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Prisoners Movie Spoilers Prisoners Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Prisoners review, this is the place where you can discuss Prisoners spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Prisoners for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Prisoners runs 153 minutes and is Rated R for disturbing violent content including torture, and language throughout. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. I have to re-watch the movie -but I suspect Holly’s husband was the mystical “Invisible Man” that was never caught. Improbable as it may seem, he went to the priest to confess. When he admitted to the priest that he would continue to kill children, the priest killed him and dumped the body in the basement. The man with the snakes and bloody clothing, I suspect, was a victim of the Invisible Man – possibly leading to his snake obsession. I do wonder how the snakes and the mazes were involved. Also, possible that Loki was a victim as well. As far as the girl escaping, she may have been lost for several days in the woods before she found someone to help her. There were so many twists and nuances I believe this is a movie I will watch several more times. Although I don’t think a second movie is necessary, I could see a prequel (not sure about that spelling) or another movie based primarily on Loki. As far as the whistle, being in a weakened state, Keller would have an easier time blowing the whistle than exerting the energy needed to shout loud enough to be heard. I really can’t see Loki as the killer, but I could see him as a child victim or having a sibling that was a victim.

    • It’s probably safe to assume that Holly’s husband, or the two of them together were “The Invisible Man”. It was stated in the movie, by Holly herself, that Bob Taylor (the snake and bloody clothes guy) was abducted by them earlier on in his life. I’m not entirely sure where the idea of Loki being associated with the kidnappings (or any involvement besides being a detective) comes from, though. If there’s any evidence of that, I must have missed it. Please do tell. The snakes were involved because Holly’s husband used to raise snakes, and the mazes were involved because of the pendant Holly’s husband wore around his neck.

  2. guys i think i figured out sumthing. loki has to be a part of this missing kidnapping thing. not saying hes a bad guy but the opposite!

    i think that loki was once victim, heres reasons why.
    if u remember when loki goes to this old ladys house that her child was missing for 25 years. she says to loki long before his time.
    now im sure loki is older than 25 years but im thinking that he also was kidnapped as a child and been through every thing that the girls was through and alex.
    as u can see how alex turned out pretty dumb and has an iq of a child. now im thinking loki escaped just like joy. now what makes me think that he was a victim is because of these reasons.

    his eye twitch – this could be an side effect he got from drinking that drugged juice and what not.
    his fear of snakes – the scene when he goes to that guys house and opens the black creates he gets really scared. i know people are scared of snakes specially when surprised but just the way he reacts to them it seems like its a memory fear
    his tattoos look closely of his tattoos. theirs symbols and letters im thinking they a masonry symbols maybe they are against the maze group s***.
    also theres letters on his fingers spelling maze in different style lettering. im thinking he got that because of a memory type thing. cant really explain like when he got abducted the kids was talked about the maze and thats where he got that from.

    some people are saying loki is on the aunts side about all this and reason for him solving all his cases is because he already knows.
    i think hes not because at the end he puts everything together, the maze picture, the maze pendant, the aunts house the pendant on the husband on the picture.
    if he was with the aunt on this why would he figure all this out then shoot her and saves the child?

    like i said i believe he was a victim and as he detects more he starts putting it together.

    • I didn’t think Loki seemed overly scared of the snakes, quite the opposite, in fact. I was wondering what the tattoos on his fingers were, but he definitely had an actual Mason ring on his finger throughout the movie. I definitely didn’t think Loki had anything at all to do with it. When it all dawned on him at the end, looking at Holly’s husband’s picture, I think the momentary look on his face was him kicking himself for not remembering it from when he had been there earlier in the movie. I’m still a little lost as to any clear evidence of him being a victim, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind during the movie, but I suppose it’s possible. I’ll certainly pay keep an ear and eye out on the next watch.

      • I agree,I don’t think Loki appeared to be scared of the snakes AT ALL!

        I would have been ten times more afraid and would have probably fled that room much quicker ; !!!!!

