @Brooke – Do you need things delivered to you on a silver platter when watching a movie? Can you not use your imagination and assume that Loki heard the whistle and found Kellar alive.

    Why don’t you say away from films like this and enjoy an Adam Sandler Film Fest?!

    • Pseudo. Dummy.

  25. Was bob taylor helping holly? He was getting socks from the parents house. Or was he just doing that on his own. Alex obviously knew where the kids were because he drove them to the house the aunt said.

  26. Holly goes and tries to kill Anna because she heard Loki coming. She looked out the window when she was in the kitchen and heard the car noises.
    Joy says “IT put tape on our mouths” I watched the movie with subtitles.
    Keller knew it was Holly because it couldn’t be alex, he was in the bathroom all locked up and Holly was the only one in the house.
    I think when Alex says “I waited and he never came back” he could be referring to bobby, who was also kidnapped by holly (verified by the detective and holly’s words) perhaps alex and bobby were playing when bobby escaped.

    • -Was Bob pretending to be the kidnapper? (stealing the clothes and covering them in pigs blood) his role is still confusing to me
      -How did he have a key to get in to the Dovers house?
      – Why didnt alex just tell Dover where the girls were? Why Did he hang the dog by the leash just before singing the song the girls had been singing ?

      Great Movie!

    • Note to everyone holly drove …. The RV she said it her self all Alex did the RV is sleep holly made that clear

  27. Please make prisoners 2 we have to see what happens next

    • There is not going to be a “Prisoners 2″; I repeat, there is not going to be a “Prisoners 2″. Seriously, people; please stop asking for one!

      Can people not see that they’re now a prisoner of this movie? They have to think now … about what happened to Dover and, assuming he’s found alive, whether or not he got prosecuted, etc.

      Stop needing everything handed to you on a platter and enjoy the movie for the great work of art that it was.

      • i hate you.

  28. A few questions….

    Why did Taylor go and steal the girls’ clothes out of their homes? What importance were they to him?

    When Joy was in the hospital mentioning that Keller was there, she said he put the tape on them. Also, what was up with the scene where a man(presumed Keller) was chasing them when Joy escaped?

    Why did Alex crash his RV at the beginning?

    So did Alex or Taylor have the incident with the snake when he was younger? My understanding was that it was Alex, and if that is the case, what was up with Taylor’s obsession with snakes?

    Thought it was a great movie at first. I started getting antsy towards the end. Could have been shorter, for sure. I also thought there were too many lose ends that weren’t addressed. Taylor’s character didn’t play in the story as well as it could have. I don’t think Alex was as innocent as he led on. I think a lot of it was an act. I do believe he was a victim and suffered lasting effects from his past experiences. I don’t remember there being any references to an underground maze. It looked like Joy escaped from the house. Interesting twist with it being the ‘aunt’. Definitely think the movie had potential to be amazing, but the story just wasn’t as tight as it could’ve been.

  29. Dorver is found by Loki at the end. He won’t be going to prison because he was right about Alex’s knowledge of the girls’ whereabouts.
    Alex is guilty. He is a part of the kidnapping.
    He would threatened to sue the police for not following up with Alex’s whisper to Dorver (“..they cried when I left…”). They probably make a deal at the end so neither Dorver or the police face trouble. End of story.