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Prisoners Movie Spoilers Prisoners Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Prisoners review, this is the place where you can discuss Prisoners spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Prisoners for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Prisoners runs 153 minutes and is Rated R for disturbing violent content including torture, and language throughout. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. Wow. Mcrae your deep. Also Infinitely I forgot about the dead man in the priest basement. That sure was Hollys husband. Dang I suppose it is better for the imagination. But it still feels like it show be a Prisoners 2.

    Will loki face his demons.

    Ana, look at the end …. she knows so much more.Unsatisfied especially with her beloved dad missing.

  2. Maybe there will be a follow up movie and the bodies of the children murdered 23 years before are buried in a maze? Surely there is more to the significance of the maze? I think it was a great movie and don’t understand why there is so much confusion.

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  4. I got most the movie accept the guy they t thought did it with the snakes, who was he and how did he fit into it? If it was the woman then i don’t get who he was or Also i think Loki should of found him at the end kinda looked like he did but why not show it?

    • The guy with the snake is bob Taylor was previously kidnapped when he was a kid by Hollys husband. Then Taylor got crazy and traumatized by what happen so he followed the steps of how Hollys husband killed children

  5. Why did Taylor confess to murdering the two girls when he actually didn’t?

    Also what really got to me was when it showed the sadistic side to Alex when he lifted his aunts dog up to choke it..obviously this connotes that he hates his aunt and she loves the dog and this was his own little way to vent his hate on her.

  6. What does not make sense to me is when an investigating team tries to excavate around Holly’s home to find Keller. They just start digging without examining the whole area. It is a stupid thing to claim that it is possible for the investigating team to miss the hole. WHILE IT ONLY REQUIRES SOMEONE TO BEND AND LOOK.

    • Did you guys watch the same movie I did?? 1st of all, every single character in the movie if relevant was explained. Second of all, it was not an obvious hole to find because it was covered by a wooden plank, and dirt, with a car that doesn’t look operational. Honestly, if he did not torture the dude he would have never found where his daughter was. Was he stupid??? YES Gun was the first thought that came to mind when I saw her hand. I did however want to see dad found as the officer clearly heard the whistle. … SN: surprised he is not dead and not already turned into a walker. xD

    • 1st of all, every single character in the movie if relevant was explained. Second of all, it was not an obvious hole to find because it was covered by a wooden plank, and dirt, with a car that doesn’t look operational. Honestly, if he did not torture the dude he would have never found where his daughter was. Was he stupid??? YES Gun was the first thought that came to mind when I saw her hand. I did however want to see dad found as the officer clearly heard the whistle. … SN: surprised he is not dead and not already turned into a walker. xD

    • They were searching for other bodies of children, not for Keller, nobody had any idea that he would be there so why look for him there?

  7. What does not make any sense to me is when an investigating team tries to excavate around Holly’s home to find Keller. How can they just start digging without taking a careful look around the place. And It is so stupid to claim that the hole is hard to be noticed; specially when you are required to do so.

    • the car looked abandoned. Would not have been the 100th place i would have searched

  8. What about the 1st seen, you know, the Our Father and the hunting… it’s seems to give us the key to understadn the movie, I mean, “to pray for the best and to preparae for the worst”

  9. I think there will be a follow up because they need to find keller and they need to explain who in the world was the guy they were chasing.

  10. Please, please, please … all you people who think that there is going to be a sequel … stop posting as you bring absolutely nothing to the table if you’re coming from that angle!

    Nothing needs to be explained (at least to people who paid attention in the movie). EVERYTHING PERTINENT is explained, in one way or another, in the film.