        Mainly, when he discovered the first trunk full of snakes, WHY didn’t he at least quickly push the lid back down with his boot instead of leaving the crate wide open to allow all the snakes to all crawl out immediately all over the place???!
        If hed at the very least pushed the lid back down he would have maybe gained some time, maybe enough to check out the rest of the crates/trunks before the whole room got swarmed with dangerous reptiles!

        His reaction seemed illogical and certainly didn’t show a particular fear of snakes-far from it!!!
        IMO he didn’t even show the basic precaution warranted when faced with such dangerous animals!

    • When Loki pushed the priest’s head over the basement he said something about having spent several years in a boy’s home or something like that where he was at the mercy of the priests, so he would love to have a reason to hurt this priest. He was using it as a threat to get him to talk. I took it to mean that he had been abused by the priests. I didn’t ever think Loki had any part in the kidnappings.

  3. Alex and the maze guy are connected because they both were tortured by holly and husband. If you caught it there was a maze book by joys head when she was laying down that said “if you finish the maze you can go home”. Alex and the maze guy both had to do the same thing as far as being tortured.

  4. How come no one mentions the fact that Keller put his cell phone which he answered in the sink… Wouldn’t they be able trace his cell phone to the house…which will help everyone believe Keller will be found.

    • Yeah, I was wondering about that. I would have guessed that he would press the Answer key and then drop the phone. He then coughed and made noise so I thought that was for whomever was calling could hear noise and yes, eventually track him.

      I thought that was a plot hole….

  5. There’s 2 points of question I have that no one seems to be touching. First, who is the guy in the news article that commits suicide. It mentions a guard commit suicide & he worked with Keller. Second after Keller drove out to the psycho aunts house & he’s kidnapped she moves his truck to the back yard. It troubles me that all the police combing her property after her death don’t notice a flippin big ass truck of the missing guy. What a bunch of clowns. Also Loki isn’t part of the kidnapping. He me mentions being apart of the same church as that killer priest while arresting him. But I don’t think he was part of crap.

    • The man in the article was Keller’s father. And Keller inherited that abandoned house from his father

    • They may just not have gone into detail about where or how far she took the truck. While I wasn’t really into the idea of Loki having been a victim, of some sort at least, when he was younger, you do bring up an interesting point. The priest wasn’t a part of the same church necessarily, but a clergyman at the boy’s school (or orphanage possibly) that Loki grew up in. The whole reason he was at that priest’s house was because he was still checking up on the list of local sex offenders. That makes it reasonably possible to assume that Loki may have been a victim of some sort of abuse, most likely at the hands of a priest at that school (not Father Dunn, for certain though). I don’t think he had anything to do with Holly and her Husband when he was a boy, though.

    • I think the guard who committed suicide was supposed to be kellers’ DAD,from whom he inherited the old building, who also brought him up with some pretty odd/rough guidelines-IMO kinda weird- like preparing for all that End of World stuff/hunting/stuff in basement etc.
      =all in all the dad was somewhat strange and probably had a few secrets of his own (like was HE ever involved in any odd practices at the Boys reform school he worked at ?in the kidnappings ??maybe ???? ???just wondering?)

      Why do I think the guard was keller’s dad ? = Because when keller attacked the retarded kid(forget his name-Alex?) in the police parking lot when the kid was released from jail the Police chief lectures Keller afterward in his office and basically says “im letting you go this one time-because of the circumstances(kid missing)and because of your Dad who was a Guard ” implying that the dad was part of the LE brotherhood or was perhaps an old friend of the cops/chief or something along those lines….
      I only saw the movie once(amazon rental) and now wish I had bought it so I could go back,there are several scenes that id like to watch over,like that one….If you still have a copy, check that scene out?

      • It was definitely Keller’s dad, it said so in the newspaper article Loki was reading on his computer. Then he went to the address in the article and found Keller (lying on the floor pretending to be drunk).

  6. Very cerebral film indeed. When Keller confronts Holly with his daughters abduction, why didn’t he try to use his own abduction of Alex to try and bargain with her? If I was desperate and looking down a gun I would hope maybe trading the life of Alex for returning Anna may have been an option.
    Also, you think the police might have caught on that Keller wasnt worried about Alex’s disappearance!
    The workers didnt hear Keller under ground because the light were runn8ng on generators. You can hear them droning down as they walk away…then the whistle is audible. He has too be weak and nearly frozen by this time.

  7. Yes when the cell phone was put down the sink I agree they would either be able to trace its location or hope it would ring when loki arrived. Another setup that goes nowhere.

  8. It’s hard to believe that a guy of Hugh Jackman’s size and physical ability could not disarm a little old lady…

  9. Ok why do I feel ultra superior to everyone or maybe I misheard or made stuff up while watching the movie. Doesnt Holly confess to kidnapping, with her husband, both Alex and ‘Taylor’ maze guy? Alex and maze guy were both accomplises knowing what their kidnapping parents were up to and both inherintly taking on there ways. Taylor was creating a maze by going into kellers home and taking the socks, dropping one, so he could deflect the kidnapping of Anna. Alex, by admission of Holly saw the girls and let them into the camper but Holly made them stay and become prisoners. Alex wrecked with guilt ran and crashed the RV bc he knew exactly where the children were. Holly seemingly has no idea that her husband was killed by the vigilante priest and she thinks he just left and she is continuing his legacy. The torture of Alex is completely justified even though he was a victim of Holly and her husband bc he knew what was going on. His torture of animals and singing of songs is how he is damaged by these horrible people. The little kid on the trike in the video is Alex or Taylor or maybe neither but Alex clearly has a connection to the house. Reunited with his family in the newspaper makes me think he was reunited with the lady playing the trike video.

    • It was very evident and blatantly stated that Holly and her husband were the abductors. Loki saw the pendant necklace on Holly’s photo of her husband standing in front of the RV proving to Loki that Mr. Jones/Holly’s husband was the man that was killed by the priest. Holly said that her husband “ran off” in her first scene and then said that she wasn’t able to abduct as many children after her husband went missing in the scene with Keller near the end.

      The maze guy (Bob Taylor) was re-enacting the abductions and killings of the children. He escaped or was rescued as a child and had nothing to do with the actual child abduction of the Jones’. He got Anna and Joy’s clothing when he broke into the homes. Taylor’s character development wasn’t in depth but he was obviously psychologically messed up beyond repair from the abduction. He was creating a scenario of him being the invisible man and that he actually got caught. That’s why he confessed to kidnapping and killing Joy and Anna. Alex (Barry) was kidnapped 25 years ago and I am assuming either due to trauma of the abduction or the mass amounts of drugs, he was mentally handicapped. Due to Alex’s handicap he was not intentionally an accomplice to Holly kidnapping the girls. Holly said that Alex wanted to give the girls a ride in the RV but it was her idea to “keep them”. This movie was very well written for the screen and the actors were phenomenal.

      Loki is an enigma and my favorite character. Nowhere in the film did it ever lead me to believe he was one of the abducted children. He was a troubled child that lived in the system. The visible tattoos on the neck and fingers I assume were supposed to be a reflection of checkered past. I don’t recall if it said why he was raised in the system? I don’t know if it was due to his own delinquencies or if it had to do with being an orphan? His lack of family and belonging may be why he joined the largest fraternity in the world, the Free Masons. He was wearing a Free Mason ring on his pinky. Additionally, I wonder what the meaning of his tattoos were? Again, I assume it has to do with the theme of the movie and his character.

      My main question is, did Loki find Keller, or did he die? At first Loki appeared to think the whistle was in his head. Then he heard it again and again. Other than that, I think I have a pretty good grasp on the movie.

      Great movie!!