    • Ok , so can you explaine me in the scene when they were at the hospital the first time.The black girl said to the dad of other girl ” You were there , do you remember the tapes?” and she paniced out!? WHAT DOES SHE MENT? EXPLAINE…

      • easy. this is the reason he went to her house. he realized
        that she saw him and the only place he was at that she could have seen him at was the place he went after he left the hospital…

      • The little black girl said “you were there, it put tape on our mouths” this is the pivotal moment when he realises where they were being held…

  11. Just saw this today. Brilliant acting allover, have to say, but I couldn’t quite get the story! I mean, why at first place the kidnappings were there? I mean that aunt and her husband were kidnapping children for long, WHY? Just another pair of psycho or what? Anti God something aunt said….
    Secondly, that ‘maze’ guy, who killed himself, he was the actual child of aunt right? Cause when Alex was locked down by Keller, he was whispering ‘I am not Alex’. So that maze guy is the Alex or what?
    Another thing, that news Loki was reading on internet, that cop committed suicide or something, what was the relation of that with this movie? Who was that cop, that Mr.Dover?


    • Saurav-

      1) The Aunt and her Husband were just a bunch of psychos. Actually the Aunt was the real psycho because her husband (that was killed by the priest) had a tough time with it at first, as stated by the Aunt, plus he was confessing it to the priest so he still must of had a tough time dealing with it.

      2) The maze guy who killed himself was a boy they, Aunt and her Husband, kidnapped, but escaped 3 weeks later. He just could not remember because they drugged him with the drink. And I assume he was just really messed up by it. And he read that book that was the story about someone who that thought was the kidnaper but it really was not. He was a confusing character, but he was a victim in the story and had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

      3) Alex was another child that was kidnapped by the Aunt and her Husband. His name was not really Alex, it was Bobby so that is why he said that when he was locked in the shower.

      4) The cop who killed himself was the Father’s, Mr. Dover, dad. And that tied into the story because the article was how Loki was able to find the building that Mr. Dover was sneaking off too.

      Hope this was helpful…..

      • Thanks a lot Whitlow. That clears all my main queries. Still I believe the story was kinda simple which was tried to be a rather complicated one. Great movie, fantastic performances, but sorry I can’t call this movie a masterpiece or a genius one.
        8.1 seems kinda overrated for me.

  12. Worst ending ever I mean when he heard the whistle couldn’t he have done something like search the area

  13. Just watched the movie. Definitely worth the wait! Good movie. Suspenseful until the end. The ending was kind of unrealistic considering they never notice the plywood covering the whole before they started excavating, but I do like how everything, all the people, tied together by the end. And for those who still do not know who the guys was that they were chasing, he was another boy that was kidnapped like Alex. He was able to escape after 3 weeks.

  14. Im pretty sure there wont be a sequel the movie is meant to leave you with that feel of something missing, did they find the dad? maybe at least i want to believe that because if i dont im left with a bad feeling. i dont see anymore questions to be answered, maybe the kid “Alex” will become a killer too. Anyway i think they should have showed the detective finding the dad it would give the movie closure and it wouldnt leave the audience sad and frustrated.

    • I think it’s very obvious that Loki found the dad. He heard the whistles, looked around; kept hearing them, then finally, he looked over at the car. That should tell you right there, he found the dad. The whistles would have kept continuing, Loki would have kept moving closer, and he would have found the dad. Once Loki looked in the right direction, that was the cue, that he found him.

  15. I like the movie a lot. I know it might not happen, but a sequel would be great… Like about the maze and stuff. In my kind though, I was like, “damn, what if the reason they took children was to find parents that would do even the craziest things for their children? And only then they would be qualified to enter the maze to save their children?!” And then imagine the maze being all big, damn that would be cool. I like this type of movies, it felt also like Lonely Bones

    • David, Do you mean lovely bones?

      • Yes! Sorry! haha

  16. I cant of been the only one who seen this, the picture of the (maze) at the base of tire of the car, the detective seen this picture?

  17. what makes everyone think that there is an actual underground maze?

    When it showed the book with the note that said something like “finish the maze and you can go home” i just figured that the last page had the maze that couldnt be solved. so it was to torment victims and keep them as prisoners. People on this forum are making me think i missed something about an actual underground maze. did i?