  10. @Meg … you can get over the feeling of being “ultra superior” as your grammar and spelling betray your actual intellect.

  11. There is two things left to be answered?

    1) How do the guy with maze got joy and anna’s cloth?

    2) What Alex (bobby) means by that ‘he said he will come but he never come back?”

    • He grabbed them when he walked in the house and jumped out the window.

  12. I could have sworn that Hugh Jackman didn’t put his phone in the sink and managed to keep it in his hand that whole time. I was surprised that he didn’t call someone when he was in the hole and I also am no able to watch that scene again as I no longer have the movie. I’m guessing he puts the phone in the drain and I am putting something in the film that wasn’t there.

  13. I must seriously be missing something, I honestly have a lot of issues with the movie, I think a lot of things don’t add up.

    1) Assuming Alex was their first kidnapping victim – i.e. Barry of the trike video – why wouldn’t he want to help Keller?!?! You’d imagine that knowing what he’s been through he’d only want to help the girls. Especially when he told him “they only cried when I left them” – which I can only assume means, he was in a way their only comfort. (A kindred spirit). I believe that even if he thought the aunt was HIS only comfort in the world – he’d have come around. (I also agree with his mental capacity – a 10 year old child can’t withstand that kind of torture).
    2) It’s ridiculous that Keller couldn’t overtake the little old woman, even with a gun. He even could have done a quick maneuver and even gotten shot somewhere – but overpowered her and lived. He also had the opportunity to just hit the gas pedal with full force and escape with the car when reversing it. He also had a gun…before turning around and having the bag open in front of him he could have grabbed it. Also the cell phone….so many holes in the plot at this point that it’s absolutely ridiculous.
    3) Why would the aunt let Bobby Taylor escape knowing he could incriminate them? (Or any of her other victims at that?! She was pretty heartless – she’d have killed them. Likewise, assuming Loki was a victim…which I believe is a bit far-fetched, otherwise he’d have recognized her from the get-go).
    4) I also think for someone so at a loss and so emotionally invested all of Loki’s questioning was a bit superficial – especially of the priest. You couldn’t have gotten a bit more information out of him?
    5) If the girls were kidnapped in the RV – how was there no evidence?
    6) What was the deal with the mazes and snakes? I hate it when weird thing are written into a plot and then not explained. Either it has significance or it doesn’t…if it’s not important enough to dive into – then why include it at all? Eh. Silly.
    7) And I do agree with the bottom line (albeit a bit conveniently-timed) – that all of Keller’s effort ultimately had no influence on the outcome. Ok Loki arrived JUST AS she was drugging Anna – but he would have showed up there eventually. I think the “finding of Alex” was a minor detail to bring him there. He already understood that the guy from the priest’s basement was connected to the maze and story etc. etc.

    I don’t know – disappointing overall to say the least.


    • @Sharone….I disagree with your bottom line. I believe Keller’s efforts were pivotal in finding Anna in time. Loke didn’t want to go to Holly’s home but was ordered to go and let her know Alex had been rescued. Eventually Loki probably would have figured it out but not in time to save Anna. Even Joy’s escape was because Holly was distracted by Keller’s first visit when he mentioned mazes. She knew Keller was getting close to the truth. It’s too bad Keller and Loke didn’t share their information. Keller didn’t trust the police department for good reason. He could see the case was being flubbed up when there wasn’t surveillance on Alex or on Holly’s home. Also, Keller couldn’t just barge in and kill Holly. He had to determine first where Anna was. Until she pulled the gun on him he didn’t realize she was the main culprit. Another thing to remember, Keller was sleep deprived, had been drinking and Holly drugged him. By that time his judgment was in even a worse state then when he kidnapped Alex.

    • @Sharone..
      I just want to leave a message for you as regards to your comment, which might as well help you figure things out.

      For #1: That’s the answer. He, Alex, wasn’t able to help Keller after what “he has been through”. You would not

      know how people, in trauma, would think (i didn’t mean anything bad for people in trauma)

      For #2: Keller, I think, did not do anything against the woman as he was trying to know where his daughter is.

      Holly is the only person who knows where the girl is for she was the culprit in the first place. Remember when

      Keller says, “Let me see her,” – which explains it, he begs. If Keller had her killed, there “might” be no ways to

      knowing where the girl may be, which complicates the situation.

      For #3: “Maybe”, I think just “Maybe,” Bob Taylor was not even abducted by the couple. He was just a copy cat of

      the Invisible Man. As far as I can remember, it was not even shown/said in the movie that Taylor was kidnapped.

      Correct me if I’m wrong.

      For #4: I agree with you about that. They could have just had a better conversation then.

      For #5: There’s “if” in your statement so we’re not pretty sure if they did use the RV. So, let us leave it behind.

      There are many ways to abduct helpless kids (sorry for the terms used)

      For #6: Those stuffs are just Bob Taylor’s ideas I think. I previously said that he was a fake kidnapper trying to

      impersonate someone from the book. So I’m guessing snakes and mazes were both from the book.

      For #7: He didn’t understand that the guy from the priest’s place was a kidnapper from the past. Here’s what I

      think, Loki have gone to where Alex was found due to the assumption that it is where he may find Keller (he was

      chasing him). Then, after the “finding of Alex”, he was instructed to go to the Jones’ to report about the

      incident. When he finally got there, that’s the only time he learned that the guy from the priest’s basement was

      the biggest clue to the mystery. I mean, Loki have not gone to Jones’ to arrest Holly, but to inform her about


      That’s all. I am not claiming that everything I said was true and correct, I just based those things from what I

      understood. With all humility, I hope this helped.
      And for those who haven’t watched the movie yet, I recommend this one if you want to test your brains.
      I would also be glad for some replies if you think I was wrong. I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys!d really

      appreciate it. Thanks guys!

  14. Good movie, but I don’t understand the whistle issue: If Keller found his daughter’s whistle in the hole, why was the daughter still wearing the whistle around her neck when she was in the wheelchair in the hospital? The hospital scene took place before they found Keller in the hole with the whistle. Still confused.

  15. When Anna in the hospital her mom mentions to Loki that she bought her a new whistle.

  16. Sharone….. To answer your fourth question, I’ll say that clergymen, such as priest, have a right to refuse releasing information from a conversation had with someone seeking spiritual consult. This is a priests right even if the person in question has committed a crime. This legal right of a priest is very similar to that of a lawyer and their client.

    • As a matter of fact the priest is very wrong to reveal whatever he has been told during confession-not from a “moral” point of view maybe but from a strictly religious one, he would most likely be sanctioned by the Church by being excommunicated…..

  17. 1. Alex would not have helped Keller because he was pretty clearly suffering from some form of PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome. It seemed his only real connection was to the ‘Aunt’.
    2. If Loki was a victim, why wouldn’t he have known to just go to the hole in the backyard in the first place? The only weird thing is when the captain tells him to go to the house, he says “I’m not going back there” for seemingly no reason at all.
    3. Keller is not ‘overtaking some old lady with a gun’. He would be shot in the face, dead, and then how does that help his daughter?
    4. No one was released intentionally, one of the girls escaped when they were brought out of the hole by the ‘Aunt’ because she was lonely with Alex gone. The ‘maze’ (Taylor?) character also escaped, he wasn’t released.
    5. Keller is shown specifically throwing the phone down the disposal. That thing would be destroyed. There is no tracing of the phone, that is really not that simple to do, especially on a shortened time frame, these cops aren’t the CIA
    6. I think that the character who first escaped, with the mazes and body parts and who took the kids clothing was really just there to serve most of all as a red herring
    7. Clergy have privileged communication if it occurs in the act of confession. All of the state statutes are different but I’m pretty sure every state has a variation on that. It’s not like the priest could have told law enforcement.