  18. I really enjoyed this movie, what others are like it? I know Lovely Bones, but what other movies?

  19. they found snakes. At the beginning there is discussion of the year of the snake. The maze looks like the southern cross with pointers. A star sign is indicating the location of the bodies and the father….

  20. so is there going to be a second part of the movie or what??
    the movie was good but not that good it could had been better

  21. The only thing I did not understand is when Alex is in the shower, and says he is not Alex, but also says “I waited and he never came.” Who was referring? Who did not come? Why? When?

    Anyone know?

  22. What’s significance of the maze. I understand every other aspect but why is there such an emphasis on mazes? Is it just some random bit to confuse us? I feel like there’s something more but I can’t be sure

    • The significance of the maze was that the kidnapped children were told that when they complete it that they could go home, the puzzle was unsolvable, and that is why they were never returned to there parents, and hence when the other guy was in the police station he was frantically trying to solve the puzzle before he committed suicide putting the police mans gun to his head.

      I think personally that there will be a sequel, and will show the kidnappers before it all started, a bit like the silence of the lambs series where they go backwards to show how the characters become who they are.

  23. did anyone notice during the flashback of joy (the one who was found first) see that keller was in the flash back walking out of the room where the girls were in, holding a bag of what i think is the bag in his basement the bag that loki questioned kellar about, am i seeing things wrong? or did anyone else notice that if so can someone explain to me if keller was possibly the one who kidnapped them or a helper of the people. quite an interesting movie. i loved it.

    • Joy said “you were there” meaning that he visited that place earlier. Remember when he talked to the lady the first time?

    • You’re lying!

      • prove it!

  24. Something really annoyed me is that Alex don’t talk! Why did he run in the first place? Why didn’t he just said that I have nothing to do with it. He just keep his mouth shut and then look at what happened to him! Secondly, the guy who was drawing the maze. He could have just tell theme the place since he ran from it or at least said that the maze symbol is all he could ever remember. WTF with that maze symbol anyway?!! That old lady is crazy. She just kidnap children and kill theme for her hating God or something. Damn I wish the father could get his hands on her XD

  25. The ending to this movie was great. People stop saying it’s unrealistic, there’s a moment where the investigators said that the soil has been frozen and a thick snow is covering everything that they could not dig all over the place, second the investigators are not looking for Dover but for the murdered children. Lastly I didn’t think the investigators can hear or could care less with the sound of that whistle due to the fact they are wearing a lab gown with hoods on them.

  26. I really enjoyed this movie. The acting was brilliant and the story too. There was numerous subtle hints as the story progressed to let you know what was happening. This is what I came away with:

    The old lady and her husband were serial kidnappers/murderers of small children. Earlier in their life they were devout Christians who had a son (real son, not an adopted son, and not alex). This real son died of Cancer and they completely lost their faith in God. The kidnapping is to “wage a ware against god” (try and make people not believe in god, or at least think god is cruel).They would drug the kids and give them a puzzle book with an unsolvable last maze. The victims were told they would be free if they solved all the puzzles (which was impossible). This is the only physical significance of the maze theme, there is no real maze! One day the Husband got in an argument with his wife, presumably about sins they committed together, because he left to the priests house and confessed. He is the man the priest killed.

    Alex was the first victim of the old lady and her husband.
    The reason Alex (not his real name “I’m not Alex”) doesn’t say anything is because he was drugged and traumatized at an early age, giving him a mental deficiency stemming from emotional issues and ended up believing he was adopted or too damaged to know better. He is actually pretty innocent from the perspective he didn’t know any better. It even seems like he would comfort the victims by playing with them (“They didn’t cry until I left”).