    The only thing I question about the ending are some of Keller’s choices. When he gets to the house, he knows she is the one responsible. Why would he ever turn his back on her in the first place. Also, once she is pointing the gun at him, I kept asking myself why in the world he wouldn’t have at least tried to bargain with her by saying he knew where Alex was, and he would give Alex back if she gave him his daughter.

  18. I want a part 2.. I like the movie and their is more to this story… Hmmmmm

  19. Okay, this is what I can’t figure out… When Joy has the flashback of escaping, we see a figure who looks like maze boy grabbing Anna. This makes me think he was working with Auntie. The whole thing with him stealing clothes/pigs blood, etc I the other house was a ploy to make the police think he did it and leave Auntie alone so she could finish her life’s mission. He was kidnapped by her too, and is now helping her, just like Alex.

  20. The biggest concern for me was that in the hospital, Joy looked at Keller and said that he was the one who put duck tape on her mouth.

    • I’m quite sure that Joy didn’t say that. She said, ‘you were there’ and it put duct tape in our mouth. By it I think she meant that psycho aunt, who had put duct tape in their mouth when she saw Keller so that they couldn’t scream for help.

      • When Joy told Keller, “you were there,” she was referring to his first visit to the aunt. Since they were in the house at the time, she most certainly would have heard him, and she wouldn’t have been able to speak with the duct tape on her mouth. She was letting him know that he had been in the house where she and Anna were.

    • Yes,I heard that too…and she clearly said that keller was there AND that he had put duck tape on her mouth !!
      I,too, found that extremely odd .
      The part about him “being there” could simply mean that she had heard him visiting/ upstairs while she was being kept prisoner in the house but the part about the duct tape???THAT ,I really haven’t been able to figure out ????

      • Are you sure she said ‘he’ put duct tape? If I heard right she said, ‘it’, not ‘he’. Maybe I heard wrong, English isn’t my first language anyway.

  21. Okay so my opinion is that alex, bob & mostly holly had a part to do with this whole abduction / kidnapping.
    because, at first i was doubting bob about him being a suspect because of the clothes but then i thought he couldve bought them . but then i thought back and realized he broke into the house and took their clothes. wich explains the sock being in the dovers backyard he must have dropped it while jumping out the window . im going on a limb here but im thinking the maze does have more purpose then just a system holly (and/or) her husband used for kidnapping. i think maybe the maze couldve been where the girls were??
    some people were thinking that joy thought keller put tape on their mouths.
    but she meant when he was there either the 1st time or the 2nd time he visited she put duck tape on their mouths so they couldnt get found or scream for help.
    but i honestly did like the ending, they wanted you to choose the ending. i think loki knew keller was there but didnt help him because of the torture of alex. one part i dont get but im kinda guessing here so if someone could help me please respond. somebody said he was the milliand dude . but, when keller was scolding alex , he said he was not alex. but again the ending scene she said the 1st kid she kidnapped was jimmy. so that part im confused on.

  22. Does Bobby Oh know Johnny Wu?

  23. Does Bobby Oh know Johnny Wu? The movie was good.

  24. I get that Bob (maze/snake guy) was a victim of Holly. Does it ever state this in the movie or do we just assume because of the maze connection? And we never learned about anything about Bob’s family or how he escaped, right? Loved the movie, but still trying to figure out the whole maze thing. Did Holly (and her hubby when he was alive) tell the kids that if they figured out the mazes they could leave? Why was Bob drawing the maze in the police station? Was he trying to help or was he just crazy? And I still can’t decide if Loki rescued Keller or not. Hmmmmmmm…….I guess we are supposed to decide for ourselves.

    • I believe Holly says it herself that both Bob and Alex were victims. Alex (or Barry), at the end of the movie being reunited with his mother after 26 years. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember it being said that Bob had ever escaped. Alex was obviously extremely off mentally (I believe someone in an earlier post mentioned PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome, not to mention his mental state not progressing beyond a 10-year-old’s level). He was still allowed to leave the house and do whatever it is he liked to do, such as choking dogs. So he could have left. Bob was also clearly more than just a bit “out there” so to speak. I think he was in the same boat as Alex, there’s minds were just so warped from years of abuse that they were no longer a danger. Holly and her husband were all they knew in life. I do think Bob was trying to be helpful in the only way he knew how at the police station. He was obviously terrified of Holly and her husband and too far gone to provide anything beyond the whole maze bit. It certainly helped, though. I guess you never really know, but I think it’s safe to say Loki probably found Keller. I was a little irritated they didn’t finish that scene.

      My question at this point is did Alex deserve what Keller did to him (seeing as he knew where the kids were the entire time)and if so, does Keller deserve jail for it?

      • I rewatched the ending, and the detective guy who found The Invisible Man book at Bob’s house told Loki that Bob was abducted and escaped after 3 weeks. And Holly (when she had the gun on Keller) said she totally forgot about Bob Taylor until she saw him in the newspaper.

        I think Loki found Keller too. Some people think he would just let Keller rot for what he did to Alex but how could he even have been sure the whistling was Keller? He would have to check. And yes, I think Keller should go to jail for what he did to Alex. You just can’t do that to a guy whether he deserved it or not.

        • I do remember Holly saying she had forgotten about Bob. I must have missed what the detective said, but that clears it up. I don’t think Loki would have let Keller rot, either. He seemed like an altogether great guy throughout the movie. The captain kind of seemed like a *expletive deleted* kind of guy, though. Keller probably should have ended up in jail, especially seeing as how Alex was still basically a child himself, mentally at least. It was beyond brutal what he did to him. The only thing I’m thinking about now is why the newspaper article Loki read when he woke up in the hospital had Alex being re-united with his real family as the main story as opposed to the very small, corner article about him being methodically tortured for a week by Keller.

          • I agree on the article question. On a funny note was the article about the car accidents (no doubt caused by the crazy driving of Loki to the hospital!).

  25. Will there be a second one because of how the movie ended?

  26. Don’t look too much into the maze thing. The maze was a necklace the husband wore, and they gave the children the same unsolvable maze as part of there torture. There was no physical maze.

  27. A point I seen missed in discussion pertaining to Holly. She described she and her husband as true believers in a sense spreading the good word. They lost the first son to cancer. She than says that’s when they adopted Alex. We obviously know he was a victim of kidnapping. I took It as this is when they lost the faith in god. From this point they wanted to “wage the war against god”. She also stated that by doing these abduction’s they were shaking others faith and creating demons. I enjoyed the movie and the symbolism was strong and clever. The talk of Loki being involved….come on re-watch! Seems many people missed the scene with father whiskey bottle. Loki admitted to being in what sounds like a Catholic boys orphanage where molestation was prevelent. Jake did a good job showing trauma in his life with the tic in the eyes. Based on the opinions and takeaways I have read in this discussion. I can only hope that people were looking at a phone or chomping popcorn, if not we are all in trouble. Seriously!

  28. Holy crap! Reading everyone’s posts I’ve come to realize how tired I actually was on the plane when I watched this film! haha! I only came here to find out what the h*ll happened at the end because we were landing right at the point where the sweet little African American girl looked at Hugh Jackman and said ‘you were there!’. Talk about a wtf did I miss moment! After reading (most of) the comments here, I realize I need to watch this mov again because not only do I not have any idea wth you are all talking about with regards to the ‘think-ality’ of the film, I still don’t no what the sh*t happened at the end cuz all I saw was auntie shoot Hugh and Hugh jumped in a fng hole! Then the baby rescued. Well one thing is for certain, not a film to be viewed in FF>> after having been travelling for 22 hrs! Thanks everyone!

  29. Is it me or did they focus in on the hood of the Trans Am covered with snow at the end? We know th hood of a Trans Am can look like a maze. Any thoughts?