    The crazy maze guy, Bob Taylor, was also a victim of the old lady and her husband, but escaped. He too was traumatized and suffers from a mental illness as a result. His obsession with mazes and snakes and pretending to kill children (using mannequins) all stemmed from this traumatic experience. He still tries to solve the unsolvable maze (and even memorized it, sketching it out in the police room) because he’s insane. They found joy and anna’s (the kids) clothes in his house NOT because he kidnapped them, but because he broke into their houses and stole the clothing. Think about when Loki uses a pen to pick up the matching bunny sock from the backyard, this is him realizing Bob broke in and stole the sock.

    The significance of Loki looking up the suicide of a “Mr Dover” in a newspaper article – this is simply the article that gave the address of Keller Dover’s Dad’s old property. That is how Loki knew to look in the building.

    When Joy is laying in the hospital bed and says “You were there, she put tape on our mouths” – this is when keller realizes that the girls are being kept in the old lady’s house. The old lady, seeing that keller was coming, put tape on the girls mouths so they couldn’t scream while keller was inside the house the first time.

    As for the ending, I love it. I think it’s safe to presume that Keller was found, given Loki’s incredible perception skills and intelligence as a detective, and the fact that if he were to walk closer he would hear the whistle more.
    Aside from the literal, this ending is beautiful, because after all of Keller’s devotion to trying to save his daughter, his daughter is now saving him (via her whistle she left in the pit).

    Lastly, it doesn’t make sense that there would be a sequel. It’s not that kind of movie and I don’t think that’s what the ending was supposed to imply

    • Yeah excellent, explains everthing

    • Diego, u really explained well n have been solved almost every doubt i had, but still i got one doubt remaining, anyone knows please explain it. when he said he is not alex, at the same time he said “I waited and he never came”, what is this all about, actually who is he referring ???? please some one solve this. thank you!

      • Unfortunately I don’t have any explanation for this one! It may have to do with details about his abduction that still haunt him but, I can’t say for sure. Perhaps someone else could shed some light on this for us?

    • Great analysis Diego!!! You really covered most of the questions other people have come up with.
      My one question is how did the red whistle get into the pit!!!! Didn’t she lose it a while back?? or was she able to find it when the girls left on thanksgiving. but that wouldnt make sense because the RV was so just next door they wouldnt have really had time to go home in search of the whistle. therefore how did the whistle show up in the pit at the end and save Keller’s life. I mean its not like the girl had it on her and didnt know about it.
      Also I dont fully understand the “I waited and he never came” quote from alex. could it have to do with his family before he was kidnapped or from his “uncle” who was feeling remorse for kidnapping kids.

  27. I loved all of the explanations on this site! The only thing that I would add is in regards to the mindset of Keller. His father committed suicide when he was a teenager, presumably thrusting the boy and his family into a tailspin, an episode of chaos that they could neither predict let alone control. Many say that a loved one committing suicide is akin to a kidnapping of sorts…sudden loss, albeit there is a body, but no answers, only more questions. Keller, as we saw in the movie, was a bit of a dooms-day prepper; he wanted to be in control against any chaos that might come his way, ready. As fate would have it, he again confronted this chaos and not even his preparations could keep him and his family safe. But, this time, he did everything he could, right or wrong, to bring his loved one back from death. There was a dream sequence in the movie, after he identified his daughter’s bloody sock with the rabbit on it, that he was in the bed with his wife and awoke to his daughter holding out the red whistle. I, too, thought it was fitting, as a previous poster pointed out that, the very thing that he gave his daughter to protect her ended up being the same thing that saved him in the end. I know the ending was abrupt, but I believe it was done very well. Of course the keen and highly intelligent detective who has never lost a case found the final piece to his twisty-turny investigation. Of course.

  28. In regards to the ending, did anyone notice that right as the screen fades you can hear the Trans Am engine starting up? The only explanation is that Loki realized that the car works and would move it, so Dover is definitely found.

  29. Diego, u really explained well n have been solved almost every doubt i had, but still i got one doubt remaining, anyone knows please explain it. when he said he is not alex, at the same time he said “I waited and he never came”, what is this all about, actually who is he referring ???? please some one solve this. thank you!